Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Dreams about teeth and spitting out plastic


I had a dream last night where my tooth at the bottom was really uncomfortable, it was sticking up from the rest of my teeth and annoying me. I kept trying to push it back down so it was more comfortable but it ended up coming out in my hand.

I was really upset by this and I knew I couldn't go to the dentist with it as I didn't have any money to pay them. So I got a mirror and tried and tried to push the tooth back into the gaping hole. No matter what I tried I could not get the tooth back into my gum.
Then a woman called me from over the back fence and she asked me how I was. I told her I liked the school that she worked in and wished that I worked there too. I then went back to trying to reinsert my tooth to no avail.

In your dream your current situation is uncomfortable for you and the only way to bring an end to this situation is to remove the tooth or take away the very thing that is causing you discomfort. This will leave a hole in your life and no matter how hard you try to put things back the way they were you will not be able to.

It seems like you are caught between a rock and a hard place and both scenarios cause a certain amount of stress.

Not having the money to pay the dentist is another way of defining your restrictions.
I have a feeling that all this will link with your work as in your dream you were interrupted by someone whose job and school you admired, you expressed the wish that you would like to work there. Which tells me it is in this area that you require change and fulfillment. You need change as you are not happy where you are, but are concerned that an alternative might not be any better. 

Is it better to put up with the discomfort you are feeling at the present time or let go of it altogether? 

Spitting out teeth and lots of plastic

I have had the losing teeth dream a few times in my life but in last night’s dream I was losing bits of my teeth, I think two came out in the end, but then I starting pulling out shards of plastic as well, the plastic pieces were quite big, I could feel them in my mouth and they just kept coming and coming, it seemed to go on for ages. In one part of the dream I was pulling out what looked like a strip of tickets or god knows what it was, something linked up anyway.

What on earth is this about? 

In your dream you lose two teeth so you are getting rid of or letting go of two different things that have been set in place for a fairly long time, this could be a relationship and a job for example or anything that has served its purpose in your life so far. When the rot has set in you have to let things go. 

The plastic shards will probably be symbolic for all the broken pieces you have carried around inside of you, being plastic can mean being fake or not being real and this will represent how you have had to fake it for so long that it has led to a breakup or dismantlement of certain structures around you. This dream is about getting rid of all those feelings and therefore getting rid of the reasons that you feel that way. It might take some time but slowly you will get it all out, remember that the mouth is our source of communication and therefore communication is key. Be truthful and stop pretending that all is ok and then you can begin to heal.   

The string of tickets might be symbolic for a string of events or the one thing leads to another scenario, in other words, one problem lead to another one etc. Keeping one problem inside meant you had to keep another one inside as well so on and so forth. Therefore if you pull out one problem you will pull them all out. Sounds like what counselors do, reach inside and pull out all the crap one after the other and the crap is all linked up.


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