Sunday, 20 July 2014

Giant wave dream

I had a dream that I went to the beach with my mum, brother and niece and when I got there, it was all shut off. So I had a look and the sea was up to the wall. And In the distance I saw a massive wave coming, so we all started running away from it and while running I was picking up armbands and floats as well. The others were giving up and wanted to stop but I was trying to encourage them. I woke up and don't know if the wave hit.

The sea wall is symbolic for a defense system that is in place, it might be symbolic for your own defenses or for someone else's personal defense system. The sea itself represents the vast and varying emotions that wash in and out from time to time, with varying degrees of energy and force. Therefore a giant wave approaching in a dream helps you to be aware of emotions that are building up and might over-spill or over-power yourself and everyone else around you.  

It is difficult to predict whose emotions this symbol is referring to, it may well be a culmination of everyone's emotions getting out of control. Running away is actually a defense system in itself and an act which simply explains how other people do not wish to stay and have to deal with raging emotional situations.  In your dream you are picking up armbands and swimming floats which are typical symbols for support and help which is available to assist you when emotional waters rise. You understand that running away isn't actually going to help. 

I would say that you are fully adept when coping with heightened emotions if they should approach, because you have learned and created coping strategies, you are trying to teach the people around you the techniques you have used in the past. In other words you attempt to offer your advice and support to the people around you so that they can adopt your coping techniques but unfortunately their attitude and defense is to 'give up', which you often hear people say when they don't know how to deal with emotional situations. 

The fact that you do not know if the wave hits or not in the dream happens when there is uncertainty as to if emotions will actually blow up out of proportion or not. They could possibly die down into nothing and smooth calm waters will return once again. I feel  that you are well aware of this and perhaps this is why rather than run away from emotional situations when they look like erupting you just arm yourself with the correct attire (arm bands) to help you stay afloat in difficult emotional waters. 

Dreams about money and treasure

My father told my grandmother a secret when I was younger but I never found out what it was, they have passed away now so I have no way of finding out more about it. I dream of my father often but he doesn't seem to answer my questions about it.  Then I dream of  finding money, buried treasure I guess, in an old box etc. I am just digging around the ground and I find it, lots of it. Its old money and coins, nothing recent. Maybe a few coins or a couple of the bills but mostly stuff they don't print  anymore.
The money in my dreams is also often in a roll or clumped together and as I investigate further I find more and more. 

I have pondered over your dream for a while and although I cant help you find out what the family secret was I can translate your dream and it might help, or goes!

Money is often used in dreams to symbolize worth, or how much something is worth to us. It can translate value and provide an example of how much a person is valued,  therefore it is helpful to consider what is being assessed for its value. When you find lots of money in a dream it helps you to acknowledge that you have have discovered your own true worth, quite often this will symbolize spiritual currency and not directly link with earthly money, as much as we wish it did.  

I have known this type of dream to represent the 'uncovering of money' coming from somewhere you didn't expect and this is always a translation that is thankfully received but this isn't always the case. 

Looking at your dream further you mention buried treasure and this can also symbolize attributes that you have that could turn out to be fortuitous for you, or talents which you should use to help your financial situation.  The fact that the treasure in your dream is old can help you to understand that it is things that have happened in the past that can help you make your situation better now. It might also symbolize the things that have been buried away and not used should now be brought out and utilized. The fact that there is money in your dream that is out of print backs up what I am saying, if you don't use your natural gifts then you will lose them. It also explains that some talents and gifts are not available anymore and that you are lucky enough to have them so you should make the most and do something that will help you and other people get the worth from them. 

The last line of your dream tells you that once you are on a roll things will begin to take off and that you will find that as you go along more and more money will become available to you. As well as this you will feel more content and your self worth will increase tenfold. 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Being chased and running away in slow motion

This dream is also a common dream that is often experienced by the younger generation, the reasoning behind this is very similar to the false awakening dream which is experienced at a time when a person needs to grow up and take control of their life. This dream is self explanatory and should be easily translated by a dreamer without the need of an interpreter. 
Think about what or who is chasing you? 

