Monday, 19 May 2014

Being chased


Being Chased

I was inside a house, I can't remember if it was mine or not. Somebody was trying to get in the house and I knew that he wanted to kill people. I was locked inside a room inside the house and somebody was banging on the door very loudly. In the end I jumped from the window and fell into a canal that was outside, but I didn't feel any pain. I was trying to swim as quickly as I could but it was hard.  When I got out of the canal I took different paths many times and I jumped over things but it ended up that I couldn't escape from the city. 
I could also see the underground of the city, its tubes and pipes. 

Someone breaking into the house is a way for you to acknowledge that you are vulnerable, but exactly in which way you are vulnerable only you can decide, perhaps you view men as a danger to you, and maybe you feel that they can hurt you. This is why you are trying to escape. You then jump out of a window and straight into a canal. The canal symbolises the emotional restrictions that you put in place in order not to get hurt. You think that you must keep your emotions contained and in check in order to survive. Trying to swim in a dream happens when you are finding it difficult to cope under emotional stress. 

Next, you take many different paths which symbolise the different routes, paths and relationships that you can choose between, all of these choices come with a certain amount of risk and uncertainty and because you do not know exactly where they will lead, you see this as a threat and want to run away from it. Jumping over things symbolise you having to get over obstacles, (you actually create the obstacles yourself, they are the barriers that you try to put up between you and men.

The underground city is a way to explain that it is what goes on underneath the surface that needs to be understood. Until you can acknowledge what is really going on under your own emotional surface you will not be able to move forward, it seems that it is the fear of the unknown that frightens you the most.

Being chased happens in dreams when you are aware that something is catching up with you and action is needed on your part, you must deal with your own emotional baggage before it takes over.


Dreams about Boats and Fish


I dreamt I was in a small boat with someone and we could see big fish swimming in the sea. We were discussing what kind of fish they were.

The fish can represent choices that you have to make. They can sometimes symbolise a lover, which comes from the saying “plenty more fish in the sea”. There are many types of personalities out there and it is for you to choose the right one for you. Fishing helps to describe how we don't really know what we are going to get, we take a chance with every new relationship because we never really know a person until we have spent some time with them. New relationships require that you take a chance.

Big fish might be trying to portray someone important who makes a big impact in your life, but it could equally be someone with a big ego or a big personality. Fish can be slippery customers and not always easy to catch, they can also be used in dream language to describe a Pisces person or certain traits of that star sign.

The boat represents emotional resilience and being able to make better choices when you are not emotionally attached.
Boats symbolise buoyancy, they can be used to represent how you are moving through an emotional phase, they can also represent your own ability to stay afloat emotionally or possibly financially. The condition of the boat is often used to describe the condition of your own skills and ability to negotiate and ride the waves of life. The type of boat should also be considered in your dream translation because it can also help to describe your defence system or the condition and force of your own personality and the tools you are equipped with when you have to function, think and calculate on an emotional level. Boats are what stop us from drowning in our emotions, they are therefore used to symbolise help, support and a barrier from being all consumed by our own or other people's emotional baggage. 

The sea helps to give you clues about the external sources which affect you emotionally. You are on the sea which could help you understand how you feel 'all at sea' because everything seems unpredictable and there are so many unknown factors involved in making a decision that you don't know where to start.

Floating gives you a sense of relaxation and contemplation, a smooth ride, a time to think about and make difficult choices. There is no reason to rush into any decisions you make.


Monday, 12 May 2014

Astral Travel Dreams and Experiences


I had another kind of astral travelling last night. I went to my mother’s house during the night and went to sleep with her, I saw her crying, rubbing her eyes. I asked why she crying. She said she had a cold. I haven’t seen my mother for a long time, can you tell me about why I astral travelled to her?

Coldness can symbolise loneliness in dreams, perhaps your mum is telling you that she feels lonely rather than unwell. Your soul probably went to her in her time of need. 

We Astral travel when there is a need that takes precedence over the other things in our life, a time when we need to understand that we can leave our body and that our soul is not tied to the earth even though our body is. You are able to travel anywhere you like and it takes no time at all.
Our spirit body/soul acts in the same way in the spirit world and can travel through obstacles and over great distances of time and matter in just a thought, it can also be in many places at the same time. 

A person may have small astral travel dreams intermittently throughout their life, whereby they visit a loved one who lives far away, simply for the fact that they need contact with that person, this is not unusual especially for people who love each other, love provides the energy needed for the contact to occur. Love also provides the energy needed for the soul to pull away (although not disconnect) from the body and travel wherever it is needed or wherever it is pulled or required to do something. Love is also the catalyst for ensuring we return to our body after astral travelling.  

Another reason astral travel dreams occur is so that you can travel to help or heal another soul, the person/soul may or may not reside on the earth. They may also be leaving the earth to go to the spirit realm (death) and you could be helping them make that transition. It isn't uncommon for some people to help or aid other people through this transition regularly. In other words, they have the type of personality and skills that are utilized to assist other people and help guide them from this world into the next. This requires a strong personality because this job is difficult to do, especially when you consider the type of deaths that can occur.

