Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Dreams about teeth and spitting out plastic


I had a dream last night where my tooth at the bottom was really uncomfortable, it was sticking up from the rest of my teeth and annoying me. I kept trying to push it back down so it was more comfortable but it ended up coming out in my hand.

I was really upset by this and I knew I couldn't go to the dentist with it as I didn't have any money to pay them. So I got a mirror and tried and tried to push the tooth back into the gaping hole. No matter what I tried I could not get the tooth back into my gum.
Then a woman called me from over the back fence and she asked me how I was. I told her I liked the school that she worked in and wished that I worked there too. I then went back to trying to reinsert my tooth to no avail.

In your dream your current situation is uncomfortable for you and the only way to bring an end to this situation is to remove the tooth or take away the very thing that is causing you discomfort. This will leave a hole in your life and no matter how hard you try to put things back the way they were you will not be able to.

It seems like you are caught between a rock and a hard place and both scenarios cause a certain amount of stress.

Not having the money to pay the dentist is another way of defining your restrictions.
I have a feeling that all this will link with your work as in your dream you were interrupted by someone whose job and school you admired, you expressed the wish that you would like to work there. Which tells me it is in this area that you require change and fulfillment. You need change as you are not happy where you are, but are concerned that an alternative might not be any better. 

Is it better to put up with the discomfort you are feeling at the present time or let go of it altogether? 

Spitting out teeth and lots of plastic

I have had the losing teeth dream a few times in my life but in last night’s dream I was losing bits of my teeth, I think two came out in the end, but then I starting pulling out shards of plastic as well, the plastic pieces were quite big, I could feel them in my mouth and they just kept coming and coming, it seemed to go on for ages. In one part of the dream I was pulling out what looked like a strip of tickets or god knows what it was, something linked up anyway.

What on earth is this about? 

In your dream you lose two teeth so you are getting rid of or letting go of two different things that have been set in place for a fairly long time, this could be a relationship and a job for example or anything that has served its purpose in your life so far. When the rot has set in you have to let things go. 

The plastic shards will probably be symbolic for all the broken pieces you have carried around inside of you, being plastic can mean being fake or not being real and this will represent how you have had to fake it for so long that it has led to a breakup or dismantlement of certain structures around you. This dream is about getting rid of all those feelings and therefore getting rid of the reasons that you feel that way. It might take some time but slowly you will get it all out, remember that the mouth is our source of communication and therefore communication is key. Be truthful and stop pretending that all is ok and then you can begin to heal.   

The string of tickets might be symbolic for a string of events or the one thing leads to another scenario, in other words, one problem lead to another one etc. Keeping one problem inside meant you had to keep another one inside as well so on and so forth. Therefore if you pull out one problem you will pull them all out. Sounds like what counselors do, reach inside and pull out all the crap one after the other and the crap is all linked up.


Journey Dreams and Transport


If you make any kind of journey in your dream then the dream is usually showing you the next stage of your own journey through life, any obstacles that you come up against can be translated and help to forewarn you of the pitfalls that may obstruct your way forward. You may or may not know the destination in your dream, sometimes when we are unaware of an actual destination it is because we do not set ourselves goals and just go wherever life takes us. 
Journey dreams are a natural way for you to pre 'know' the next chapter of your life, if the journey in your dream is smooth and faultless you can think positively about your present encounters because it should be a smooth ride forward and in the right direction.
If the journey you make is full of obstacles and obstructions then the next phase will not be quite so straight forward, incidentally it is only when we are challenged that we make any real progress spiritually, this, unfortunately, is how progress works, all things in moderation brings real balance for the soul and accepting the difficult times are what help us appreciate the good times in our lives. 
When you dream of getting from one place to another easily it is usually because you have experienced that road before and therefore find it easy to negotiate any obstacles that you come across, flying over obstacles is a way to show you that you have previous experience dealing with that type of problem so you will fly through it this time. It is when we come across new types of problems and have no previous experience to draw from that we dream of struggling to make progress on our journey.
The way in which you travel in your dream can give you further information as to your progress in all different sections of your life and not just your spiritual progress, the mode of travel used can give you clues to the energy and power available for you to use, from your own stores and from the people around you that are willing to help.
Transport is used to transport you from one place to another and can be considered as a symbol for an external source of help, engines distribute energy and can represent your own energy or drive or the energy you get from other people. (Negativity drains your energy and positivity propels it.)
Transport meanings can be helpful with your translations as follows:

A plane needs the dreamer to have faith and take-off into the unknown, putting your trust in someone else to help you reach the heights you wish to reach, an airplane lifts us up and exhilarates us while taking us on long exciting journeys and this can symbolise a project taking off or you needing a goal to aim for, even if it seems so far out of reach. Much effort is needed to reach the heights and distance that you want to reach in your life but flight is possible for anyone who has the right attitude and motivation.
Any problems with the flight you take in a dream highlight the fact that there are obstacles that could get in the way of you reaching your overall destination or goal. Plane crashes are an easy way for you to understand how your dreams have come crashing down; you have lost faith in yourself or you have lost sight of your dreams. 

The type of boat will be important in your translation so see individual entries as well but boats help us on our passage through emotional journeys; the ride you take on a boat can give you clues about what you might expect from emotional attachments whilst on that journey.
Boats provide support from drowning in emotional feelings and so symbolise the overall support that is available to you from the people around you, but sometimes the support comes from unknown quarters of yourself.

Travelling with other people reminds you that you are not alone on your current journey and assistance will be there for you if you need it, but when we use transport that requires a fare to be paid it helps us to understand that we always end up paying for the things that we need in some other way. Karma likes to remain balanced and fair paying dreams help to bring this fact to your attention. Trying to make progress in one area can draw the energy from another and leave it depleted or if you give attention to one area of your life another area suffers neglect.

If you do not have the fare in your dream then you must consider that things are not balanced (It's not fare) or maybe you do not have the means to continue with the plans that you have made. If you have to get off the bus before the stop that you want, then you may need to continue the next part of your journey alone or without assistance because other people have their own journey to make and have chosen a different route.  This type of dream also happens when you do not have everything you need to continue on your chosen course, you are half way there but not quite.
The time isn't quite right for where you wanted to go.

The car can sometimes be used as a substitution for our body in dreams so the condition of the car should be noted because if there is something wrong with it the dream might be referring to how your body is running, sometimes we need an MOT the same way as our cars do. Petrol can symbolise our energy stores and an empty tank literally means you have run out of energy to move forward, the progress you want to make isn't equal to the time and energy you can give. Most people feel like they are running on empty at some time or another and this type of dream wants you to understand that there are times when you need to do nothing and enjoy some rest as it is equally important as making fast progress.
Tires can also depict how tired or deflated we feel, and a vehicle’s brakes will symbolise our stopping ability, being able to stop something, especially if it isn't good for us, addictions are sometimes brought up in a dream this way but so too is any situation that is out of control. The steering wheel dictates how we steer ourselves past obstacles or control the direction our lives are taking and it also links with our ability to control situations, people or events. 
Not having the correct paperwork to drive a car in a dream or driving a car without a license or insurance etc. helps you to acknowledge that the progress you are making is  detrimental and will lead to complications, perhaps you are relying on someone else to ferry you around and the time has come for you to be self-sufficient.

Trains have a similar translation to a bus, but they are more connected to a fixed route or destination. Trains are mostly used to express the idea that some journeys and events are predestined or pre-ordained or that there is nothing you can do to change events that have been set in motion. Train tracks symbolise the tracks that were laid down to ensure that you meet important people, reach important milestones or fulfill certain tasks to benefit your own spiritual progression. They can also help you understand when you have come off track or deviated from your plans. It can also explain how your life has de-railed or you have gone off the rails. Trains do stop at stations and this creates a chance for you to get off and change direction but these chances only arrive at certain times in your life, sometimes these ‘chances’ do not come along often and this is when trains are more appropriate as a symbol in your personal journey dream. Going past the station that you wanted to get off helps you understand missed opportunities.

