Sunday, 20 July 2014

Giant wave dream


I had a dream that I went to the beach with my mum, brother and niece and when I got there, it was all shut off. So I had a look and the sea was up to the wall. And In the distance, I saw a massive wave coming, so we all started running away from it and while running I was picking up armbands and floats as well. The others were giving up and wanted to stop but I was trying to encourage them. I woke up and don't know if the wave hit.

The sea wall is symbolic for a defence system that is in place, it might be symbolic for your own defences or for someone else's personal defence system. The sea itself represents the vast and varying emotions that wash in and out from time to time, with varying degrees of energy and force. Therefore a giant wave approaching in a dream helps you to be aware of emotions that are building up and might over-spill or over-power yourself and everyone else around you.  

It is difficult to predict whose emotions this symbol is referring to, it may well be a culmination of everyone's emotions getting out of control. Running away is actually a defence system in itself and an act which simply explains how other people do not wish to stay and have to deal with raging emotional situations.  In your dream, you are picking up armbands and swimming floats which are typical symbols for support and help which is available to assist you when emotional waters rise. You understand that running away isn't actually going to help. 

I would say that you are fully adept when coping with heightened emotions if they should approach because you have learned and created coping strategies, you are trying to teach the people around you the techniques you have used in the past. In other words, you attempt to offer your advice and support to the people around you so that they can adopt your coping techniques but unfortunately their attitude and defence are to 'give up', which you often hear people say when they don't know how to deal with emotional situations. 

The fact that you do not know if the wave hits or not in the dream happens when there is uncertainty as to if emotions will actually blow up out of proportion or not. They could possibly die down into nothing and smooth calm waters will return once again. I feel that you are well aware of this and perhaps this is why rather than run away from emotional situations when they look like erupting you just arm yourself with the correct attire (armbands) to help you stay afloat in difficult emotional waters. 


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