A type of hand over is needed at the time of death, a living soul hands a transcending soul over to someone who is in the spirit world. This way no soul is ever alone when they die, there is someone with them at every single phase of their passing. The astral traveller who hands the soul over also ensures that the person who is leaving the earth does not feel pain or fear and moves gently into the spirit realm no matter how traumatic or untimely their death is. Their energy is used to support the transcending soul.

In this case, the energy needed for travel to occur is provided and drawn from need! The energy can be increased and provided much more easily if prayer has asked for it and this is useful in cases where the death is expected.  

Astral travel dreams also occur when a person needs a rest from their body, maybe they are in constant pain and simply need a break from the pain. There is no physical pain in the spirit realms so it is an ideal place to have a short break from your body, you can experience true freedom this way as well.

Sometimes we astral travel for no particular reason and simply because we need to understand and remember that we are a spiritual being first and foremost. We are not simply body and mind, but mind body and spirit. It is our spirit that leaves the trappings of earth and true freedom is experience through flying around and realizing that when you leave your body you still actually exist as a separate entity than your body.   
Everyone is reminded of this at some stage in their life, but usually, they do not take any significant meaning from the experience. They treat it as a flying dream and no more.

Drugs can trigger an astral travel experience but in this case, it is dangerous because the soul might have difficulty getting back into the body. Under normal circumstances a soul is assisted by guides and helpers in the spirit world, they help and sometimes force a person back into their body when the time is right; they also ensure that the chord connecting the soul and body is not broken during the experience so that re-entry is possible. When a job has been completed or when the experience has been acknowledged full reconnection between soul and body is pretty simple. When someone has left their body un-supervised perhaps through the use of drugs it can be really hard for them to re-enter the body, and this is when death occurs.

The reason we do not experience astral travel very often is that when we are free from our body we simply do not want to return to it. Our soul understands that the spirit realm is the true home and will happily stay there regardless of who is being left behind on earth. The true soul understands that everyone will end up in the spirit realm (true home) eventually, so is always reluctant to return to the body. This is why spirit helpers and guides must be on hand to force (probably not the right word) any soul back when it’s becoming clear that they do not wish to return to their body and the earthly life. Short astral travel experiences are common for this very reason, the longer you are out of your body the less likely you are to want to return. Near-death experiencers often relay the wish to stay in their soul form and not come back to their body. 

An Astral Travel Experience. 
I was going to sleep when all of a sudden I saw light in my minds eye instead of the darkness as you would expect when your eyes are closed I began to focus and look around me and I realized I had left my body and I was actually somewhere else, but I was still in my house and I thought how pleased I was to get out of my body again, (this has happened before) Anyway, I was excited because I knew I could fly now and would be able to go wherever I wanted. I remember looking in a mirror in my hallway and being confused when I couldn't see myself, it was an odd sensation, to say the least. 

I rose up to go through the door and I remembered that I could go through the closed door and could move through physical objects. I loved the sensation of flying and of passing through objects that were in my way. I was relieved to be out of my body and free. 

I was flying around aimlessly it seemed with no real destination when without intent I arrived in many different places, one minute I was in one place and then I would be somewhere else. I instantaneously jumped from one place to another, there were people present, it was like I had just landed in their house, took a look and then immediately went somewhere else. I didn't know any of the people that I visited, I knew they were all over the world because I couldn't really understand their language but I could get the gist of the things they were saying. These pop in visits were random and I can't for the life of me find a valid reason for some of the visits, although on two of the random visits I helped babies who looked to be in trouble. One baby was being squashed by her sleeping mum and I had to push the mum off her, I was able to move the mum with a mixture of mind power and physical force, next I went to another random bedroom where I stood in the doorway and a little girl jumped when she saw me standing there, she was blue in the face and I could see she was choking so I picked her up and hit her on the back to help her clear a blockage in her airways, she was shocked but hugged me afterwards. 

Next, I was transported somewhere else but I knew this place wasn't on earth, it seemed like a school, (I think it was the learning levels of heaven or the spirit realm) there were people everywhere coming and going and doing who knows what. They couldn't see me but then I notice a bearded man who could see me. I asked him if he could see me and he said he could, so I asked how come because I was fully aware that he shouldn't be able to. He just said "God Bless" and walked off. 

I found myself in the school playground alone and decided as I didn't want to go back to my body yet I would entertain myself by dancing, somehow music was being played and I just danced and danced and was able to do manoeuvres not possible with a human body, I suppose I was still flying really so it was a flying dance. It seemed like I danced through about ten different songs and it seemed to go on forever. I was completely happy and contented.

All of a sudden my mum came out of the school building into the playground and she came up to me, she looked so young that I was shocked and I said to her that she looked amazing, she asked me if I was sad? I said, "what are you talking about of course I'm not sad, why should I be"? 

