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Dream Symbols: A

A counting frame is used as a symbol in dreams to bring your attention to the things in your life that need to be assessed or added up. The beads or counters can symbolise time, money, or your own personal tools and skills which you have stored away and not used. The beads are framed so the idea here is one of restriction and having ideas without the freedom to express them, for example having money stored away that cannot be accessed when it is really needed or having talents that can’t be used because of circumstance. 

Black and white beads symbolise positive and negative or balance and harmony and mixed colours represent having a good mixture of skills and talents.

To dream of being abandoned highlights your fears of rejection and loneliness, sometimes when you are feeling alone with your problems this filters through as an abandonment dream. This type of dream is used to help the dreamer come to terms with coping alone and to face the unknown in the knowledge that ultimately strength comes from within and it is not something that other people can provide you with.

In spiritual symbolism, the abdomen is viewed as the centre of your power source and spiritual energy. Any problems with your abdomen in a dream suggest that there are blockages in that energy. 

If there is something in your tummy, like a baby for example then this will link with your ability to give life to a project and for it to grow into something of value. 

The abdomen is often used to symbolise pent up feelings that you hold inside, they need to be released so that you can move forward in a way that will help you feel more relaxed and contented with your life.

(Australia below)
These indigenous people link the dreamer with their own basic instincts and perhaps with needing to spend time alone to consider one’s own spiritual journey.
Going walkabouts?

In dream symbolism if a baby is symbolic for something that has the potential to grow and develop, something that if nurtured could be carried through to completion or success, then you can understand why abortion is sometimes used to represent when you decide (or other people decide) that the time is not right to carry on with the plans that you previously made. 

Babies are often symbolic for a personal venture in dream language, perhaps work-related, any situation where you must gather all your energy and creativity so that your desires can become everything that you want it to be. Therefore, in dreams, abortion is sometimes used as a symbol to explain how something can’t be carried forward to full-term, for numerous and varied reasons.

Maybe the time just isn't right, you may or may not have known this when you started out with your idea, perhaps you have decided not to proceed for the time being. It is regrettable and sad and no doubt you will spend considerable amounts of time and energy wondering if your decisions are the right ones. 

Dreaming of abortion is unusual because there are many other ways to translate a message about not being unable to achieve the things that you previously wanted, or when you have changed your mind about a course of action.
I guess it's down to the individual and the type of message you need to hear. This type of symbolism will probably connect with guilt at ending something that had the potential to become 'something' if it was nurtured and cared for. The end of a relationship could be shown this way or the forceful end to your previously held dreams.

(See Wound)
An abscess will represent collective negative energy in dream symbolism, which will eventually need to be attended to, it will require care to promote healing and restoration. An abscess gives us the feeling of something that is festering inside or eating away at us. 
Emotional pain and anxiety which needs you to instigate healing or cut away at the source of a problem if you want things to get better. 

Any type of accident in a dream rarely foretells of an actual accident, more likely they are used to symbolise a situation that happens by accident and not a planned event. (You didn’t plan for this) 

It helps you to remember that circumstances are out of your control and sometimes you can only watch as things come to pass. This doesn't mean that the accident you witnessed in your dream is going to play itself out in your waking life. An example of this is when you dream of traffic accidents, these types of dreams will often relate to the life journey you are on or the shared journey.

Collisions can represent the colliding of different personalities and this can affect the journey you are on together. It can mean that you try to change tact or avoid confrontation, therefore the accident symbolises a time when you cannot avoid the inevitable anymore.

Seeing other people in an accident helps you come to terms with your own lack of power over them, as much as you want to protect them and keep them safe from harm you cannot protect them from themselves. This type of dream helps you understand how powerless you feel about things going wrong, this type of dream also happens to people who worry a lot and it can be viewed as a face your fear dream where you must harden up and understand the term "What will be, will be." You can’t prevent people from getting hurt, the hurt is usually shown in dreams as a physical hurt when in fact the hurt is the type that is felt on the inside, it this suffering that makes us all stronger.
You can’t protect someone from learning.
A mistake!

If you see an ace card in your dream, then you are being shown a successful outcome for a chance that you take. Aces are also used to symbolise positive people. The hand you are dealt now is a positive one.


Acid symbolises a problem that can slowly eat away at you; it can cause hurt and damage unless you act or steer clear of people who spread gossip. 
Acid can sometimes be symbolic for bitter words spoken; as in an acid tongue.

Acne is a symbol that will link with your own personal insecurities and how you feel you are perceived by your peers, it can also symbolise stress or pressure. Time is the greatest healer and learning to let the small stuff go over your head will help. Spots can also be used to explain small issues that come up and go down quickly.

(Tidying up and work Dream)
This might be an obstacle dream that requires you to find ways to overcome your own personal obstacles. Trying to accomplish anything in a dream is usually quite difficult, these types of dreams fall into the obstacle dream category where you must try to complete a task and overcome the obstacles that you are presented with, the obstacles will be symbolic for a life challenge that you are faced with. The challenge could be anything from trying to get somewhere, get over something, make something work or trying to communicate with other people. (Like when you try to connect on the telephone in a dream and it seems impossible to do.) Basically, you are trying to use your skills to accomplish a successful outcome and then move on from the experience, but if you experience the same dream scenario repeatedly then you haven’t yet accomplished what you need or want to do.

If you link the individual test or task that you are trying to accomplish in your dream with a personal challenge you can get an idea too if you will be successful. It is not always possible to complete a task or beat your challenges because they are also reliant on other people to play their part. It might be that it isn’t the right time to accomplish what you are trying to do, and you will need to return to it later, this dream stands to help you understand this message. If in your dream you manage to accomplish what you are trying to do then you can use this information towards being secure in the knowledge that you can now achieve your goals, whatever they are.

Acorns symbolise spiritual growth and personal fulfilment. Ideas can also be symbolised by acorns in dreams. From little acorns, big oaks trees grow, worth remembering if you have been considering starting a new venture or have a small business idea. Acorns will symbolise growth and development. 

An Idea!


(A dream about a celebrity)
The spiritual symbolism of an actress or actor will link with the notion that we are the actors of our own play, our earthly life is thought of as the stage where we act out all our desires and challenges to see how we will respond in any given circumstance. Our character is built from what we experience while on earth, how we react and play out the many distinct roles we have created for ourselves depends on the conscious choices that we make every day.

In dream language being an actor or actress simply reminds us that we have choices and can direct our play in any way we want to. Freewill ensures that we can choose how to play our part, choose how our character should react, making conscious choices that we can live with rather than living a life scripted by other people. 

If a famous actor/actress turns up in your dream they are being used to represent a character who you can relate to, maybe they have character traits you should notice or develop in yourself. Remember they might be symbolic for someone else around you, negative characters can be described to you in this way. The dreamer must try to think about who the famous character is portraying in their life and what the message is about. Consider that sometimes famous people play a bad character but in real life, they are a good person so you might be dealing with someone who has two different characters rolled into one. 

A celebrity is a person who is celebrated so can be symbolic for a person in your life who has positive attributes and should be a role model.  

Pins and needles can symbolise getting ‘needled’ or annoyed with someone. Pins can also help to remind you of the importance of getting your point across. Acupuncture is used as a symbol when you need to find an alternative way to get rid of the pressure and stress that builds up inside you, it needs to be released in a safe way.

An acrobat can symbolise agility and balance of the mind, depending on how well you perform the gymnastics in your dream. This type of symbol could be used to explain how you are expected to pull off amazing feats with the energy that you have available to you, it also helps you to acknowledge that some people expect too much from you. The moves that you must implement to complete a challenge. Are you bending over backwards to please someone else?

Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve represent life’s lessons and all that there is to learn regards relationships, temptations, and growth as a person. This will relate to something that you need to learn and experience for your own spiritual growth and development. Adam is viewed as the first man and can be used in dreams to symbolise the first love. Eve symbolises the temptress and the first woman who is loved.

This sticky substance can symbolise the bonds that help keep people together and the strength of the glue in your dream is important and can symbolise the strength of the bonds that you have with other people, or perhaps the strength of your ties to the past. Glue can also explain being in a sticky situation?

Any addiction is used as a symbol to show you that you are dependent on something or someone and this is detrimental to your overall well-being. Sometimes addiction is present in your life and it manifests into a dream to make you aware of a problem that you are ignoring, maybe because you do not feel ready to let something go or because you are close to someone who has addiction problems. This dream will recur until the addiction is accepted or dealt with.

Addiction dreams use symbolism like being unable to use the brakes in a car to show how you are unable to stop what you are doing, this way the dream is expressing your lack of control over your life. Addiction is one of life’s cruellest obstacles and can only be overcome when a person is ready. Mostly addiction dream symbolism will link with your inability to take control of a situation and if addiction is becoming life-threatening or too out of control your dreams will try to warn you about this, but these types of dreams are tailored to the individual, using whatever symbolism works best.

An Admiral might be used to symbolise a person who should take charge and steer the family towards calm waters. This type of symbol will usually link with the journey dream and the existing emotional journey you are all on. This symbol reminds you of your own power and energy so that you can take charge of the helm and guide you and your family in the direction that you want to go.

Dreaming of committing adultery might happen because you are looking for qualities in a partner that seems to be missing from your own personal relationships. You can explore other relationships in a safe way through your dreams. If you dream that your partner commits adultery it will link with the ‘fear dream’ scenario and your own insecurities about the relationship, this happens when you need to deal with your insecurities for the relationship to make progress or find balance.

(Aircraft below)
(Visiting other countries Dream)

Travel and journey dreams help you to acknowledge the existing juncture that your life is at and the means of transport you use in a dream can give you a clue as to the energy at your disposal for you to get where you want, or need to be in the future. Planes need you to have faith in yourself and the pilot to be able to take off into the unknown. Perhaps you should put your trust in someone else to help you make progress and complete a life journey successfully. Planes lift you up and exhilarate you while taking you on long and exciting journeys, and this helps you to become aware of the distance that you need to travel to get where you want to be. A plane can symbolise a project taking off and making great progress, lots of energy is needed to reach the heights and distance that you want to go but if you dream high and have faith you can reach your goals. You cant always go it alone and quite often success needs everyone to play their part and travelling on a plane is an ideal symbol of this scenario.