People chasing you often represent the idea that everyone wants something from you, they want you to do something, more likely something you don't actually want to do, like grow up or to be sensible and take responsibility serious. Obviously this type of dream isn't exclusive to the young, it can affect anyone at anytime of their life. 
Monsters chasing you is a way for you to understand that you are running away from your problems. 
Ghosts- you are running away from the past.
Zombies-trying to escape the unknown or things that you would prefer went away and died, rather than keep resurfacing for you to deal with. 

It is also common in dreams where you are being chased that you are unable to run properly or feel like you are running through glue, this just represents the feeling of restriction and of you being unable to escape your problems. You cannot make progress unless you face your fears and deal with the unknown or the problems that you are presented with by life and the people around you. 
Slow motion equal slow progress and lack of energy, it also symbolizes a times when problems take all your energy away from you. 

Remember it's the problems and obstacles in your life that make you stronger and create a more interesting you! 

And.... the fight of the butterfly comes to mind. 
Just in case you never heard the story.

False Awakenings

Dreams where you wake up only to find you are actually still asleep and dreaming.

This dream is typical for people who have not yet started making progress in areas where they should have!
For example people who always put off doing the things that they should really do today, or when they intend to start a project but put it off for another day. This dream scenario also happens when you are putting vital energy into the wrong areas.
Our dreams become frustrating when we are being difficult or procrastinating all the time. 

False awakenings are a common feature of nightmares where the dreamer wishes to escape the dream but cannot wake themselves up properly, instead they are still dreaming. In the dream you think you have woken up and start to do the normal things that you would do on waking but then something happens and you realize you are still in the nightmare. 

This is another way of helping you to understand that you cannot escape the inevitable, you have to just deal with life and all it consists of, the good the bad and the ugly. This type of dream is typically experienced by young people who are learning to take control of their life, in the same way that they are learning to take control of their dream, you are simply practicing over-coming the negative aspects of your life that can easily take control, this is the important information that is being relayed for you to understand.

It is time to take control and lead yourself in a positive direction, one which that does not lead you in circles or over and over the same ground. These types of dreams will stop as you mature and learn to be proactive and absorb the positive around you and be creative with that positive energy.

Being consumed by negativity is often translated using the false awakening nightmare, where you are trying to escape from monsters, zombies or demons and ghosts. Monsters symbolize a composition of all the things that you do not want to deal with in your life, things like problems, growing up and being responsible etc. Zombies symbolize things that should have expired in your life but are still prevalent. Ghosts typically represent past experience and also past relationships which should in theory have helped you to mature and become more knowledgeable about people and the world around you. Ghosts are often used in dreams to explain how things can come back and haunt you especially if you haven't learned the lessons you were supposed to have learned the first time round. 

This is why these types of dreams are common among the younger generation, although inevitably older people do experience these dreams when they need to take control of something that is holding them back or when they need to make progress, its just that these dreams are more common in the young because they are at the start of their journey of experience. Therefore any situation that requires you to be in control of outcomes might inadvertently create the false awakening dream.

False awakenings where you think you are late back up the above translation and are telling you to get a move on and make progress. (Only you know the progress you need to make and in which are of your life the dream is referring to)

False awakenings where you are early for something, happen when you need to understand that you have plenty of time to make the progress that you need or want to make, there is plenty of time to learn the lessons that will lead you forward.

Some lessons in life need to be learned quickly and others can be learned over a longer period of time. 

Getting caught up in a net

I had a dream a few days ago in which I was swimming in the sea, I was getting into deep waters but I wasn't afraid. Suddenly I realized a net had tangled around my feet. I got a bit worried that with the speed I was swimming the net could get stuck and cut my feet, so I swam to the shore and took the net out of the sea. Some people helped me with it. I had the sensation that I was doing something to help once again. 

