Saturday, 30 January 2016

A dream about relationships and where they are heading


I was in an old house where I didn't recognise where I was, I was trying to find my PE Kit for school, which is weird as I haven’t been to school for 9 years. 

This bit is about the past because it’s an old house you were in, you have moved on from the past so you don’t recognise it anymore, but because you are trying to find your PE kit the dream it is saying that you feel like you have left something important in your childhood, perhaps you have left the fun and active side of yourself there. Now you are an adult it’s all seriousness and maturity which means you are missing out on fun and activity which will keep you mentally/physically fit and help you to be more relaxed about life. When we are children we just get on with life and it’s all about having fun and doing the stuff we want but as we get older we lose that relaxed part of our self. Searching for your PE kit is literally you trying to find that part of yourself again. 

Then I started dreaming of two convertible cars in white, I was with my sister who is younger than me and her two children. My sister was driving and I was really shouting at my sister saying “put out that cigarette”. 

Cars are used as a symbol for the support we have to move us forward in the direction we want or need to go. (Through life’s winding roads) The type and condition of the cars in our dream refer to the strength of the support we have and how that support is likely to help us get where we are heading. In other words, cars just represent the people around us who support us and help move us forward, they also help us to think about the life-journey we are on at the same time. Cars also stand to explain different situations to us, for example, a car going to fast is a way of explaining how we are moving too fast through our undertakings and opportunities will, therefore, be missed or rushing things will just lead to disaster. 

Convertible cars symbolise a support system that is adaptable and transformable which can only be a good thing, the colour can give you further clues and white is always a nice pure positive colour. I would say that you and your sister are very close and you do not have any negativity in your relationship if you did it would upset you greatly. The relationship has always been adaptable and bending, meaning that you are open to bending a little or meeting in the middle in order to make your relationship work, rather than have a falling-out you will agree to differ rather than not talk to each other. When you are telling her not to smoke the cigarette in the car with the children you are basically saying that you will tell her off if she needs it or if you feel she needs good advice. This won’t damage your relationship because she would also tell you what you needed to hear. You care about her children as if they are your own and therefore this gives you the right to tell her how you feel about things. That’s what close families do. 

Then we bumped into my sister’s boyfriend who was in the same type of car and he had two child’s seats in the back, and I was telling him to take the children off my sister and he did. We followed him down this long road in a misty haze, there were dead trees and flowers around. That’s all I remember about that part of the dream and then I woke up. 

Your brother-in-law driving the same car as you might be a way of explaining how he seems to be of like mind and on a similar journey to you all, he seems family orientated, but the road he leads you down is misty and hazy and there are dead flowers and trees. Therefore it seems as though where he is heading will cause things to die off, flowers blooming symbolise relationships blooming so when they die it can symbolise how relationships die off. Dead trees give a similar translation, dead wood will not grow and flourish as you know. It seems like the road he has chosen could eventually lead to the demise of his relationship with your sister and ultimately you and your family. Because it is misty and hazy the outcome is not set in stone because he might change his ways or they might work hard to work their relationship through. In other words, the future is hazy and cannot, therefore, be easily predicted for sure.

You, however, will be more concerned about how any chosen routes by the couple will affect their children because they are the ones who you see will get hurt if there is a break down I marriage. 

I finally went back to sleep and I dreamed about this big mountain on a cloud or something like this, it was very close to the sky, it was white with mist and fog in different places and when I looked at the sky it was really blue and I could see a lot of stars, thunder and the moon which was very bright.

The big mountain will represent the ‘mountain to get over’, it could be a mountain of anything, like issues etc. it is basically symbolic for a large obstacle which needs to be negotiated, probably by your sister but because you are so close I see that you would always be by her side helping her overcome any obstacle she meets. The obstacle/issues might be to do with her relationship with her partner/husband. The mist and fog like I said symbolise the unknown outcomes of events and also the confusion that your sister feels about what to do. The sky is blue you notice and this is very true, perhaps your sister will need to be reminded that whatever the outcomes and choices are the clouds and storms will eventually pass and leave blue skies in her life once again. Time is a great healer and life will become sunny and warm again. You are the best person to remind her of this fact. 

The moon is the controller of emotions and it is our own emotions that allow us to see things clearly/hazily or see things as positive or negative. Storms pass and blue skies will return when the emotions allow. 

Then everyone in my dream was singing in a circle and the song was odd and out of time, it was a bit like a campfire song.

This will represent the family circle, the family sitting around the campfire is symbolic for how the family comes together to keep warm. This is what family’s do, stay together to keep warm, they might be out of tune with each other and be singing from a different song sheet but they stay together and support each other. This is how you envisage the family unit and hopefully, your sister and her partner will do too. 

Then my sister took the kids and had to run away and I followed them but it was like the mountain turned into a waterfall and we had no choice but to jump from where we were. 

Perhaps your sister wants to run away from her problems and you would follow her wherever she went, to help bring her back to sense. Whatever she goes through you go through too. The mountain obstacle turns into a waterfall, or in other words all the issues mounting up become too overwhelming and turn into emotional tears. 