Any problems with the plane or flight in your dream warn you about obstacles that could get in the way of success. In dreams a plane crash can warn you about several precarious situations, basically, you have put your faith into flying high with your dreams and this takes great courage, crashes symbolise how you have lost faith in yourself or other people and also in your overall chances of success. 

Remember to give some thought to your own experience of flying because this dream might link with your personal fears of flying, in which case the dream could be prompting you to face your fears so that you can travel further afield or widen your horizons.

(Airplane above)

(Visiting other countries dream)

The type of aircraft in your dream will symbolise the extent of the power needed for flight or for a project to take off, this can link to the power of your dreams and the work involved getting them into reality. You need to learn the craft before your ideas can take flight.

When you dream about problems with the aircraft its a way for you to get an idea about the problems that stand in your way of being successful. Machinery of any kind uses energy so this helps us understand our own or someone else's energy input. If it isn't enough then your energy levels won't get you off the ground and its often shown through aircraft not being able to take off. 
Army aircraft will link with the battles and obstacles you need to overcome before you can be successful whereas passenger aircraft will have more to do with the people you share your journey with. Holiday aircraft are often used in dreams to help you recognise the need for a break from the norm, a personal need to be lifted out of the everyday mundane duties that weigh you down and keep you grounded or prevent you from flying with your dreams.


(Visiting other countries dream)
An airport is a convenient symbol which helps to inform you that you are at a crucial stage of change in your life, or are moving from one phase into another in an exciting grand way. If you are stuck at an airport, then you do not have the means as yet to take flight or move forward in the way that you wish to. Obstacles at the airport represent delayed progress regards your dreams and wishes. 

(Archery below)

Any dreams about aiming or scoring will symbolise the things that you are aiming for in your life, the outcome is not always known because it depends on the energy and motivation that you have at your disposal and your own ability to keep trying. Practice and hard work will help you to hit the target.

Alarms are usually used in dreams to prepare or warn you of upcoming notable events, perhaps it is time that you got up and made a start on plans that you made previously. When alarm bells are ringing in a dream it could symbolise how you are suspicious of someone’s genuineness.

Alarm Clock
Alarm clocks remind us that it is time to ‘rise’ and do something worthwhile; the time has arrived for you to act. Only you personally can know what it is you should be doing with your time to make it more productive.

It depends on your own attitude to alcohol to fully translate this dream, guilty pleasures, excess, or just letting your hair down occasionally. Alcohol needs time to fully mature and this can help you understand that it is time that you developed a mature approach to your life. You will inevitably do this anyway eventually. 

If you are offered a drink in your dream but you are unsure of the actual contents of the drink then this will represent how you are unsure or uneasy about what is being offered to you, you are not confident it is a genuine offer and worry about the effect on you if you accept. 

Food and drink in dreams symbolise the nourishment you receive from other people or how fulfilled you are, so if you are given a celebratory drink it could be that you are in for a merry and successful time to celebrate.

Aliens can be used in dream language to represent the unknown, a new situation or person is alien to you; perhaps you need to gain a better understanding of what you are dealing with. This dream can also be spiritually translated and symbolise the journey into the unknown and the discoveries that you make while on that journey. 

Being abducted by aliens simply explains how you feel as though your life has been taken over by outside forces or that unfamiliar responsibilities have taken over your current set up, this situation is unique, and you need to adapt quickly before you are consumed by the negative fear which is created by dealing with the unknown. We only fear the things that we do not understand!

Alien abductions are a topic on their own and if you feel that your Alien experience was more than a normal dream you should do some research regards this. A note to think about is that the subject has been studied by many credible researchers and many of them conclude that most extraterrestrials reside in other dimensions which overlap with the spirit world or our greater consciousness if you prefer that term. 

An allotment symbolises spiritual growth coupled with fruitfulness, this will help you to understand if a current situation, relationship or project can grow and become something of value if you are prepared to work at it.

An allotment needs tending to produce food, which is the basis for our contentment and comfort and this doesn’t just happen on its own, it requires extra effort and care to become something worthwhile. This dream is reminding you to nurture something if you want it to grow into something of value. 
Hard work brings the results that you want.


Church altars can be used to symbolise a marriage or other types of unions between people. They can also represent the spiritual bonds and pledges that you have made in the past. Bells signify change.

If you lose a limb in a dream it can represent 'the experience of loss' sometimes we lose things like our motivation and drive which can affect how well we are able to get along in our life. 

Being dismembered or torn apart in dreams reminds us that we can be hurt because we are torn between people or torn apart by a profound experience. This type of dream is probably symbolic for the fear of loss rather than an actual physical loss, it is highly unlikely in the dream scenario that you experienced a limb being cut off, what you felt was the fear of this happening, you probably woke up before the amputation occurred. This explains your own fears of losing the people that you love, without them you would not feel complete. When the outcome of this type of dream is not known it is because it is not yet understood how things will turn out.

Anchors are a symbol of stability and explain your wish to put down roots. They provide balance in emotional waters and help to remind you that you can find balance and stability through rest and recuperation and by letting things calm down. Learning to accept a new emotional standpoint.

Angels help to show you that you have help at hand; unconditional love will surround and protect you. Angels have been known to visit while in the dream state or whilst people are wide awake, more commonly they are seen or allow themselves to be seen when we are at the in-between state of waking up or going to sleep, this is our twilight if you like when we are at our most connected with our subconscious and connected with the spirit world, our soul is highly receptive to receive messages in this twilight or overlapping time.
In times of great suffering or grief angels can be seen without the need for exceptional circumstances because the suffering and grief provides the same or similar vibrations that allow contact. Angels have also been encountered during near-death experiences; often an encounter with an angel is described as a vision.
Angels come in many forms and it is for the person receiving them to decide if the visitation is from an actual angel or not. There are many descriptions and different accounts of angels throughout history; the most important thing is that you trust your own instincts and feelings towards acceptance of an angel visitation, sometimes an encounter might be considered later, after an event.

Angels and their roles:
Angels fulfil many roles in heaven and on earth, it is said that there are nine types of angels.
As follows:
Each angel has specific roles and duties, but it is widely accepted that they are ministers for God; 

There is a lot of information available on the web of the different angels and their individual roles, but angels are usually called upon to help when all other attempts have failed. Angels administer comfort in distress and deliver messages and prayers between God, spirit, and humans. They take care to ensure that through the work they do they do not interfere with a chosen pathway or learning that an individual is destined to walk, although they do have the power to intervene if it is in a divine way. (In a way that is not against God or man and the balance of humanity) They assist souls into the next world and into earthly life and they ensure that occurrences that are preordained or arranged come to pass. They are also said to take upon themselves the work that neither man nor spirit wants to do or can do.
Often angels simply want the observer to share their angel experience with other people so that it brings hope and comfort to them as well, they want the message given to others that there is life after death and that there is a divine source of power that loves and watches over us all. It is said that Angels hear the suffering of souls that both man and spirit cannot, and they answer the calls in ways we don’t always understand.
Guardian angels or guides as they are known in spiritual movements are attached to humans to guide and help them on their chosen spiritual journey and oversee the soul’s experience. They usually stay with the same person throughout their life and ensure that the person stays on task as much as is possible. Guides that work with people who are on a spiritual path usually make themselves known to their charge. Even guardian angels cannot protect against your own free will, the choices you make will always be yours ultimately and their guidance can at times be sublime and easily ignored. If you have dreamed of an angel or angels I would suggest that they have brought you comfort in your distress or to help you understand your own spiritual journey.

Anger can manifest in our dreams as an expression that needs to be released in a safe environment, perhaps because you do not deal with our inner anger appropriately. If someone else is angry in your dream then you should take note of why, we are not always aware of other people's anger and this can be shown to us through our dreams, you could have picked up on it on a subconscious level and it has filtered into your dreams for you to take more notice of it. If you do not know why someone is angry perhaps they are not angry with you specifically, but angry with injustice or imbalance.


Animals are usually used to symbolise nature, or a person's nature to be more precise. When we dream of a certain animal our dream is trying to make us more aware of the type of person that we are dealing with, these types of symbols are self-explanatory, for example, dreaming of a snake warns you of a slippery person who could have a negative effect on your life. You may or may not already be aware of who this person is, but this dream happens to help you fully understand the nature of the individual that you are dealing with.
Another reason for using animals as symbols in our dreams is because they can help us develop our own character and the snake could, therefore, be symbolic the forbidden aspects of your own character that you need to either tame or suppress. Only time will tell which type of translation is appropriate, but most people are already aware of the personality that is being put under the spotlight by an animal dream scenario.
Animals can symbolise positive energy in your life and they can also translate feelings of vulnerability and the need to care for somebody. Animals are viewed as protective, loving and helpful and they can also be used as a representation for your inner fears. Animals also provide an ideal symbol to explain the conditions or environment in which you live. If you are overcrowded within your living conditions for example or penned-in and lacking in freedom etc.
If you are afraid of the animal in your dream then this tells you that you should be wary of a personality that has the capabilities of causing you anguish, but the fear could also be symbolic for your own fears, so it is important to recognise the person or situation that is being represented.
Being trapped by a wild animal is a common dream theme which is helping you to acknowledge the fact that you feel trapped by circumstance or that you are frightened to move forward, perhaps you are mentally trapped in the past. Further important symbolism can be gained by noticing how the animal is acting in your dream.

Birds are symbolic for freedom for the soul and for the ability to fly above your problems in a natural way. Birds can bring us news of new beginnings or of changes to come because they are able to gain a wider view of what is going on, they transcend the earthly realms and provide a bird’s eye view of the bigger picture. It has been said that birds can bring us a message from loved ones in the spirit world that a soul has been released into the kingdom of God.

Birds of Prey
These types of birds could be used to symbolise someone who is preying on you or a situation that is preying on your mind. 

