Thursday, 23 October 2014

Dreaming during pregnancy


When you are pregnant your dreams can become vivid and quite extreme, its not uncommon for them to cause anxiety, especially if they deliver negative scenes or nightmarish scenarios. I have spoken to quite a few pregnant women whose dreams have bothered them during their pregnancy, often their nightmares are about their unborn child or about the delivery. I always start out by telling them to relax because dreams are very rarely predictive in nature and nearly always over the top with the message they bring. Your dreams can help you to work through all your fears and hangups regards your pregnancy the birth and your baby, and it is not uncommon for your own fears to manifest in your dreams and serve as the catalyst for them.

There are many reasons that your dreams can get out of control at this time:

You certainly remember your dreams easier because you are waking up more often in the night. (usually, because you have a baby doing star jumps on your bladder, making you need the loo)

You are overly sensitive and brimming with hormones, making you feel vulnerable and not in control of your life. Hormones also make you more spiritually sensitive.

You are worrying about all number of things and not necessarily talking about your fears with the people around you. This means that you will often face your fears through your dreams. Or a bad dream might make you start a conversation with your friends and family about something that subconsciously you are worrying about. 

By facing nightmares you are learning to deal with the extra stress and worries that new babies often bring, in a way you are toughening up. Being a mum requires all of your inner strength and wisdom and therefore it is common that your dreams or nightmares are helping to toughen you up and deal with your fears rationally. Many first time mums comment about their irrational thinking when the baby is here, they comment that they didn't know that they would worry so much over silly things. No one really tells them what its like to worry over a child. Your dreams do try to prepare you a little bit. 

Like young children, babies are closely connected to the spirit world and this is also what heightens your own psychic abilities during pregnancy. When your own psychic abilities are intensified like this you will experience the more unusual phenomenon, you will be aware of more than you usually are and this can be confusing, your dreams are helping you toughen up to anything you ‘pick up’. Not being affected by bad dreams is a way of building up your own psychic protection.

Your fears of giving birth will be explored in your dreams but that doesn't mean that there will be problems during delivery it just means that you should work through your fears now so that you can just get on with the job when the time arrives. Consider that your subconscious is pushing forward your fears so that you bring them out into the open and talk about them. When you have talked about a fear it will diminish. Dreaming that you can’t deliver your baby is a way for you to see that you are not getting out your feelings and thoughts, you are keeping it all inside yourself. There are lots of psychological anxieties to sort through before your baby comes along and you will be fully prepared if your dreams have been busy and thought provoking during pregnancy. 

Pregnancy dream symbols can be translated in the usual way but consider if the dream is referring to your new role as mum, dreaming of pregnancy or giving birth when you are not pregnant symbolises new beginnings, starting a new project that will need nurture and good care to bring it through too success. This type of translation will be highly appropriate for a pregnant woman as well, but rather than a project it will be the new baby that requires your devoted love, care, time and energy.


The quest for spiritual knowledge


In my dream, I was at work (yet again) and I was being trained for a new position but I was absolute rubbish. My desk was a mess and I couldn't make any decisions. I tried tiding up my desk.
A colleague was looking at me but not intervening. I looked at him pleading for help and he came to me but I knew I was not coping well. That’s all I remember.

This dream is pretty self-explanatory really, it’s about your insecurities in the workplace, feeling inadequate for the tasks you are set or being out of your depth with a new role. Everyone starts off like this and the first six months in any new role are always the hardest, when you start getting used to it you will look back and wonder what you were getting in a state about. The mess in your dream describes the mess or muddle you get in, and you trying to straighten it up is a way for you to understand the effort you put into trying to undo the mess you find yourself in. You want some help from your colleagues or from the people around you but they don’t seem to offer much help either.

I'm always tidying up mess in a dream and it drives me crazy, no matter how much I tidy up there is always more to do, it seems like there is no end to the sorting out I have to do with my family, friends and work in real life too, so whenever I have these tidying dreams I know I am going to be sorting out everyone else’s problems or clearing up after a mess they have created. Like most problems that come along things straighten out in the end.
Incidentally consider if the workplace is symbolic for the spiritual work that you do because sometimes this type of message relates to spiritual work and is not always about your career. 

Another dream I remember, I was with my boyfriend talking about names for dogs. I told him Bobby and Toby sounded the same to me (I don’t really like these names for a dog). He told me Toby had been trained to bring water to people.

Dogs are often used to represent someone who is a protector, someone who looks after you and takes care of you, they are often working quietly in the background, working away without recognition. That’s why in dream symbolism dogs are used to represent the spiritual guide or guard and soul protector.  

You seem preoccupied with the name of such a person, I wonder if you have been asking for the name of your own spiritual guide? Toby has been trained to bring people water, well how interesting is that? Perhaps your guide is bringing you information to quench your thirst for spiritual knowledge?