She said, "your leg is hurt and what about the house"? I looked down at my leg which had a massive gash in it, it wasn't bleeding or hurting but I could see it was badly damaged. I looked back at my mum and said: "what about the house, whose house.? what are you talking about and please hurry up and tell me because they are going to make me go back in a minute and you haven't got long to explain."

Before I could get a full explanation from my mum I was forced back into my body, against my will it seemed because I certainly didn't want to go back. I woke up with a start, I sat up in my bed and cursed and cursed because I didn't want to return to my body, I lay down and desperately tried to go back to sleep so I could escape the trappings of my body and earth again. I was angry that I was back in my body and also angry that I wasn't given all the information that I needed, I was told that I had hurt my leg but not what was wrong with the house or whose house they were talking about. 

What was really different about this astral travel dream is that I seemed to be out of my body for a very long time, I had some control over it but the places I went seemed to be controlled by someone else and I flit from one place to another randomly and mostly without reason. I suppose it could be called remote viewing but I like a reason for everything. I can understand why a visited the babies who needed help but the rest seemed random and for no reason at all. 

I was also frustrated because I was told something was wrong but not given any more information and was then dragged back into my body against my will.  I honestly would have stayed out of my body, I love my family more than anything but I was totally aware that their spirits belonged there too (the spirit realm) so I wouldn't have been leaving them, I was really angry at being forced back into my body against my will. It seems that the longer I was out my body the less I wanted to get back in. 


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Dreaming of Home


Last night I dreamed I was in Chile (my hometown) and I was with my sister, I was riding a motorcycle with her. It was difficult to drive it but I managed and I drove through the streets, but there were too many people there and they made it difficult to keep going.
I have been constantly dreaming of my home town, flying over it, or walking the streets in the city and also with my sister, riding bikes or motorcycles.
Do you think all dreams have a message or some of them not?

In dreams we return to our home or hometown when we have left something of ourselves there, this could be happy memories or loved ones, it can also be because it was a place and time that we felt free and not tied down by responsibilities.
Home is where the heart is. These places are also where we start our journey and in your dream, the journey is an important symbol and the motorbike symbolise the resources you have available in order to move forward and make progress with the direction you have chosen.

The motorbike or cycle is a single person mode of transport and this helps you understand when the journey you are on is one which you must travel alone. I do not mean that you are alone in the sense of being single, but that what you are learning and experiencing in life is something that you alone must negotiate and learn to come to terms with. This might link with the fact that you have had to leave your own town or country; this can be a lonely experience which people around you will not truly understand. They say home is where the heart is and living in a new town or country and having to leave family and loved ones behind can bring personal anguish which is difficult for other people to fully appreciate.

In your dream you drove the motorbike and although you did find it difficult you managed to ride it and at the same time keep your sister on track as well. This explains how you have previously chosen a route or path for your life to take and at times you have wondered if it was the right choice, but you carried on regardless. You have also maintained closeness with your sister even if you are not living close to her now. The fact that you keep returning to her in your dreams means that you still want and need her in your life and are not fully ready to give that bond up. 
In your dream, there are many people that block your way forward and this could be symbolic for the people in your life who stand between you and where you want to be.
Flying to your home town is simply a way for you to astral travel there.
What you need to work out is why you want to keep returning home, have you fully come to terms with your new life elsewhere?

In another stage of that dream, there was a concert in the town. I think somebody told me there were only two tickets left. A friend of mine was going and I told him to meet me in the city centre but he told me it would be impossible to find each other with so many people there. I think I finally went on my own but the concert didn't sound good at all.

hen I wanted to take my father for a meal. I thought of a Mexican restaurant which was very cheap and the food was good. Suddenly we were in the restaurant but the food looked like burgers with sauce. Talking to the people at the shop we found out that the owner had died in the shop not long ago. We went out with our food and then I decided it would be better to leave it in the car while we were going somewhere else.

This is perhaps a continuation from the first part of the dream, the concert wasn't all it was expected to be, now, this can either symbolise the fact that the journey you have chosen isn't all that you expected, or that returning home wouldn't be all that you think it would be. Not being able to find your friend with so many other people around is also simple to understand because it explains how you are concerned that you will not be able to see your true friends any more because of all the other people who take up time and place in your life. Moving away from the security of old friends into the new big wide world so to speak!

Later you wanted to take your father for a meal which symbolises wanting to be able to take care of him and provide what he needs to be happy and content, the food you are provided with does not provide what you both want, or in other words you feel unable to provide for your fathers needs any more. You didn't expect this to be the case but unfortunately, this is how it has all worked out.

Shops and restaurants and places like this symbolise places where we go to get what we want or need and the fact that the shop/restaurant owner had died is kind of telling you that this stage of your life has died or past its time in your life. You have now got to move forward and accept the changes that have happened. 

You are trying desperately to cling on to your old life while at the same time move forward with the new one. You want your family and old friends to be part of your new life but find it increasingly difficult to maintain this idea.