Caged Birds
Caged birds symbolise the fight for freedom from restraint, maybe your own personality is being suppressed or held back. Your Spiritual side needs to be released.

Water Birds
Waterbirds will symbolize personalities that cope well with emotional ups and downs and deal with their emotions and feelings in a positive way. Waterbirds are often used to symbolise the family or brood and the emotional ties we have with them.

Wild Birds
Wild birds can symbolise total freedom coupled with a need to understand that you belong to the whole as well. This will link with the cosmic consciousness where you are free to think for yourself or to tap into the shared consciousness if you need to. Spread your wings and learn to rise above the commotion that is life.

Flocks of Birds
Flocks of birds symbolise the family unit working together and reaching heights because of each other. Like attracts like, birds of a feather flock together.

(Chicken in Food)
A chicken can symbolise someone not having the courage to take matters into their own hands or to deal with problems when they arise. Cowardliness or a careless attitude.

A Cockerel is often used in dream symbolism to bring your attention to the importance of time; they can represent endings, but they can also announce new beginnings. Cockerels can also be used to symbolise a show-off or someone trying to ruffle your feathers with their thoughtless behaviour.

Cuckoos lay their eggs in another bird’s nest, leaving the chick to be hatched and looked after by a different species of bird. This might correspond with a situation of responsibility being passed on to someone else for them to deal with.

Crows can be viewed as ominous omens in the old type of dream translation, nowadays they link better with unwanted mothering. The old crow type of saying would fit better. An interfering or calculating woman could fly into the nest.

Ducks cope well with water (emotional states of being) and they teach you to stay afloat emotionally, for you to learn this technique you must understand the need to let the minor aggravations pass you by. Ducks can also symbolise the family unit sticking together through emotional situations. Think about the saying water off a ducks back?

Eagles are often used as a symbol to remind you to keep an eye out for opportunities or for obstacles that could get in the way of those opportunities. They also explain how you need to rise above the mayhem to see a situation for what it really is, thus enabling you to see how to instigate positive change.

These water birds might symbolise your children and the emotional attachments that you have to them. Children grow up and leave home, but they always return when they want or need something.

As with an Eagle, the translation is similar, keep an eye out for opportunities and do not let them pass you. A quick thinker is often symbolised by a Hawk.

There is a rhyme that portrays the symbolic meanings of Magpies and I would consider if any were appropriate to you, but a Magpie could also represent a person that takes what isn’t theirs because they are often thought of as thieves, but in contrast to this, magpies are usually seen in pairs because they choose a partner for life.

These birds are often used to portray wisdom through contemplation and patience.

Parrot in P

A Peacock could symbolise a show-off, or someone trying to get your attention but in contrast to this, a peacock symbol could be telling you to be proud of yourself because you have come a long way.

Pelican in P

A Sparrow often symbolises innocence and raw beauty.

Swans represent grace and devotion and they are also used as a symbol to explain how you have progressed on a spiritual path. Swans help to convey the transition from innocence to experience and explain transformation in its many forms.

A Robin is a bringer of love because of the red breast that he has. (The colour red is often used to symbolise love.) If the Robin is singing, then a declaration of love is being made. Robins have also been used to symbolise the pain that you must first experience to truly understand love. Robins show up to the living to bring a message from the spirit world, a message of love and to let you know that the person in spirit you have been thinking about is at peace.

Insects are viewed as intruders and can symbolise either a person or a few people who intrude into your environment. We usually find insects an annoyance and therefore they symbolise anything annoying that you might have to deal with. A multitude of different small aggravations is being highlighted to you.


Bees remind us about the importance of working together for the overall betterment of society or for the family unit.
To be stung by a Bee isn’t necessarily an omen of doom but backs up the idea that for you to reap the rewards that are available to you now there is a certain amount of pain or hard-work to be experienced first. When bees sting it is done to protect themselves from harm and for no other reason. You might have to protect yourself from outside influences so that you can concentrate your efforts towards progression in some work area. There is work to do and money to gather, reap the rewards of your hard work after a certain amount of time.


Beetles symbolise protection from evil or negative influences, your own method of protection is being highlighted, you must decide what needs protecting and from who.

A butterfly can represent the fleeting beauty that we sometimes take for granted, they remind us to appreciate the good things when they come our way. The fight of the butterfly as it emerges from its cocoon is what enables it to take flight. Freedom, peace and a message from the spirit world that the soul is released.

These insects symbolise passing aggravations if they are noticed singly in your dream, but if there are a lot of flies then they are there to help you understand that there is decay in some area of your life, this needs to be dealt with for you to find peace and harmony again. The breaking down of negativity.

(See Web)
People don't usually like spiders in let alone having them turn up in their dreams, but the outcome has always been good when people have dreamt about them. Spiders symbolise good luck and prosperity because they are creators and have the substance within them to produce something that we want, the web helps us to catch the things that we require. In some circumstances, a spider dream can be viewed as a fear dream and require you to face your fears so that you can move forward and receive the energy they bring. They chase you to move you forward and help you to take action where it is needed.

Wasps could symbolise somebody with a sting in their tail. Passing aggravations that won’t stay around for too long, if you stay away from them that is.

Baby Animals
Young or baby animals usually refer to young personalities or to an immature character.

Domestic Animals
Your own pets are often used to symbolise the fact that you are relied upon for everything and in return, you receive unconditional love. 
Domestic animals bring us love and adoration; perhaps you need a selfless companion to bring you comfort and support and are being shown a symbol for an appropriate person who can do this. 

Tame animals represent people who are laid back, but if in the dream their nature changes it helps to remind you that even docile personalities can turn nasty. Pets who have passed away often return to their owner in their dreams to say thank you for the love and care that you gave them.

Wild Animals
Wild animals help you to understand the wild side of your own or of other people’s nature or temperament. The side of a personality that acts of its own accord without consideration for everyone else. Wild animals can also help you to understand your own fears in the face of hostility or opposition and to help you prepare a way forward when you are faced with these things in your life. 

Animals display characteristics that help you to understand the type of person you must deal with; they also help you to develop and understand aspects of your own personality.


(Crocodile Dream)
These reptiles can represent someone’s snappy and unpredictable nature, you should be wary of the dangerous temperament of emotional people that are around you.
Reptiles are often used to represent the reptilian part of the brain which is connected strongly with power and an abuse of power.

An Ape could symbolise copied behaviour, or a mischievous character getting up to no good.

These animals symbolise majestic grace or someone with these characteristics. The antlers are held high and are used to win battles from the opposition.

Donkeys are symbolic for personalities that carry a lot of baggage around with them, but they are also hard workers. Someone could make an ass of themselves.

Cows can sometimes symbolise a spiteful woman, but they can also represent the source of your own contentment and how likely it is that you will get what you need, especially so if it is a milking cow.

Opposition comes from a Bull, it symbolises a personality that requires stamina from the dreamer.
A stubborn character.
A Taurus (Horoscope)
Bull in a china shop.
A bully.

The mother type.
Destructive and loving.
A bear with a sore head.
Over protectiveness.
Something you must bare.
A bear hug from a loved one?

In dream language the cat is often used to represent the feminine charm, they are viewed as independent and industrious.
Wildcats symbolise the wild unpredictable side of a woman’s nature.
The cat that got the cream?

Crabs remind you not to walk sideways in life and the shell symbolises your own hard shell, you will not listen to advice and feel the need to protect yourself from other people. Consider if this applies to someone else that you know.
A Cancerian person. (Horoscope)


In dream language dogs are nearly always used as a symbol for the protector, they are often thought of as a source of unconditional love and for this reason, they make an excellent symbol for your own spiritual guide and the invisible part they play in your life. If the dog in your dream is acting violently they may be portraying a predator type character.

Dolphins are spiritual creatures that highlight a carefree nature, they express freedom for the soul. They spend their lives in small protective groups, therefore they help you to understand the importance of belonging to the whole but of developing your own individuality as well.
Dolphins communicate using vibration and this will link with spiritual communication.
Protection comes from the group soul.
Emotional courage and grace.
Spiritual communication.
Intelligent learning.

In dream language the elephant represents protection and wisdom, they are ‘all knowing’ and they never forget. They could be used to represent a situation that seems bigger than the dreamer. A situation that needs talking about and recognising for what it is.


(Fish and Boat Dream)

A fox can be used in dream language to represent cunning and slyness; unless she is with cubs then she is being the independent and self-reliant protective mother.

An ambitious person who can be stubborn. Capricorn is the sign of the mountain goat, a high climber who takes their time to get where they want to be.

In the past a horse was used as a symbol for the personal or spiritual journey, it helps you to make progress in your life; nowadays it is more symbolic for someone who helps you to get along, usually a male influence. There are some sexual connotations because this symbol can also hint at the sexual experience with a partner who is able to help you move on from the past. Consider the colour of the horse to help with your translation.
A Sagittarius person.

Kangaroos portray the protective mother type of personality. The kangaroo's pouch is a way to represent someone who needs looking after or who still needs protecting from the outside world. Perhaps someone is overprotective.
A jumping Kangaroo can help you to acknowledge someone who can make progress in leaps and strides or someone who jumps around aimlessly and cannot find direction.

Strength and courage can be symbolised by a lion, but it depends if you feel threatened or hunted by it in your dream. If you are cornered or trapped, then you feel trapped by an external source of power that you do not know if you can match in strength.

To overcome a Lion in your dream is to overcome a powerful opponent or perhaps your own fears need to be dealt with. 

A female personality if it was a Lioness. 
A Leo.

Mice could be used in dreams to help explain situations that go on quietly under the surface. You may only get small clues to warn you that something is happening but eventually you will have to deal with it. Mice will often represent small annoyances that if left alone will multiply.

Monkeys can help to characterise people who have not developed their own personality, and so act in a thoughtless way. 

Monkeying around. 
Childishness and trickery.

Pigs are often used in dreams to bring your attention to a person who is pig-headed and inconsiderate. Because pigs like to wallow in mud they are also used to portray somebody who likes to wallow in self-pity. 