Jumping down is scary especially when you don’t know how you are going to land or where. In other words, your sister doesn't know how she is going to land when but has to come back down to earth. She has to pull it together because she has children to care for. Jumping down is another way of saying you have to take a chance, just shut your eyes and jump and see where you land. 

When people have important decisions to make and don’t know which way to jump, this type of symbol is used. 

I was screaming and crying saying I couldn't do it. 

That’s because you don’t know the best thing to do either!

There were strangers watching me with big red eyes.

Other people who want to help but can’t!

Eventually, I jumped with someone who I think might have been my partner grabbing my leg for support. 

Your partner will be there to support you when you need it!

When I finally got to the bottom of the long fall, my younger sister and a few others were waiting for my other sister and one of her children to jump, but they weren't allowed to jump together for some reason. 

Falling can also symbolise being dropped or let go of, your support system has let you down, it’s obviously not your support system that fails it is your sisters (her partner)

Your sister and her daughter can’t jump together because ultimately they will go through their own emotions in different ways. They might not be able to share how they feel about everything with each other. But they will both feel let down in different ways. 

My sister finally let her daughter jump on to this gym mat and then everyone kept saying that Ruby was premature and people kept staring like it was all some game.

Your sister lets her daughter jump because she knows she can’t protect her from life and its emotions. She can try hard to cushion the blow but she can’t protect her from hurting. 

But it seemed to me like her daughter had died and didn't make the jump. When my sister jumped she was nowhere to be seen. 

You feel that some part of your sister's daughter will die off because of the hurt she is feeling, but believe me, she will become strong and get over it with time. You also feel that she is too young to have to go through tough things which is why people were saying she is premature, you see her as vulnerable and too young to be strong. She is strong though!

Your sister disappeared because she will need some time alone to make her own decisions in her own time. You will not be able to interfere with her choices. 

This dream was horrible and not connected to any of our current situations, I get on really well with my sister and she is a brilliant mum. I am like a second mum to my nieces and nephews. 

The situation this dream is referring to has not happened yet! 


Monday, 11 January 2016

Sky divers falling from the sky


Lasts night’s dream was absolutely mental, I was outside my church under a silver birch tree when suddenly hundreds of skydivers started landing. I was scared they'd land on me so I hid under the tree for a bit, then finally ran over towards my dad.

This part of the dream is telling you that this is a spiritual dream, I know this because of the church and the silver birch tree. Silver birch is a well know symbol of spiritual matters, the people falling from the sky are like messengers from the sky or messages from heaven if you like. You are hiding from it maybe, your spiritual side I mean, I don’t mean the part that goes to church and does what good God abiding people do, I mean the real spiritual person who understands what they are picking up in the way of messages from the spirit world. Perhaps you hide from it because it doesn't fit in with your religion or the ideas that you have about the afterlife. All I can tell you about this is that you can call it your natural instincts if you find that more comfortable to accept. But whatever you want to call it I guess you need to start trusting it.

Perhaps you see your dad as your 'go-to person' the person who has all the answers and the person who you go to for help when things are not easy for you. This dream is also trying to tell you not to hide from your problems or expect your dad to sort them for you, you have to tackle things head on and stop trying to hide from things that fall from the sky (things that happen out of the blue, the sky is blue after all) Just learn to trust your own judgment and instincts. If something doesn't add up or it doesn't feel right then it probably isn't. You might find things don’t go wrong so often if you listen to your own inner voice more. Just wondering but is your dad a good judge of character? Maybe you need to take a leaf out of his book.

As I looked around I saw a skydiver land awkwardly and break her knee. Then I was in a forest and there were crocodiles in the water. I watched as 2 children were leaning over a platform to feed them with my dog. Suddenly something fell from the sky and knocked the platform over. Knocking them into the water. I shouted at them to throw the rest of the food into the crocodiles and they did that allowing the children and my dog to swim to safety. But then it was me in the water and I was told it was an 8-hour swim to shore, but I swam it in like 2 minutes.

If you fall from an airplane the chances are you will eventually land badly and get hurt, so you are being told that you get hurt because you take chances on people, you never listen to that inner voice sending you warnings. You put your trust in people and go on exciting relationship journeys with them and then come smashing back down to earth when they can’t live up to the high expectations you have of them.

Being in a forest is symbolic for being in the thick of things, and makes you think about the saying “can’t see the wood for the trees”. When you are in the middle of dramas you can’t get a clear idea of the right way to go.

The children are innocent bystanders and you realise that they can get hurt from the fallout from the problems the adults around them have. Crocodiles are snappy and unpredictable so think about someone whose character that will fit with. I guess this part of the dream could represent someone’s snappy unpredictable nature affecting children in some way as well as yourself. The dog is used as a protective symbol and might be saying that you are trying to protect the children from this person.

Water always symbolises emotions so the children and yourself get dragged into an emotional situation. (I don’t know if these are your children or someone else’s)
Feeding the crocodiles is another way of saying that you are trying to calm someone down so they don’t lose it or get snappy. It’s a distraction method, like rather than watch someone lose their temper you have to keep them well fed and distracted.

