Monday, 15 February 2016

My mum was looking after a celebrity


Celebrities can sometimes be used as a symbol for someone close to you, its a way of telling you to celebrate this person, or they might be used in a dream because you admire or respect them for what they do. Its down to the dreamer to work out who is being cast as the celebrity, in this case, its mum's husband. 

My mum's dream
I dreamt I was kind of an assistant for a very famous celebrity (could be a singer) but it's not anyone I can recognise in my daily life. I was kind of preparing the room where this person was going to give a press conference, taking all the paparazzi’s / journalists to his room. I was close enough to him to ask for a couple of autographs, he gave me them in fabric handkerchiefs. I put them in my pocket but then I lost them. I asked my brother where they were, he said that he had kept them safe in a wooden box on a shelf. He asked me for 10 pounds to keep them in there. I agreed because it wasn't a lot of money. I knew it was safe but I kept worrying someone may steal them.

This seems to be referring to mum's fond memories, being as she doesn't know the famous person I would say the celebrity is probably a substitute for her husband (your dad) when he was young and well known among friends and family. Perhaps he was admired for his talents not necessarily as a singer but for other artistic talents. Maybe connected to his voice, like being able to talk the talk or his negotiating skills. Maybe people just listened to him, so the dream used the singer symbol for these reasons. Your mum fell in love with this person and the autographs being kept in fabric handkerchiefs helps her to see how she is keeping her memories safe and trying not to lose sight of who your dad was at the beginning of her life with him.
She asks your brother to keep the autographs safe in a wooden box, and she is even prepared to pay him to do this. Is your brother still living close to your dad? Perhaps she wants him to look after him a bit more but doesn't trust that he will do this unless she pays him.
The box being left on the shelf could symbolise how she feels that dad has been left on the shelf while she has moved on, although her heart is still with the person she originally fell in love with at the beginning. She also feels boxed in. 

When the celebrity’s show had finished I found myself in an office. I introduced myself and he told me his name was "Emilio" and we shook hands. I said I was pleased to meet him. He was leaving but never left my hand. Then he came back and looked at me in the eye and said "could you wait for me for some time" I thought, why would someone so important would pay attention to me? Plus what did he meant for "some time"? I replied "I will wait for you in England".

That's the end of the dream

In a way, your dad is saying that he will be that young virile happy and admired person again one day perhaps in heaven and he wants her to wait for him. Mum is telling him that she will wait for him but she will wait in England. So I guess perhaps he is trying to say he is ready to pass to the spirit world one day, he knows he will become the person he once was and he is pleased about this. He knows that mum needs to be in England and he is ok with that.
This dream seems to be telling mum that it is ok he understands that it has to be this way.

My dream
I dreamt I was leaving everything in my life to go and spend my father’s last years with him. He was going to die. I think I even saw my deceased grandmother in the dream. I felt so sad because of how real it felt, my dad is 76 years old and I can't be with him in his last years. It's not the first time I have dreamed about it. A long time ago I dreamt that my dad had given up on life like he didn't want to live anymore.

What do you think?

I think you should look at your mum's dream because he is telling you both that he understands why you are here in England and he will be happy to move on into spirit when his time comes. He yearns to be the superstar he once was to you all, he knows you worship him and he will always be there for you both in your dreams and by your side when you need him. He cannot do those things on the earth plane because his body will let him down, but in spirit, he will be all those amazing things again so when his time comes you must picture him as a young artistic wordsmith who is adored by all who meet him.   

Find some peace both of you because dad will be with you all the time when he is in spirit and he will be happy to be there. These dreams do not mean that he is going away any day soon but the dream was given for preparation for such a time.