Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A dream about losing my fingernails


It starts of when I find myself in an enormous bed and I am laying on my side facing the wall.  Laying behind me is a muscular and very tall man with very long blonde hair, the length is to his waist and it is gathered or tied at the back of his head. He is like a Viking warrior. He is about 40+ and has distinct facial folds and is smiling. (We do not touch or talk to each other)
The man’s mother is walking back and forth at the end of the bed frantically and eventually she goes out the door. Then my fingernails break off, I gather them up in one hand but they fall back onto the bed clothes, I then gather them up again in one hand.
Then the alarm goes, I wake up and my first reaction is to open my hand to find it empty, and my fingernails are all OK.

Broken fingernails have been a part of my dreams a lot lately.

Let’s take a look at the symbolism to start us off and see where that takes us.

Beds relate to our peace and tranquillity, our comfort at the end of the day when our work is done, they also relate to our personal space, and where we spend time with our partner. An enormous bed is a symbol which helps you to understand that you have plenty of room in your life to share this part of yourself with someone else, sharing your personal space and being at peace with who you are. 
Facing the brick wall is another way of saying that “it’s like talking to a brick wall.” Perhaps someone is trying to help you feel comfortable with yourself but you are not really listening, after all, it’s how you feel about yourself that really matters. Walls are also symbolic for obstacles and what stands in your way, how hight the wall is and if you attempt to get over it can help you understand if the obstacle is impassable at the moment. 

The muscular tall man is a symbol of the male or men in general, his long blond hair and Viking warrior appeal to help you understand masculine vitality, but he is around 40 you notice, so perhaps the message is that sex appeal is in the eye of the beholder and that you should not confuse age with attraction, you are perhaps feeling as though you are losing your own power of attraction, losing your nails is a perfect way to portray this notion, losing your feminine charms or attractiveness. Actually, it is just life and its demands that is draining you of energy nothing much to do with age. 

Nails and hair symbolise our inner strength, they grow throughout our life and so are a renewable source, meaning that sometimes we don’t feel that we have the strength to deal with something but this isn't a long term thing, so your strength will return with some relaxation and rejuvenation, which beds also symbolise remember.
Gathering up your nails is you trying to gather up your strength and durability, you want to be everything to everyone but actually, this is leaving you feeling exhausted.

I have struggled to find the symbolism in the Viking warrior’s mother pacing up and down in your bedroom, I can say that the bedroom is no place for mothers to be, sometimes mothers add to our workload and looking after them as well as everyone else drains us emotionally and leaves us with no energy to be who we want to be in our own personal space if you know what I mean. At least she left.

The characters in your dream stand as a representation of the characters in your life, the partner full of energy and vitality regardless of his age, the mother figure impending on your personal space all leaving you feeling a bit drained. You are as hard as nails though and your energy will return as soon as you are a bit more upfront about needing ‘me time’. 


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