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Dream about color and laughing

Show your true Colours


I have a friend who lives at distance, she is someone that I love dearly. I have pictures of her in my mind and in my dream I saw two pictures of her. In one of them, she was sat on the armrest of an armchair. I could see her in green colour with a white wall in the background. She was looking at me, laughing. Suddenly I woke up. What does this mean?

Well, your dream creator has sent you a short and cryptic dream, likewise, you haven't given me much to go on, but I'll do my best. You paid particular attention to the colours that you saw in your dream, the green colour she was wearing and the white walls, green often symbolizes healing, renewal and growth, it is a colour that features throughout nature, it absorbs the negative energy out of the atmosphere and releases positive rejuvenated energy. It doesn't really matter what type of green is used, but at least we know that your friend is surrounded by this positive healing energy. White is a pure energy colour that translates a clean slate, new beginnings, a fresh start, etc. Therefore the symbolism from both these colours suggests that renewal, healing and a clean start is needed or at least being offered. 

The armchair is a typical symbol for comfort and support, the condition and type of armchair will be helpful in your translation, but your friend is sitting on the edge which suggests that she is on the edge of something, perhaps she is thinking about something but she isn't completely sure what she is going to do as yet, or perhaps she isn't sure if the type of support that is on offer to her is going to provide for her needs or make her comfortable. 

Incidentally, walls can be used to symbolize barriers or obstacles to get through, your friend has to overcome her own barriers or make decisions that are complicated. A brick wall can be used to represent the notion of talking to a brick wall, but in this case the wall is white so I don't think the wall represents this,  more likely it means that she has to get over her own worries and just start again, she really does have a fresh new start to make. Like a blank artists canvas, she can paint her own picture from scratch when she has allowed healing to take place of course.  

You also saw two pictures of her, perhaps this represents the before and after, one is how your friend was before healing and the second is how your friend is now. Exactly what your friend has gone through I cannot say here because there just aren't enough clues from the dream, but overall her dream is telling her to heal, and that to become more comfortable or happy she will have to just sit back and relax and let nature take its course. She can start again, fresh and new and she must not stress about how it all turns out, and she must not put her own take on how the future will turn out, because the future hasn't been written in stone tablets somewhere, she creates the future herself in the now. Photographs and pictures back this up even more because they are about capturing a moment in time, once captured they cannot be changed, therefore I want to say to your friend that you can't change the past, but you can definitely change the future. 

Oh, and she will probably have the last laugh.


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Archways, gateways, doors, bridges, roads and tunnels

The journey you are on and why you are on it. 

I was watching an NDA experience on You Tube and I was particularly interested in what this lady said about archways and gateways and how in her near death experience they represented a decision point,  she had to choose if to go through the gateway or return to earth, now in dream translation they symbolise pretty much the same thing. They stand as a representation of the in-between decision point, not necessarily about the choice between living or dying but more often in dreams about the choices that are available to you, sometimes the choices that you make cannot be reversed and once made take you in a direction that means you have no way back, but the type of archway, doorway or even bridge and tunnel can help to explain if or not you can reverse a decision or if you can re-trace your tracks. 

Roads are often used to symbolise the current journey you are on, no doubt the road is representative of previous choices that you have made or even failed to make. When you are presented with crossroads you are being shown a point in your life where you are choosing which way to go, you do not have to go through this process if you dont want to, no one is going to force you to make a choice. (unless otherwise shown in a dream) But you are being reminded that you do have a choice and can choose an alternate route if that is what you want to do. 

Choosing the right road is difficult because quite often you cant see whats on the other side of that choice, and if you are are shown in a dream then it will make choosing  easier, of course you would pick the nicest or easiest route, the grass is always greener on the other-side after all. These types of dream symbols will often be used when you have to make informed choices about if to change route or if to stay on the same road that you are on, people dont really like change unless it is going to provide a more pleasant experience.  

Quite often dreams symbols will try hard to show you outcomes whenever they possibly can, especially if an outcome is obvious, but the outcome of a choice is not always known, your dream message can't show you outcomes when that outcome is reliant upon many different factors and also the reactions of other people to a decision that you have made. What you ultimately want is to find happiness on the other side of a choice that you have made. 

Everyone strives to find happiness, but you won't really understand what happiness is if you haven't known sadness and you wont recognize beauty if you haven't met ugly. Therefore to appreciate happiness you must work hard to get there and the choices that you make are not necessarily wrong ones, you are just experiencing as much as you can so that when you find happiness you recognize it and appreciate what it took for you to find it. 

