Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Being in an unknown place with unknown people in a dream

Please can you translate this dream. 

I am in an unknown place with unknown people but suddenly someone says he has a message for me that he has to return something that was taking from me?

When you are in an unknown place with unknown people in a dream it usually represents how you will be in a situation with people that you haven't been in before in your life so it will be a new experience for you. 
Maybe the new experience will be that for once in your life you will given back the things that you have given out to the people you have given your time and effort helping. Maybe its about the hard work that you do for others will bring its own rewards and you will feel satisfied by the work that you do. Or perhaps you will regain strength and experience which was once taken away by the people or relationships you have experienced. '
Its hard to say for sure but you will realize at some stage what you have gained from what was once taken away from you. Its about what you gain spiritually in strength and knowledge from what you have lost or had taken away from you, like when we ask what can we learn from losing somebody in our life? at the time we see no gain at all, but spiritually you have gained knowledge, understanding, to love unconditionally, respect for life and to appreciate what you have at the time and to make the most of what you have with somebody because everything is fleeting. 

Your dream can be referring to different aspects of your past experiences and relationships, you will have to work out which ones are applicable i'm afraid and apply them to your future.