Saturday, 27 April 2013

Black Snake Dream


I dreamed that I was at our caravan and out the back where the stream runs through I saw a crisp packet, as I was watching the crisp packet it moved and I went to look at it and a horrible black snake slithered out, I got the kids out of the way and took them into the caravan but the snake somehow managed to get in the van, it was a horrible looking snake and I started trying to hit it with a broom but it just kept managing to get away from me. I managed to kill it in the end but when I went back round to the stream the water was all muddy and murky and I thought that there were more snakes in the water, so even though I managed to kill one I still thought there are more out there. 

Snakes quite often symbolise a sneaky person or a snake in the grass, someone who you shouldn't really trust. You were trying to kill the snake in your dream and this shows how you are having to work hard at getting this character out of your life. Although you do manage to eradicate the negativity in the end, you then think about the fact that there are other snakes out there.

The water is murky and full of other snakes tells me that you will have trouble trusting again emotionally speaking because your views have been clouded by your previous experience, perhaps the snake you have had to deal with has changed the way you view partners or friends and you think that they will all be the same as the one who has ruined your trust. 
The stream being murky shows your muddy and clouded emotions, normally there are fish in the stream like in the saying "There are plenty of more fish in the sea" in your case you see snakes instead so this will link with your relationships and how you have developed the view that any new partner will be another snake.
The black colour of the snake symbolises depression or negativity probably symbolising the negative experience you have had with this person or their behavior. 
The crisp packet literally shows how you didn't get what you expected. ie you didn't expect a snake to come out of a packet of crisps.
Incidentally, food symbolises fulfillment and you didn't get exactly what you expected from a relationship that was supposed to bring fulfillment.

Snakes are often used to represent: 

Negative representations
Forbidden aspects of the personality

Positive representations 
The cycle of life and continued existence
Overcoming opposition
Resisting negativity


Thursday, 11 April 2013

Tsunami and Water Dreams


I dreamed that I was sitting on a beach on holiday and I saw this giant wave coming in to shore, I grabbed the kids and ran into the hotel and we went up as far as we could, we got to the top of the hotel and stayed there, I looked out of the windows and the water was up to the windows outside even though we were up on the top floor. 

When I looked out the window again I saw that the water had receded and almost gone.  

This type of dream is quite common and not usually a premonition dream, it can be translated quite easily:
Being on holiday shows how you wish to take a break from everyday life and it's pressures, hotels represent temporary structures, in this case, to shelter you from the powerful emotional onslaught that seems to be heading your way.  You are therefore protected temporarily from overpowering situations that are emotionally charged and all around you at the present time. (or the situation is only temporary)
In dreams, windows are seen as a view into the past, future or into current situations. They are also used to symbolise your eyes and seeing things as they really are.
Because water symbolises emotions and the way in which they flow and manage to spill over into every section of our life,  the Tsunami literally shows how we can be overcome or taken over by powerful emotions. These may or may not be our own emotions. Waves simply represent the way emotions can wash in and out, take over and change the current set up.
Salt water can also symbolise tears in dreams and this is also why it provides a good symbol for emotions.
Water is also a cleanser and being such is able to clean and clear the negative (dirt) away.
In your dream, the water did recede and this highlights that the circumstances and emotions that wash in, will wash out just as quickly.
It is impossible to say what causes these powerful emotions to appear so suddenly or in what section of your life they will correspond, but you are forewarned and therefore forearmed with the knowledge that they will pass and that you will find solace by climbing upwards and being above it all.
The emotional situation seems to be going on around you but because in your dream you and the kids manage to climb above the level of the water  I would say that you are adept and able to cope well with what happens and rise above any emotionally charged circumstances that might be building up.


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dreams about Healing


Please, can you help me understand my dream? Many people have said I should write a book because my life is unlike a lot of others, I experience psychic stuff all the time. I've dreamed of my two oldest children coming to heal me. Sometimes my son is there in spirit form although he's very much alive it's like it was the fastest way to be there and give me healing, anyway as he and some others start to cleanse me or heal me it reveals the powers that I have like levitating perhaps. I feel this energy, dark energy rippling through and out of me, then the dream just went on with my being drained and thankfully I woke up before I was empty. I have also dreamed of being hooked up to a machine that lights up and indicates how much energy is coming out and again I am exhausted then I'll laugh and the gages go up.

Your dreams tell me that you are so spiritual and remind me of when I first started on this path, you haven't said but do you have an illness that drains you of energy or is the constant psychic happenings that drain you?
You are obviously receiving energy to revitalise you, and yes healing has to be connected to you by the living because spirit needs a connector the way a washing machine needs a plug. The machine you were hitched up to in your dream is showing you that you can receive healing but unless you are positive (laughing in the dream) the healing or energy will just drain away again.
You are not possessed by demons, the demon is 'your own demons' I am afraid, we all have them and they are the hardest to fight, they are our own fears, illness, sadness or depression etc. You have to accept that you experience weird stuff because that is how you are designed the same as me and many others, then you have to decide not to be bothered by any of it anymore and just not be affected by what you see or dream or hear, that sounds hard but there is only one way and that is to acclimatise to your own life, when you reach the stage of not being bothered by any of it anymore you can then help others with their own 'demons' or give them healing and help with things they do not understand. That is what being psychic is mostly about, it isn't all readings and giving messages it is also about helping other people come to terms with there own gift.