Friday, 7 June 2013

Dream Of A Bird In The Hand


In my dream, I was swinging gently on a rope- type swing, on a porch. Everything was quiet, and I was comfortably moving back and forth (almost like I was at peace). Then a bird flew towards me, under me, then back up to land on the back of my right hand. It was black coloured, with bright yellow wings. It didn't really look at me, made no noise, but just sat there. I was shocked at first, to see the bird coming, but I wasn't afraid. And when it landed on my hand I didn't really feel anything bad, just waited to see what it was trying to tell me. Then I woke up. 

There is no major event happening in my life right now, nothing different than the usual, so I'm not sure if this is a message, just a dream, or what. I think it may be about something I've been going through the last few years, but I don't know for sure. 

My thought is that:
The bird represents something I've been hoping for and because it was flying, the hope is ongoing. The swing is about my uncertainty of what I believe, swinging back and forth, as I can't really decide what is best (to pursue the hope or let it go). The bird was black with yellow wings. I think this means that even though I have doubts (black) about my hopes, they are good and positive ones to have (yellow wings). The goodness carries the hope? And since the bird landed on my right hand, I think that implies that those hopes are the "right" ones to believe in. And because I felt no fear, just comfortable and curious to see what the bird (my desires/hopes) was going to lead to, I don't feel that the dream was in any way a warning away from pursuing my hopes. Instead, I feel that I should stop swinging back and forth with uncertainty and doubt, and follow those hopes wherever they may lead. 

Thank you for your email it really makes a change to receive an enquiry coupled with your own interpretation that in truth is as beautifully translated as any that I could give you.
I have always maintained that we are our own best interpreter because only we know our own circumstance, past and present and I try hard to teach people to trust their own instincts in understanding what a dream is trying to convey. With this said I will, of course, interpret the symbols and you will see that you are amazingly accurate in with your own ideas.

The rope swing comes up a lot in dreams and as you have mentioned represents the way in which we swing back and forth in our thoughts and feelings as if deciding that we are not quite ready to move on or forward with some section of our life. This might even be a relationship that we have not moved on from. Swings highlight indecision or the inability to let go and choose a direction. 

Birds quite often bring us a message of some kind, sometimes from the spirit world if you are open to such a notion, they often bring a message of peace and of new beginnings, like the Noah's ark story where a bird brings a message that the storm is over and there is new safe ground to be had, sometimes the message is exactly that, the storm is over and you must begin again on fresh new ground. 

The colour is equally symbolic and black symbolises the negative aspects from the past that you may have encountered, black although seen as a negative colour does hold within in all the colours combined so can symbolise mixed energies which sometimes creates depression. The bright yellow wings are a way to show you that you must overshadow or overcome the negative with the vibrancy and rejuvenation of the sunny yellow. 

This dream is about your healing on the inside so that you can progress in your relationships or spiritually or both. Your desires, dreams and hopes are all reliant upon you being able to move on and forward from past hurts. 

I must also remind you of the saying "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" in other words what is real is worth so much more than what is imaginary.