Sunday, 31 March 2013

Wearing uncomfortable or strange shoes-all about shoes

I have had this dream so many times over the years that I have lost count, the theme is always the same although other things in the dream change. I am always wearing shoes that are either inappropriate for what I need to do or they do not fit, sometimes the shoes are weird or misshaped or ridiculously high so that I wonder how I am going to be able to walk. 
Then out of he blue I dreamed the other night that I was wearing trainers (sports shoes) they were so comfortable, even though they didn't really go with the dress I was wearing, I didn't care though I was just so glad to finally be wearing shoes that fitted and were easy to get along in.  

Recurring dreams can go on for years and even though you have now found some shoes that are comfortable in your dream if your circumstances change again you might find that the shoes once again change in your dream.

The shoes are symbolic for how you move forward and for the comfort in which you do so. It is basically a journey dream and refers to your journey through life. Some parts have been difficult or uncomfortable for you, times when you felt as though you were not making any progress or that circumstances were holding you back from getting where you want to be.

Shoes represent how you respond and feel about the road you are treading and how you utilise your own energy and drive to push forward, they are all about the energy you have and how comfortable you are with the progress you are making.
Shoe dreams often link with money and can portray how much or little you have available. Unfortunately money does dictate how much progress we can make in an earthly sense. Although this dream might be about the spiritual path as well because I have known people in the spiritual movement to dream of being barefoot, in this case its about being humble and connecting with the whole consciousness, the earth and their own spirituality.
You will be the best person to decide which area the shoe dream is referring but remember it might be both at once because wearing two shoes is also useful to present the idea of two things, like your spiritual side in relation to your earthly more grounded side. 
To go without is to be divine!
If you have lost a shoe in your dream then you are trying to find the other half of what you feel is missing in your life, of course this idea could be used to explain how you feel about not being with the right partner or being single, trying to find fulfilment and comfort from a role that leaves you unsatisfied at work. Losing a shoe can symbolise feeling like part of you is lost and unable to move forward. 
When translating a dream about shoes always consider the type of shoes you are wearing, are they your usual sort of foot ware or are you wearing something completely different to your usual style? Sometimes a dream where you are wearing unusual shoes happens when you need to change some aspect of yourself in order to get where you want to be. The same way as we change our personality to carry out a role, being a boss at work and a parent at home for example. If you want to make progress in some area of your life the shoe dream is trying to convey a message to help you do that. 

Matching shoes can provide an ideal symbol to express how two things match up or get along with each other. If you are wearing odd shoes then two aspects of something don't match up or don't get along well together. This will create an imbalance and hinder the progress that can be made. It can be used to explain when half of you feels one way and the other half feels another, being in two minds about something or feeling half hearted about the direction you are moving.

Broken shoes symbolise the fact that you need to make amends or repairs before you will be comfortable with yourself, progress can only happen when you have mended something either within yourself or with another person. 

Wearing training shoes reminds you that life is a training ground where you are learning and growing every day, you seem to be comfortable with this idea and accept that it might not fit with your earthly life completely. The training you are doing is probably 'life training' where you accept life's obstacles as a route to graduation as a human being, all learning is good learning. Previously you have found life all too difficult to wear/bare but for the time being you have found a place in your life where you are quite comfortable with who you are and you are getting along easily.

Badly fitting shoes symbolise a time when you are hindered by restrictions, when you are walking in circumstances that you find uncomfortable. A time when you wish to change what you have and try something else. Perhaps you are being reminded to walk a mile in someone else's shoes before complaining about your own life. Time wears down uncomfortable shoes, time wears down most things, the symbolism being translated to you might be to give it time and if things are still causing you pain in a month its time to bin it. 

Shoes that are too big can symbolise when you are trying to fit into someone else's shoes and feel that you cant live up to the expectations or high standards set by someone else. 

Shoes that are too small convey the idea of having outgrown your circumstances and needing to find something new to keep you occupied, it can relate to any section of your life because shoes are a personal thing and require that you change something about yourself in order to make the progress that you want, you might have to change your attitude in order to change your circumstances. 

Shoes that hurt represent the pain experienced unless you make changes, it might be more painful in the long run to carry on how you are than to instigate changes.

It will depend if you wear boots regularly as to the symbolism you can take from them, work boots are worn to protect you, but at the same time insisting that you just get on and get the job done. The message could be to muck in, stop moaning and do what needs doing. Other types of boots like cowboy boots can symbolise how the wearer is being a cowboy, pretending they can do something that they cant. Wellington boots are linked more with water so will give information about emotional encounters and about wading through emotions. 


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