Saturday, 19 July 2014

Being chased and running away in slow motion


This dream is also a common dream that is often experienced by the younger generation, the reasoning behind this is very similar to the false awakening dream which is experienced at a time when a person needs to grow up and take control of their life. This dream is self-explanatory and should be easily translated by a dreamer without the need of an interpreter. Think about what or who is chasing you? 

People chasing you often represent the idea that everyone wants something from you, they want you to do something, more likely something you don't actually want to do, like grow up or to be sensible and take responsibility seriously. Obviously, this type of dream isn't exclusive to the young, it can affect anyone at any time of their life. 
Monsters chasing you is a way for you to understand that you are running away from your problems. 
Ghosts- you are running away from the past.
Zombies-trying to escape the unknown or things that you would prefer went away and died, rather than keep resurfacing for you to deal with. 

It is also common in dreams where you are being chased that you are unable to run properly or feel like you are running through glue, this just represents the feeling of restriction and of you being unable to escape your problems. You cannot make progress unless you face your fears and deal with the unknown or the problems that you are presented with by life and the people around you. 
Slow motion equals slow progress and lack of energy, it also symbolises a time when problems take all your energy away from you. 

Remember it's the problems and obstacles in your life that make you stronger and create a more interesting you! 

And.... the fight of the butterfly comes to mind. 
Just in case you never heard the story.


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