Monday, 24 March 2014

Dreams about visiting other countries


I dreamt that I was with my family and we flew to Italy. It was snowing as we flew and I was scared. The snow was gripping onto the wings of the aeroplane. Then we landed and walked around Italy. In particular a food market. Then we got back on the plane and flew to Russia. In Russia we hired a car and got overtaken by an Austin Allegro with four black bears in it. One was driving!! and the other three were being aggressive to us.

When we dream of going to other countries it can symbolise the journey into the unknown, especially if you haven't been to the country before, you are treading a road that you haven't travelled before. Countries are used to represent unknown aspects of yourself or of experiences that are new and perhaps exciting. 

Travel dreams mostly relay the earthly or spiritual journey and dealing with new obstacles or making headway in areas that are new and your dream shows how you are starting out on this new journey and luckily your family are on board which is always a good thing. 

Food represents how fulfilled you are, it is a symbol for the things that are available to you to help you feel happy and contented. Being presented with a huge mix of food is a way of telling you that you have a lot of different choices available right now and you are on the market for something new. You can choose to buy-in to these offers or pass them by if you want to. 

The market is used as a symbol when you are searching for something to help you feel complete or more satisfied, this can relate to work, perhaps spiritual work or in finding a new direction or role in your life that helps you to be happy and contented in all sections of your life and not just a few sections. We can feel happy with our family and our relationships but discontented with our work life for example.  

The snow is another symbol of inertia, the cold represents a lack of feeling and this will also link with the discontentment you feel with a section of your life, most likely work as I said.
Italy should represent a warm place to be, but alas it is snowing, so in places where you should be content, you are actually lacking in warmth and sunshine. Then you go to Russia where it's even colder, this shows how if you do nothing to change your current direction it will only get worse. You must make new choices and instigate changes to the things that have lost their ability to keep you happy, perhaps you get no satisfaction from your work and it is time to take a different route. Your family will be on board if you include them. 

The Austin Allegro car does seem to have been added to provide some humour to your dream, in other words, if you don't get a move on and kick start these changes there will people who will take over and you will lose your say and your available choices will diminish.    

Animals are often used in dreams to represent people's personalities and the four bears might have been chosen specifically to symbolise aggressive people who push their way to the front and take over. They will also get rewards if you stand back. 
Bears can sometimes symbolise aggression, that's why they were angry bears. They are also used to symbolise the dominant mother type personality. 


Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dreams of being lost, at school or work.


I often dream that I am lost, or I am at school or work, in a place that I haven't been to before.
I'm also late for work or haven't been to work?

There are spiritual undertones to this dream because being lost is a way to help you understand how there is much to learn regards being 'found' in the spiritual sense. School and work also relay the same message in that we are all here to learn and experience. 
We grow and develop through experience. 

We dream of places that we haven't been to before when it is time to move forward and welcome pastures new, not always new places but more likely new phases of life, or moving in a new direction. 

School and work could possibly represent spiritual work, but remember that when you care for other people this is still spiritual work. When you dream that you are late for work or haven't been to work it is because you have neglected an aspect of yourself, perhaps the spiritual side of yourself, maybe you have concentrated all your energies on earthly physical things and have not given attention to the work that needs doing in order for you to make real progress and become an all-rounded individual. I have known people to dream of not attending work when they are not happy with some aspects of the work that they do. Although physically you have to go to work, in your dreams you are choosing to stay away. 

Being lost is often used to symbolise the feeling of not knowing which way to turn, or not knowing the way forward, quite often this happens when people are spiritually lost. To find yourself and uncover facets that you have never taken notice of is a way for you to move forward and become an all-rounded individual. 

These types of dreams continue to play out throughout our lives because we never stop learning or developing.

The school of life!