Making choices shouldn't be feared, in the greater scheme of things it doesn't matter what the outcome is, the information you get from that choice will only add to and enhance what you already knew, yes, sometimes it takes us longer to 'get it' and move forward, sometimes it takes us years to learn something, but progress is not a measure of time it is a measure of the person. Never judge where someone else has progressed to by your own measurement of progress, you are experiencing one thing and they are busy experiencing their own journey, it may not be parallel with where you are but it doesn't mean they are not as experienced as you are. You just cant tell from this earthly vantage point. 

Your own dream symbols will inevitably be aimed at helping you understand yourself and the people around you, they will also help you to consider your life's journey in relation to what you came here to do, or to experience. It doesn't matter how long it takes you or how pretty the journey is, time is infinite and so is experience, being happy is a state of mind and not provided by money, other people, or nice things but you will know it when you get there. 

Dreams that require you to make a choice or to choose the next route are not specifically saying that one one road is better than another, they are reminding you that perhaps you have been down this road before, or that your soul would like to experience something new, you have moved on from one experience and learned all that you could, therefore for you to grow in essence you need to move into a new area of experience. 

Archways that are in succession or are linked represent the many choices that you have made or can make in the future, these often lead to the same place, which helps you to understand how it doesn't matter what your overall choice is, it will lead you to the same place anyway. 
Single archways can represent only having one choice available, going backwards or forwards, this can be used to symbolise progression and moving forward into the next phase or returning or going back because there is further work to be done, or that you haven't learned all you needed from an experience. The archway doesn't have a door and therefor helps you to see when there is nothing standing in your way, you can cross over into a new phase easily and as soon as you have decided to do so. 

Doorways help you to understand if a desired route is open or closed to you, as one door closes another one opens. They can be used to symbolise opportunities and how they are only available occasionally, doors will also be used to symbolize the idea of barriers towards your own progression, having to smash open a door to gain entry is a way to understand  when you are trying to break down the barriers that stand in your way. These barriers can be upheld by other people, they can be created from circumstance or they can be your own self created barriers like your own fear which stops you from moving forward. 

Gateways will be used to represent movement between phases, gates are often seen as a gateway to another realm, or between different levels of understanding, gates are also used to symbolise how easily you can move between the different levels of enlightenment. 
The strength and height of a gate will help you understand the barriers or obstacles that you have to deal with in order to gain access to another level of understanding, but they can also be used to symbolise the protection that you have built up around you which protects from negative intrusion.  

Tunnels are often experienced when moving from one level of existence to another, like when the soul moves from heaven too earth or from earth too heaven, basically you can move from one place to another at times when it wouldn't be possible in any other way. Tunnels take us through an expanse of water, (emotional phases), they take us under/over and through ordeals which we wouldn't get through without the support they bring. They literally represent support to help us get through difficult times. Tunnels take us through important transitions, they provide support and protection when we cant find it on our own. They are symbols of spiritual protection throughout transitions which are being made. (You need a time to acclimatize to your new phase of life before you can accept it.)  

Bridges are also seen as support through transitions, the strength and condition of the bridge is often used to represent your own support system or the way you deal with getting over obstacles or getting through difficult phases etc. Reaching the other side of a bridge is a way for you to notice how you have managed to get through a scary experience, life is a scary experience after all. Being high up from solid ground helps to explain when you feel vulnerable and exposed to everything that life has to throw at you, and the bridge is a symbol of support through these time. The support can come in may guises and your family and friends are also represented this way. A bridge over water symbolise support through emotional transitions.
A rope bridge is often used because it can symbolize how strong or weak the support that we have in place is. Rope symbolises the entwining of different features like people whose lives are entwined or situations that are closely linked. If these structures break down  then the way your own life is structured is in jeopardy, how you move through this phase can be explained by the rope bridge dream. 

You Tube Near Death Experience:

To Heaven & The Edge Of Hell - Lessons brought back from Death.

Decision point gate/ archway

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

I think the dream I had was about you!

This is a dream I had some time ago but I haven't forgotten it so I think it might be important maybe. I was visiting a woman's house. It was a two floor small house with paintings.  She was kind of an artist. We went outside to the garden. There was a tree and the the yard was covered by beautiful wild bluebells. Then I looked at the neighbours garden and it was beautiful as well. That's all I remember. After having this dream I thought that this woman might actually be you. She's nobody I can recognise. What do you think? 

