Thursday, 27 November 2014

A Flying Obstacle Dream


In my dream I knew that I was going somewhere, but not sure where. I stepped off this high building and flew (just like Superman). Then for some unknown reason I flew underwater to a cave, only to find that my way was blocked by what looked like the gable end of a building which had fallen off. I tried to get through a number of the small holes, but was unable to. Then as I waited the Gable end of the building seemed to slowly disappear.

I then saw a number of people walking towards me in a Group and they also slowly disappeared. I proceeded forwards and then found myself on a street naked) and the pavement was covered in broken glass, millions of small nails, and other rubbish.
I found it extremely difficult to take any meaningful steps.
Then my Alarm went off and that was the end of the dream.

Flying is often used in dreams to express freedom for the soul, or to remind us that our soul is free, it happens when we need to remember the pure freedom that we have on another level of existence and it happens for many other reasons which I won’t go into here as those reasons are not applicable in this particular case.

Your soul is free to learn whatever it wants, it can learn about everything there is to know about people, the unknown, other people’s ideas and beliefs, everything and anything that life can teach you in fact. Experience is learning!

You flying or delving into the water is a way for you to recognise the act of delving in and finding out all you can about the unknown, because of the water you will be emotionally connected to the things you find out about or learn about. Going down is like delving into the depths of the unknown.

The cave is also used as a symbol for going backwards in time or back to the source of information to find what you are looking for. The cave which is hidden, is a symbol of what is hidden from you, or what goes on underneath the surface. We often have to go backwards in order to make progress because to really understand something it needs going over twice. That’s why we go back and forth, because we didn't understand the first time.

Your way being blocked is self-explanatory of the obstacles that get in the way of your learning, buildings could be used as an earthly symbol or it is earthly things that stand in the way of your progression or learning. In contrast to this buildings are concrete and perhaps the concrete barriers that stand in your way are beginning to crumble and break down, these barriers seem to be in your way or blocking your way but in your dream they begin to disappear so at least you know that any barriers will eventually dissolve and go away on their own.

The group symbol is usually about people of like mind, a group who think alike for example, perhaps this group will disperse or break up and this might leave you feeling vulnerable (naked) this means that the way ahead for you spiritually will seem paved with dangerous obstacles, the glass nails etc. The spiritual road is also paved with lots of rubbish, let’s face it we have to learn to negotiate the rubbish, the nails and glass on any spiritual journey, when you are going it alone it is really scary. But sometimes a journey has to be done alone, you are never really alone anyway, your spirit guides are always with you.  
You will make meaningful steps, you are learning independence and to trust your own judgement and that is more meaningful than becoming reliant on a group to tell you the answers all the time. 


Sunday, 9 November 2014

A Leopard ran out of the cemetery?


I had a nightmare, I was passing by the cemetery and a Leopard came out, it ran after me and kissed me on my mouth, I would like to know the meaning!

Something is rising up again and coming to bit you on the bum! Feelings maybe? 

The Cemetery is a representation of a situation or perhaps a relationship that in your mind is over, or dead and buried, it is in your past. 

The Leopard probably symbolises a women, cats are normally used in dreams to represent a woman character, the feline nature etc. I wonder if a woman from the past is going to show up again in your life. Or perhaps a new relationship seems to follow the same pattern as a previous relationship? Because the Leopard was amorous to you in the dream scenario it seems to me that a women is offering you a relationship or friendship, perhaps you worry she has alternative motives? 

A kiss can symbolise love and affection as well as them giving you a seal of approval. 
Wild cats are however slightly feared and unpredictable in nature, they say a leopard never changes its spots so I feel that you will approach any new relationship with caution. Perhaps you have past relationships that have made you wary or uncomfortable with the unpredictability that relationships tend to bring to your life.