Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A bungalow, bathroom and wolf dream-fields-roads-shed-horror film


So I had an afternoon nap and had the wildest epic motion picture of a dream. We were in a bungalow going through the rooms’ one at a time - it was then I realised that we had actually bought it. Me, my partner his son and my mum and dad (we have spoken about this for a while - buying a large bungalow together)

This part seems to be about how you feel about your own commitment to your nearest and closest family members, you all have a vested interest in each other, you invest your time money and love into these people and they return the favour.  You have bought into each other’s lives if you like. Buying a bungalow is a way for you to see how you need more space in your life to fit everyone in or make time for them equally. You would like to make room for them all but perhaps you realise that to have more time for them all, you would have to invest even more of yourself. You say that you have considered and spoken about buying a bungalow and perhaps this is because you think that if you keep everyone under the same roof then you will find it easier to manage your time between them. 

A bungalow is a one-story building that has no upstairs so this could represent how you feel that you have to find a balance between the energy you are able to give to your family and the energy you have to reserve or keep for yourself. This is a direct reference about sharing your energy with other people and juggling the responsibilities that come from being the main support structure of your family. Buildings are often used in dreams to represent how your life or your own little world is structured. Bungalows reduce the amount of work you have to do so they can be viewed positively, they make life easier for people, although this can mean you have to make cutbacks in order to gain freedom. 

Having everything on one level will mean that you don't have to make the effort of going upstairs, thus saving time and energy. It can also be a reference to 'being on the level' with all the people around you. Being open and honest will also bring you a balance. On a subconscious level, you have probably considered that buying a bungalow for you all to live in together will mean you will ultimately have more spare time and your resources will be shared and therefore the pressure will not be on just one person to keep everything ticking over and evenly divided between the people who need you.

I remember spending a lot of time in the bathroom - looking around it. It was an old bathroom suite - peachy pink and there was a bidet with a shower hose.  My stepson was playing with the hose and splashing the water around. We were laughing but I was telling him off...

The bathroom links with getting rid of negative emotions, getting rid of waste or all the crap that you are holding on to, things that need clearing out and getting rid of. The old bathroom suite shows how you need to update your way of getting rid of negative emotions. The fact that it is peachy can have significance as well, it might be old but it’s still peachy!
The bidet might be a symbol used to highlight your own personal waterworks or reproductive system, perhaps things need a spring clean to get them working at their best, this would be appropriate especially if you were trying for a baby and nothing was happening. Likewise, the shower is an item that helps you to clean and wash away the grime of life.  Baths and showers act as a form of cleansing and regenerating. 

It would seem that your stepchild plays with your emotions, not purposely, of course, highlighted by the fact that he is squirting the water all around and making a mess in the emotions section of your life. I guess you are happy to have him around but he makes you think about having your own child.  

Outside the bungalow, it was very open...

Outside of the tight family unit, things are a bit simpler and more open and easier to deal with on an emotional level.  

To the left, it was very flat and there were other houses and bungalows really well spaced out, but you could see them for a long way off... 

You always tend to look ahead, perhaps you like to know what’s in the future so you can be prepared for all eventualities. This symbol can also show how you like to keep friends and neighbors at a slight distance, not too close and not too far away. The flat area explains that you do not have any problems or bumpy rides with your outer circle of friends and if you do it's quite straight forward because you are not so emotionally involved with them as you are your close family members. This is why the bungalows in your dream are spaced out, to give you some distance between you and the problems of your wider circle of friends. It seems to me like you have enough responsibilities of your own and your energy won't stretch any further anyway so you have to keep the outer circle of friends at a safe distance.

There were lots of fields... 

This might symbolize lots of fields of opportunity, the grass is always greener or so it seems. It could be that life outside of the family is a lot less complicated. 

Green grass and a few hills with woods at the end...
A few obstacles and uphill struggles but not that many. 
The woods of trees in the distance can symbolise that you fear the future, you see it as being more complicated. Woods symbolise being in the thick of things. These symbols correspond to your life outside of your close family circle, maybe your work life or career. It could, of course, represent what you envisage in the distant future.

Other families were in their front gardens and the neighbours were getting in their car, they had just packed up and looked like they were going for a holiday...

You stand by and watch as other families get quality time together to relax, unwind and have fun, you think that they are lucky, carefree and going on their holidays like I said the grass always seems greener on the other side doesn't it?  But it’s probably a misconception of yours that everyone else seems to have it all. Actually what goes on in the back garden would offer a truer picture than the front you see. 

I can see exactly what the neighbor looked like and was wearing. No idea why...

You are adamant that you have a true clear picture of a person and you can sum them and their situation up. But is this a true picture or the façade they create for you to see? Clothes are symbolic for the façade we put on each day, for other people to see. Being nude is laying it all bare. You are seeing what they want you to see, believe me. 

I went towards the woods to check it out and I saw something - curious I went closer - suddenly I realised it was a wolf - a huge (larger than normal) wolf. It was snarling at me, but I wasn't scared that much...

It would seem that you are confident that you can tame the wildest of beast, which is why you had the confidence to keep pushing forward even though you knew the wolf could possibly bite your head off. You are not scared of a challenge and have the confidence to overcome any opposition.

Wild Animals
Wild animals help you to understand the wild side of your own or of other people’s nature or temperament. The side of a personality that acts of its own accord without consideration for everyone else. Wild animals can also help you to understand your own fears in the face of hostility or opposition and to help you prepare a way forward when you are faced with these things in your life. Animals display characteristics that help you to understand the type of person you have to deal with; they also help you to develop aspects of your own personality.

