Saturday, 19 July 2014

False Awakenings


Dreams where you wake up only to find you are actually still asleep and dreaming.

This dream is typical for people who have not yet started making progress in areas where they should have!
For example, people who always put off doing the things that they should really do today, or when they intend to start a project but put it off for another day. This dream scenario also happens when you are putting vital energy into the wrong areas.
Our dreams become frustrating when we are being difficult or procrastinating all the time. 

False awakenings are a common feature of nightmares where the dreamer wishes to escape the dream but cannot wake themselves up properly, instead, they are still dreaming. In the dream, you think you have woken up and start to do the normal things that you would do on waking but then something happens and you realize you are still in the nightmare. 

This is another way of helping you to understand that you cannot escape the inevitable, you have to just deal with life and all it consists of, the good the bad and the ugly. This type of dream is typically experienced by young people who are learning to take control of their life, in the same way, that they are learning to take control of their dream, you are simply practising over-coming the negative aspects of your life that can easily take control, this is the important information that is being relayed for you to understand.

It is time to take control and lead yourself in a positive direction, one which that does not lead you in circles or over and over the same ground. These types of dreams will stop as you mature and learn to be proactive and absorb the positive around you and be creative with that positive energy.

Being consumed by negativity is often translated using the false awakening nightmare, where you are trying to escape from monsters, zombies or demons and ghosts. Monsters symbolize a composition of all the things that you do not want to deal with in your life, things like problems, growing up and being responsible etc. Zombies symbolize things that should have expired in your life but are still prevalent. Ghosts typically represent past experience and also past relationships which should, in theory, have helped you to mature and become more knowledgeable about people and the world around you. Ghosts are often used in dreams to explain how things can come back and haunt you especially if you haven't learned the lessons you were supposed to have learned the first time around. 

This is why these types of dreams are common among the younger generation, although inevitably older people do experience these dreams when they need to take control of something that is holding them back or when they need to make progress, its just that these dreams are more common in the young because they are at the start of their journey of experience. Therefore any situation that requires you to be in control of outcomes might inadvertently create the false awakening dream.

False awakenings where you think you are late back up the above translation and are telling you to get a move on and make progress. (Only you know the progress you need to make and in which are of your life the dream is referring to)

False awakenings where you are early for something, happen when you need to understand that you have plenty of time to make the progress that you need or want to make, there is plenty of time to learn the lessons that will lead you forward.

Some lessons in life need to be learned quickly and others can be learned over a longer period of time. 


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