Thank you for sending me this dream, it makes a change to translate a dream that is about me, how strange to get a dream sent to me that is about me and how wonderful. Ill tell you something about myself that you might find interesting, when I was at school the only subject that I did well in was art, my art teacher and my other teachers thought that I was two entirely different people because in other subjects I just messed around and made a general pain of myself whereas in art class I was a proper teachers pet, I worked hard because I loved the subject.  Anyway I have always painted and drawn,  people and flowers mostly, and when I first started out on my spiritual quest for knowledge I used to draw people while watching a spiritual service, while the medium was doing their bit on the stage I would draw the spirit people who came through to communicate. Anyway long story short I stopped doing this because I never really felt that my work was good enough and I went into a different spiritual direction anyway. I still paint flowers though and have some hanging on the wall and on plant pots etc. 

I live in a two up and two down little house with a small garden which has a tree on the left and wild bluebells in the spring, my neighbours are both very nice, but I think this symbol relates more to the people who I mix with,  people who share the same spiritual road that I'm on, people such as yourself who have unknowingly sent me a lovely spiritual message about growth and progression. Beautiful gardens symbolise making the most of spiritual gifts, and sharing them freely, nurturing the best of what you have available so that other people can share and appreciate it too. Bluebells are quite scarce and symbolise the scarcity of spiritual beauty.   
Cultivate a garden and it will grow into something beautiful.

Like I said I didn't pay much attention to my English lessons at school and therefore my writing skills leave much to be desired, but I didn't let that stop me writing a book about something that I am passionate about, I just wanted to share what I knew and talk about what I had found out while on my own spiritual journey. I ended up working in a school incidentally (still do) which also leaves minimal time to put my heart and soul into my dream book project. What I have learned is that you can accomplish anything if you really want to. You just have to not care what people think of you and be brave, you have to fail on average ten times before you succeed, but without failure you cannot and will not ever succeed.

Thank you so much for sharing your dream with me, I cant tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to give me such a lovely message. 

Creo que soñé contigo
Este es un sueño que tuve hace algún tiempo, pero como no lo he olvidado, pienso que podría ser importante. Estaba de visita en casa de una mujer. Era una casa pequeña de dos plantas, con cuadros pintados en las paredes. Ella era una especie de artista. Salimos al jardín donde había un árbol y el patio estaba cubierto de hermosos Jacintos silvestres. Miré al patio del vecino y era precioso también. Eso es todo lo que recuerdo. Después de haber tenido este sueño, he pensado que esta mujer podrías ser tú, ya que no es nadie que yo reconozca. ¿Qué te parece?

Gracias por enviarme tu sueño. Es inusual traducir un sueño sobre mí misma. ¡Qué extraño recibir un sueño que es para mí y que maravilloso!
Voy a contarte algo sobre mí que te parecerá interesante. Cuando estaba en el colegio, la única asignatura en la que sobresalía era Artes. Mi profesora de Artes y los demás profesores pensaban que trataban con dos personas completamente diferentes, porque en las demás asignaturas solo sacaba la vuelta y daba pena. En cambio en clase de Arte era la favorita de los profesores, me esforzaba porque me encantaba la asignatura. De todos modos siempre me ha gustado pintar y dibujar, principalmente flores y personas, y cuando empecé mi búsqueda de conocimiento espiritual, solía dibujar gente mientras presenciaba sesiones espirituales. Mientras los médiums hacían su trabajo, yo dibujaba los espíritus que se habían manifestado para comunicarse. Es una larga historia, pero para hacerlo corto dejé de hacer eso porque me parecía que mi trabajo nunca era lo bastante bueno, y me encamine en otra dirección espiritual. Sin embargo, aún pinto flores y conservo algunos cuadros en las paredes.
Vivo en una casa pequeña de dos plantas con un pequeño jardín que tiene un árbol en el lado izquierdo y jacintos silvestres en primavera. Mis vecinos son muy majos, pero creo que este símbolo se refiere más bien a la gente con la que me relaciono, gente que comparte misma mi senda espiritual, gente como tú que sin saberlo me ha enviado un hermoso mensaje espiritual de crecimiento y progreso. Los jardines hermosos simbolizan aprovechar al máximo nuestros dones espirituales  y compartirlos gratuitamente, cultivando lo mejor que tienes para que también los demás puedan disfrutarlo y apreciarlo. Los jacintos silvestres son bastante escasos y simbolizan la rareza de la belleza espiritual. Cultiva un jardín y se convertirá en algo hermoso.
Como te digo, nunca preste mucha atención a mis clases de inglés en el colegio y por eso mis redacciones dejan mucho que desear; pero no he dejado que eso me impida escribir un libro sobre un tema que me apasiona. Sólo quería compartir lo que sabía y hablar sobre lo que había descubierto en mi viaje espiritual. Casualmente termine trabajando en una escuela (y todavía trabajo en una) que me deja poco tiempo libre para dedicarme en cuerpo y alma a mi proyecto de libro del sueños. Sin embargo he aprendido que puedes conseguir cualquier cosa que realmente desees. Sólo tienes que ignorar lo que la gente piensa de ti y ser valiente. Tienes que equivocarte unas 10 veces antes de hacerlo bien, pero sin errores no puedes llegar al éxito.