Penguin in P

Rabbits usually represent fertility and growth within the family unit. They can also be used in dream language to represent anything that can multiply rapidly, perhaps this will help you to understand that things can quickly get out of control if left alone for too long.

A Ram can symbolise someone who rams themselves ‘in’ where they are not actually needed. A person who is headstrong and a little self-interested.

Rats would be a typical dream symbol to represent someone who acts with little moral judgment. If there are a lot of rats in your dream, then they symbolise a group or association of people who do not have your best interest at heart.

Reptiles will symbolise the thick skin or cold bloodiness of a personality that you encounter. They might also symbolise people who have not developed spiritually and are old fashioned in their way of thinking.

The idea of a serpent being the deliverer of tests for the human soul, to bring enlightenment. Tests of endurance and of mind over matter, the idea that without these tests the soul would not be open to learn and grow. The challenges we face in our life are what help us to become more spiritually aware and enlightened in knowledge. 

Loan sharks or predators.

Nasty people who should be avoided.

Slugs can represent an irritant, perhaps something that is eating away at the progress you have made so far. The size and amount may be important to your translation.

Slow movement or slow progress.
A slimy character.

A protective but fragile shell.
Something is moving at a snail’s pace.
Moving home.

Beware of people who have sneaky poisonous tendencies, similarly a situation that requires your endurance. Snakes are often used to represent the opposition, a lack of control and the need to develop your ability to notice when temptation is taking over. This may be appropriate for you or for someone around you.

Storing away what you need for later.
Hiding away your talents.
Perseverance and tenacity.

These wild animals can represent anything that evokes fear within you. Tigers are dangerous and appropriate symbolism might come from working out what it is you are frightened of, you have to face this fear. Another possible translation is that there is an untamed personality on the loose, they are changeable and can cause you hurt. Tigers can also symbolise your own unpredictable nature or perhaps a situation that tests your perseverance and ability to withstand opposition.

Hibernation from society.
Progress is slow moving.

Driven by emotions.

The type of whale you dream of might have significance, for example, the sperm whale could symbolise increased fertility, a killer whale would represent a larger than life personality with the ability to cause harm in your emotional affairs.
A pilot whale is a symbol of you taking a new and meaningful direction in your life. 

The blue whale is a symbol of emotional healing, its vast size can symbolise the power that is available to heal emotional pain, whereas a black and white whale can be used to represent the positive and negative aspects of your own emotional personality and how this creates a balanced character, even if you do not feel particularly balanced now.
Overall a whale would be used as a symbol to represent your own profound feelings which occasionally rise to the surface. The whale symbol may, of course, be used to represent someone else and their feelings, someone who you would find it difficult to understand completely. The whale is often viewed as a solitary mammal.
You might have a whale of a time!

A zebra's black and white stripes represent the negative and positive nature of someone that you encounter. The symbolism is very similar to a horse, but you cannot ride a zebra so although this person is adventurous, the relationship cannot progress because of their wild nature, they are not suited to staying in one place for very long.

Your attention is being drawn to the fact that there is somewhere you need to be or something that you need to do. Sometimes this can be an obstacle dream because in the dream scenario you are late or cannot get to an appointment. Obstacle dreams tell us that there is something in our way and we will need to get over it before we can proceed with our plans. 

An appointment with destiny.

An apron often represents the inability to grow-up or to break away from childish behaviour.
Being tied to the role of the mother or to a mother figure.
Work needs to be done to fix a problem.
The feminine and nurturing side of a person.
Protection from negativity.


(Archways and Gateways)
In dream language archways show us the transitions that we need to make from one stage or phase into another; the energy needed for this transition isn't an obstacle because you can slip easily from one phase into another without much effort involved. 

Occasionally archways will symbolise the entry from one realm into another and connects you with your spirituality. Archways are often used to support structures and can, therefore, be viewed as support through change, keeping the structure of your life secure when changes occur. 
Making Connections.

An archaeologist could be used to symbolise someone who brings out your own hidden talents. Alternatively, perhaps the old you must resurface. You will need to translate other symbols to understand the meanings better.
Fossils symbolise parts of yourself that have long since expired, but these aspects of your learning and experience have helped to craft the person that you have become.
Digging up old memories.
Remnants from the past.
The past has helped to create the future.

(Aim above)
Firing arrows usually link with Eros and are said to cause the bonds of love to form. This type of symbol might be helping you understand if or not you are likely to get what you are aiming for.
Arrows are also used to give direction and might be used in your dream to point out that there are alternative routes for you to take.

Your home comforts are usually symbolised by an armchair, the condition of the chair will help you with the translation and explain how comfortable you are with your home life. Chairs are often used in dreams as a symbol of comfort and stability and they help to portray your current set up and how you adapt to the changes that occur over time. Chairs are also a symbol of support, think about the fact that they get more comfortable over time because you have moulded them to your own shape, perhaps this links with someone reliable that is supportive and who you will grow more comfortable with as time goes by.

Army/Air force
(Attack below/Battle)
These forces can stand to represent the people who we need to help us fight a personal battle, they can also represent the opposition who we are fighting or defending ourselves from. The battle you are fighting in your life can be of any denomination, it is an individual thing that you alone will understand. When the armed forces are brought into a dream it is often because the battle you must fight demands more than you alone can provide, you may have to employ the help of other people who are more adept at dealing with the type of problems that you are currently dealing with.

Someone starting fires in your dream can warn you about heated situations that erupt without warning. Fire also links with passion in its disruptive form. There is a possibility that someone is trying to light your fire or ignite your inner passions, but fires can sometimes symbolise your own fears becoming all-consuming.
If you are unsuccessfully trying to light a fire it will represent the fact that the passion or the flame has gone out of a relationship, or that it wasn’t there in the first place. Remember the saying 'light a fire under someone'? You do this to break them free from inertia.

Art helps you to understand a need for you to find the beauty in your life and recreate the same for the people that you value. Any form of art like painting, sculpting, writing, acting, singing or creating music is highlighting your ability to create harmony and a sense of oneself being transferred towards other people for their satisfaction.
Artistic Creations.
Master the art of creating a positive energy vibration.
What we create is what we shall live.

(Arsonist above/Fire)
The remains of something that has long since passed its value in your life, there is nothing viable left.
From the ashes, new shoots will grow.
The remnants of past experiences.

(Alien above/UFO)
You are dealing with unknown aspects of life which you haven’t had experience of before.
People or events that have a major impact on your life. Powerful situations are just passing through.

Dreaming of atoms could show you how you need to look at things in more detail, you are so intent on seeing the bigger picture that you are missing the finer details.

(Visiting other countries dream)
An atlas can symbolise the world and all that it has to offer you, perhaps you need to examine the opportunities that are available to you and choose a direction to go in so that you can start your next adventure.
Sometimes this symbol can represent the need to travel further afield to reach your destination, not necessarily in distance but widening your horizons to increase your chances of getting where you want to be. Change the direction that your life is taking.

Being attacked in a dream is not an omen of imminent violence but will be used to symbolise a situation that is attacking your own defences, it could be an attack of the nerves where your own fears are attacking your strength and creating weakness. An attack could be used to symbolise an illness where your immune system is under attack.

An external attack would be where other people are pushing their will onto you; they are attacking your integrity, invading your space, or ruining your peace and security. 
Is your good name under attack?

Fish in an aquarium or fish bowl can symbolise inhibited or overly controlled emotions, they do not flow freely.
Seeing lots of fish in an aquarium can explain the overcrowded and emotional environments that you feel unable to find a way-out from.

If you are aware of someone’s aura in a dream then you are becoming more spiritually aware, sometimes we can only see these things while we are dreaming. Look up individual colours if they are noticed. Everything has an aura even inanimate objects because everything is actually made up from vibrating energy frequencies, some people are gifted with the ability to see auras around things and people including the aura around plants and flowers.
The base colour of an aura is white and this is because pure energy is white, it is made up of all the colours of the spectrum, different vibrations create different colours.
Therefore you can look at the white aura as the base of all possibilities.
The energy force that surrounds us all.
A spiritual person.
Energy and healing.

(Aborigine above/Countries)
Australia might symbolise your world being turned upside down, but it could also symbolise the distance that has been created between you and another person.
Dreaming of other countries that you haven’t visited will help to explain how your current circumstances are new to you, you haven’t experienced this before, you are in unknown territory.


An avalanche represents a sudden onslaught of feelings and emotions that dominate everything else around you. Perhaps you feel as though problems are building up on top of you and you must escape before they push you over the edge. The coldness will symbolise cold feelings and ice is usually used to represent rigidness.
Snow is often symbolic for pent up feelings, therefore a sudden avalanche is obviously a release of all of those things. Just think about who will let it all out.
Overpowering feelings that create instability.
A new level footing will eventually be found.

False awakenings happen because you are trying to gain control of your dream; quite often because you do not want to be in it and are trying to escape the dream scenario, this can overlap onto real life as there are usually some circumstances that you wish to escape from. Only you have real control over your life and the direction it takes, you are being reminded that now is the time to take that control.
A spiritual awakening.
A rude awakening.
A wake-up call.

To be given an award in your dream is to be acknowledged for your hard work.
You are being given credit for the work that you do.
Badge of honour.

An Axe helps you to chop things into smaller chunks, perhaps you can deal with things better that way. If you are being chased by someone with an axe because they are trying to break the connection that you have had with them.
Breaking problems down into a manageable size.
Something is getting the chop or needs to be disconnected.
Cut away the negative around you!


Dream Symbols: B


(Birth below)
(Baby Dreams) 

(Dreaming During Pregnancy)
Babies symbolise the growth process and the various stages from infancy too maturity, this isn't always about people and their personal growth but can also relate to business and personal relationships. Babies symbolise the potential for growth and the need for nurture and safe care to reach success and maturity. Babies also help you to understand that you oversee the outcome of a new adventure and of then seeing it through to maturity. Dreaming of a baby who isn’t your own could explain how you have taken on a responsibility that belongs to someone else. 