Stations are also important in their own right because it is here that we meet people who will be important to us in the next stage of our journey. Stations act as signposts to the future, they remind us that we are merely passing through a stage and that change is always just around the corner. Train stations also provide a symbol to explain the people who turn up in our lives sporadically, they are not in it the whole time but are not less important than those who are, we often have a deep connection and recognise the person immediately, spiritual guides or people that we have loved in the past are  perceived this way. The station represents a meeting point or a cross-line which can be accessed by people from different places in the universe or different levels of existence.

The carriages of a train represent the different sections of your life and how they all fit together to create the overall experience. They also help you to understand the people who you share a particular experience with, or who you share a part of your journey with, these people are important to you for different reasons, they might share a common goal or they are central to your own overall plan, it is not uncommon to share a carriage with people who you don’t know, but this explains how your own life is affected and designed by the influence of people who are in the background or who you haven’t actually met, and yes this can also mean people who are in the spirit world.

Electric trains provide the motivation and energy needed to for you to move forward and excel very quickly, especially if you are trying to fulfill a life plan or do something that is important to your destiny, whereas an old steam train will help you to understand that to make real progress you must change your perception or your own way of thinking about things, being positive and open to change will speed up your progress.

Trucks provide a similar translation to cars but the emphases is on the access baggage and responsibilities that you carry along with you.  The precious cargo can symbolise your loved ones and how you feel as though you need twice the strength to transport everyone through a difficult phase or a particular patch of life. Sometimes we use a truck when a car would suffice meaning that you use heavy force when a gentler form of getting what or where you want might be more appropriate, perhaps you are carrying along everyone else’s baggage.

The Destination of Your Journey 
The Destination of your journey holds important symbolic information which you should always consider when you have a journey type dream because reaching a destination helps you to understand when you have fulfilled part of your own destiny, or you have experienced what you needed to in order to become an enlightened, experienced individual. You have reached a milestone if you like, a time when you are able to leave the past behind and make new choices and choose new routes to take.

When you are unaware of the destination in your journey dream it is because you are not quite there yet and have a way to go to get through the cycle you are in, this is an unknown equation because everyone takes as long as they need to get through the different phases of learning and experience, one person can learn something very quickly and another will keep making the same choices that lead them down the same road over and over again. Trains and buses especially help relay this message, they run on a route which is cyclical; life moves in cycles and it is difficult to notice the progress that you have made when you keep going over old ground but rest assured that the cycle you perceive is, in fact, a spiral.

The other problem with destinations is that they can change because a person’s free will always dictate the route that they choose. The final destination will always be the same for everyone and all that really matters is that you ‘took part’ in the experience; learning is learning no matter what route you chose. 


Buildings in dreams



A lot of symbolism can be gained from buildings in dream language; they can help you understand the strength of the things that you are building around you, they can help to explain how your life is structured and the support network that you have in place.  Buildings have also been used in dreams to explain the past and your connections to specific times of importance or how your life was structured then, in comparison to now. 
Buildings require care and attention to stay upright and protected from the elements and this will help you understand your own defense systems and your ability to be unaffected by outside interference.  
Buildings are used to emphasise restrictions like when hallways become narrow or when you have to climb through shrinking gaps. The type of building often links with a section of your life eg, your home with your home life, or a workplace with your job etc so you may need to link up the building with the section of your life the dream is referring to and they may overlap just like they do in life, 
Overall, buildings will be used to explain how something is structured and how strong and sturdy that structure is. Damaged buildings or buildings that are falling apart provide a good example for when you feel that a part of your life is run down or falling apart, these types of dreams help you to incorporate new ideas so that you can upkeep and support your own future. Dreams about decay need you to consider if something is falling apart through neglect or if time has worn down somethings viability. In contrast to this new and elaborate buildings show a positive outlook for you, with things improving and changing for the better. 
Your home is your castle and it needs to be at the forefront of your motivation for success. It represents your defenses and how well you protect yourself and your loved ones from negativity or attack. You should take note of the condition of the castle in your dream and its ability to withstand battle should it commence. The walls of a castle are built to defend from intruders, to protect the inhabitants from the outside world or from real life and what it throws at you. Castles link with strength and protection from the outside world. 
Places of worship can symbolise the spiritual journey that you are on. There is a need to start recognising that you should develop your spiritual self which is equally important as concentrating on the materialistic side of your life. 
To seek the divine or the higher power you would visit a place of worship and also gain help when all else has failed.
·          A sanctuary for solace and prayer and a place to begin a spiritual journey.
·          Your body and mind are a temple.
When you dream of your own house the dream is referring to your own personal environment and the way it is structured at any given moment in time. Dreams can bring information to your mind that you haven’t considered.
The state of the house is important and helps you to process and recognise your current situation. A messy house, for example, is a simple way for you to understand that you need to clear up chaotic situations that become a burden to the setup and layout of your life.
Houses are often used in dreams to show us obstacles that can affect our home life, the doors are too narrow or the windows won't open for example and this is so that you realise there are certain restrictions for you to negotiate before you can become content with your lot. 

