Sunday, 6 July 2014

Travel and journey dreams linked to work


Last night I dreamt I was in a queue to get on a plane. I was with a work colleague (I don't actually know this person in real life) We were supposed to prepare some questions for work and then leave the queue, but we found ourselves within the aircraft with the plane departing to Germany. I thought to myself, well we’ll get there a bit late (about 18:45) but maybe I’ll be able to see the city. Then don’t know how I realised that I would have to spend more time there and that I would need to book a hotel. Then I thought probably the company will pay for it as I don’t have much money. Suddenly my boss called me on the radio. I replied to him and asked him to send an essay I had been working on. I just had left the last sentence not finished and this day was the cut-off date. He didn't reply but I guess he got the message.

Being in a queue in a dream is a way of expressing the idea that you are waiting for your turn, perhaps your turn to take off and fly with your dreams and wishes. This particular dream possibly links with your work or job, being as you were with a work colleague and the dream scenario hinted at this.

When we travel alongside people that we don't know it can sometimes mean that we don't know that person as yet, but we might meet them in the next part of our journey.  Another thing to mention here is that we also travel with a spiritual guide or helper and although we don't know them directly they know us and are there to guide us on the next stretch of the journey. When a spiritual guide turns up in a dream we usually recognise them in some way, or our soul recognises them, but it's hard to say which is the correct interpretation for you on this occasion. 

In the dream, you were supposed to be compiling questions whilst in the queue and this might give you some information about the work you are supposed to be doing. Do you feel that the work you do currently is not right for you and that you would be happier in a new role? The questions are for you to ask yourself, questions like: Is my current role making me happy? Should I change direction?

Your dream contents suggest that it is time to change direction!

Is there a reason that Germany came into the dream? 

You are also aware that a new role will take more of your time than you are really prepared to give but the money will be an incentive. Hotels symbolise temporary situations so I should imagine the extra time you have to give up while you negotiate the new role won't be a lasting feature. 

Essays are rarely ever finished in a dream and just give you information that there is unfinished business to contend with. When we leave one job and start another we often leave something of ourselves in our previous employment, the transition from one to another requires us to say goodbye to one phase of life and hello to a new one, there is often an overlap in these types of transitions. 

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