With baby dreams always think about what you would say you view as your baby, a baby, a job, a relationship, a project or business, anything that needs to be looked after and cared for.

Sometimes dreaming of an unknown baby will be a premonition of a new baby within the family set up, but quite often the dream refers to new beginnings or a fresh start in a project that you want to create. A small baby will symbolise a small project or task which has the potential to grow into something bigger if you put in the time and effort.

A large chubby baby represents a project that has already been given time and attention, it is a reminder that you are doing well and to carry on the way you are. Whereas a baby who looks malnourished or fragile will help you to understand a project that needs looking after better, it needs more of your input to become sturdy and robust. This symbol will help to explain neglect and a lack of care and attention as well as situations where you have already worked hard, but it just never seems enough to create growth or success. A baby helps you recognise when you are going to invest a lot of time and energy into something, but this will mean long term care and dedication if you want it to continue to

To see a baby swimming on its own is a way for you to recognise that something quite small can stay afloat and carry on without too much input from outside. This might be appropriate for a small business that can survive through tough times. This symbol could also be used to symbolise someone who is treated like a child even though they are more than able to support themselves. If a baby is struggling to stay afloat in water it can mean that something or someone isn't ready to be independent and still needs a helping hand. This happens when our children think they are grown up but actually, still need guidance, perhaps you still see them as your baby.

Dreaming about a baby while you are pregnant happens because you are adapting to the new responsibility that the new baby will bring, you are preparing yourself mentally for the mega task of bringing a child into the world and then raising it to the best of your ability. It is no wonder that many women experience nightmares during pregnancy, your dreams are helping you to adapt and face your fears so that when the time comes you have already begun to toughen up.

(Bones below/Skeleton)
If your backbone is highlighted in a dream this could refer to your own personal strength and your ability to remain upright when there are added pressures to deal with. Perhaps you need to get some backbone and toughen up when times get difficult. 

Watch your back!

Negative contamination from outside sources or from negative people whose attitude tends to overtake everything.

If something is going bad or decaying in a dream, then it literally means that something in your life is slowly deteriorating or showing signs of neglect. You will need to look at other symbols in the dream to try and work out what is deteriorating; it could be a personal relationship or your own behaviour that needs consideration.

To be eating food that has turned bad explains that you are not experiencing good things in your life right now, possibly through no fault of your own. There are always some aspects of decay in our lives and this must happen so that new phases can begin. To change whats on your plate you must first make changes of your own.

A badge is used as recognition for your hard work or for something good that you have done, it also helps you to recognise that you belong to a group of like-minded people.

(Basket below) 

(Excess Baggage)
A bag can represent the baggage that you carry around with you. If the bag is too heavy in your dream then you may need to offload some of the issues or problems that you are trying to deal with, this symbol is acknowledging the way that you feel so that you can try to let go of some of the burdens and de-stress. The contents of the bag can help you with the translation but if the bag is empty it is a representation of the empty feeling or inner loneliness that you carry around with you. Remember also, that baggage can be carried from the past, and is also symbolic for the things you are holding onto.

A Bailiff will symbolise someone who arrives in your life and intends to take something from you, this could be anything from your time, money or energy.

(Bread below/Food/Cake)
A baker is used as a representation of someone who provides what you need to be content, this is probably you if you are the baker, bread can be a symbol for money because of the obvious connotations of dough, but a baker can provide you with monetary nourishment through your own creativity. Mixing the different skills that you have can create a different outcome to the usual. 

The creator within. 
Look up what you are baking in the dream to help you. Also, consider how the baked goods turn out, as it will give you a hint as to your creativity and abilities to come up with the goods that people expect from you. Practice makes perfect, you need failures to have success.


A Balcony can present the idea about being on the edge of change, hanging in limbo or on the edge of an event, you need to decide the next step before you proceed with your chosen course of action because there is some uncertainty of how things will turn out. Also, consider any issues with your dream balcony.
On the edge of the unknown.
Being on the precipice of life usually instigates change.

Baldness can express wisdom but is sometimes used as a symbol to explain a lack of vitality, this can be a fear dream like losing one’s teeth: Perhaps you feel that you are losing something of importance to you, something you cannot do without. You are in fact gaining in knowledge and wisdom from the experience of letting things go.

A ball can represent the ability to bounce back and still go far even when you take a knock. The spherical shape symbolises
 completeness and a person with all-round talents or abilities. When we say someone is an all-rounder we mean they can put their hand to anything.
What you give out, often comes back to you.

Going to a ball reminds you that you need to enjoy yourself and that celebration is likely to be on the cards, you will have a ball!

A dancing ballerina symbolises gracefulness and spiritual balance. They have worked exceptionally hard to master their craft and perhaps you can learn from that.

Balloons can signify your hopes and dreams rising to the heavens, if you lose sight of the balloons in your dream it is because you have lost sight of the dreams and hopes that you once cherished. Balloons also link with celebrations and happy times, so enjoy them while they are around. Translate the colours of the balloons to help with the symbolism.
A balloon bursting can symbolise how your hopes and dreams can be extinguished quickly and without warning. Going Bust!

Riding in a hot air balloon is a way for you to rise above your current problems and see them for how small they really are, but if there is a problem with the air balloon in your dream then you fear crashing back down to earth even when you do manage to escape from your problems. This comes from the feeling that if you don’t worry about something then you won’t be prepared, so you constantly worry just in case.

A Ballroom is a place of creativity where people can show off their artistic talents and share the results of their hard work and labours. This place could be used as a symbol to show you that what you create with your talents should be showcased and shared. It doesn’t matter what your talents are, the point is to get out there and be noticed.

Ballroom dancing can have sexual connotations because dancing closely with a partner can be symbolic for a close physical relationship with them. You are in sequence with that person and you complement each other in an effective way. Unless the dance is haphazard then I would suggest that you practice some more. 

Express yourself!

Bandages can help you to acknowledge that you are trying to heal wounds. You cover them up to protect yourself from further hurt or to hide your hurt from other people.
Covering up how you feel underneath the surface.
Healing needs to take place.
Time is the greatest healer.

A bank is typical for a place that we go to get something that we need; this could be money but could equally be a store of something else like motivation or self-satisfaction. A bank could also translate spiritual richness and the good things that you have ‘banked’ by the good deeds that you have done.
Karmic balance.
A reserve of energy.

A hefty bank balance can symbolise an improvement to your finances, but it can also be relating to your own spiritual worth. The reverse is true if you dream that you have nothing in the bank, as being bankrupt is a way for you to accept that care must be given to your own spiritual awareness.
You have nothing if you don’t have love.
Being bankrupt can also symbolise being physically exhausted or mentally drained. 

Have you nothing left to give?

The cleansing away of old ways of thinking and doing, fresh new ideas are required for your progression. Baptism clears away previously held ideas and sins, it introduces a new way of life. Meet with your spiritual side and learn about who you really are.

Maybe there is a need to socialise and connect with other people, or at least put yourself out there with other people in a sociable way. A bar is a place that we go to get something that we need, usually company and social contact. Incidentally in dreams drinking is used to represent how we fulfil our basic needs, a thirst that isn’t quenched acknowledges the fact that you cannot find basic contentment with the things you have available to you now. 

A thirst for fun and social contact.

To help you translate this type of dream you will need to translate what is bare, bareness represents the feeling of vulnerability and exposure that is experienced throughout life. This type of dream needs you to examine the defence systems you have in place which protects you from being hurt by external negativity in its many forms. 

Feeling exposed.

(Bare above/Feet)
This symbol will occasionally represent poverty but is also used as a symbol to express spirituality and being humble. The shoes you wear in a dream are a symbol of how easily and comfortably you can move forward on the path that you have chosen. Therefore, to be without shoes explains that you are vulnerable and less protected from the harsh ground you may have to tread.

To hear dogs barking in your dream is a way for you to understand that you are being given a warning, dogs are protective and will tell you when someone is around, this might happen so that you are on your guard against people who intrude into your life. Dogs are occasionally used in dream language to represent a spiritual guide.


In dreams, a basement will hold all the things that go on underneath the surface or the things that you do not wish to share with the rest of the world. A basement is part of a larger structure and this reminds you that what is going on underneath the surface is part of the reason that your life is structured the way it is, in other words, the issues that you keep hidden from the outside world give rise to the patterns that your life seems to follow now. What is in or going on in the basement will help you to understand what is really going on underneath the surface of your own facade, (or someone else) it is usually where we store our junk or the stuff we do not wish to deal with. Because the basement is the lowest part of a building this explains how it is the junk that we store away that makes us feel low or depressed.

(Bag above)
It depends if the basket if full, overloaded or empty for a clearer translation. A bag or basket can symbolise the resources that you have available to you or the baggage that you carry around which has become a burden. Look at what the basket contains to help you understand the meaning further, but if you don't know, then you are unaware of how to utilise your own assets.
A full basket will symbolise abundance and an empty basket the emptiness that comes from feeling alone. 

A basket case is known as a nutty person.

A winged bat could symbolise someone or something that sucks you dry emotionally, or drains you of vital energy in another way.
A sports bat and ball of any type is used to help you understand the energy available to achieve the things that you want to do, dreams where you are hitting a ball with a bat usually need you to understand how far your energy can take you.


Washing away problems and clearing away the negativity that builds up around you. A fresh approach is needed in matters that are concerning you but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.
Cleansing old beliefs.


(Battle Dream)
To dream of a battle will represent any battle that you must fight, it could be a battle of the wills, you may have a battle to pick with somebody, or they have a battle to pick with you. This symbol usually means that you have a battle on your hands in one way or another. 

A battle against the odds.!

The beach is somewhere that we go to rejuvenate and refresh our inner self. It is a place where our emotions meet our earthly and more grounded self. Therefore, standing on a beach and looking out towards the sea is symbolic for assessing your own emotional standpoint, taking a time-out to consider the way forward with your emotional dealings. You might need a holiday away from your own feelings. The beach reminds you that in the long run hard rocks are ground down into tiny pieces, problems are like this too.