Muchísimas gracias por compartir tu sueño conmigo, no encuentro palabras para decirte cuanto aprecio que te tomaras el tiempo de enviarme un mensaje tan hermoso.

Learning to love again

Please can you translate these dreams for my friend, she told me them and I thought I would ask you as I didn't know what to make of them. 

Dream 1
She sees herself as a younger woman, and she is in a room alone. Then the door opens and in comes an old woman dressed all in white. (Long white garments and white hair).
This old woman has no legs, so she is floating towards her. The old woman is accompanied by three younger women, also in white and they are carrying three bags.
They take her "Love", "Happiness" & "Friendship", and place each in a separate bag, and then leave. She tries to stop them from taking these away, but to no avail, and the contents of the three bags are given to another woman.

Dream 2
She is standing in a wide and busy Street in New York, USA, and in the street is a machine, where people put in their coin and become filled with happiness and joy, but when she puts in her coin, the machine tells her that her coin has no value

Ok, so she is seeing herself as a young women which tells us straight away that this dream is linked to her past, it is giving her information about something that happened in the past, (which could even link to a past life) I don’t know how she feels about that, obviously some people don’t accept the idea of past lives, although a lot of people do nowadays. 
Anyway it doesn't matter to be honest because this dream is presenting a problem that is still prevalent now, so it doesn't matter that it was originally from a past life or simply from this life, but its still in the past none the less. The scenario is being shown  because it hasn't been dealt with or she hasn't moved on from it. (Sometimes we don't know why we have a problem, especially if it lingers from a past life)

She is in a room alone; this is typical for people who always feel alone even when surrounded by people. The old woman who is floating and all in white is a typical representation of the spirit guide (white being pure and floating telling us that she is in spirit form) The other three women I feel are representing the fractured parts of your friend, I mean the three different facets or the three different parts of her own personality.

Imagine the situation where your best friend runs off with your husband, you lose your friendship, your love and you happiness all in one go, this would break someone apart and they would fracture into pieces and it would then be difficult to put yourself back together again. This damage is done by a woman to a woman, your friend! She tries to stop this happening but to no avail. Then the contents of the three bags is given to another woman, therefore this other women has love, friendship and happiness and your friend has lost them.

Bags hold our baggage in dream symbolism, they hold the stuff that we carry around with us, the things we just won’t let go of, and it is this baggage that stops us moving on.
Now, I can’t say for sure if this type of hurt was experienced in this life or a past life, I don’t even know why I thought past life to be honest, I think because of the four women all dressed in long white gowns which gave me the idea that this didn't happen in this time frame, it is locked into a past existence, but who knows, the three women could represent the fractured personality like I said. Without having your friend in front of me to ask and say that nothing like this happened in this life so therefore it must be a past life I cannot know for sure. But, what we do know is that something caused her to lose three very important aspects of herself and now she has to work hard on getting them back together again.

This next dream gives us some more information and clues, she is standing in a wide busy road, which tells us that her life (and the road/path she is currently on) is busy and is probably fulfilled in many different ways, but she still has this overwhelming inability to find joy and happiness. The fear of being hurt again, or of trusting again, or of losing herself again, would be enough to put anyone off being in a new relationship especially with someone that you actually love, you can be in relationships with people that you don’t love of course because this means that you won’t really get hurt if it all goes wrong. I have known women who have had a few different relationships and enjoyed many aspects of those relationships but didn't really love any of them simply because that would be too risky.

I fear your friend is similar and when someone has been broken by losing someone they  truly love it is very difficult to put yourself back together again and go down that road again. Much safer to have superficial meaningless relationships.
Anyway what I am saying is that these dreams are not predicting the future they are linked to the past. Your friend probably thinks that she 'can’t' love or 'can’t' be happy, but this is not true she simply won’t let herself.