Incidentally, the name Toby comes from the 'Hebrew' meaning God is Good! Google it yourself and see what you come up with for the names, this is a good way to translate the meaning and message to this dream. I do feel a spiritual connection with this dream but I think you can find the message yourself.

The last dream I remember, I was in a convenience store. There were two books and they looked interesting to me. One of them was like a psychology magazine and I wanted to buy it. It came with a newspaper. I looked for the newspaper and found out it was for free. The other one was about tarot, I opened it and read a little bit. It looked interesting to me and the price was reduced, so I bought it too.

Yes, this confirms it, these dreams are relating to your quest for spiritual knowledge and learning, books are amazing at passing on knowledge and your dream is prodding to you to read all you can about all the different subjects. I love books as you may be aware, I love them so much I wrote one myself. Everyone should write a book, everyone has a story or two to tell.  I’m not saying you have to believe everything you read but look at it as research and education. Never ever stop learning!

I think many people ask for readings because they want their spiritual questions answered, really they should read lots and find the answers for themselves, research if you like. I always research everything, every topic you can imagine. Youtube, google etc. its the same as having a library at your fingertips. And yes it is all free. Knowledge is free. So learn all you can about everything and if you make discoveries along the way and change the way you think, then wonderful. But don’t ever stop searching for more because you will change your mind with the more you learn.

Then share what you have learned for other people to learn from. 
Enlightenment through experience and learning!


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Dreaming about photographs-capturing memories


Photographs and cameras in dream symbolism help you to put things into perspective, they capture important moments in time, they help you take more notice of the finer details and they help you to understand what is going on around you from another perspective. 

They can symbolize someone who is snappy or someone who looks at the here and now and who does not understand that the past can create the person you are right now. Photographs are also used to represent the past because they link with memories, or help you to remember important lessons from the past.

Please, can you translate my short dreams? The first one I remember I was having my photo taken and I was struggling to smile for the camera. But I smiled finally and I thought my smile looked fine. Also, I remember my eyes were narrowed, as if I was not trusting something. 

I think this first dream is about trying to put on a brave face or pretending to be happy so that other people don't feel sad as well. You are trying to capture a smile but it seems that it is just for other people's benefit. You are probably not really trusting someone or trusting a situation for what it seems to be, maybe you are pretending to be happy but are not complete because you don't trust another person? 

Last night I dreamed I was on a beach but it was a bit cold because it wasn't summer. However the sea looked beautiful. Then there was a fountain with water:

A beach is a place where we usually go when it is hot and sunny, but you say its cold, the environment  you are in is supposed to be warm but alas it isn't offering you the warmth you desire, the beach is also a place that signifies change, the sea washes in and out and changes the set up that you have at the moment, perhaps these changes will bring back the warmth that you desire.I don't know if this has to do with a relationship, your job or just your daily life. 
The fountain could be symbolic for a fountain of wealth or knowledge, or both. Fountains can also represent the notion of the pouring out of emotion, the same old emotions going over and over the same ground. You will have to wait and see which is more appropriate.

Continued...My friend wanted to get in the fountain and for me to take a picture of her. I wanted a picture as well but couldn't manage to take it, I confused the camera with my sunglasses... next, to the fountain there was another one:

Taking a picture or a photograph is a way of capturing a specific time, perhaps a happy time which will stay in your memories, your friends are important to you and you do appreciate them.  But you are unable to get a clear picture because you have a clouded view, perhaps you have issues with trust even with your friends. 
The fountains will possibly link with the outpouring of emotions, do you share your inner feelings with your friend or do you hold back? 

Continued...I wanted to get into the water (might be that I really miss good weather)

You wish to cleanse your problems away and rejuvenate yourself. 

Perhaps you actually miss your friends back home as well and this is why you haven't completely bonded with friends in this country, you are trying to make new memories to treasure here but you don't seem to be able to because you miss the warmth and love from back home. 

Continued...On the same night, I had my friends visiting me at home, so I went to the kitchen looking for some snacks for us. I had peanuts and cake, but can’t remember what else. I was preparing the table for us to enjoy our time together.

You really are trying to be welcoming to your friends and you provide a wonderful listening ear for them to tell you all their problems but you don't seem to receive the same back. Perhaps because you are not opening up completely they are not getting to see the real you, or the inner you. 

Peanuts can symbolize what we store away for future use, this might link with trying to make new memories for the future, peanuts also symbolize getting nothing in return, in this country we say "I earned peanuts" and this means that you earned hardly anything for your troubles! 

Cake symbolizes all the ingredients that you mix together to make something nice for other people, it also has a saying of "You can't have your cake and eat" Which means you can't have everything all at once. 


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Where do our dreams come from?