This symbol might link with prayer beads and counting your blessings and achievements.
Stringing beads together is a way to understand how you piece together the many different facets of a personality to create the whole person. This symbol has also been used to represent the many lives you have had and how they all string together to create the completed soul. The colours are important in this instance because they can represent the type of life that was lived on each occasion. 

Beads breaking apart or breaking off from the string could be a way of explaining that you have been trying to keep things together but ultimately you can't prevent things from falling apart. Clothes are often used for this type of symbolism but beads might be used as a representation of all the different things that come apart when they are held together by string or links, in other words, a break up might cause all the other links and ties to fall apart as well. 
A chain of events.


(Dream about a bed)
To dream of a bed can give you clues as to how you really feel about your love life, a bed is where you rest and share time with a partner. An empty bed symbolises an empty space in your heart or the feeling of loneliness. A sparsely covered bed can help you to acknowledge the fact that you feel that the cold is creeping into a relationship, this must be addressed to bring back the warmth. Whereas a broken bed helps you to understand when a personal relationship needs repair. A big plump bed will denote warmth, contentedness, and happiness in your personal relationship. 
Overall a bed will represent your private, personal space and how you share it with a partner. 
Find peace within yourself. 
Rest is needed!

Bells signify a time for action and a time to rest. They help you understand that it is time to begin or time to finish something. Bells are also used as warnings and to help you realise that something is wrong.

Clothes provide the facade that we show to others; we wear them to hide our true inner-self.  A belt might be considered as support or of reinforcement regards an idea that you have about yourself, for example, you might think that you lack confidence and situations have helped to back up this idea. Therefore, if you do up a belt in your dream then you have been letting your guard down and wish to protect yourself from further intrusion. To loosen a belt is to loosen up your opinions about yourself. To be hit with a belt will link with the pain you feel often inflicted by other people.
Tighten your belt and stop spending cash!
Belt up!
Help and support are needed!

(Books below)
To dream of a bible or any religious book helps you to connect spiritually with God or the highest source of energy available to you. You may be aware that you need spiritual advice or help while on life’s journey. Sometimes, when we do not know which way to turn our dreams point us in the right direction. The Bible brings you hope and understanding; you are not alone in this life even if you feel that you are. The lessons that we learn in life are what make us complete and an all-round spiritual being, no learning is ever wasted, and it is the overall experience that counts. Unconditional love and support are sent to help guide you on your way.
Spiritual Knowledge.

A bicycle offers an alternative way of getting along during the next phase of your journey through life. You need to put in a little extra effort to move forward, increase your motivation and drive to propel yourself in the direction you wish to take. A bicycle is a single passenger mode of travelling and requires you to use a separate set of instincts than driving a motor vehicle, this helps you understand that the next part of your journey needs to be done alone and requires you to be stronger and more organised than you have needed to be in the past. The next phase will also require that you find an inner peace so that you can ride smoothly over and through any obstacles that you meet on your way.

There is a certain amount of freedom and enjoyment that can be gained from using a bicycle as a means of transport, in the same way, that there are benefits to being single or working alone.

Travel dreams occur when we need to move forward with our life and the transport that we use in a dream represents the help we need to make that progress; a bicycle requires you to use your own energy. Transport also helps to explain how quickly you need to move things along and if you are moving too fast or not fast enough, a bike is an ideal symbol to explain this situation to you. Think about if you were going uphill or downhill or if the ride was smooth etc. Did you have the energy to move forward or did you find it hard work doing it all by yourself?

(Baby above/Body below)

(Dreaming during Pregnancy)
In dream language, a birth will symbolise new beginnings and the potential for growth for the things that you have created. Sometimes a woman dreams of giving birth when the time has arrived for her to deliver what she has been working on. Any complications that you experience in your dream birth will represent obstacles in the way of your success. For example, a baby that is too big for delivery will tell you that you have taken on too much for it to go smoothly. Your project might create more work than you are able to cope with.

To dream of giving birth to twins can symbolise a project that will require help and support from other people, or perhaps you have two projects on the go at once and will need to juggle the two so that both get an equal chance of success. Seeing a smaller more vulnerable twin will mean that you will struggle to give both projects an equal amount of energy and time.

Giving birth to something strange, i.e. something that isn’t a baby is a way to understand that you haven’t got a clue what you are doing, you are putting your energy and time into something that has no possibility of growing if you don't get more knowledgable about the subject. If you give birth to a monster or to a composite ‘being’ then you are being shown how you can create a monster by your own actions, and then must deal with the consequences of that. To dream that a baby dies during the birth helps you to understand that the time isn’t right for you to do the things you want to do, your dream has died for the moment but there is always the possibility of bringing that dream into reality again in the future.

If you dream that it is your birthday this will symbolise a milestone that you have reached in your life. It is a time to reflect upon all the work that you have put into being successful and celebrate how far you have come to reach the present stage in your life. 

Your special day!

To dream that you are bitten in a dream can show how you are open to getting hurt by the words of other people. It can also be a play on words in that you have bitten off more than you can chew. If you are bitten by insects or animals, it can represent how you are being aggravated by people or circumstances that are around you now. When animals bite us in a dream it usually helps us to acknowledge how we can be troubled by another person’s hurtful nature and their spiteful remarks. Being bitten by an animal that wouldn't normally bite helps you understand when someone is pushed to their limits and bites back. 

A snake bite symbolises the beginning of a time of learning, you must go through a certain amount of pain before you can gain anything of value, the snake often represents the cycle of life and of learning from experience. Snake bites can also be a warning of being hurt by a sneaky person. 
Bitten off more than you can chew? 
Someone has left their mark on you.

Black Figures
(Black Figures Dream)
Black figures usually represent anything negative, perhaps you are not fully aware where the negativity is coming from or who it might represent, there is also the possibility that it is collective negativity or a variety of different aspects, even from yourself. Negativity collects from many different sources and the black figure can be used as a representation of that, they are often cloaked as well which gives credibility to the fact that this creation is cloaked and therefore its true identity is hidden from you. What the Black figure is doing in the dream should be considered, most likely it is frightening you in some way or another and this is viewed as a fear dream. In conclusion, the black figure represents all the things that you fear, self-created or otherwise. The real fear is dealing with what created all the different aspects of negativity and finding a cure.

Blankets are used to get or give warmth and protection from the elements. (Outside circumstances) Consider if the blanket is fit for purpose and look at things like colours and materials. Where do you normally get your security from? because it's likely the blanket will symbolise that source.

A security blanket?

(Eyes in Body below)
(Blindness in Nightmares)
Blindness is an obstacle dream showing you how you need to open your eyes and see the true picture. Perhaps you do not have all the information that you need to see the next step forward. Blindness can also show spiritual ignorance and the need to widen your horizons and knowledge towards spiritual growth. Blindness can also explain how you are sometimes blind to someone's faults. 

If you can't open your eyes in a dream its because you are refusing to see the truth of a matter, think about what stands in the way of you being able to move forward.
Being lost!

Boa Constrictor
This tropical snake will symbolise a person or situation that becomes overbearing, suffocating the dreamer.
A hot-headed person with a cold heart.

Boa (Feather)
A feather Boa informs the dreamer that they should let themselves go and relax the strict routine that dominates life. The feminine charm.


In dream language, boats link with our emotions and represent the way we get over them or ride the waves that come along for us to deal with. The boat itself provides a symbol for the balancing mechanism that we need to stay afloat when we are on an emotional journey. Think about how well equipped you are when dealing with your emotions, do you need to make changes or reinforcements? 
The journey you make in a boat represents how well you deal with the current emotional phase and the boat itself represents resilience and buoyancy. 
A boat can also symbolise the shared emotional journey especially if other people are in your dream boat; you are all in the same boat! The type of boat you are in can help with the overall meaning. If it is a rowboat then you must try and understand your own emotions and guide them in a forward direction, rather than letting them carry you along aimlessly. If the boat has an engine, then you tend to ignore your emotional attachments and power on-wards regardless of the ripples that you cause for other people to deal with.


The way in which our bodies function in our dreams can help us to acknowledge how we feel about ourselves in relation to how our life is turning out. The physical body can be overwhelmed by the daily grind of life and this often manifests in our dreams as obstacles that we need to overcome. Body parts can be used as symbols because they help to get a message across. For example, a dream where one’s legs are stuck in hard cement will happen because there is a feeling of not being able to move forward, the dreamer can identify the cement as providing a symbol for the obstacle that you are dealing with, but you must also interpret legs for a complete translation. When the inner feeling has been acknowledged the dreamer can start to identify ways in which to free themselves from the cement and work towards freedom. Body parts can help towards a more informed symbolism and are useful in explaining how you 'feel' especially when you find it hard to put it into words. 

The abdomen is seen as the source of your energy stores, the solar plexus is where energy is filtered and delivered to where it is needed. If there is something wrong with your abdomen, then the dream is reacting to changes in your energy availability.

Something in the tummy would suggest there is an issue that you are keeping to yourself and it will cause an imbalance or upset if you don’t deal with it. If there is a baby growing in your tummy then you are nurturing something that has the potential for growth, but only if it is nurtured and cared for. Your prospects will start off small but then grow and mature if they are given enough attention. (Pregnancy can be shown in this way)

Our arms can represent our personal strength and power, they are also used to show passion or welcoming. 

Being armed is to be prepared.
To give your right arm for something?

A backbone also represents your strengths and weaknesses, it keeps you upright and provides the help you can give to other people or the support you need for yourself.
Have some backbone!

Blood is our internal life force therefore if you lose blood in a dream it can symbolise losing vital energy when there is a need to preserve it. Blood can symbolise the hurt and afflictions that we have had to endure and how they can drain us and make us feel below par. Blood can also be used in dreams to help you understand the need to put blood and guts into a project to ensure it can survive.

(Backbone above/Skeleton)
Bones provide a symbol for our support system; our skeleton keeps us upright and moving as we should be and therefore may symbolise your ability to stay upright when times are difficult. Any problems with your bones in a dream will highlight your own weaknesses and your ability to keep going under intense pressure. Broken bones remind you that wounds will heal given time. 
Bones can represent the past and how it sculpts the present day.
Bones of contention.
Break from the past.

