Thursday, 11 September 2014

Past life dream


I saw these three dreams through my own eyes which is why they are different from my usual dreams. In my usual dreams I watch myself doing things however in these  I can touch things and feel them etc. I see it all through my own eyes like I'm actually there and not just observing.

Ok,  this is unusual, a high percentage of people experience their dreams through their own eyes and don't actually watch themselves carry out scenarios in a dream, yet you are saying that your everyday dreams are played out with you watching yourself, like watching a film. So now having experienced a dream the other way round it is new and different for you. 

I don't think I have ever had a dream where I am watching myself, I am always fully present and participating in my dream, in fact I am normally completely unaware of having a body at all, unless the dream symbols or scenarios are about a body part or require me to see myself, for example, I dreamed that I had an injured leg so I looked down at my leg to examine the injury I couldn't feel any pain although I knew that I should be feeling some pain. 

I'm sure that your usual way of observing a dream is more common than I have personally experienced and I hope that other people add a comment or send me acknowledgment of their own usual way of experiencing their dreams. Hopefully, this will shed more light on this particular subject for you. 
I am glad that you have now experienced how real and fascinating dreams can be when you are participating instead of merely being an observer. Perhaps there is some sublime message in this information alone, in that actually participating in life is much more fulfilling than just watching life happen around you, or in just watching life pass you by. 

Your Dreams:
Anyway, last week, I went to bed and I dreamed for the entire night. It was exhausting. I dreamed that my ex was a really rich man, I don't know when it was but we were wearing clothes from the 17 or 18 hundreds.... 

I was cleaning the fire and he came in and grabbed me, I felt really pleased to see him. It was obvious we had been in love for a long time. I went to put my arms around him but he pulled away. He seemed really angry. He said I had let his secret out and he told me to leave the house. He called me Margaret and I was pregnant. 
I remembered that I had told a girl about our relationship and that I was pregnant. It was his baby. He threw me out and I was banging on the door begging him to let me in. He was ashamed to be with me as I was poor and he was rich. But he had promised we would be together. He had me escorted from the grounds. There was a lot of detail in this dream and it was hours long. I can't remember all of it except his parents saying he couldn't marry me and his dad giving me money telling me to never return.

The next night I went to bed and straight away fell into the same dream. Except now I was walking along carrying a three-year-old child in my hands. My clothes were in rags and I had no shoes upon my feet. The floor was bitterly cold and wet. I could feel it. My child "Rose" I called her, she was cold and sick. I walked all night holding her. Through woods over fields along dark empty roads. I cried the whole way, willing her to live. I was exhausted when I woke up and my feet were frozen stiff and my arms ached from holding the baby. 

The next afternoon I fell asleep on the sofa and again I went back to the walk I had been on with Rose my baby. I finally arrived at a huge house and made my way to the kitchen door. A woman was there and was shocked to see me. She was some kind of cook. I said "Charlotte please let me in the child is sick" and she just put her head down and said not to say she had even seen me. I said, "Charlotte  you know he loves me and he will help me I've no doubt."

I was really scared as I made my way along corridor to a room with a huge painting of horses on the wall. My ex was there.

I fell to my knees and begged him "please our child is sick" and I looked into the face of the child I had carried for so long for the first time. She was beautiful. Just like him in every way. He smiled at my voice and ran to me and held me raining kisses on my face saying sorry over and over.

Then a bell rang... 

But he was angry and stormed over, I felt the floor shake with every step and he struck me across the face calling me stupid and asking me why I didn't write. I don't think could write or read....He said I had ruined everything by going there. And I told him I just needed money for a doctor and I would go. I said to him you loved me once and I kept saying "you loved me, the child is yours don't let her die."

But he again grabbed my arm and began to drag me and my child across the floor. He was saying: my father won't be happy you returned.

Then a beautiful woman appeared, she was like a princess. Dressed in jewels and a huge skirt. She asked what was going on and my ex just dragged me kicking and screaming out of the house and ordered two men to take me out for two days and leave me wherever we got to.

The woman ran outside and grabbed the horse who was pulling the carriage I was in and she asked me what happened. I explained how the child was his and being unmarried I could not find work. I was homeless with the child living hand to mouth stealing and borrowing to get by. My family had disowned me and no one would take me In. The church had given me some food and clothing for the child. But she was now sick and I couldn't get a doctor and I feared she would die. I had previously tried to return to him however his family would not let him speak to me.