Nets are used to snare or catch what you desire, but they are also a typical symbol which translates the feeling of being trapped. In your case the scenario seems to express that the symbolism connects to feeling trapped or caught up in something. Perhaps someone is trying to catch you? 

The fact that in this case you are in the sea can help you further with your translation because water is mostly used as a symbol for our emotions and vast amounts of water like the sea can help you to understand situations where you feel out of your depth and all at sea emotionally. 

Incidentally fish are often used as a symbol for a prospective partner and this comes from the old saying that there are plenty more fish in the sea. It would seem that you are the focus of someone's attention and you cope well with this for a short time, but you are being warned that you are heading into deep water and are likely to get hurt if you progress any further. When you realize this you then go back towards safety, where people are happy to help you gain freedom again. 

The feeling that you are helping people in someway could possibly link with the fact that you go through certain things in life just to help other people make progress, or learn from their mistakes. It isn't always about what we learn from experiencing some situations, occasionally we go through  stuff to help others learn. 

Another thing to think about is that you are preventing someone else from getting caught in the same trap that you fell into, they learn from your mistakes!

Just writing to let you know the outcome of this dream. The one where I was trapped in a net. I think it was about a toxic relationship I had with someone.  He was manipulative among other things. I think that's what the net in the sea was symbolizing.  
When I took the net out of the sea it was that I finished the relationship and I had a feeling of helping someone once again, because I tried to help him with his problems but I couldn't in the end. People helping me on the beach were my colleagues at work who have been really supporting me.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A ticket to ride in my dreams

Last night I dreamt that I had a ticket to travel by bus with my ex-boyfriend and another girl who I don’t know. I was trying to find the gate where the bus was leaving from but it turned out we had missed it, so we came back to buy another ticket.

Buying a ticket to ride is a way for you to understand that it is time to move forward and make progress, this might link with the previous journey you have been on romantically with your boyfriend, it might mean that you have to find a new route and begin a new journey, it seems that part of you is considering re connecting with your ex-boyfriend and that you are scared of moving forward without him in your life, even if he has a new partner.

This is an obstacle dream because it seems that there are obstacles preventing you from moving forward, the obstacles can be self-created, in other words you feel that external things stop you from moving on or forward but in fact it is yourself who prevents you from moving-on to an alternate course, one which does not include your ex-boyfriend.

I went to a flat upstairs at the station to wait. On my way to the flat I came across one of my bosses (one I don’t like). He was starting to work and was being served a meal (it looked like a slave was serving him). The man brought him a big pizza and some more food. Incidentally every time I see him in a dream he’s shouting at me and I leave...I left the room and went into the flat to do something, I can’t remember what. There was a couple living there but I can’t remember any more about the flat.  

Perhaps you try to keep yourself busy by throwing yourself into your work, probably to avoid dealing with the fact that you have to move-on minus the boyfriend, or accept that he has someone else in his life, but the work you are doing gives you no satisfaction and you view your boss as a slave driver who just shouts at you. As you can’t remember much about this section of your dream I would guess that there isn't that much else to know, you hate your job and there is nothing fulfilling there for you, so it is time to move on from this as well.

I had to leave to catch the bus but then I couldn't find my jacket and it was getting late. So I left without my jacket. I rushed downstairs and looked for the gate that the bus was departing from but I missed it again by two minutes. I was upset that the bus driver couldn't wait for two minutes... I thought my ex and the girl had left on the bus. I went to buy another ticket, as I had an interview to go to so I had to catch a bus.
Someone opened a door for me but I then couldn't find the ticket office. There was a queue behind me. Suddenly my ex and the girl turned up again because she had decided she was not going this time, as it was too late.
I think we got to buy the tickets and we only had to wait half an hour, so we were waiting there making sure we didn't miss the bus. My ex told me he had problem with his phone so he could only send very simple texts. I had deleted his number from my phone so I couldn’t ring him either. That’s the end of the dream.