Picking at the bones of a problem?

Breasts symbolise nurture or the need to care for others in order to help their progression. 

Someone wants mothering?

The expelling of the things that we do not need anymore. But if it is someone else’s excrement you must deal with in a dream then it is their negative behaviour that affects you.
Getting rid of negativity.
Getting rid of waste.
Clearing up another person’s crap?

Constantly dealing with crap?

(Blindness above)
(Blindness in Nightmares)
In dream language, windows are sometimes used as a substitute for your eyes and for your seeing abilities, not in the physical sense but more in the way that you see things logically. Windows are used because it is easier to translate sublime messages this way; broken windows, for example, explain how you are not seeing the reality of a situation or that your way of thinking is broken or obscured by other people and their beliefs. These types of dreams are more about your outlook and the way you feel about the world around you. There are many sayings that link with our eyes and you should consider if any are appropriate for the type of dream you have had.
An eye for an eye.
To catch someone’s eye.
See eye to eye.
Have a keen eye for something.
In the public eye.

This image is used to demonstrate the face that we show to other people or the face they show to us. When we look at someone’s face we do not always see what is going on behind the mask. Dream images connected to the face can give you an insight as to what is really going on. If your face is distorted in some way in the dream, then you have a distorted view of yourself. Disfigurements in dreams symbolise a disfigured idea of what we look like, our insecurities etc.
Face your problems head-on.
Face your fears.
Face facts.
Face the truth.

(Barefoot above/Shoes)
Our feet link with our stability and ability to get along on our own merit. The feet are also used in journey dreams to represent personal progress, the type of shoes you wear in a dream highlight the comfort and ease in which you move forward at your own pace.

Put your best foot forward.

Baldness above/Brush below)
The symbol of hair can be interpreted in a few separate ways in dream translation and it is for you to decide on the appropriate meaning. Feelings about your looks are often portrayed by your hair and losing your hair in a dream can highlight your insecurities and fears about your own attractiveness. 

Hair is viewed as a symbol of vitality and strength and baldness is used as a symbol of wisdom. Having long or thick beautiful hair in a dream is a way for you to recognise your own self-confidence, power and worth, these things can grow over time. 

Combing your hair can symbolise untangling a mental dilemma or getting your thoughts in order, but you could also be straightening out your affairs or anything that needs bringing back to order.

Cutting your hair can symbolise making cut-backs which will help to bring order and reestablish a refined approach to finances or financial stresses.

Cutting or shaving all your hair off in a dream is a way to show your disapproval or anger at a situation or person who has wronged you or treated you unfairly, it is done as a protest. 

If there are insects in your hair in a dream then most likely they will represent the minor aggravations that you have to deal with mentally, those small but annoying problems that are difficult to eradicate. 

Washing your hair is a way to get rid of the negativity that builds up in your mind. Tying your hair up is linked with getting on with things and being ready for action.
Mentally de-stress.
Let your hair down.

Hands represent your ability to 'create' and therefore symbolise what you can achieve using the natural attributes that you possess. 

Washing your hands symbolises the washing away of negativity that prevents you from using your talents. You could also be washing your hands of somebody or of a situation that you can do nothing more to help.
The right hand is the giver and the left hand is the receiver.
To shake hands is to forgive.
Lend a hand.

Shake on a deal?
Don't let the left hand know what the right hand is doing?

The thinking and logical part of us.
Use your head.
Intelligence and problem-solving.
To lose your head is to throw all caution to the wind.

The heart has obvious connotations of compassion, understanding and love so to dream of the heart in any way will often link with these things. Any problems with the heart in your dream brings your attention to problems relating to the heart and its capabilities to love and be loved, wounds and afflictions that have caused hurt and damage either past or present which now need to be acknowledged and dealt with. 

The heart of a problem.

The kidneys are used occasionally in dreams to show a filtering system, for example filtering the negative from the positive and therefore cleansing. Sometimes kidney dreams are literal and highlight a problem with the waterworks.

Cleanse yourself.

The means at your disposal of getting along or making progress. Any problems with your legs represent obstacles regards your ability to move forward with your plans. 

Do the leg work?

In dreams, your lips will link with personal fulfilment and expressing the sensual side of yourself towards others. Wearing lipstick is a way of having your sensual side noticed.

The lungs are another symbol used in dream language to help you understand the process of cleansing and of getting rid of negativity. Breathe in the good and exhale the bad, you will have a clearer understanding of what’s going on when you take time to contemplate. 

Any problems with your breathing in a dream simply imply that there are difficulties with taking in positive energy and letting the negative things go. The lungs can also be used to express the feeling of suffocation either by your circumstance or being trapped by responsibility. You do not feel that you have freedom or your own breathing space.

(Teeth below) 

(Common dreams losing teeth)
If you have problems with talking in your dream it helps you to acknowledge that you are not communicating the things you want to say in the right way, other people do not really understand you. We also use our mouth for eating and this links with how fulfilled we feel. Any dream symbol that involves the mouth will be linked to communication and self-fulfilment.

Being strangled is to have your voice suppressed or your vital energy cut off, perhaps being overcome by someone else's personality. A broken neck means you cant keep your head up straight, therefore, you need to look at why you can't hold your head up high, this will link with self-esteem. 

Keep your head on your shoulders and be savvy.

Poking your nose in or using your intuition to sniff out what is going on around you, you might need to find the cause of a problem or acknowledge current ideas to help you make progress. A nose can also be used as a symbol for the things that you ‘know’.
A nose for business.

In Native American culture to take a scalp means quite simply to overcome your opposition. The scalp connects with the mind and any problems with the scalp can show how you are being affected mentally by outside circumstances. 

An itchy scalp is used to represent things that get on your nerves.

Sexual dreams often highlight our needs, wants and desires. If you are having sex with someone who you know, who you wouldn't in the waking state it is because in dreams we can try out different partners to see if they have some qualities that we desire. If you do not know the person at all it is because you do not understand what you require from a relationship or from the type of person that you think you need to be with. 

Sex dreams are more prominent when there are things that you need to understand about relationships, love and their connections to sex. These dreams are also experienced more often when there is a lacking of sex and of sharing yourself with another person.

Our own perception of sex can be challenged through our dreams and any hang-ups or unreasonable ideas can be worked through safely while in the dream environment. Sometimes sex and love dreams persist and recur because an expression of love is unable to be made in the waking life.

The skin provides a shield and defence against the outside world, but it is also our receptor for being touched; allowing others to touch us signifies that we allow them into our personal space. Hard skin symbolises the way we have been hardened by circumstances, and rough skin can symbolise feeling rough. 

Problems are only skin deep.

(Common Dreams/Teeth)
Making life changes and transitions.
Loss and fear.
Poor communication.
Lack of nourishment and fulfilment.
Decay and growth.

If something gets stuck in your throat in a dream, then perhaps you have information that you cannot give out; you feel gagged or suppressed. 

Choking symbolises a blockage in communication, you cannot 'live' with something that is bothering you.

If your tongue is too big for your mouth, then you can be tactless with words or you are not speaking up when you should. Use it or curb it, whichever is more appropriate.

The womb usually represents a woman’s ability to give and sustain life, looking after and nurturing the best in others as well as herself. A responsibility that requires care and attention from the dreamer.

The mother!


(Lightning Bolts)
In dreams any type of nuts and bolts can be used to symbolise security and of keeping things together. Loose nuts and bolts warn you about the risk of things falling apart. It depends on what the bolts are being used for in your dream to gain a clearer interpretation. The nuts and bolts of a problem could be assessed by the symbols you see in your dream.

Bombs symbolise an explosive situation or disruption to your plans; these types of situations are generally brought about by outside circumstances or other people. 

Do you need to put a bomb under someone to get them moving?
Dangerous information?

(Bible above/Computer/Library/Reading)
There is information available to you that can help you make progress in areas of your life where you feel stuck. Books help us learn, they teach us things that we need or want to know, they transcend time and offer knowledge from previous experience. Bibles or holy books refer more to your spiritual outlook and learning, the message might be to consider all the information that is ‘out there’ and if it could help your own understanding of spiritual matters. 

If there are lots of books in your dream then its a way for you to understand how much information is out there, or how other people's experiences could help you to understand your own.  
A wealth of knowledge!
Spiritual direction.
Learning from experience.
Information that you need.

There are many meanings of bottles in dreams depending on the type of bottles seen. Baby bottles link with the nurturing side of people and the need to look after something for it to grow and develop. 

Bottles of alcohol can link to dependency and the need to consider or acknowledge the amount of alcohol you drink. Alcohol can also be used to show a time to let your hair down and a need to enjoy the social aspects of life occasionally so decide which sort of translation is appropriate for you or somebody around you. Bottles, jars, and alcohol are used to ‘preserve’ so you should consider what you are trying to preserve it could be your energy, your health or your integrity.

Something could be hidden from you, or at least it has been put away until you can deal with it. If you see what is inside the box, then translate that as well. 

Boxed in?

A gift box symbolises a gift you are given, not always of monetary value but of some other value to you, like a spiritual gift. This type of dream can also be used to represent the now or the present.
Appreciate and value what you do have.
You are gifted so don’t hide it.

A bracket of any kind is used to symbolise a support system that holds you up when you are under pressure, but if the bracket is broken or not doing the job it was designed for then this dream is reminding you that there are issues with your usual form of support. Translate what the bracket is being used for in your dream to get further information.

Bread can provide a symbol for money which you might need to feel content. It explains how the raw ingredients you have available to you can be mixed together to create something else of more significance and value or simply provide you with the money you need. 

Hot bread or buns tell you that something is now ready or has become fruitful, but stale bread tells you that something has lost its value or become stale, this could be your own enthusiasm, or a relationship has become stale.