People often have a dream where they are exploring different rooms in a house, in this case, the symbolism might be about your own different experiences, ones which you have been through before and are revisiting for some reason. Houses can present as some sort of obstacle course whereby you have to go through something specifically just for the experience itself. The ups and downs, the easy bits and he difficult bits all connect with your life experiences. 

Sometimes rooms contain scary manifestations of negative experiences that you have had in the past and you might do an about turn and not enter that room again, In a way you are saying I've been through that before and I'm not about to do it again. You are actually acknowledging the fact that you do not plan on making the same mistakes again. 
Visiting a property from the past happens because you feel as though you have left something of yourself there, it might be happy or sad memories which changed your life and forced you to grow up. You will also visit a childhood home in a dream because you need to find the child within you once again; it was a time when you were not bogged down in responsibility. Perhaps you wish to recapture a sense of freedom which your childhood contained. 

An empty house can represent the emptiness you feel inside, the loneliness or a lack of physical comfort. 
The rooms in the house can symbolise the different sections of your life and how they all fit together. You might notice that there are obstacles between one section of your life and another, perhaps your work life does not merge very well with your home life.
An old house will be used to represent the past or past situations. Whereas a new house will be referring to the future and new situations. 
Living room
How you live now and where you are supposed to relax. Problems with this room in your dream relate to your everyday life.
The relationship room, rest, sleep and your personal space and who you choose to share it with.
The kitchen is viewed as the workroom and can be used to symbolise the work that you do for others and what you create in the way of fulfillment, and if or not you can keep up with the demands of family life. It is here that you clean away the negativity that builds up and where you cater to the family as a whole.
The kitchen symbolises the way families work together and the energy you all contribute to create order.
This room links with the emotions and getting rid of negativity. Flushing the toilet symbolises getting rid of waste and negativity. This type of symbol could also highlight problems with your physical plumbing, your kidneys etc..
The walls in your house are built to protect you from the outside world and the condition of them in your dream can help to explain how well you are protected from the environment created by other people, and how secure you feel within that environment.
Other types of walls simply represent barriers or obstacles to overcome, the condition of the wall might give you some clues as to how easily you will break down or overcome the barriers that you face. A wall that is crumbling or broken reminds you that defenses can be broken down; time itself wears down stubborn barriers. It may, of course, be your own defenses that are wearing thin.
Windows and Doors
Windows also create a barrier to the outside world and are sometimes used in dream language as a symbol for what you can see from your own perspective. You do not have a complete and clear view of what is going on in the outside world, perhaps you fear to leave the safety of your private and protected cocoon.
Dirty or broken windows help to explain how your view is obscured by the passing of time; you are not seeing things clearly because the distance of time has become a barrier to your clear thinking.

