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Claustrophobic dreams


Dreams where you are restricted for space or confined: are normally experienced when the dreamer is confined or restricted by circumstances outside of their control. The restriction itself can be of any kind, but it's the feeling of not being able to move in any direction that is being highlighted to you. When a road or path gets narrower you can be sure that in life you are taking a path that leads to a dead end, you will have to think about why this is and what this means for your next life choices. Making changes to your lifestyle or to relationships that are too restricting might help. It might be work, addiction, anything that you know is taking over in a negative way and preventing your freedom and your ability to enjoy life. 

To feel claustrophobic is to feel restricted, overcome by responsibilities, overwhelmed by your own emotions and withdrawn from other people. You may also hate being made to do things that make you uncomfortable or feel stifled by circumstances. Claustrophobic dreams happen when you feel like everything is pushing against you. 

I hear many people say they know they feel restricted or prevented from making progress in some or all sections of their life and don't need their dreams to remind them of this fact, so why do they? Why do dreams sometimes state the obvious and at other times give us cryptic, almost unsolvable clues as to what's going on in our life?

Dreams often provide insight into aspects of our earthly situations that we have not considered and the reason we experience recurring dreams of restriction can be simply to remind us that the restrictions we experience are still prevalent, you are unlikely to be able to change those circumstances unless you stop repeating your own behaviour. Your ability to move forward is dependent on different choices. If you want to escape from a situation then you will have to make difficult choices, if you can't make those choices, then you must stay in the same restrictive situation. 

A common dream of restriction is when you are climbing upwards and obstacles show up or block your way, this type of scenario helps you to understand that now isn't the time to try and move up, maybe in a career choice, that isn't to say things won't change in the future. Time is a great instigator of change and movement and sometimes time needs to pass before you can make changes. As frustrating as it is to be reminded that you are currently in a tight spot it is useful when your dream scenario changes because this will nudge you into action when the time is right.

A common dream scenario that is experienced is being stuck or trapped within a small space, or moving into an ever decreasing space, this is self-explanatory but you will need to consider in what section of your life the dream is actually referring, you can use other symbols to help you decide. For example, being in a car that is trapped or prevented from moving forward will link with your inability to move forward on the road that you had planned, to confuse you, even more, this journey could be an actual travelling journey or something like a spiritual journey of enlightenment. It could also symbolize the journey of progression or the journey from immaturity too adulthood. You yourself should know in which area you are trying to make progress. The car is a symbol of an ability to make quick and easy progress but only if the energy is available, (petrol) the energy is your own available energy and you may or may not have that now.

Being stuck in a house or any type of structure will link with how your life is structured and represent the support you have in place to help you make progress. When you are confined or trapped in a crumbling house it is because you feel that everything is falling apart around you and you are unable to do anything about it. This could possibly link to your home life or to your personal relationships. It's helpful to understand how your feeling because it might encourage you to make changes towards improvement. Sometimes a house is used to symbolise feelings of restrictions because of the financial burden a home can put on you, to keep a roof over your families head means you are restricted from doing anything else that is fun. 

Narrowing hallways, paths and roads help you to understand that the path you have currently chosen is not the right one, it will become harder and harder for you to get anywhere until eventually, you will have to give up or retrace your steps and begin again in another direction. This could link with any area of your life. Dreams mostly refer to what is on your mind for a large proportion of the time.

Being in a tight situation in a dream, like climbing through very narrow gaps is a way to help you understand when you might have to 'get through something' I know we mostly have to get through an overall number of obstacles but the dream is trying to show you that you might find it harder this time around, after all there comes a time when you get fed up having to get through stuff all the time, when you just want a break from any type of problem cropping up. Tight situations can also refer to tight financial situations. If you have recurring dreams about restricted spaces it is because you might have to go through a similar situation again, you are reminded that you got out of it last time and you will this time too. Getting stuck in a tight spot does not mean you will be restricted forever. If you tighten your belt you might find you get through this phase literally.  

Stuck in an elevator 
The way in which the elevator performs in your dream will represent the way you are feeling, up, down, stuck etc. the ups and downs that you experience throughout your life! An elevator is a mechanical object so in dream language it is used to symbolise something that can serve us or take us to a level we want to be on, therefore it can often be used in spiritual dreams concerning our level of thinking, to rise up is to achieve a higher level of thinking and to go down is to go back to the earthly thought processes. 

Think about where the elevator is situated, was it at work, a shopping mall, an airport, as this is another clue for your translation. At work, the dream probably relates to your career and the ups and downs going on at work, going up the career ladder or going down? It can also explain being stuck in a job that you hate or not getting promotions when they are deserved. An elevator in a shopping mall will link to what you are trying to find yourself to make you happy, shopping is about getting things that make you happy, so a lift going up could be telling you to aim higher or to lower your expectations. At an airport, a lift will link with your ability or lack off to reach heights beyond your aims. In this scenario, you would look up airports and planes as well. 

Any elevator/lift that is not moving will represent inertia and a lack of energy on your part, not making progress but at the same time not digressing either. A lift that falls fast will remind you that events and chosen directions can suddenly change and you can fall flat on your face with some chosen options. Think about the buttons in a lift where you are choosing what floor or level you want to go to, well your choices can be explained using the elevator/lift dream. Consider if your choices will take you up in the world or down!

Other elevator dreams 

Claustrophobia can also be used as a 'face your fears' dream with the intention of pushing you into dealing with something that you would rather just avoid, this may, of course, be a literal fear of confined spaces or symbolise a fear of mounting problems and overwhelming fears. Being confined, restricted or unable to escape can also symbolise the dreamer’s inability to escape from circumstances because they seem out of their control. But are they really?

This brings me back to the beginning because although you feel that you are well aware of your own inability to change the restrictions you face, your dreams can provide you with an alternative route or with a tiny glimpse of a possible escape, you must then start to move forward with the knowledge that you have received a sign and however small the opportunity is, there is a way-out or a chance to move forward.

Remember, that when you don't know the ending of a dream it's because the ending is not known, you must contribute and design your own outcomes. 


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting! I just had a scary dream where I was trapped into a small closet from my childhood home that I haven't lived in since 2008. I was scared because someone or some force was working extra hard to keep the closet door closed even though I was pushing on it with all my might. The good thing I recognized after reading your post was that the closet door wasn't closed all the way, I was just fighting to keep it open. It was very dark inside. I woke up after I cry, realizing that someone was trying to keep me in there. I felt myself giving up as I use all my strength to get out. Thank you for bringing some clarity to my dream. I know I will overcome all adversity, my door isn't closed yet.