Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Valley Hills Mountains


Mountains and Valleys/Candycane 

I dreamt I was in the middle of a valley and I saw some big hills with red and dark brown rocks, more like a mountain really but there were no trees. I am talking with a few friends and suddenly we heard a strange sound like big giant bells were falling down. Everybody started running and screaming... but I stood frozen and then the bells/balls (I couldn't tell to be honest) hit a red car, inside the car was a man or somebody anyway, the balls had destroyed them. It was very fast and when the ball hit something else it became like a lightning ball with electricity that was blue and sparkling. All the balls were passing near me but not even one touched me. A boy appeared and asked me how it was possible that I had escaped unharmed. I didn't know, but then he said “perhaps it is what you hold.” In my hands I had a candy cane with mint pastilles, (I often eat them) but on the front of the can was written a Latin sentence. I don’t remember the words, now but I understood that it was my protection so I said to him if you need help you must let me know. 

A valley is another symbol for being in the middle as it happens, a valley runs through hills and mountains, it is a symbol for how you can get through difficult times, the hills and mountains symbolise tough obstacles to get over or tough times to get through. The ‘valley’ symbolises the route that you take through stubborn problems. It shows you that there is a way forward for you which will bring you out the other side of your troubles. The hills and mountains can be symbolic for how big you feel your problems are and not a representation of how big or small they actually are. Dreams often tell you how you are feeling and not how things are. Your thoughts and feelings are put into symbols instead of being put into words. 

The strange balls or bells or a mixture of both symbolise unexpected bolts out of the blue, a bolt from the blue is a saying used to explain something that happens unexpectedly. These unexpected happenings (sorry I can’t say what these unexpected happenings are) will cause some amount of mayhem around you, other people around you will probably be hit or affected too, it could be something sudden like job loss or anything that happens and stuns the people it affects, it could equally be positive unexpected changes as well. Balls and bells are not really a symbol of negativity, they are more a symbol of 'sit up and take note'.

You, however, seem to have protection from these sudden changes, you will come out of it all unscathed. Protected by your sweetness perhaps. You seem to be needed in the role that you are playing. You also offer your services to help the other people who are affected by the sudden changes and this is because you are a caring and kind person who always thinks of others as well as yourself.

Sweets and candy often represent the sweet things in your life or the pleasurable bits that you get to experience in between all the troubling bits. Mint is used to freshen up something that has become stale. This could be your talents, your life, love or relationships. 


Being followed by a strange man in my dream


I am with a girlfriend and we are walking and talking, but behind us, there is a couple, a woman and a man (I don’t know them in real life) but for some reason, I didn't like the man. But we continued to go on and then I saw some steps and we started to go up them, but suddenly I turned and said to my friend “we should not go to the other side.” My friend was in front of me and she was leading and I was following her. I heard a strange voice from beside me and when I turned back I saw the man who was behind us earlier and he was ugly. I was then alone and he grabbed my hair and he managed to take some of my hair.

I started to scream and then he said: “I’m going to eat this hair because I want to unite with you, I want to become as one.” I said to him “never going to happen” and I grabbed him and punched him. I saw he had a mark on his right leg (not from birth) but more like some operation or surgery. 

The steps you need to take!
This dream seems to be reminding you to use your natural instincts regards situations or people who cannot be trusted, in this case, it is probably a man who is interested in having a relationship with you, but your instincts will tell you something isn't quite right about him.

The steps are suggesting that you will get the opportunity to go up in the world, maybe at work or in your career, but this opportunity will come at a cost, you know the situation where in order to move up the career ladder you have to be nice to the male boss and then they want more from you than you are prepared to give.

Your hair is a symbol of power and perhaps this type of person is trying to take your power away from you. You don’t seem to give it away free anyway and you fight to stay in control of the situation so it should all work out alright for you. Be strong and stand your ground, move up the work ladder with hard work, it might be a slower process but you will get there in the end. 

When someone is ugly in a dream it is a way to show you that they are not a very nice person on the inside. It can also mean that they have low self-esteem and don't think they are worthy. 

The marks on his leg suggest he has been hurt in the past and perhaps this hurt is what has caused him to become who he is today. Basically, he is damaged and needs to heal or mend before he can have a good meaningful relationship with a woman, he needs to know that possessing or owning a woman is not going to create a lasting loving relationship.