Monday, 27 May 2013

Dreams of the moon, elevators and moving on.


I dreamt of a full moon dream and that I was with my daughter in a glass elevator and it did lift us up but then put us down in a different country, Australia.

Another dream I had in the same week is that my ex-husband wants me back even though in reality there is no indication from his or mine side for this wish. 

The next dream was around my last home were, in reality, are very beautiful trees, but in my dream, they were completely cut down. And I remember myself thinking in the dream, that I will never go back as even those trees are down and the place is ugly.

Then last night and again on Saturday morning I dreamt several times, again and again, number 16 and It was very clearly said in the dream, that this number is significant and I have to find what it means.

Please, can you help me as it feels like there is a link between the dreams and all dreams have been very clear but not so clear that I can translate them?

The full moon sheds a distorting glow over your affairs at the present time, so all is not as it seems when there is a full moon emotions usually run high and are not especially easy to understand, so emotionally yours or someone else s feelings are clouded. 
The glass elevator is trying to give you an all-round view of a situation that is going on around you, when it is going up it means that you are being lifted up out of your problems so that you can also understand what is going with more clarity. It also highlights going up in the world. 

The elevator landing in another country simply explains that you are heading towards unknown territory or your life is going in a direction that it hasn't been before, you are starting a new journey and experiencing new things. 

Going down in an elevator shows that you come back down to earth and realise you must start again fresh and new and follow the new direction that your life is taking. Your daughter is on this journey with you.
All this might be to do with moving on from your ex-husband, you look back just to check that there is no chance of you getting back together and in your dream you see that the trees are not growing anymore, this means that the growth from your relationship has ended and you cannot go back, there is no more to be gained from keep going backwards. 

Your dreams are definitely telling you its time to move forward now, there is nothing left but dead wood. You must not let a new relationship be hindered by your old one. The ugliness of the old home is symbolic for the bad times that you had in the past, Australia being new ground means you are moving into a new phase of life and should be excited for the future and what you can make of it. You need to conquer new territories and it may feel like your world has turned upside down.  

The number 16 must be important for you personally and maybe you just need to wait and see what the future brings to you regards this. It is an even number which brings balance to you. 8 is a number of balance and this is doubled for you, 2's usually symbolise a pair or two people so can mean a new partner is evenly balanced this time around.  

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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Baby Dreams, feeding a baby


Babies being born in a dream will usually represent something that is born from your own hard work and perseverance. This could be anything really from an idea that you have which starts as a spark and then grows to something of more maturity and worth.
Babies represent something that needs to be nurtured and looked after, they require input and energy from you and this represents the effort that you must put into an idea or project in order for it to grow and develop. 
Feeding a baby in a dream simply helps you to acknowledge that you have to feed something for it to grow, feeding your idea and project so to speak.

Giving birth in a dream links your idea or project with the real world and symbolises the act of delivering your ideas and making them happen.
All this comes from the saying “It’s my baby” in that I will protect, look after and nurture this until such a time that it can survive on its own. There is also love, blood and sweat involved in the process of taking care of what you have created. If this does turn out to be symbolic for a baby in real life the symbolism will still hold up and be equally valid. 

It is rare in dreams that a baby represents an actual baby in real life, although of course never say never about anything, I have met people who have dreamt of having a baby or being pregnant and then found this to be true, but to be honest the translation is the same because the real baby will demand the same amount of input from you and the same amount of love, nurture and care as any idea or project that you wish to develop.
Therefore dreaming of a baby could be a premonition dream of a real baby as well but the same translation can be applied.

I had a dream that I was bottle feeding my baby and I saw things floating in his bottle, so I decided to have a look at the powder used to make the milk and I saw that there were beetles, giant flies, Bear feet and claws in it. I was sifting through it looking at all the things at the bottom.

