Friday, 25 April 2014

Recurring dream that I am packing my suitcase!


I've been dreaming constantly about packing my luggage.

This is quite simple to translate, you obviously want or need changes to happen in your life and you keep making plans to instigate these changes but are unable to see them through. So you begin the process again at another time.

Luggage can symbolise travel of course but is also used as a symbol when you start something new, a new phase of life or a new and exciting journey or stage of your life.
Packing luggage is also used to symbolise the process of packing up all your troubles and moving on from them.
An overpacked suitcase represents the idea of putting too much pressure into what is already an over challenged energy store. You are doing too much and need to release some pressure before you collapse. Stop trying to be everything for everyone else. Consider what you are putting in the suitcase, clothes symbolise the front that you show to everyone else. Changing your clothes is a representation of who you are trying to be, who you want to be or how you feel in yourself, like the tatty dress dream where you feel worn out and used. 

I have also known a case to be used as a symbol for a court case. The symbolism of an empty case can easily explain a situation where there is not enough evidence. Or the other way round of course and the bulging case can deliver the message of lots of evidence.

A fresh start!
Pastures new!
Carrying your problems around with you?
You want to leave a situation behind!
You want to move on!
A desire for freedom!
Pack up your troubles!

Recurring dreams happen when:
You haven’t achieved what is needed!
You haven’t learned exactly what you were supposed to learn!
You have not moved on from something!
You haven’t understood the real meaning of the dream!
You keep making the same mistakes!


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