Monday, 22 July 2013

Dreams About Death


Let me explain a little before I tell you my dream.

I am a foster carer and I care for newborn babies usually, I met my partner in  2013. He is a single dad of two kids, anyway I get about 2hrs sleep at most in one night with the children I have the moment.
I can't make any sense of the dream detailed below and wondered if you can help me work it out. 
Bear in mind that I have never in the past nor now wanted to get married but I had the weirdest dream. I was looking down from above, watching me and my boyfriend get married, we both looked perfect, the sun was shining and the love we felt for each other was amazing but then suddenly I faded away to nothing and he was sitting there really sobbing. There was a girl with her arm around him, trying to comfort him but he didn't know she was there. He just kept shouting 'No'. Apparently, I had died just before we were due to get married and he was sitting there imagining what our day would have been like. I was watching him from above but it was also me with my arm around him. I was telling him it will be ok but he couldn't hear me or even know I was there.

I doubt your dream is a premonition dream if that's what you were thinking, its more likely a dream sent to make you consider your life choices at the present time. You say you rarely get a decent sleep and I would say that you are worn out and keeping on that path is detrimental to yourself because you have no time left for your own personal life. This is not the best way to go for your own health and the health of your relationships is never going to be a sacrifice that you should make. 

Your dream seems to be saying that if you do not slow down and give yourself and your partner some decent time you could regret it later, he would not want to be without you and you would not want to be without him and quality of life. I am not saying that if you keep on going the way you are you could die please don't think I am, but sometimes we have these dreams to make us count out loud the things that really matter. The dream happens to help you make changes so that events do not get ruined.

Getting married can symbolise unions made with other people and not always an actual marriage. You are obviously a wonderful person who cares for everyone else but you also need care about yourself and should learn to put yourself first as well. Marriages are about finding balance and unless you find some balance things will become unhinged. 
Your dream is a typical take notice dream and you must make some changes when these types of dreams happen.

When we die in a dream it can be because the life we know is ending. The new life will mean you have to give up certain aspects because you just can't do it all, you have to prioritise now to ensure you don't lose what's important to you.

Lately, I’ve been dreaming about death. I have had two dreams about death in one way or another.
In the first dream there was a friend of mine that was found dead. People said he had committed suicide. He had been for a walk in a forest but he got lost and died of cold and fear apparently. There was a funeral for him but I didn't want to go, eventually, I went but then I left, running out crying. I didn't want people to see me there, I felt ashamed.
Later, I went back to his open coffin and I could see his face. I was sad and ashamed at the same time.  
Suddenly I saw him breathing and me and someone else went to help him. We took off a mask that was not letting him breathe and he came back to life.

Dreaming that someone has died happens when something has come to end, it could be a friendship that didn't progress and develop perhaps.
He was walking in a forest and got lost which can symbolise that he actually feels lost now, I mean he hasn't found a proper direction in his life and doesn't know how to move forward because he had his heart set on a certain route but things didn't go to plan.

The cold and fear he died from in your dream are typical symbols for loneliness (cold) and the fear is from having to move forward on his own. The fear of the unknown!
The guilt you felt in the dream might come from you feeling as though you have let him down in some way.

In the dream, you went to his open coffin and you were sad and ashamed, maybe you feel that you have done something wrong and not supported him. Then you realised that he was breathing and tried to save him again.  
The mask that was not letting him breath is symbolic for what he is hiding, perhaps his true feelings. This is suffocating him so he needs to get it out into the open so that he can breathe easy and start to live again, you and his friends are helping him to move forward.

This is a type of rescue dream where you are trying to save your friend, this just means helping someone and not that he is going to die, you too can learn from this type of dream because learning to move forward when things do not turn out as you want them to is a hard lesson to learn for anyone.

In another dream I was outside my childhood house, not letting my dog get in because he was being aggressive with another one of our dogs. Suddenly he took our other little dog from the neck and carried him far away. I was really upset, thinking he had killed him (the little dog was a dog I had when I was a child and I loved him) so after a few hours I went to look them.