The wolf has long since been used as a symbol for protection and spiritual strength, this stems from the Native American Indians mythology where the wolf symbolises strength and loyalty and are respected for their hunting abilities. 

My heart was pumping hard, but I went closer towards the wolf telling it shhhhhhhh, it's ok, shhhhhh with my hand outstretched. 

Trying to calm or tame the wolf is a way for you to recognise when you have to keep the wolves at bay, you know the saying when the wolves are at your door, you feel as though something is imminent and going to hurt you, it’s like you are waiting for something to go wrong? You could be trying to tame a personality who is larger than life or quieten a problem that is at risk of getting out of control or both.

The wolf looked at me and for a second I thought it was going to calm down, then I turned and ran. The wolf was behind me, snapping at my heels but it never got to me. At one point I realised it couldn't get me and I slowed down – but the wolf stayed there snapping at my heels as I walked...

This is self-explanatory, to have the wolf snapping at your heels means that the larger than life character is always behind you snapping at your heels and keeping you on your toes. 
The wolf could also symbolise a problem that is snapping at your heels, a problem that follows you around, it could be a combination or both. 

Then I noticed a shed to the side of the bungalow, inside the shed it felt like I was watching a horror film. It was weird - Freddie Krugas red and black T-shirt was hanging up and his knife hand - then I saw lots of clips from different horror films in my mind or I was in lots of situations where there was something that reminded me of a horror film?  

Ironically a shed can symbolise something that has to be shed, like the monster within, in this case, perhaps the wolf character needs to shed its wild nature. The knife represents the ability to cause harm, the wolf has the ability to hurt you and you know it, perhaps you know that if the wolf isn't tamed it will be like a horror movie where the heroine or female character will be massacred. Love has the ability to hurt and change the set up you have pondered upon, i.e. buying a bungalow with your partner, his child, and your own mum and dad. If the wolf is symbolic for your partner and his wild side isn't tamed eventually you envisage there will be problems and your perfect idea of family life could be in jeopardy. The horror film is a representation of the fear you have of how things could turn out if the wolf gets you. 

A shed is also a temporary structure used to store the junk that you don’t want in the house, the stuff you don’t really want to acknowledge.

Then I was on a road and watching a car come towards me, but the car was from a movie – it wasn't real life. Two people were trying to drive it at once. 

Being on the road can help you take a look at the path or road you are on from your own standpoint. You view it all as one big movie whereby everyone is just playing out their characters. If you watch a movie you cannot reach in and alter the movie, you cannot change the events that unfold before you. This is how you feel your life is, unchangeable and pre-designed by a director. And you don’t feel like you are the director. Someone else seems to be sitting in the director’s chair.

Two people can’t drive a car at once. This says so much. If you want to make progress you can only choose a direction that suits you. Keep being pulled to and fro will cause problems, you have to have the same aim and direction for it to work in a relationship.

As you can see there are no definitive answers in dream translation, you are still required to make your own choices or perhaps stand back and see how things pan out. Your dream is showing you how you think and feel on an emotional level, and how other people are making you feel. This type of dream isn't predictive or judgemental it is merely an example of how you feel at the moment. The minor details represent the smaller issues you are experiencing, and the major symbols like the wolf and the bungalow represent the larger quandaries in your life and how you feel about them.

Some details are giving you extra information, like the need to refresh and clean out the emotional baggage you are holding on to. And the little message about everything being peachy with your inner feminine workings, even though they are a little older than you would like. 


Thursday, 15 January 2015

Plane departures and letting someone move on


I've been having problems with my relationship with my sister and I dreamed that we were about to take a plane flight. The plane was about to depart without us (not really sure if I was going too) I managed to press an alarm button a few seconds before the plane was taking off. But suddenly my sister fainted, she looked unwell. I lifted her in my arms and took her to an assigned seat on the plane.

I think my father had to pay a lot of money for something, maybe excess baggage. I can't remember, only that I was ready to push that button to stop the plane leaving without her. Can you help me with this dream, please? 

This is quite simple really, it is about your own confusion as to if you want to share your journey with your sister or not, you are not sure if you want to board the plane and share the next part of your life- journey with her, you realise that if you choose to let her go it alone your father will have to pay in some way, maybe you feel he will be upset or disappointed that you have allowed her to go it alone.

Because your sister fainted or was unwell you feel that she is vulnerable and needs looking after, perhaps you think your father feels this way to and partly expects you to watch out for her, it doesn't mean he does expect this but more likely that you feel as though he expects you to look out for her.

Plane flights symbolise things taking off suddenly and they represent a time when changes happen very quickly, they can also represent the distance between two people and the effort involved in getting them on the same page. Planes are often used to symbolise the energy that is needed to lift up your dreams into reality, in this case, though the plane didn't take off, you delayed it so that it would wait for you, you were unsure if to share the journey with your sister or to let her go it alone. You are delaying making a decision. 

Departures represent exactly that, saying farewell and letting someone or something go!
An alarm button tells you that it is time to make changes, alarms help us realise when something has to change, you pushed that button because in your heart of hearts you knew your sister had to leave. Alarms signify that changes have to happen with or with you! 

Excess baggage is exactly that, it is something that will cost you if you carry it with you, you are trying to carry your sister when she needs to fly on her own. It would be detrimental to your relationship and to her own growth mindset if you try to carry/protect her any further. 
Carrying someone means you see them as vulnerable and needing your help, actually what she needs is to learn to be strong and independent.