Doors also create a barrier and can be viewed as an obstacle, particularly so if there is something preventing you from opening or closing a door in your dream. If the door is open then you are being shown a way out of a current situation, you are being reminded that the door is always open for change to begin. If however, you cannot close a door it will represent the fact that you find it impossible to close the door on someone who you feel ‘needs you’. Or perhaps you find it difficult to close the door on the past and move forward.
Doors help you to understand how the different sections of your life integrate, how you manage to combine your work life, love life and family life.  Interactions between all of these things can be described using the door scenario. 

Locking windows or doors is done to keep intruders at bay; you are protecting yourself from negative people and their actions or perhaps you wish to be alone and are locking life itself outside.

The condition of the house
Problems with the house in your dream can help you to acknowledge problems that you are currently experiencing; mending, redecorating or cleaning brings your attention to the fact that you need to spring clean your life, get rid of old and outdated ideas or anything that has a negative impact on you and your home life.

A house that looks beautiful and is full of nice things reassures you that times will change and you are heading for a more comfortable and secure time at home. 


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Dreaming about an ex


Unfinished business 

I often hear from people who dream about their ex-partner, quite often on some level there is unfinished business of some kind or another, maybe you think about them now and again or maybe they still take up a large percentage of your daily thoughts. The connection is still being made so your dreams will react as if they are still in your life. The images and symbols might link with getting you to resolve issues in your mind so that you can let go of the link you have with them. Its like free psychotherapy, you will think through the dream and its images and scenarios and in doing will consider your own thoughts and feelings in contrast to the other persons. 

Some people say that they don't want to dream about their ex-partner but they keep popping into their dream like an unwanted ghost, and that's exactly what they are, a ghost whose presence still lingers long after their physical presence has left your life. 
Firstly it's important to decide if you want the ex in your dream or not if you really don't then the likelihood is that they still have or need the connection with you rather than you with them. They are the ones working out what they need to resolve, you are also involved in this process if you allow it, but this is all done on a subconscious level. 

If your own feelings for them are still prevalent then you may dream about them until you have resolved your issues or moved forward and let them go. A lot of people wonder what if! what if things had been different or if we hadn't of acted in a certain way, could we have worked things out? when time has passed it is easy to get caught up in the idea that someone is still right for you even though a relationship has shown you that they weren't.  Ex's often still turn up in a dream when your connection cant be broken for example, when you have children together or when you still see each other regularly for another reason. This makes it harder to move forward with your life and your dreams about your ex might reflect this. 

One lady I spoke with who had a particularly difficult break up with her ex kept dreaming about him even though she has broken all contact with him, in the end, she mentally told him to stay out of her dreams, she said "I banished him from dreams! I sent 'out' the message that I didn't want him in my dreams for any reason. The cosmos must have heard me because the dreams stopped from then on, from my perspective I didn't have any unfinished business with him, it was him who wouldn't let me go. He was controlling and I had no freedom, (most of the reason we split) it seemed like after physical contact was severed he then started turning up in my dreams and I was having none of it so asked the cosmos for help".

On a subconscious level we can dip in and out of other peoples dreams, we may or may not be aware that we are sharing their dream experience, sometimes people share a dream and mention it aloud in the waking life but often people don't say anything and consider that it was their dream alone. Family and close friends will dream of each other all the time so its not really thought about that their dreams were linked, perhaps they have shared different aspects of the same dream, each taking what they needed from the same story. This is how the shared collective consciousness works. When people break up it can take a while for the collective consciousness to acknowledge the fact that you now want independence from the other person, especially when your natural thoughts are still focused on them. The bond will be broken eventually when you are not thinking about them anymore and they are not thinking about you. 

 I dreamed about my ex-boyfriend and I was waiting for him to come out from school to have a meal in a restaurant but I ran out of mobile battery, so I decided to have a coffee somewhere. I was sat inside a truck and I saw him walking on the street. He was holding hands with another girl but I understood that she was just a friend, he usually calls his girlfriends ‘friends’. I went to say hello and tried to kiss him but he didn't respond. However, he looked surprised and glad to see me. His eyes looked alive. I stood there waiting for him to go and drop his friend somewhere, then I took a taxi. The taxi first dropped a woman in Greece. I asked the driver (who looked like he had suspicious eyes) where we were, on ‘Greece street’ or Greece the country? He said both. I asked because everything outside looked green and beautiful.

