Thursday, 15 November 2012


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Friday, 28 September 2012

Dream Interpretation Links Compare and Contrast Interpretations

There are many dream dictionary's out there, try to compare and contrast how dream interpretations work and the differences and similarities in their translations. Do they help you understand your situation better with their translations or ignite confusion and further questions? Everyone finds that they prefer one or another translation or translator, it is all about what you feel comfortable with. When we read translations that relay doom and gloom it can cause worry and this is not the affect that dream interpretation should have. 
My advice is to avoid any translation that foretell bad things should you dream about a certain thing as it is of no use to you. We all know that at times life is testing and that bad things do happen I am not pretending that they don't, but of what help is being scared witless about something you dreamed about when there are many logical interpretations which can quite easily explain a dream? 

Spiritual speaking we are all here to learn, experience and grow as individuals, not to be hindered by fear of things that haven't happened. We humans love to worry, look back over your life to when you first started worrying, everyone does it, there are a few lucky people who are not plagued with this infliction but not that many. If you try to think about the things you were worrying about ten years ago I bet you can't remember any of the worries, you may remember big events or concerns if they were major but all the other small stuff you spent days and nights worrying about somehow evaporated. Go back to five years ago and you will see the same thing. People move from one worry to the next without much effort. We are a strong and resilient bunch us human beings, all those stresses and problems faded eventually only to be overshadowed  by brand new ones. The fights and obstacles we have in life are what strengthens us.