Saturday, 19 July 2014

Getting caught up in a net


I had a dream a few days ago in which I was swimming in the sea, I was getting into deep waters but I wasn't afraid. Suddenly I realized a net had tangled around my feet. I got a bit worried that with the speed I was swimming the net could get stuck and cut my feet, so I swam to the shore and took the net out of the sea. Some people helped me with it. I had the sensation that I was doing something to help once again. 

Nets are used to snare or catch what you desire, but they are also a typical symbol which translates the feeling of being trapped. In your case, the scenario seems to express that the symbolism connects to feeling trapped or caught up in something. Perhaps someone is trying to catch you? 

The fact that in this case, you are in the sea can help you further with your translation because water is mostly used as a symbol for our emotions and vast amounts of water like the sea can help you to understand situations where you feel out of your depth and all at sea emotionally. 

Incidentally, fish are often used as a symbol for a prospective partner and this comes from the old saying that there are plenty more fish in the sea. It would seem that you are the focus of someone's attention and you cope well with this for a short time, but you are being warned that you are heading into deep water and are likely to get hurt if you progress any further. When you realize this you then go back towards safety, where people are happy to help you gain freedom again. 

The feeling that you are helping people in someway could possibly link with the fact that you go through certain things in life just to help other people make progress, or learn from their mistakes. It isn't always about what we learn from experiencing some situations, occasionally we go through stuff to help others learn. 

Another thing to think about is that you are preventing someone else from getting caught in the same trap that you fell into, they learn from your mistakes!

Just writing to let you know the outcome of this dream. The one where I was trapped in a net. I think it was about a toxic relationship I had with someone.  He was manipulative among other things. I think that's what the net in the sea was symbolizing.  
When I took the net out of the sea it was that I finished the relationship and I had a feeling of helping someone once again, because I tried to help him with his problems but I couldn't in the end. People helping me on the beach were my colleagues at work who have been really supporting me.


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