This type of dream is typical for a new mum, babies come to us so pure and new, they are innocent and so so lovable all of them. Have you ever looked at a baby and thought I wish you could stay this adorable and pure of heart all your life and wish that they never have to experience anything bad or hurtful. Well, I think your dream is helping you to acknowledge that this world is a harsh and nasty one sometimes. We can't protect our children from all the things that life dishes up to them or us.
To be honest it wouldn't be right to protect them from everything anyway, wrap them in cotton wool and lock them away from harm. They have come here to experience, the same as us and experience they will. They will have their heart broken and clawed at, they will experience the negative and the positive of being in love. The bear claws symbolise what can cause hurt, the flies eat up the negativity and yet we don't like them do we, no one likes to experience negative things, but it is these things that make us human, these experiences that help us grow and become an all-rounded loving individual. The beetles symbolise protection from negativity, you wish to protect your beautiful baby from all the negative things that life will dish up. This dream is helping you understand that protecting a young one from life itself is impossible, any mother or father will tell you this. 

Coincidentally all the symbols you have mentioned have duo meanings because each one stands to represent the positive and negative bringing balance, Bears are seen as a protective force, like the mother and father, they also symbolise strength and protection available from someone stronger, bigger and wiser, like the parent being stronger bigger and wiser than the small baby. Bears are also a force to be reckoned with and can represent the ability to be hurt. (which we all have) Bugs are disliked and seen as a negative symbol but they actually consume negativity and leave positivity. They can represent minor aggravations and we all know life is full of these. But flies eat the bad and leave the good. Beetles are also disliked and are viewed as pests but they were worshipped by the ancient Egyptians, they recycle decay and were used to protect ancient tombs and the residents within. Even the bear feet offer a symbol of the road a parent walks with their child. 

Therefore the nurture you give your child will always come under attack from outside influences but you will have to be stronger, bigger and wiser and it will be your positive care, love and influence that will nourish your child. Welcome to parenthood! 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Plane Crash Dream


I keep having the same dream all the time that I am on an aeroplane and it is going to crash?

This dream is recurring because you haven't worked out what it is referring to in your waking life, when you have worked out the reason behind your plane crash dream and made changes in your way of thinking then it should stop. I understand that sometimes we cannot change some aspects of our life but you are responsible for the way that you think, this is why I say change the way you think and not change some aspect of your life. 
Anyway, aeroplane dreams are all about things 'taking off' in your life, our dreams taking off for example or a business or personal project taking off.

Journey dreams symbolise the journey you are on through life or your actual current journey, the journey is to do with how you move through a phase in your life. Taking flight represents how you as a person take flight and move upwards and forward with your dreams and wishes. The transport you use in a dream simply shows how you transport yourself forwards. 

Your dream tells me that you have had ideas and dreams that you wanted to fulfil or carry through to fruition, but you seem to have lost sight of them or let go of them because plane crashes represent how your dreams have come crashing down to reality. 
Flying requires a certain amount of faith and your crashes show how your faith in yourself and others has crashed. You have come back down to reality and realised that for dreams to come true it takes a certain amount of hard work and in the cold light of day there is only one person who can do that hard work. 

Understand that you are in control of your dreams and that to stay airborne you must put in effort and hard work, do not lose faith in yourself and never let go of your dreams, sometimes we reach our goals when we realise that it is us that has to make them happen, there is no magic pilot in the sky in control of your destiny, if you want to sit on your backside and do nothing that is your choice of course. 
But my advice is to never let go of your dreams!

I had a dream last night and I remembered this dream when I woke up. I was in a plane and it was going to crash. There was a group of people on the plane. At first we had a chance to get off the plane but for some reason, we decided to stay and soon we realised it was going to crash. I could hear the countdown for the crash and I tried to jump to avoid the impact. Then I woke up. I didn't get to see the accident.

This particular dream reminds me of a work scenario, one where a group of people are offered redundancy or a change of role, having decided to stay where they are the workers soon realise that the security, structure or set up they have at the workplace isn't as secure as it should be. The countdown is a simple representation of time moving towards the inevitable. You didn't get to see the crash because it hasn't happened yet and it might not. This dream could also be used to represent another situation where the original plans get changed quickly and forcefully. A change of plan that happens suddenly and with a tiny bit of warning.