Once again you are aware that you can’t hang around in limbo for ever, therefore you have no option but to catch the bus and move forward, but this is confusing you as you are unsure in which direction you should go for your relationship or for your work prospects. You think that your ex and this girl have moved on without you and that you have missed your chance to rekindle the relationship with your ex. But then they turn up and you realize that he hasn't actually moved on either. Perhaps you are considering that you and he will share the next part of the journey through life and not really accepting the fact that your lives could take different routes. This dream isn't predicting the future merely just showing you options that you must decide upon.
(Incidentally losing your jacket suggests that you fear being cold and lonely)

Your ex telling you about his phone being unable to send complex texts is a way to help you understand that he cannot communicate his own complex feelings and thoughts to you.  You deleting his number is way to express your own desire for no contact with him, perhaps you think that if you don’t see him you will not think about him or have to deal with your own feelings which he brings about.  

Hi again
I've been thinking about your interpretation, does this dream show what may happen in the future? do I see what my ex is really thinking or is it just what I would like to happen? Thank you

Dreams tend to show us many possibilities at the same time, dreams predict what could happen rather than what will happen simply because there are many possible eventualities and outcomes that all have equal chance of coming true. And because you and other people have free will and can change an outcome in the blink of an eye. This is why I do not make predictions when translating dreams. Even when doing spiritual readings for people I am governed by the same rules. For example spirit can say there is a baby on the way and I can tell the person this information, spirit know that the baby will arrive here safely so they are able to confidently give this information. But when you are dealing with people and their unpredictable behaviour it is impossible to say which way they will jump. 

Our dreams are frustrating I know, your dream is suggesting there is a chance you will get back together with your ex, or perhaps it is saying that you feel as though you want to get back with your ex. Your dream also said that your ex hasn't moved on properly either (at least you got one bit of information that you wasn't fully aware of) But does this mean you will get back with him? Only you and he can decide that with your own free will. 
I hope this helps a little.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Claustrophobic dreams

Dreams where you are restricted for space or confined in narrowing hallways or tunnels are normally experienced when the dreamer is confined or restricted by circumstances outside of their control. The restriction itself can be of any denomination, it's the feeling of not being able to move in any direction. When tunnels get narrower you can be sure that you are taking a path that leads in the wrong direction, the dreamer will have to think about why this is and what this means for their life now. Making changes to your lifestyle or to relationships that are too restricting might help. It might be work, addiction, anything that you know is taking over and restricting your choices. 
I hear many people say they know they are restricted or prevented from making progress in some section of their life and don't need their dreams to remind them of the fact, so why do they? Why do dreams sometimes state the obvious and at other times give us cryptic, almost unsolvable clues as to what's going on in our life?
Dreams often provide insight into aspects of our earthly situations that we have not considered and the reason we experience recurring dreams of restriction can be simply to remind us that the restrictions we experience at the present time are still prevalent and you are unlikely to be able to change those circumstances unless you stop repeating your own behaviour. Your ability to move forward is dependent on different choices. If you want to escape from a situation you will have to make difficult choices. If you can't make those choices, then you must stay in the same restrictive situation. 
A common dream of restriction is when you are climbing upwards and obstacles show up or block your way, this type of scenario helps you to understand that now isn't the time to try and move up, maybe in a career choice, that isn't to say things won't change in the future. 
Time is a great instigator of change and movement, and sometimes time needs to pass before you can make changes, inevitably circumstances need to change so that you can get over or around an impasse.  As frustrating as it is to be reminded that you are currently in a tight spot it is useful when your dream scenario changes because this will nudge you into action when the time is right.
A common dream scenario that is experienced is being stuck or trapped within a small space, or moving into an ever decreasing space, this is self-explanatory but you will need to consider in what section of your life the dream is actually referring,  you can use other symbols to help you decide, for example being in a car that is trapped or prevented from moving forward will link with your inability to move forward on the journey that you had planned, to confuse you even more this journey could be an actual travelling journey or something like a spiritual journey of enlightenment. It could also symbolize the journey of progression or the journey from immaturity too adulthood. You yourself should know in which area you are trying to make progress. The car is a symbol of the ability to make quick and easy progress but only if the energy is available, (petrol) the energy is your own available energy and you may or may not have that now.
Being stuck in a house or any type of structure will link with how your life is structured and represent the support you have in place to help you make progress. When you are confined or trapped in a crumbling house it is because you feel that everything is falling apart around you and you are unable to do anything about it. This could possibly link to your home life or to your personal relationships.
Narrowing hallways, paths and roads help you to understand that the path you have currently chosen is not the right one, it will become harder and harder for you to get anywhere until eventually you will have to give up retrace your steps and begin again in another direction. This could link with any section of your life. Deciding in which area your life the dream is referring to is best done by the dreamer, my advice is to say that dreams mostly refer to what is on your mind for a large proportion of the time.