I would like you to translate my recurring dream but I have to say that I do not believe that dreams are sent to us from the spirit world, or from any external place. I am more comfortable with the idea that our own subconscious creates stories and images which our waking mind can then sort through, perhaps to help us order our thoughts or work through things that are bothering us or playing on our mind. Before I send you my dream can I ask how you would translate my dream, would you translate my dream with my own belief system in mind or would you still use your own method of translation which includes saying that the spirit world help to create my dreams? 

This is an interesting question which deserves a respectful and honest answer, but please remember that the answer I give will only be from my own experience and from the experience of the many people who I have spoken and communicated with about dreams, spanning the last twenty years. These shared experiences by no means make this information steadfast and undeniable fact, but can be considered as research which seems to suggest a collective ‘idea’ about the creation and source of our personal dreams. Your own belief system is equally valid and I have written about the source of our dreams on many occasions, which incidentally incorporates your own idea.

Firstly and as the foundations for my own findings I would uphold that everyone’s personal ideas and beliefs are equally weighted and equally valid, but I had to find a middle ground so that I could use what I had learned to help other people find their own middle ground or like you say find an answer that they are comfortable with. I would never tell someone what they should adopt as truth because I do not know the complete and undeniable truth. What I did settle with was that all possibilities have as much chance of being true so why not agree that perhaps our dreams are provided through a combination of sources. Further to this why not consider that some of our dreams are created totally by our own subconscious and some dreams are provided from an external source, like our spirit guides, angels, the cosmos or the shared consciousness or even God.

There are many different types of dreams so why can’t there be many different authors of those dreams. I call my own idea about where our dreams come from “The Combination Theory”. It covers an array of ideas all with equal validity and it can be used to describe a dream created entirely by the subconscious as well as one created directly by an external source. I can also use it to describe a dream that is created from a mixture of sources.
So, rather than pick sides or say which idea offers more proof I tend to say that dreams are created from a combination of sources. Most people I have spoken with like this theory, more often than not it was already their own theory. Therefore my research into the question of where our dreams come from has settled on “The Combination Theory”.

If you would like me to translate your dream using the combination theory then by all means send it to me and I will do so. If however the combination theory doesn't sit comfortably with your own ideas or belief system then perhaps you could do some research into finding a dream translator who can translate your dream in the fashion that you prefer.  
A Psychologists approach might appeal to you, I know many people who have used this approach to help them sort through problems or order their thoughts as you yourself mention in your email, especially where recurring dreams are prevalent. I would always recommend that you use a reputable or qualified person to help you do this. If you are strong minded then I doubt you will take on any ideas that you don’t agree with anyway and this is just as you should be.

I will say that there are dreams on my blog where a dream was predominantly self-created or even completely self-created by someone’s own subconscious, perhaps with the purpose of helping them deal with or think about their own issues. Having said this most of the dreams that I have translated seem to show signs of being created from a combination of sources.

Lastly, please consider that if you do not understand a symbol in your dream then I would say that your subconscious didn't create that symbol. When you automatically understand what a symbol means or what it is trying to convey to you, then you can assume that your own subconscious mind could have created the dream all on its own. But, if you do not know what a symbol means and you have to look else where for an answer or an idea then maybe it's worth considering that your own subconscious wouldn't provide you with information that you have no chance of understanding or translating, what would be the point? Furthermore, what would be the point of dreams if we cannot fathom a reason for their creation? If they are totally created by our own subconscious and are simply regurgitating information from the day or from the mind or are just a projection from our subconscious surly they will not have any validity and will therefore not need translating. 


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The different sections of my life-The puzzle dream


The different sections of my life
what a puzzle!

I found myself walking along a dark road late at night, thumbing a lift, a car stopped and the rear door opened, I get in to find 4 rows of seats. On the back seat were two people, one man, and a dwarf woman, they were having sex.
In the next row was a dark-haired woman of about 50.
In the next row was a woman of about 40 who was laughing as if she had just come out of the funny farm.
In the next row was a dark-haired man of about 50 with the most unusual expression on his face. (Bland and expressionless)

The driver asked me where I was heading to and I said, Bedford. (I have no idea why)
I sat next to the woman in the second row. (Dark haired woman of about 50)
About an hour later the driver stopped and said to me, the weather is bad and it would be very late when we arrive in Bedford, but I can stay at their place just up the road until the morning. I agreed though I don’t know why.

In the house I found myself in a room with the two women, they were sitting either side of a table. I looked away and then looked back at them, both of them had aged about 40 years. I looked away again and then looked back to find the older woman had returned back to her normal age but the other younger woman was not there. I looked behind me to see her standing facing a door laughing as if she had a severe mental condition and banging her head on the door. I looked back to the table and the older woman had gone, then I looked back to the door and the younger woman had gone.

