Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A dream about going through a door and an old school friend


In my dream I am with a school friend (A girl) who I have not seen since we were 6 to 10 years of age at school,  in the dream, she has on a pink dress and blonde hair and she is a mature woman. Someone told us that we need to go through a door, but the door leads only to a great chasm, I said to my friend that we will not go through that door, but we should go in the other direction, but another person, (unrecognised) is gesturing us both to go through the door, as if the person wants us dead. We do not go through the door. I wake up in a sweat and I have been nervous for the last two days.

Doors often represent different opportunities or choices that are available to you and a chasm represents a great divide or void, it helps us recognize when a choice we make can lead us nowhere, and feeling as though that choice or opportunity will lead to certain death is just another way of acknowledging that this direction will lead to a dead-end. Dream symbols often use puns to get a message over. So this dream is translating the message of a dead-end opportunity, the dream is not relaying the message that you will die if you make the wrong choice so calm those nerves.  
Dreams are often misinterpreted and taken literally and people do get nervous when dream imagery is clear, easily remembered and uses death imagery, but often this is done so that you don't make the wrong choice and also when you are not listening to your own instincts. 
The first part of the dream where you have met up with an old friend from school wants you to recognize how you have matured and grown up, you need to look back and see how far you have come, the chasm or abyss can also link with the great divide between who you were then and who you are now. You were a small child at school and now you are a mature woman, your own life learning (because you have mentioned school) has developed and grown from all the life experiences you have had so far. In your dream your instincts tell you not to go through that door, you know it will be a dead end. Even if someone else tells you to go through it, you are not that silly now you are longer in the tooth (wiser). 

The act of going through something in a dream, like going through a door represents the experiences you yourself go through, in a way you are saying I am not going through all that again. 'I'v been there and done that and my wisdom tells me I'm not going to do it all again'. 

What section of your life this dream is referring I cannot say, quite possibly it will link with work, career, friendships or relationships with colleagues because it has used the symbol of a school friend. I do not feel it links with intimate relationships as
other imagery could have represented those situations better. School is often used to symbolise working relationships, people who you would share the academic or career-type journey. A school is a place where we work alongside people who we share our learning with so it could also represent people who you share a spiritual learning journey with. Maybe an avenue of spiritual learning is a dead end for you, you have progressed passed what it can offer you. 

Another symbol you have mentioned is that your friend was dressed in pink, this is a nice symbol, when someone is 'in the pink' it means they are happy and doing well. Pink is a friendship color. Being tickled pink means that you are really happy about something. 
Friendships can be more far-reaching than we ever realize, we can know someone for a relatively short time but they have a great impact on us
Sometimes, friends, we haven't seen for a very long time pop into our dreams to say hello or offer support just like they would have when you were friends years ago. 

I once had a dream about someone I hadn't seen for years and years and in the dream, I was really pleased to see them and we just said Hi and she told me how she was doing. We had no chance of meeting in real life as she had moved to the other side of the world, but in dreams, distance is no obstacle. 

Therefore I conclude that your dream was a reminder to remember how far you have come, don't waste your time on dead end opportunities that will lead you nowhere particularly useful. Use your own instincts to guide you in another direction which will bring positive opportunities your way. And it doesn't matter if you haven't seen someone for years and years, on a spiritual level you can still support them and help them on their journey. You and your friend have probably shared a similar life journey.