Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dream of steps, apples, money and blood.


Please, can you translate my dream? 
I was walking in my dream and then from my right side I saw steps and they went uphill, on the last step there was a church, so I went up to light a candle, outside were people who were also lighting candles.
Again from my right side, a man spoke to me (like he was leading me) and then we went a few meters on up a dusty road, then suddenly I stopped and on the ground appeared a 1000 euros banknote and then I saw my brother. Next, I saw an apple and a needle, the man who was walking with me told me to put some blood on the apple and then he planted it in the ground. I asked him why he buried it, I wasn't hurt but I put blood on the apple and he planted it, he didn't tell me why. 
The voice later said that if I do that I will have a lot of money.

The steps up the hill symbolise the steps you need to take in order to rise to a higher status or to be a better person, sometimes it is an uphill struggle. 
The church at the top of the steps symbolises that by keeping each step that you make in life a positive one you will reach the place that is really meant for your life, it is a more spiritual place and time for you, where you can develop yourself as a guide for other people around you. Do you somehow work with young people? you can encourage them to be the best that they can be as well and pass on good knowledge to them to help them on their way, always work in the knowledge that you are needed to help those in need even if it feels like an uphill struggle at times.

The man in your dream who stands by your side is probably your own guide who is trying to guide you in the right direction in life and lead you to take the right steps.

Lighting a candle is usually done as a mark of remembering someone who has been before you, someone that you look up to and who you wish was around you right now. 

The money that you received in your dream is a combination of spiritual currency, in that you have earned your rewards and also telling you that to help you on your own journey the money will be provided for you, you will get the help you need to do the things that you need to do. Not necessarily to buy things that you want but to help pay for things that are needed for you and the people you want to help. 

The blood on the money could be telling you to put hard work in before you can see the rewards of your hard work, it comes from a saying where you have to put blood and sweat 'in' before you can get the rewards 'out'. It could also represent blood money, money that was gained by hurting someone else.

The apple simply shows how if you put the hard work in the result will be fruitful and will grow into something more long-lasting. An apple tree shows strength and longevity and sometimes money does grow on trees. 

This is a really nice dream, sent to help you in your endeavours and projects. 

Good luck to you my friend in whatever it is you are going to do.