The woman couldn't believe what she was hearing for she was to marry him and always thought he was known to be selfish and mean by all who knew him, but she hadn't believed it, but now she thought him wicked. She ordered the man to take me to her house immediately and fetch the doctor on the way. She then got into her own carriage behind mine and my ex ran from the house shouting at her to come back at once. And she shouted back that he would die alone for how he treated the poor girl and her child.
This dream lasted three periods of sleep and I think it is a past life dream? 

This dream is absolutely fascinating and as I was reading I felt as though I was reading a Charles Dickens tale, and yes my very first thought was that this is a past life dream, they are rare, but they do happen, usually at a time when your past story has some significance on your present story. Your ex in this life it seems was the catalyst for much sadness and unkindness in your past life together. You obviously had unfinished business in that life as well as an on-going passion which has overlapped into this life. To cut a long story short the aim of these dreams was probably to help you come to terms with and let go of the past, the distant past and also the past in this life as well. 
Unfortunately, people often connect with and share a deep bond with someone who isn't necessarily good for them, your ex may or may not be quite as shallow and hurtful as he was in the previous existence but you obviously fell for his charms all over again, as we often do. Like I said he may have progressed somewhat from his previous demeanor but as he is your ex so I guess there were still a lot of problems that prevailed in your relationship this time around.   
The fact that you had three dreams warning you about the past relationship with him is interesting in itself because I have known on many occasions that people are told something three times by spirit dream creators to really drive a message home. You get three warnings about something then that's it, their job is done! 
I think you must realise that it is time to let the past go, forgive him for his past misdeeds and forgive him for any hurt that he has caused you in this life, when you have done this (and it might take time) you will then be ready to move forward and start a new relationship, fresh and free from the trappings of negativity and sadness which could and usually does hamper a new relationship. Perhaps the next relationship you have will be built on something more solid and satisfying. It is really hard to let someone go who you love deeply but who is just not good for you. Do not repeat past mistakes and do not go back to something that wasn't right the first time around.... and I promise you with all my heart that it is possible to love someone new. 
Interestingly there is probably some symbolism from the women in your dream who helped you, maybe you can find some comparison with a woman in your life now who helps you to see your way out of the trappings of bad relationships. 
Thank you for sharing this unusual dream.


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Having a baby and sending a letter?


I keep dreaming that I've had a baby? And also that I go to post a letter and the post box is full up and I can't fit mine in. What does this mean?

Babies usually always symbolize the growth process, the different stages from infancy too maturity, this isn't always about people and their own personal growth but can also relate to a business project and to your own personal relationships. They symbolize the potential for growth and the need for nurture and care to enable success and maturity. Babies also help you to understand that you are in charge of the outcome of a new adventure or venture that you would like to start.

A small baby will symbolize a small project or task which has the potential to grow into something bigger if you are prepared to put in the time and effort. A large chubby baby represents a project that has already been given time and attention, it is a reminder that you are doing well and to carry on the way you are. But a baby who looks fragile will help you to understand a project that needs looking after better, it needs more of your input to become sturdy and robust. The fragile baby symbol will help to explain neglect and a lack of care and attention as well as situations where you have already worked really hard but it just never seems to be enough to create growth or success.

A baby helps you recognize when you are going to invest a lot of time and energy into something but this will mean long term care and dedication if you want it to continue on to make progress.

Posting a letter is a way for you to give out information or communicate with someone that you are not with, in the physical sense, there are things that you need or wish to say, letter writing has long since been replaced by email and text messaging, therefore you could say that you are using an old fashioned method of trying to get your point over to someone else, perhaps you are trying to get your point over to someone in the same way as you always have done but this isn't working any-more. The fact that the post box is full means that you cannot deliver the information that you want to get over or that situations are such that you can't get your message across to someone and this is frustrating you.  Perhaps you feel like you can't say the things you really want to say. 

Overall these dreams are helping you readjust your way of thinking, put your energy into a business idea or a new relationship and stop trying to communicate your reasons for changing your life to people who are not listening anyway. (People on the earth)

One more thing, although I am not sure this is appropriate in this case but sometimes when we are trying to send a letter it is a way for us to communicate with loved ones who are in the spirit world, (they are people who we cannot be with) it is a way to acknowledge that you have sent them a message, they are letting you know they have received the message you that you have sent, in this case, where the post box is full perhaps you feel that you haven't been heard, but you have. 

Maybe both translations are true, e.g. you have someone on earth that isn't listening to you, and you have someone in the spirit world who is listening but can't tell you this.