When you put money into something you expect something in return, when you are told that your money is no good what they are actually saying is, it’s not that you can’t have joy/happiness because joy/happiness is actually available for everyone, but that she won’t allow herself to have it just in case she gets hurt again. These dreams are not predicting the future, they are linked to the past. Your friend probably thinks that she can’t love or that she can’t be happy but this is not true she simply won’t let herself. 

Aprendiendo a amar otra vez

Por favor, podrías traducir estos sueños para mi amiga. Ella me los contó y pensé en preguntarte porque no sé cómo interpretarlos.
Sueño 1
Ella se ve a sí misma más joven, sola en una habitación. A continuación se abre una puerta y entra una mujer mayor vestida de blanco (con una prenda larga, blanca y el cabello blanco). No tiene piernas y se aproxima hacia ella flotando. Viene acompañada de tres mujeres más jóvenes, vestidas de blanco también y trayendo tres bolsas. Las tres mujeres toman su “amor”, “felicidad” y “amistad”, los depositan en bolsas separadas y se van. Ella intenta impedir que se lleven las bolsas, pero todo es en vano, y entregan el contenido de las tres bolsas a otra mujer.
Sueño 2
Mi amiga se encuentra de pie en una calle amplia y concurrida de Nueva York, Estados Unidos. En la calle hay una máquina donde la gente introduce una moneda y recibe a cambio felicidad y alegría; pero cuando ella intenta hacer lo mismo, la maquina le dice que su moneda no es válida.

Veamos, ella se ve a sí misma de joven, lo cual indica directamente que este sueño se refiere al pasado, le está dando información a cerca de algo que aconteció en el pasado (podría incluso tratarse de una vida anterior). No sé cómo encaja ella esta idea. Algunas personas no aceptan el concepto de vidas pasadas, pero hoy en día mucha gente lo hace. De todos modos no importa, porque el sueño presenta un problema que afecta a su presente. Es indiferente que el problema se haya originado en una vida pasada o en la actual, de cualquier manera ocurrió en el pasado. Se le presenta este escenario porque no ha solucionado o superado este problema (a veces no sabemos por qué tenemos un problema, especialmente si proviene de una vida anterior).
Tu amiga se encuentra en una habitación a solas. Esto es típico de personas que se sienten siempre solas, incluso cuando están rodeadas de gente. La señora mayor que flota vestida de blanco es una representación típica de un guía espiritual (el blanco significa pureza y flotar, que pertenece al mundo de los espíritus). Tengo la impresión de que las otras tres mujeres representan a tu amiga, más bien tres partes o aspectos diferentes de su personalidad.
Imagina una situación en la que tu mejor amiga se escapa con tu marido: pierdes a tu amiga, a tu amor y tu felicidad, todo de golpe. Algo así destrozaría a cualquiera y resultaría difícil recomponerse. Es una traición de mujer a mujer, ¡de tu amiga! Ella intenta impedir que esto ocurra, pero todo es en vano. Luego el contenido de estas tres bolsas es dado a otra mujer, quien tiene el amor, la amistad y la felicidad que tu amiga ha perdido. Las bolsas contienen nuestro equipaje en la simbología de los sueños, representan las cosas que llevamos con nosotros a donde quiera que vayamos. Cosas que nos negamos a dejar ir y que nos impiden avanzar.
No puedo asegurarte que este trauma le haya ocurrido en esta vida o en una anterior, ni siquiera estoy segura de por qué pienso que se trata de una vida pasada, siendo sincera. Creo que puede ser por las cuatro mujeres vestidas con batas largas, blancas que me hacen pensar que este hecho no aconteció en un marco de tiempo actual, sino en una existencia pasada. Pero quien sabe, las tres mujeres podrían representar la personalidad fragmentada de tu amiga, como te había comentado. Sin tenerla cara a cara para desmentirme que algo así haya ocurrido en su vida actual, y por lo tanto haya ocurrido en una pasada, no puedo saber a ciencia cierta. Pero lo que sí sabemos es que algo ocurrió que le ha hecho perder tres aspectos muy importantes de su personalidad y ahora le toca trabajar duro para recuperarlos.
El siguiente sueño nos da algunas pistas y un poco mas de información. Ella se encuentra de pie en una calle amplia y concurrida, lo cual nos indica que su vida es ajetreada (y el camino en el que se encuentra actualmente). Probablemente se encuentra satisfecha en diferentes aspectos de su vida, sin embargo tiene este impedimento abrumador para encontrar alegría y felicidad. El miedo a ser traicionada otra vez, o de volver a confiar en alguien, o de encontrarse perdida, son suficientes para disuadir a cualquiera de mantener una relación amorosa, especialmente con alguien de quien estas enamorada. Puedes, desde luego, tener relaciones superficiales porque de esta manera nadie te causara daño si todo sale mal. He conocido mujeres que han tenido unas cuantas relaciones amorosas y disfrutado diferentes aspectos de cada una de ellas; pero sin llegar a amar realmente, porque sería peligroso. Me temo que a tu amiga le ocurre algo similar. Cuando una persona ha sido traicionada por alguien a quien realmente amaba, es muy difícil recuperarse y volver a intentarlo otra vez. Es mucho más fácil no involucrarse, teniendo relaciones superficiales sin mayor trascendencia.
De todos modos, quiero dejar claro que estos sueños no predicen el futuro, si no que están ligados al pasado. Tu amiga probablemente piensa que no “puede” amar o ser feliz, lo cual no es cierto. Ella simplemente no se lo permite. Cuando pagas por algo, esperas algo a cambio. Cuando te dicen que tu dinero no es válido, lo que realmente quieren decirte no es que no puedas conseguir alegría y felicidad. La alegría y felicidad están al alcance de todos, simplemente ella no se lo permite por si resultara herida otra vez.

