Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A dream about losing my fingernails


It starts of when I find myself in an enormous bed and I am laying on my side facing the wall.  Laying behind me is a muscular and very tall man with very long blonde hair, the length is to his waist and it is gathered or tied at the back of his head. He is like a Viking warrior. He is about 40+ and has distinct facial folds and is smiling. (We do not touch or talk to each other)
The man’s mother is walking back and forth at the end of the bed frantically and eventually she goes out the door. Then my fingernails break off, I gather them up in one hand but they fall back onto the bed clothes, I then gather them up again in one hand.
Then the alarm goes, I wake up and my first reaction is to open my hand to find it empty, and my fingernails are all OK.

Broken fingernails have been a part of my dreams a lot lately.

Let’s take a look at the symbolism to start us off and see where that takes us.

Beds relate to our peace and tranquillity, our comfort at the end of the day when our work is done, they also relate to our personal space, and where we spend time with our partner. An enormous bed is a symbol which helps you to understand that you have plenty of room in your life to share this part of yourself with someone else, sharing your personal space and being at peace with who you are. 
Facing the brick wall is another way of saying that “it’s like talking to a brick wall.” Perhaps someone is trying to help you feel comfortable with yourself but you are not really listening, after all, it’s how you feel about yourself that really matters. Walls are also symbolic for obstacles and what stands in your way, how hight the wall is and if you attempt to get over it can help you understand if the obstacle is impassable at the moment. 

The muscular tall man is a symbol of the male or men in general, his long blond hair and Viking warrior appeal to help you understand masculine vitality, but he is around 40 you notice, so perhaps the message is that sex appeal is in the eye of the beholder and that you should not confuse age with attraction, you are perhaps feeling as though you are losing your own power of attraction, losing your nails is a perfect way to portray this notion, losing your feminine charms or attractiveness. Actually, it is just life and its demands that is draining you of energy nothing much to do with age. 

Nails and hair symbolise our inner strength, they grow throughout our life and so are a renewable source, meaning that sometimes we don’t feel that we have the strength to deal with something but this isn't a long term thing, so your strength will return with some relaxation and rejuvenation, which beds also symbolise remember.
Gathering up your nails is you trying to gather up your strength and durability, you want to be everything to everyone but actually, this is leaving you feeling exhausted.

I have struggled to find the symbolism in the Viking warrior’s mother pacing up and down in your bedroom, I can say that the bedroom is no place for mothers to be, sometimes mothers add to our workload and looking after them as well as everyone else drains us emotionally and leaves us with no energy to be who we want to be in our own personal space if you know what I mean. At least she left.

The characters in your dream stand as a representation of the characters in your life, the partner full of energy and vitality regardless of his age, the mother figure impending on your personal space all leaving you feeling a bit drained. You are as hard as nails though and your energy will return as soon as you are a bit more upfront about needing ‘me time’. 


Wednesday, 4 November 2015

A healing dream, absorbing the healing vibration


I was walking then running up steps and through doors, I was in some big place like a hotel. Then suddenly I was outside with nature, it was dark and there was only one way to walk down the road but there was also a river. I was afraid so I stopped and then I saw a man or a woman, I’m not sure. I could only see the lower part of their body because they were covered with a white scarf like a yoga teacher. I noticed that the hair was black and grey. I must have decided it was a woman and next she was sitting near the river and when she looked at me somehow I did compare her with my grandmother who died 22 years ago. As I was looking at her from her chest a light appeared and it was very strong, the vibration was something that I have never felt before shining so strong and radiating through the air, everything was full with light and it came into me through my chest to the whole of my body. I have recently had a problem with one tooth and my gum and in the dream, the light penetrated that part of me as well. There was also some sound while this going on and I was completely fulfilled with the light. There was nothing else I could see around me only the wonderful light which I can only describe as a galaxy starlight. I've never had an experience like this before. 

What an amazing way to receive healing through your dream because that’s what this was. In your dream you are running up steps and through doors which is way of explaining that you are always on the go, dealing with uphill struggles and choosing what doors of opportunity to take next, doors are often used in dream imagery to represent changes and new opportunities and the fact that you are running is helping to describe how you rush from one thing to another and end up going in circles rather than making steady progress. You said yourself in your email that you have learned to slow down and that rushing things seems to get you nowhere so I guess you have already picked up on that message already. 

Being in a hotel is a message about temporary situations and if you want better stronger results or at least more permanent results it would be best if you slowed down and just appreciated the small and quieter moments that life has to offer, for example in a relationship you don’t have to be out doing stuff all the time sometimes it’s just as satisfying to stay in a watch tv. 

In the next part of your dream, you find yourself outside with nature and that is exactly where you need to be rather than always working, hustling and bustling and being on the go all the time. Being in the dark is a symbol of being kept in the dark, or in your case, I think it’s more about the fact that you need some light in your life, something that’s isn’t draining all your positive energy, being around people who are not taking from you all the time. You need to be surrounded by positive energy giving people which isn't always possible I know.

The river is an emotional symbol which runs alongside everything you do, you are an emotional person who feels things deeply and you can’t do anything in your life without your emotions being involved. You are not the sort of person who can detach yourself from problems or worries, you take everything to heart. 

The lady who you come across in the yoga scarf might possibly be your grandmother bringing you healing and showing you that yoga or meditation would be a way for you to relax and take time out from the world, you are fundamentally a spiritual person who can connect to the source (God) and the wonderful energy of the healing light will bring you peace, understanding of your true self and a way to escape the negativity of your earthly troubles. Being in the dark is also being explained because you really need to be true to yourself and come into the light and embrace enlightenment. 

You are being shown the amazing love and healing that is available to you but you have to take the time-out to learn and experience the spiritual side of your life as well as your earthly life. I hope your grandmother did indeed heal your tooth, now she wants you to heal your mind, body and spirit and look after yourself as well as you look after everyone else. You are a healer I’m afraid, and that doesn’t mean that you sit people down and run your hands through their aura to give them healing, it means that your own amazing energy is transferred to them just by listening to them and being in the same room as them, that is why people always come to you for help. But being a healer it means you will need to de-stress or re-energise and meditation or yoga will help you rebuild your own energy so you don’t get sick. It’s a cleansing for your soul and that is what you have dreamed about.
One last thing, energy is a vibration and vibration is actually sound waves so that is why you heard sound when you received the healing. Everything has a vibration, the finer the sound the more pure the energy, have a look on You Tube about sound waves and watch videos on cymatics, watch as sound vibration creates beautiful shapes in sand and water.