Your ex-boyfriend is in school which is where people go to learn, so it seems that while you haven’t been together he has learned a lot of things, maybe about life and relationships. Perhaps your previous relationship ran out of energy while you were waiting for him to grow up and learn a few lessons about love. This is common in relationships, by the time a person has developed and grown enough to have a decent relationship the other person has given up waiting for changes and the relationship has run out of steam.

A mobile phone which often replaces the telephone in dream imagery is symbolic for communication and therefore also provides a representation of the communication that is needed in a relationship. The fact that the battery died explains how communication died between you. Also, the fact that you are in a truck gives you some more information,  instead of driving your message home to him gently you used a truck which is a symbol for when you use more force than is needed. In contrast to this, it could mean that you should have used more force to get your point over to him. Did you ever tell him what you wanted from him? It looks like he has moved on now, although you seem to be of the opinion that they are only friends and this may or may not be true. The eyes are the windows to the soul and you say that his eyes looked alive, perhaps he is in a good place right now and has moved forward and learned a lot about life and love. Maybe this is just how you are viewing him now but it doesn't mean its true. You wait for him while he drops off his friend, maybe you are waiting for him to finish with this new relationship so that you can rekindle your own relationship with him on a better footing than last time.

Let’s think about Greece for a moment and the symbolism it is trying to relay to you. It is a beautiful country for sure and a wonderful place with warm and amazing people. But underneath the surface of this, they have been struggling for quite some time to manage a collapsing economy. You might be forgiven for thinking that the grass is now greener on your ex-boyfriend's side of the fence and that he has learned a lot from your time apart but please consider that there might still be issues underneath that you can't see. 

The taxi driver symbolizes someone who takes you where you need to go, in this case, you will be once again in unknown territory, meaning that the relationship can still take twists and turns that you don’t expect. You could end up feeling as though there are some positives and some negatives to the relationship and you are actually no better off than you were last time around. You don't trust the taxi driver anyway because you know that you could end up in a situation that on the surface looks wonderful but where there's a lot going on underneath that could still take a lot of work to remedy.  

Then I dreamed that I was talking to an ex-boss of mine. I had been promoted and I could see my new contract in my current job, plus I had a pay rise. But I was still doing the same job. The company had only changed the title of my occupation and it was misspelled on the contract. I was happy about the pay rise but a bit frustrated because I hadn't actually got a better job. However, the company seemed benevolent and I was telling the ex-boss of mine that I had a pay rise every year anyway.

This is another way of explaining to you that you might think that you are getting a good deal when in actual fact it’s the same deal as you had before. This might relate to the ex-boyfriend as well perhaps he acted like he was your boss, I wonder if he tried to control you last time around? I could also relate to work of course and literally represent another situation where you want to do better but other people don't live up to what they say they can offer you.

The last dream I remember, I was with a group of people inside a flat. I think we were having a party. Then I went outside and I saw the upper level of the building burning, they were big flames. Everybody went outside and we thought we were lucky to have noticed in time. Then I remember a huge explosion that didn't damage anything. That’s all I remember.

This last section of the dream is making you aware that forewarned is forearmed, you can make better choices if you have more information. It seems to me that you have been given more information through these dreams, you have been warned that things will not necessarily be any different this time around where your ex-boyfriend is concerned. At the moment you are enjoying life, having a party so to speak, you are enjoying freedom and friends. You can avoid those explosive situations and you can avoid the damage that can be done by being up close to situations or people that are volatile. 

Buildings symbolise how your life is structured, how it is built upon solid ground, a life where you have support from your friends and family. They keep you upright. The explosions and fire represent how your secure set up can be destroyed if you don't listen to your own instincts. 

Fire is often used to represent passion and how it can get out of control, sometimes we are overcome with passion even when we know that it isn't the best course of action. I would like to add that you mention that the huge explosion didn't cause any damage, maybe you feel that the explosion of passion you feel won't cause any damage.