A dream where I went back to school


I was watching myself as a child at school, in particular, one day that I was presenting a ceremony in front of the rest of the school. While I was on the stage, a teacher was next to me helping me with the microphone.  My voice was very low, people could barely hear me. I looked like a pale, very serious child, never smiling. I felt lots of attention in that moment that it made me feel a bit nervous. This moment really happened then and was quite similar to my dream. The only difference was my hair that looked dark and I had a different colour then...strange, isn't it?

Returning to when you were a child at school
Going back to school means that you are still learning about things now that you were learning about back then, you didn't learn a particularly important life lesson the first time. The lesson you seem to be learning all over again is having confidence! You feel insignificant in front of other people, feeling like everyone is looking at you and making a judgment about you. Only your own opinion about yourself is important. 

A ceremony
A ceremony symbolises a celebration or it marks a time when you should take notice of something that is important to you, or when you learn something of value. 
Doing a presentation at school is really scary, it means that you have to develop skills of confidence and communication. These skills will develop the more you practice.

A Stage
Symbolises a stage of life, or the stage that you are at in your life, in comparison to where you want to be, it also represents the idea that you feel vulnerable and scrutinised. Everyone is looking at you and you don't think that you are good enough for them.   

A school is where we go to learn things, at school we learn more than just English, maths, and science, we learn how to relate to people and about different personalities getting on together and about growing up. 
A school also symbolises spiritual learning and life learning. 

A teacher is someone who guides you on the right path, they teach you all about the things you need to know in order to make progress, to help you on your way. Your teacher (or spiritual guide) is helping you with the microphone, therefore she is trying to help you with the way that you communicate with other people. You need to be heard. 

Microphone/ Low voice/Sad and serious
Be heard, your voice is important and needs to be heard, you must say how you feel, keeping quiet means that you will end up having to put up with things that you don't like. 
You stay quiet for a quiet life, but that just means that you will be unhappy, to ensure good healthy relationships you must speak up, you don't have to offend anyone just say it how it is, if people don't like that then that's there problem, real friends will value your opinion and your ability to say what you want. 

Pale and nervous 
This links with your own feeling of insignificance and your lack of confidence. Don't worry about what other people think of you because they are actually too busy worrying about their own problems. 

Hair was a different colour
Your hair was a different colour because you have to change the way that you think, have confidence with who you are, be vibrant, be daring and most of all be happy. 


Un sueño en el que volvía al colegio
Me observaba a mí misma de niña, un día en particular en el que presentaba un acto frente al resto del colegio. Mientras estaba en el escenario, había un profesor al lado mío ayudándome con el micrófono. Mi voz era tan baja que la gente apenas podía oírme. Me veía pálida, era una niña muy seria que no sonreía. Sentía toda la atención puesta en mí en ese momento, lo que me hacía sentir un poco nerviosa. Este momento realmente ocurrió de forma bastante similar al sueño. La única diferencia era mi pelo, se veía obscuro en el sueño mientras que, por aquel entonces, lo llevaba de otro color. Extraño, ¿cierto?