I took a lonely path where there were people working with machines, then I got to a house where nobody was home and I went inside the inner yard and between some shrubbery, there was a little grave. I dug it up and found a little coffin and inside was my little dog, dead.

I took him with me and suddenly he started to breathe so I took my dog home and thought he smelled bad (Like soil and death) and he needed a bath.

This dream uses the dog scenario to help you understand the meaning, animals help us understand personalities, the bigger dog is dominant and he is taking power over the smaller vulnerable dog, this might be trying to relay the message that a dominant person is trying to take control of a vulnerable person, you will have to decide who this is appropriate for,  this may well link with your past, being as the dream was set in the past, maybe you didn't  learn what you needed from your childhood about how one person can rule over another one, you don’t want to be in that situation yourself and you did learn that it wasn't right, but you need to learn it again for some reason.

Last night I dreamt of a relative (whose husband recently passed away) I was looking at pictures of her in colour. (It was like a post mortem picture) She had also passed away and that picture was a token reminder of her. I remember the eyes in that picture were quite rounded and big.

This dream explains how a part of your friend died when she lost her partner; the photograph captures a moment in time that cannot be recaptured. Your friend cannot turn the clock back; you have to remember how she was before she lost her husband. 
The eyes are a portal to the soul and because you noticed how big her eyes were in the photograph you are noticing how big and strong her soul is, much stronger than you realise. You are stronger than you realise as well. 


Saturday, 6 July 2013

Dreams of Demons and Being Helped By Angels


Dream of Demons Being Cast Out and Being Helped By Angels.

I saw myself in a place like a school boarding house dormitory but it turned out to actually be a place where demons were been cast out of people. I was with two men who I had never met before in my life and one of these men helped me carry my 2-year-old son and the other man just walked with me. They took me around the area showing me all that was going on in the place. (In different rooms people were been prayed for and there was a lot of screaming) Then we got to a room where they introduced me to a beautiful slender lady. 

After that we went outside again then they stopped walking and the man who wasn't carrying my baby laid his hands on me and started praying in a language I could not understand. I then started vomiting, I vomited thick dark curly hair that was tied with a cloth. The man touched me again and something came out of my stomach, it was a sort of frog and as it was hopping away from us, it grew bigger looking human with one eye in the middle of its face with long legs like a frog. It hoped to a pond and stopped, turned and was looking at us with fear. The man raised his hand and commanded it to leave and never come back, then it hopped away into darkness. The man then touched me one more time and I vomited something that looked like faeces.

After that they took me back to the first lady I was introduced to who told me that Angels always appear to me in my dreams but I never know. She told me I had a dream once, and in this dream, I was trying to put on a power supply generator but couldn't but another man came by and helped me. She said this man who helped me was an angel and whatever was stopping me from moving forward had been removed.

It seems that this dream is actually a spiritual dream, it must have been quite scary at the time, but it is about getting the negative out of you, I do not mean any negative force or demon but more likely the negativity that holds you back from progress, you are a spiritual god loving person and the only thing that stands in your way is not believing that angels are around you to guide you, if you pray and are a good person then other people's negativity will not hurt you, so you must have faith that you are protected by the angels that work with you.
The frog symbolises changing from one person into another, this change must happen for you to progress and to do this you must release all the pent up negativity you have inside. The other people in your dream are people to guide you on the right path, the power supply symbolises trying to link into or connect with the healing powers around you and use them to help people on their own life's journey.

When you were sick in the dream it was getting rid of all the rubbish in your own mind or in your life that has no use to you anymore, or getting rid of the negativity that is holding you back. The faeces is a typical symbol of the negative energy you do not need anymore. When you realise this you can start to really live and do the things you are meant to do, you said it yourself the angel removed whatever it was stopping you moving forward in your life.