(Buildings below/Cement/Walls)

Bricks symbolise the building blocks that you have available to you which can potentially build something of value and eventually provide security. Bricks create structures that ensure future success for whatever it is you are trying to build, home and relationships or financial security. Your investments must have a well thought-out and secure base to start from and then each brick you lay down will all fit together to create something of strength and longevity.

If bricks are loose or broken in your dream then this is prompting you to make repairs wherever they are needed, so that problems do not eventually affect the way your life is structured. It might be a relationship that needs repairing to uphold the structure or layout of your life. 

Bricks can also symbolise anything that is built up over time, hard feelings and thoughts for example so consider how the bricks are being used in your dream to get a clearer idea of the translation. If they are not being used to build and they are being used in a negative way like being thrown or used as a weapon, then the symbolism will link more with how negative actions will eventually affect the way your life is structured.

You may be trying to unite two sides of your own personality or make different ideas blend in a way that will work.

(The Rope Bridge Dream) 

(Bridges and Tunnels)
A bridge is used as a symbol for connections over emotional phases; they help you move onward without having to be emotionally involved. Spiritually, bridges can represent the contact made with our spiritual selves and the need to get over obstacles that stand in the way of progression or enlightenment. They can also connect us with loved ones who have passed into the next phase of life.

Building or repairing bridges help you to understand how you need to repair relationships before you can move forward. Being under a bridge simply implies that you do not wish to make a transition or move forward and that you hide from the challenges that you are faced with. Being stuck on a bridge tells you a little more effort is needed on your part to go further and cross the bridge from one place in your life into another.
A rope bridge is typically used in dreams to represent the fragility or the strength of your own resolve. Consider how strong you feel when having to get over the obstacles that you are presented with.
A bridge links two phases of our life.
Support during transitions.
Bridge over troubled waters.


If something is broken in a dream then it brings your attention to the fact that something in your life needs repair, you will, of course, have to work out exactly what needs mending, but this dream merely wants you to think about if this is possible for you to do. Sometimes we are shown that something is broken beyond repair; this is so that we can accept this and move forward in another direction. 

Breakages in a dream could symbolise breakups or picking up the pieces left behind by broken bonds, you could be trying to reassemble the remnants of a damaged relationship. Cracks help us to understand how cracks can appear in relationships and if left unchecked will continue until there is complete ruin.


(Tidying up Dream)
A broom represents the tools that you have at hand to clear away negativity when you are presented with it in its many forms; these tools are skills that you have developed over time to deal with hurt or hindrances that are in your way. Dust, for example, symbolise remnants from the past, so you are attempting to use the skills you have acquired to clear your space of all the negative things that have built up over time. 

A clean sweep.

Bruises can symbolise small hurts that are caused by other people’s actions or words. 
A bruised ego.

It doesn’t really matter what you are brushing or combing in a dream you are basically trying to unravel a situation or untangle your own thoughts and feelings. If you are brushing your hair, then perhaps you are mentally attempting to work out a solution for an ongoing problem that you have in your life. You are untangling what has happened so that you feel at your best and can carry on.

To be brushing an animal is to try and untangle somebody’s nature or personality, you are trying to understand them or help them understand themselves, and it could be that their own nature or personality has put them in their current situation. 

Knots are viewed as problems that need to be undone, but when things cant be undone the dream scenario will help you to understand your ability to sort things out in your own head and bring things back into order.
Unpick problems one by one.
Knots of contention.

There is a lot of different symbolism available from buildings in dream language; they can help you to understand the strength of the things that you are trying to build around you. Buildings can help to explain how your life is structured and the support network that you have in place. Buildings have also been used in dreams to explain the past and your connections to specific times of importance or how your life was structured then, in comparison to now.

Buildings require care and attention to stay upright and protected from the elements and this will symbolise your own defence system or ability to be unaffected by outside interference. Overall, buildings will symbolise the structure of your life and help you to incorporate current ideas so that you can upkeep and support your own future.

Different types of Buildings
Your home is your castle and it needs to be at the forefront of your motivation for success. It represents your resilience and how well you protect yourself and your loved ones from negativity or attack. You should take note of the condition of the castle in your dream and its ability to withstand battle should it commence. The walls of a castle are built to defend from intruders, to protect the inhabitants from the outside world or from real life and what it throws at you.

Places of worship symbolise the spiritual journey that you are on and how this combines with your home-life. There is a need to start recognising that you should develop your spiritual self which is equally important as concentrating on the materialistic side of your life. 

To seek the divine or the higher power you would visit a place of worship and gain help when all else has failed. A sanctuary for solace and prayer and a place to begin a spiritual journey. 
Your body and mind are a temple.

When you dream of your own house the dream is referring to your own personal environment and the way it is structured at any given moment in time. (Past present or future) 

Dreams can bring information to your mind that you haven’t considered and when you are taken to a house that you used to live in it's because there was something there that you need to remember now. It might be the feeling associated with that time and place, like security, people anything which you might need you to compare to how things are structured now. Visiting a property from the past also happens because you feel as though you have left something of yourself there, it might be happy or sad memories which changed your life and forced you to grow up. You will also visit a childhood home in a dream because you need to find the child within you once again; it was a time when you were not bogged down in responsibility. Perhaps you wish to recapture a sense of freedom which your childhood contained. 

The state of the house is important and helps you to process and recognise your current situation. A messy house, for example, is a straightforward way for you to understand that you need to clear up chaotic situations that become a burden to the setup and layout of your life. Houses are often used in dreams to show us obstacles that can affect our home life, the doors are too narrow, or the windows won't open; this is so that you realise there are certain restrictions for you to negotiate before you can become content with your lot. Making changes to your set up will make life easier for you. 

An empty house can represent the emptiness you feel inside, the loneliness or a lack of physical comfort. The rooms in the house can symbolise the different sections of your life and how they all fit together. You might notice that there are obstacles between one section of your life and another, perhaps your work life does not merge very well with your home life, or you are struggling to help personalities get on at home.

Living room
How you live now and where you are supposed to relax. Problems with this room in your dream relate to your everyday life.

The relationship room, rest, sleep and your personal space and who you choose to share it with.

he kitchen is viewed as the workroom and can be used to symbolise the work that you do for others and what you create in the way of fulfilment, and if or not you can keep up with the demands of family life. It is here that you clean away the negativity that builds up and where you cater everyone's needs. Are yours neglected? The kitchen symbolises the way families work together and the energy you all contribute creating order. 

This room links with the emotions and getting rid of negativity. Flushing the toilet symbolises getting rid of waste and negativity. This type of symbol could also highlight problems with your physical plumbing, your kidneys etc.

Floors can sometimes symbolise when you are floored by something or get knocked down by life, floor coverings like carpet, lino, or hardwood floors help to give an example of what is available to cushion your fall. The condition of the floor often contributes to this type of symbolism, a carpet that is threadbare might give the added meaning of feeling worn out or worn down.
Being floored by something?

The walls in your house are built to protect you from the outside world and the condition of them in your dream can help to explain how well you are protected from the environment created by other people, and how secure you feel within that environment.

Other types of walls simply represent barriers or obstacles to overcome, the condition of the wall might give you some clues as to how easily you will break down or overcome the barriers that you face.

A wall that is crumbling or broken reminds you that defenses can be broken down; time itself wears down stubborn barriers. It may, of course, be your own defenses that are wearing thin.

Windows and Doors
(Windows in W)
(Doors in D)
Windows also create a barrier to the outside world and are sometimes used in dream language as a symbol for what you can see from your own perspective. You do not have a complete and clear view of what is going on in the outside world, perhaps you fear to leave the safety of your private and protected cocoon.

Dirty or broken windows help to explain how your view is obscured by the passing of time; you are not seeing things clearly because the distance of time has become a barrier to your clear thinking.

Doors also create a barrier and can be viewed as an obstacle, particularly so if there is something preventing you from opening or closing a door in your dream. If the door is open then you are being shown a way-out of a current situation, you are being reminded that the door is always open for change to begin. If, however, you cannot close a door it will represent the fact that you find it impossible to close the door on someone who you feel ‘needs you’. Or perhaps you find it difficult to close the door on the past and move forward. 

Doors help you to understand how the different sections of your life integrate, how you manage to combine your work life, love life and family life. Interactions between all these things can be described using the door scenario.
Locking windows or doors is done to keep intruders at bay; you are protecting yourself from negative people and their actions or perhaps you wish to be alone and are locking life itself outside.

The condition of the house
Problems with the house in your dream can help you to acknowledge problems that you are currently experiencing; mending, redecorating or cleaning brings your attention to the fact that you need to spring clean your life, get rid of old and outdated ideas or anything that has a negative impact on you and your home life.
A house that looks beautiful and is full of wonderful things reassures you that times will change, and you are heading for a more comfortable and secure time at home. You have created a warm and welcoming place for people and your payment is a place in their heart.


A bulldozer is used as a symbol for any situation or person who pushes their way into your life to cause destruction or upheaval. Bulldozers are also used to remove obstacles that stand in your way, I would say that you are well equipped to deal with people who cause destruction in your life and you will be able to start building something stronger when the dust has settled.

A burglar dream is trying to warn you to be careful with people who can take something from you, what they are taking in the dream may need translating as well, but they could be taking your energy, time or money.
An energy thief.

This dream isn't an omen of death but more about letting go of the past and of buried feelings. Letting something go that has died or ceased to be valid anymore.
Trying to bury or hide problems!
Saying goodbye to a certain time of life!
Feeling buried in problems!

Heat are fire are used as symbols of passion and anger, or any inflamed emotional reaction, therefore to get burnt in a dream can help you to understand the extent of hurt caused by other people’s anger or misguided passions. The extent of the burn will represent the extent of hurt and pain caused.

To see buildings burn is to watch the destruction of the structure or set up of your current situation, changes will happen quickly, but they will make way for the foundations of a new more secure future.
Fire can symbolise being consumed by your own fear.
To put a fire out is to quash and dilute overheated feelings.
If you play with fire you will get burnt!

Buttons can symbolise the many different notions and ideas that you have.
Button it!
Make connections!

Lack of Money!