We all survived but when I got out I was on my own and saw a woman being beaten. She was a slave and covered in scars. I then took a tour of a really big house and kept getting lost from my group and tour guides and ended up in rooms I wasn't supposed to be in. Before finally seeing the beaten slave girl again, but this time she was all dressed up. I then had a flashback to when she was naked and covered in scars and I thought "that was a really good movie" Then my dad woke me up.

You will all survive of course whatever comes your way. Which is why you are able to swim an 8-hour struggle through emotions in just two minutes. When you put your mind to something you are very good at coping, but you take a long time deciding to change things. When the decisions made you do very well.

The slave women are probably symbolic for a ‘slave to love’ like I said, having to keep the peace and watch that things don’t escalate, this can wear you thin and take all your energy. The scars are remnants of past hurts which are underneath the surface, being naked is a way to understand seeing everything out in the open, what’s going on underneath needs to be thought about so you don’t make the same mistakes over again.

The big house you are touring is representing all the different options you have available to you, the rooms are choices you can make or have made. The tour guide is simply your own spiritual guide showing you other options available to you. You don’t feel you are supposed to be in certain rooms and that is because you don’t feel like you deserve something better. But you really do. The slave girl can get dressed up and create a new person, or a new role to play. You can also do this, create a new you, one which is better and stronger and has learned from all those past hurts (scars) just like they do in the movies, create a new character and become that person. Be the type of character who takes no crap anymore. You are allowed to be happy and stop dealing with other people’s crap creations.


Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The relationship battlefield dream


There are two massive groups of ancient soldiers, about 10,000 in all, and arranged in ranks of two groups of 5,000. I find myself in the right hand block, front row in position No.2. I look to my left and see my ex-husband in position No.1 next to me, I look at him and he turns and disappears out of sight towards the back of the group and is never seen again.

Position No.1 is immediately filled with another man, (ancient soldier) who offers me 5 metal cards. I take two cards and see what they show, they give me the choice of fighting with a sword or spear.

Directly in front of the two groups are 4 very large ghost-like black figures, and it is as if they are made of black dust or smoke and they are extremely threatening to the two groups, it is like these large figures are threatening all the men and me myself, as if they were slaves and are being brought back into control after an unsuccessful rebellion.

Filling the whole sky is a pyramid with an eye looking and surveying all that is happening, there is absolutely no hiding place from the all Seeing Eye.

There are no further facts in the dream other than these I have described.

This dream is an expression of the feelings you have had in the past regards your relationships, you have the idea that relationships are some kind of battlefield, to be fought or wrestled with, like a battle of wills which two personalities often experience while trying hard to make a go of the relationship. 

Seeing your ex-husband backs up this idea and gives you a clue to what section of your life the dream contents are referring. Your ex-husband was in position number one on the battlefield and you were number 2 and perhaps you view men in general as always wanting to take up this position in your life, but as you know you are number 1 and must learn that it is ok to put yourself first, you don’t have to accept the opinion that men need to be number 1 or always put before yourself. Not all men expect to be number 1 in a relationship nowadays, good men see themselves as equal to their partners.

This dream is more about your own previous ideas and feelings and them being carried over into new relationships. You said yourself about the ancient soldiers and this helps you see that the old ways of thinking from both men and women are fast becoming outdated and ancient. Men have had to move forward from the old fashioned notions of “you do what I say because I’m the boss" type of thinking. The modern man has had to accept that women are equally as important as they are and even if there are still dinosaur men out there you will probably find them alone or with a woman of equally prehistoric thinking.  

The soldier in your dream is offering you the choice of fighting with a sword or a spear, in other words, the outcome is the same really no matter what you use to fight your feelings or relationships with it will still have the same outcome of being killed off unless you can find a balance with your own ideas and find a place that you are comfortable with, for example getting rid of the idea that men always have to come first and that you will always have to give up something in order to make the relationship work. I guess what I am saying is make sure that you don’t have to give up things that you don’t want to in order to make a relationship work, giving up your time is a prime example because often to make a relationship work we have to dedicate a lot of time and effort into it, therefore finding a balance that works for both parties can help a relationship work out in the long run.

The black figures represent the negative aspects of relationships or negative thoughts about them, i.e. losing part of oneself to become a pair, or being a slave to a relationship by having the thoughts that you do have to lose something of yourself in order to make a relationship work. I hope you’re getting the idea now.  You also mention control and this fits perfectly with what I am trying to say, it’s about who has the main control, you or the man. You are not a slave to man, you do not have to live to make a man happy or they you. Just try hard to find something that works for you both and do the best you can.

The pyramid and all Seeing Eye is a symbol of power and controlling the power you have, it’s about mind over matter and having the wisdom to change your own deep routed or nurtured ideas and notions in order to make things balanced. The all-seeing eye stands over us to let us know that we have to see the whole picture in order to understand things better.

The slaves being brought back after an unsuccessful rebellion is another way of expressing the need for balance and harmony and sometimes we have to go through battles in order to bring about peace. You cant leave the negative feelings buried because they will eventually rise again and create new battles for you to fight. The all-seeing eye is another way of getting that point over because it doesn't miss a trick and things that you think are best left alone or left buried will rise up again and insist you deal with them.