The door where she was banging her head had turned into a sort of carpet hung over the doorway. I went through the doorway and found myself in a large room with French windows on the other side. I went through the French windows and found that it was snowing. Then I met my son who was some 10 years younger and we had great fun kicking about in the snow.
Then the dream was over, I have no idea as to what this may mean or why I would have any need to travel to Bedford, as I know no one there at all.

Because the road in your dream is dark and long you realise that you might not necessarily be able to complete this particular journey all by yourself, you will need people to help direct you or help to carry you through this rather unusual stage of your learning. Thumbing a lift is a way for you to acknowledge that you won't be able to go it alone. (This could symbolise guidance from earthly sources, spiritual guidance or a partner to share the ride with) You are asking for help to move forward. 

The help that is offered to you may seem inappropriate or the wrong kind of help that you need or expected to receive. The learning process that you are going through could take you into uncharted territories, learning new things that you don't really understand, this could affect you personally and at times will overlap with your personal life. Perhaps you do not like to mix business with pleasure, but this new learning curve will involve all of the different sections of your life. The four rows of seats in the vehicle help to back up this idea. You prefer your love life, work life, friends and spiritual learning in separate compartments but for progress to be made you will have to integrate all of these different sections. 

The characters you mention might all stand to help you recognise the different sections of your life or the different phases of growth that your life and your learning have gone through. It would seem that one particular section namely your love life has been stunted in recent times. Perhaps it was put on hold while you developed other parts of your life or your personality. These dream characters could also represent the different people who have created the present 'you'. The dark haired women of about 50 might symbolise a woman from your past, or even all the women from your past. 

The people in your dream who are acting crazy will either represent the crazy aspects of your life or the fact that you have managed to hold it all together even though at times you could have quite easily lost the plot. Maybe the things that you have learned on your spiritual journey and also from your past relationships would have been enough to send a lesser man crazy. The bland and expressionless man in your dream could possibly represent the way in which you have had to stand back and detach yourself from the things that you have learned so that you are not affected by them. This is an old trick that helps people to deal with and be able to conquer fear. Detachment is recognised by psychologists as a tool that we use when things get too much to deal with. 
The driver may symbolise the 'drive within' or your 'motivation', it is the force that carries you forward when you don't even know where you are going exactly. The driver can also symbolise another person who pushes you forward, this can be a spiritual guide or an earthly one. 

Telling the driver that you are heading to Bedford when in fact you have no earthly reason to go there has happened purely because you have had to give some expected destination rather than admit that you have no idea in which area or direction your life is currently heading. In other words, you are saying that you are heading in a certain direction but truthfully you don't know why or where you are going, you are simply following destiny if you like. 

The weather is bad in your dream helps you to see that you have no control over outside circumstances, they will affect where you go and how you get there. Outside circumstances will affect your spiritual journey, it will seem as though your learning slows-up, but I have to tell you that it is at these times when you do the majority of your learning ironically. You hear more from the quiet than you do from the noise. 

"In the house, I found myself in a room with the two women, they were sitting either side of a table. I looked away and then looked back at them, both of them had aged about 40 years. I looked away again and then looked back to find the older woman had returned back to her normal age but the other younger woman was not there. I looked behind me to see her standing facing a door laughing as if she had a severe mental condition and banging her head on the door. I looked back to the table and the older woman had gone, then I looked back to the door and the younger woman had gone."

This part of your dream could be referring to your personal life as I said before, the women represent past relationships and how love can disappear just as memories can, all this can send you crazy or perhaps the relationship section of your life or women in general drive you crazy (No offense to women out there, we drive men crazy just as much as they drive us crazy

The young and old features of this part of your dream seem to want you to take note of how women change over time and how you and your relationship with women have changed over time. 
If someone is banging their head on the wall it clearly translates as someone who is getting nowhere or making no progress at all, they are getting frustrated by keep repeating the same thing over and over. Think about who is doing this?

"The door where she was banging her head had turned into a sort of carpet hung over the doorway. I went through the doorway and found myself in a large room with French windows on the other side. I went through the French windows and found that it was snowing. Then I met my son who was some 10 years younger and we had great fun kicking about in the snow."

The carpet is covering over the cracks, cushioning someone from being hurt by moving forward. The large room explains how there is a lot of room in your life for someone else, perhaps someone new. 
As much as you love the time you spend with your son it is snowing and this represents the coldness that you are experiencing from not having someone special to share your heart with. The fact that your son is ten years younger helps you to acknowledge that time has passed and you are not needed as much now as you were then.

This dream is concentrating on both your spiritual learning and your personal life and it is suggesting that you haven't integrated these different sections of your life fully. To be completely contented and fulfilled you must find a partner who will be part of your spiritual journey as well as your earthly life. 
Easier said than done I hear you say, but this dream wouldn't have happened if there wasn't a possibility of this becoming likely. Perhaps you need to readjust your thinking (which has come from previous relationships) so that you are ready and able to move forward.