Claustrophobia can also be used as a 'face your fears' dream with the intention of pushing you into dealing with something that you would rather just avoid, this may of course be a literal fear of confined spaces or symbolize a fear of problems mounting and overwhelming the dreamer. Being confined, restricted or unable to escape can also symbolize the dreamer’s inability to escape from circumstances out of their control.

This brings me back to the beginning because although you feel that you are well aware of your own inability to change the restrictions you face your dreams can provide you with an alternative route or with a tiny glimpse of a possible escape, you must then start to move forward with the knowledge that you have received a sign that however small the opportunity is, there is a way out or a chance to move forward.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Travel and journey dreams linked to work

Last night I dreamt I was in a queue to get on a plane. I was with a work colleague (I dont actually know this person in real life) We were supposed to prepare some questions for work and then leave the queue, but we found ourselves within the aircraft with the plane departing to Germany. I thought to myself, well we’ll get there a bit late (about 18:45) but maybe I’ll be able to see the city. Then don’t know how I realized that I would have to spend more time there and that I would need to book a hotel. Then I thought probably the company will pay for it as I don’t have much money. Suddenly my boss called me on a radio. I replied to him and asked him to send an essay I had been working on. I just had left last sentence not finished and this day was the cut-off date. He didn't reply but I guess he got the message.

Being in a queue in a dream is a way of expressing the idea that you are waiting for your turn, perhaps your turn to take off and fly with your dreams and wishes. This particular dream possibly links with your work or job, being as you were with a work colleague and the dream scenario hinted at this.

When we travel along side people that we don't know it can sometimes mean that we don't know that person as yet, but we might meet them on the next part of our journey.  Another thing to mention here is that we also travel with a spiritual guide or helper and although we don't know them directly they know us and are there to guide us on the next stretch of the journey. When a spiritual guide turns up in a dream we usually recognize them in some way, or our soul recognizes them, but its hard to say which is the correct interpretation for you on this occasion. 

In the dream you were supposed to be compiling questions whilst in the queue and this might give you some information about the work you are supposed to be doing. Do you feel that the work you do currently is not right for you and that you would be happier in a new role? The questions are for you to ask yourself, questions like: Is my current role making me happy? Should I change direction?

Your dream contents suggests that it is time to change direction!

Is there a reason that Germany came into the dream? 

You are also aware that a new role will take more of your time than you are really prepared to give but the money will be an incentive. Hotels symbolize temporary situations so I should imagine the extra time you have to give up while you negotiate the new role wont be a lasting feature. 

Essays are rarely ever finished in a dream and just give you information that there is unfinished business to contend with. When we leave one job and start another we often leave something of ourselves in our previous employment, the transition from one to another requires us to say goodbye to one phase of life and hello to a new one, there is often an overlap in these types of transitions.