Friday, 25 April 2014

Dream about a fridge on fire


I had a dream last night and it seemed very real to me. I was going into my father’s flat. I opened the door and I feared that a fire could be in the flat. I saw a light when I opened the door. It was like something about to get on fire. It was the fridge. I didn't switch the lights on, fearing the flat may explode. I opened the fridge’s door. It was hot and some smoke came out of it. Then I opened the freezer’s door. It wasn't too hot and there was food inside still frozen.

Then I went to my father’s room who was sleeping (as expected at that time of the night. (That’s why I say it was very real to me) I turned on the light and woke him up to warn him. He woke up and was looking very young and slim (He is 74 actually) with a brown leather jacket. We went to see the fridge and we found out that I left it on +3 temperature. We put it back to normal temperature and I told him to go back to sleep.

I feel that the dream you had was a form of astral travelling whereby you visited your dad while he and you both slept. (Your soul/spirit visited him) The reason for your visit to him seems to me that you have some concerns for him, you were checking up on him to make sure he was alright, and as you suspected things were not as safe as you expected. This doesn't necessarily mean that things are not safe in his flat (always worth checking though) more likely that in your opinion he doesn't take care of his self properly.

Looking at the symbols and scenario of the dream this backs this up:
The fear of an explosion when the lights are turned on is a way of expressing the fear that you have when if light (knowledge) is known, a situation might explode into something bigger, in which case you will then have to deal with it. Perhaps you fear that if you look too closely at your dad, his health and ability to take care of his self properly you might then have to deal with the consequences of that.

The fridge symbolizes coldness or neglect, and this backs up the idea that maybe he neglects himself to some degree.
The freezer is a way of expressing the idea that something is frozen in time, food is being kept in a state of rigidness, food equals sustenance/fulfilment and might symbolise aspects of your dad's situation in that he isn’t feeling particularly satisfied with his own situation, but lacks the inclination to do anything about it.

The fact that the appliance is a cold store appliance and yet is overheating can help to explain how the situation he is in at present is beginning to become more of a problem and needs action from someone else to find a cure or remedy. You seem to be that person and it might mean a bit of practical help to ensure things are safe at home or emotional support to encourage him into finding new interests, or taking care of his health perhaps. Its hard to say what support he needs without know the whole situation but I am sure with some delving you can work out what he needs. After all your dream was designed to bring your attention to your dad’s vulnerabilities.

The end of your dream gives an example of the fact that with a little effort and care things will return to normal and he will return to his usual vibrant self. If I were you I would encourage him not to leave things or put them off. Tell him it’s easier to deal with small problems when they arise, if something is left for too long it will escalate into a bigger problem.


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