Sunday, 20 July 2014

Dreams about money and treasure


My father told my grandmother a secret when I was younger but I never found out what it was, they have passed away now so I have no way of finding out more about it. I dream of my father often but he doesn't seem to answer my questions about it. Then I dream of finding money, buried treasure I guess, in an old box etc. I am just digging around the ground and I find it, lots of it. Its old money and coins, nothing recent. Maybe a few coins or a couple of the bills but mostly stuff they don't print anymore. The money in my dreams is also often in a roll or clumped together and as I investigate further I find more and more. 

I have pondered over your dream for a while and although I can't help you find out what the family secret was I can translate your dream and it might help, or goes!

Money is often used in dreams to symbolise worth, or how much something is worth to us. It can translate value and provide an example of how much a person is valued,  therefore it is helpful to consider what is being assessed for its value. When you find lots of money in a dream it helps you to acknowledge that you have discovered your own true worth, quite often this will symbolise spiritual currency and not directly link with earthly money, as much as we wish it did.  

I have known this type of dream to represent the 'uncovering of money' coming from somewhere you didn't expect and this is always a translation that is thankfully received but this isn't always the case. Looking at your dream further you mention buried treasure and this can also symbolise attributes that you have that could turn out to be fortuitous for you or talents which you should use to help your financial situation.  The fact that the treasure in your dream is old can help you to understand that it is things that have happened in the past that can help you make your situation better now. It might also symbolise the things that have been buried away and not used should now be brought out and utilised. The fact that there is money in your dream that is out of print backs up what I am saying, if you don't use your natural gifts then you will lose them. It also explains that some talents and gifts are not available anymore and that you are lucky enough to have them so you should make the most and do something that will help you and other people get the worth from them. 

The last line of your dream tells you that once you are on a roll things will begin to take off and that you will find that as you go along more and more money will become available to you. As well as this you will feel more content and your self worth will increase tenfold. 


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