Monday, 31 August 2015

A dream about being in a tall building and trying to escape a Tsunami


I was in a tall building somewhere in London, I knew there was going to be a tsunami. I went through the building trying to find a way out but every exit led somewhere else and then when I did find windows they were all double glazed so I still could not get out. I could see the sea getting higher and closer, I eventually found some people but I felt they were after me for being in the building. At last I found my way out, but the sea was coming in great big waves each wave getting bigger and bigger until it just enveloped me. I had to wake myself up.

A tsunami nearly always symbolizes emotions that are overwhelming and are fast in their approach, this might represent a time when you have no way of escaping events that are driven by powerful emotions. These emotional turmoils can be destructive and leave a mess to clear up and these types of dream can show you how emotions that are not released regularly will build up and overspill all in one go. 
Too much water simply equates to too many emotional issues to deal with, this usually causes an over-spill. 

The tall building can help to explain a few different things, maybe you always felt that you are above your emotions and that you are in control of them? You are aware now though that actually you are not and they are fast taking over. Being unable to escape the building is a simple way to explain being unable to escape your own predicament and not being in control of the outcome when your emotions are released. 

The doubled glazed windows are a representation of how you see things, you are steadfast in your beliefs and see things in your own way, but this insight cannot protect you from yourself and stop you from feeling overwhelmed. They say that windows are the eyes of the soul and in dream language they are often used to express how you see things in a spiritual sense, your double glazed windows can represent the protection you have against the world outside, it can be protective as I said but it can also stop other people from getting in and helping you. The people in your dream also back up this idea, you say that you felt they were after you just for being there. 

The people in your life or in your current set up (buildings can symbolise how your life is structured at the moment) are there for you but they also cannot protect you from yourself and how you feel. Perhaps you feel that they expect you to be strong and in control all of the time because they need you to be that way, but you can't be that person all of the time. In your dream you feel that the people are after you because you are not in the right place, you are not in the right place in your mind or emotionally speaking. 

There are times in our lives when other people cant help us feel better, you have to go through things on your own as it is your own learning. Being enveloped by the sea is symbolic for being overcome by mixed and confusing emotions. All I can do to reassure you is say that you will not drown, you will swim like crazy as you always have until your feet are firmly on solid emotion ground. 


Saturday, 29 August 2015

Dreaming about travelling to a country that you have never been to


I was traveling to a small island in Greece (I’ve never been to Greece). I was going there because my grandfather or great grandfather had been killed trying to protect that island and had been honored with a post mortem royalty title (I’m not aware of any Greek relative in my family). I wanted to find out if I could get any kind of benefit for being his relative, but apparently not. I visited his house. The rest of the dream was about a rivalry between 2 gangs on the island and I feared for my life. I felt safe once I left it. Do you think it could be a past life dream?

My first thoughts about this dream is to remind you that quite often our dreams relay messages of duo meaning, overlapping information which comes from the past but is also appropriate for the now or the future. Family members who have passed to the spirit world can convey experiences they have had in their own lives through our dreams, grandparents are legendary at telling their grandchildren stories of moral dilemma and they can still do this from their current vantage point in spirit. Your dream could, of course, be a past life dream and its purpose is to remind you that you have to earn your own entitlement, family ties and wishing things were different are not enough for you to succeed, you have to build up your own allies and strong links for a project to be a success.

The symbolism in the dream might help you to unravel this mystery. 
Travelling to a country where you have never been before or have no links with represents starting out on a journey that is new and uncharted, you haven’t been through this before and you haven’t got the contacts and support you need in order to feel secure, therefore you have to be more prepared and gather more information. Your reason for going down this road not traveled before is one of virtue, you wish to protect someone or something, maybe keep a family together or keep the family values alive.

You visited your grandfather’s house in your dream and that is the same as him saying “take a look at my life and use the knowledge to be wiser and worldlier.”
The rivalry might represent family rivalry and opposition which you understandably would rather not deal with or be a part of. Two sides battling with each other is an easy enough symbol to translate.

If this dream is based on your relative’s life or if it is a reflection of your own past life it doesn't really matter, the reason for reviewing it now is to help you understand your own journey at this time and to help you build up your own resources to deal with whatever new venture you have going on in your life.

Sometimes dreams are taken from a life experience bank or in other words spirit use the experience bank and show you somebody else's life experiences if the information is important for you.