Sunday, 31 March 2013

The rope bridge dream

I always dream that I am trying to walk across a rope bridge that has lots of planks missing, I have had this dream for years and I could never get across it. It was always so scary as it would be breaking apart as I try to cross to the other side. Then out of the blue I dreamed that I actually got across to the other side. 

This is a typical obstacle dream which is shared by many, the bridge simply symbolizes an obstacle to get over or through, they represent a bridge between people which needs careful handling or negotiation.  Because it is a recurring dream the obstacle might stand for something that you personally need to 'get over' it is not always an obstacle that stands between you and another person, it could be your own personal obstacle which might take years to overcome.

The rope bridge dream and its fragility can relate to a fear that you have, the fear could be anything from a fear of being alone, a fear of illness or a fear of not being able to get over the bad stuff that happens in our lives, you will have to work out what your real fears are and see if you have managed to come to terms with them, my guess is that you have, hence the dream of managing to cross the bridge at last. 

I cant help thinking of the saying "You will cross that bridge when you come to it!"

Trying to cross an abyss in a dream will help you to understand the void or the emptiness that you can experience, it is a recognisable feeling of vulnerability. I have also know this type of dream to happen when a situation arises where by you are left hanging or waiting for an important response or change to occur.

The wooden planks symbolize dead wood, which usually links with old issues from the past which still have relevance today, the string symbolizes how we are linked or entwined to our past or to people. The string could also symbolize a string of events that become precarious or threaten to spiral out of control. The stings snapping or breaking could explain how you are ready to snap or at breaking point. 

Falling is used to express the feeling of letting go, of dropping the ties that keep you chained to something restricting. You fear that if you do let go you would not cope and possibly die as a consequence. Falling is also used to symbolise the fear of failure, the fear that if you do let go you have failed somehow. 

The weakness of the string in the rope bridge dream represent your own inability (at times) to uphold everything, or keep it altogether. The links and bonds you have with other people could have become threadbare or weak, this has meant that you have felt unsupported and left balancing precariously on the edge of the abyss.  

Our journey through life can be difficult and paved with obstacles and the rope bridge certainly provides a great symbol to show how we can eventually get over the obstacles that it presents us with, even if we feel weak and vulnerable and like we are never going to get through it.  

When a dream type is repeated over and over its because of two things, the first being that you haven't got the message yet or understood what the dream is trying to tell you. The second reason is that you may have understood what the symbolic meaning is of the repeating dream but you haven't got to grips with dealing with the issue. When you eventually do the dream will change and let you know that you have succeeded with the task. 

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