Volviendo a cuando eras una niña en el colegio
Volver al colegio significa que aún estas aprendiendo de cosas que te ocurrieron por aquél entonces. No aprendiste una lección particularmente importante aquella vez. ¡La lección que pareces no haber aprendido es tener confianza en tí misma! Te sientes insignificante frente a otra gente, sientes como si todo el mundo estuviera mirándote y juzgándote. La única opinión que es importante es la tuya propia.

Un acto o ceremonia
Una ceremonia simboliza una celebración o marca un acontecimiento en el que deberías tomar nota de algo que es importante para tí o de alguna lección valiosa que aprendiste. Presentar un acto en el colegio puede ser atemorizante. Para ello tienes que desarrollar habilidades de autoconfianza y comunicación. Estas habilidades mejorarán con la práctica.

Un escenario
Simboliza una etapa en la vida o la etapa en la que te encuentras actualmente en comparación con dónde quieres estar. También representa la idea de que te sientes vulnerable y escrutada. Todo el mundo te mira y no te crees lo bastante buena para ellos.

El colegio es el lugar donde vamos a aprender. No sólo aprendemos Lengua, Matemáticas y Ciencias, también aprendemos a relacionarnos con la gente y a convivir con distintas personalidades, mientras crecemos juntos. Una escuela o colegio tambien simboliza nuestro aprendizaje espiritual y terrenal.

Un profesor es alguien que te guía por el buen camino. Te enseña todo lo que necesitas saber para progresar, te ayuda en tus metas. Tu profesor (o guía espiritual) te ayuda con el micrófono, por tanto te está ayudando con la manera en que te comunicas con las demás personas. Necesitas hacerte oír.

Micrófono / voz baja / triste y seria
Hazte oír, tu voz es importante y necesita ser escuchada. Debes aprender a comunicar cómo te sientes. Quedarse callado significa que terminarás aguantando cosas que no te gustan. Te callas para tener una vida tranquila, pero eso sólo te traerá infelicidad. Para conseguir relaciones saludables tienes que hablar alto. No significa que tengas que ofender a nadie por decir las cosas como son. Si a alguien no le gusta, ése es su problema. Los verdaderos amigos valorarán tu opinión y capacidad para expresar lo que quieres.

Pálida y nerviosa
Esto va ligado a tus sentimientos de inferioridad y tu falta de autoconfianza. No te preocupes por lo que los demás piensan de tí, ellos están demasiado ocupados preocupándose por sus propios problemas.

Cabello de diferente color
Tu cabello era de distinto color porque necesitas cambiar tu manera de pensar, tener confianza en tí misma, vibrar, atreverte y, por sobre todo, ser feliz.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Problems with shutting the spirit world out.

Please can you help me, I keep on having nightmares and my little dog keeps staring at things in my room when there is nothing there, I see and sense all sorts of things and its really getting me down. In my nightmares I see snakes, and demons and things like this, I have tried all sorts of different things to stop all of this but nothing works. I also get really down because I can always feel other people's pain and suffering. I'm like a sponge just sucking up everything around me. I also call on Jesus to take these things away but it still carries on. 
What can I do?

Ignorance is bliss, that’s why people who are closed off to the spirit world or anything that is unseen are unaffected by what goes on around them. There are all number of people, animals, angels, good souls, bad souls, even alien energies etc and they all have different energy vibrations and rest assured they are all around us all of the time, these unseen energies come and go if and when they want to, (with some restrictions here and there) and for many different reasons, not always because they want or need to interact with us, what I mean is they don’t necessarily want to communicate with us personally, they are just there, or passing through. Like I said if you are not-sensitive all this coming and going is still going on, but because non sensitive people don’t see, sense, or hear anything other than what they can physically touch and see, they are therefore protected by their own ignorance. 

Unfortunately people who are ultra sensitive and open minded to all energy vibrations are not protected by this ignorance. This means that they try all number or weird and wonderful ways to protect themselves from seeing, hearing and sensing all the unseen energy vibrations that were there all the time, even before they developed their own spiritual awakening. Children and animals are naturally still very much connected to these vibrations because they haven’t been disconnected from their own natural psychic abilities. As they grow they disconnection from this ‘knowing’  because the adults around them tell them it is in their imagination, the children who see everything as it really is also find it difficult to make sense of the world around them and so they begin the process of blocking it out, most are quite successful, but some do not let go of their abilities and carry them through to adulthood, usually because they intend in later life to use their gift to help other people wake up from their own ignorance. In this case they do eventually get use to it and are not phased by anything they see or sense anymore, it just becomes normal. They have acclimatized and adjusted over time to the unseen world as well as the solid, physically constructed world. 

