Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A ticket to ride in my dreams


Last night I dreamt that I had a ticket to travel by bus with my ex-boyfriend and another girl who I don’t know. I was trying to find the gate where the bus was leaving from but it turned out we had missed it, so we came back to buy another ticket.

Buying a ticket to ride is a way for you to understand that it is time to move forward and make progress, this might link with the previous journey you have been on romantically with your boyfriend, it might mean that you have to find a new route and begin a new journey, it seems that part of you is considering reconnecting with your ex-boyfriend and that you are scared of moving forward without him in your life, even if he has a new partner.

This is an obstacle dream because it seems that there are obstacles preventing you from moving forward, the obstacles can be self-created, in other words, you feel that external things stop you from moving on or forward but in fact it is yourself who prevents you from moving on to an alternate course, one which does not include your ex-boyfriend.

I went to a flat upstairs at the station to wait. On my way to the flat I came across one of my bosses (one I don’t like). He was starting to work and was being served a meal (it looked like a slave was serving him). The man brought him a big pizza and some more food. Incidentally every time I see him in a dream he’s shouting at me and I leave...I left the room and went into the flat to do something, I can’t remember what. There was a couple living there but I can’t remember any more about the flat.  

Perhaps you try to keep yourself busy by throwing yourself into your work, probably to avoid dealing with the fact that you have to move-on minus the boyfriend, or accept that he has someone else in his life, but the work you are doing gives you no satisfaction and you view your boss as a slave driver who just shouts at you. As you can’t remember much about this section of your dream I would guess that there isn't that much else to know, you hate your job and there is nothing fulfilling there for you, so it is time to move on from this as well.

I had to leave to catch the bus but then I couldn't find my jacket and it was getting late. So I left without my jacket. I rushed downstairs and looked for the gate that the bus was departing from but I missed it again by two minutes. I was upset that the bus driver couldn't wait for two minutes... I thought my ex and the girl had left on the bus. I went to buy another ticket, as I had an interview to go to so I had to catch a bus.
Someone opened a door for me but I then couldn't find the ticket office. There was a queue behind me. Suddenly my ex and the girl turned up again because she had decided she was not going this time, as it was too late.
I think we got to buy the tickets and we only had to wait half an hour, so we were waiting there making sure we didn't miss the bus. My ex told me he had a problem with his phone so he could only send very simple texts. I had deleted his number from my phone so I couldn’t ring him either. That’s the end of the dream.

Once again you are aware that you can’t hang around in limbo forever, therefore you have no option but to catch the bus and move forward, but this is confusing you as you are unsure in which direction you should go for your relationship or for your work prospects. You think that your ex and this girl have moved on without you and that you have missed your chance to rekindle the relationship with your ex. But then they turn up and you realize that he hasn't actually moved on either. Perhaps you are considering that you and he will share the next part of the journey through life and not really accepting the fact that your lives could take different routes. This dream isn't predicting the future merely just showing you options that you must decide upon.
(Incidentally losing your jacket suggests that you fear to be cold and lonely)

Your ex telling you about his phone being unable to send complex texts is a way to help you understand that he cannot communicate his own complex feelings and thoughts to you.  You deleting his number is a way to express your own desire for no contact with him, perhaps you think that if you don’t see him you will not think about him or have to deal with your own feelings which he brings about.  

Hi again
I've been thinking about your interpretation, does this dream show what may happen in the future? do I see what my ex is really thinking or is it just what I would like to happen? Thank you

Dreams tend to show us many possibilities at the same time, dreams predict what could happen rather than what will happen simply because there are many possible eventualities and outcomes that all have an equal chance of coming true. And because you and other people have free will and can change an outcome in the blink of an eye. This is why I do not make predictions when translating dreams. Even when doing spiritual readings for people I am governed by the same rules. For example, spirit can say there is a baby on the way and I can tell the person this information, spirit knows that the baby will arrive here safely so they are able to confidently give this information. But when you are dealing with people and their unpredictable behaviour it is impossible to say which way they will jump. 

Our dreams are frustrating I know, your dream is suggesting there is a chance you will get back together with your ex, or perhaps it is saying that you feel as though you want to get back with your ex. Your dream also said that your ex hasn't moved on properly either (at least you got one bit of information that you wasn't fully aware of) But does this mean you will get back with him? Only you and he can decide that with your own free will. 
I hope this helps a little.


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