The difficulty starts when things get too heavy or when the things that you see, hear and sense become too much, it all feels scary and weird especially if you have developed your gift later in life, you haven't acclimatized yet, so you just want to turn it all off and who would blame you; after all there are some pretty strange things out there for sure. 
The on and off button in our mind is not some weird and wacky chant that you have to use, it is not visualizing a white energy force surrounding and protecting you, it is not splashing holly water all around a room and doing handstands in the corner. There is no secret or special way of protecting yourself from seeing what your eyes see, from hearing what your ears hear or from sensing what your senses sense, no more than you can stop yourself from tasting food, or burning yourself if you put your hand in a fire.

Actually the secret is quite simple for creating protection around yourself and I will try to explain how.

Before I get messages from anyone saying that their method of creating protection by sprinkling holly water all around the house does work and has been proven to work, let me say that the water or the sage or the salt is merely a physical blocking device that would never work on its own, it is actually the prayers that are said when arranging these gimmicks that provides the protection from what you view as negative energy. 

Negative energy will withdraw or back-off when a person asks for protection from the most divine positive power that there is. God is the purist most divine and the strongest power that exists anywhere in the universe, God is the universe, God is everything in its purest form. To be protected by God you have to actually ask, prayers are that asking. But, and here is the annoying bit, let’s just think about what you are asking God to actually do. You are asking to stop hearing everything, to stop seeing everything, to stop having sense. Would you ask not to taste anything ever again, not to be told the truth ever again, to be blind and stupid? I doubt it. Perhaps what you are asking for is to just see some bits, the nice bits please, take away the truth and give me a half truth that is warm and comfortable, one that I can live with. 
Somewhere in the middle (balance) is the best place to be. Therefore what I am trying to say is ask properly, be precise and say what you mean and mean what you say. 

Do this whenever you see, hear or sense anything negative, just say “Dear God, please protect and keep me safe from negativity” when that’s done move on and do your washing up, do normal everyday things and do not fear that you have protection all around you. Just put your mind in the ignorance is bliss zone where you just get on with your day without fear. Fear and stress is an energy that adds to and energizes negative energy, so being able to walk away and control your mind enough to move on to something interesting and less stressful is part of the secret in being able to turn off your psychic tuning.

An interesting and important thing to mention here is that I have found quite often that negative energy is actually built up from your own response to what you see or sense, you might consider something scary or be convinced that there is something negative in your home, in actual fact it could have been an innocent visitor but your fear compounds and takes over so therefore you are actually dealing with your own built up energy.

Poltergeist is a phenomenon whereby an energy will build up and build up and then disperses randomly in the atmosphere around the people who created it. you add the fear energy to the pent up energy being released (usually by a young person) this creates an even stronger volatile energy which will need an outlet. Add to this the fear of anyone else in the family who is privy to the poltergeist activity and you can see why it is difficult to control and dispel.  Many people often think that poltergeist energy is a demon or someone bad in the spirit world creating chaos around them but when you explain that this always so and take the time to explain the logic to them, their fears diminish immediately which then brings harmony and balance back to the energy around them. Spirit manifestations can of course  connect and use the created energy to do some things like throw objects around but take away the energy and they cant use it. Therefore take away the fear and you take away the power! 

What you are learning to do is not be bothered of affected by anything that you see, hear or sense, if you see a demon 20 times, in the end you just say god bless you demon and carry on doing the washing and ironing.
A monster is only a monster because of your own fear of it.

Overall, the combination of a prayer and an attitude that isn't frightened or bothered about anything it sees or senses combined with the ability to simply ignore the spirit world when they get too much will eventually create a balance that you need. Honestly, the more you stress over these things the worse they get, the living world is important too and concentrating on that will provide the peace that you want. I know it will seem wrong for me to say this but you have to stop caring to some degree, just remember that like I said at the very beginning all those scary things were already there before you looked and noticed them, they couldn't hurt you then and they cant hurt you now, only your own fear can do that.
As spiritual people we are always training, the experiences you are having are helping you learn to take control and manage all the things that you see and hear, as the manager you will and must become accustomed to seeing everything, and being able to carry on your normal life without fear, your dreams about snakes and demons literally represent your own fears, and being able to overcome them. Face your fears and these dreams and experiences will diminish. Like I said if you meet a monster everyday, in the end you will get to know that monster and come to realize its not scary anymore.