Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Dreams about teeth and spitting out plastic

I had a dream last night where my tooth at the bottom was really uncomfortable, it was sticking up from the rest of my teeth and annoying me. I kept trying to push it back down so it was more comfortable but it ended up coming out in my hand.

I was really upset by this and I knew I couldn't go to the dentist with it as I didn't have any money to pay them. So I got a mirror and tried and tried to push the tooth back into the gaping hole. No matter what I tried I could not get the tooth back into my gum.
Then a woman called me from over the back fence and she asked me how I was. I told her I liked the school that she worked in and wished that I worked there too. I then went back to trying to reinsert my tooth to no avail.

In your dream your current situation is uncomfortable for you and the only way to bring an end to this situation is to remove the tooth or takeaway the very thing that is causing you discomfort. This will leave a hole in your life and no matter how hard you try to put things back the way they were you will not be able to.

It seems like you are caught between a rock and a hard place and both scenarios cause a certain amount of stress.

Not having the money to pay the dentist is another way of defining your restrictions.
I have a feeling that all this links with your work as in your dream you were interrupted by someone whose job and school you admired, you expressed the wish that you would like to work there. Which tells me it is in this area that you require change and fulfilment  You want change as you are not happy where you are, but are concerned that an alternative might not be any better. 

Is it better to put up with the discomfort you are feeling at the present time or let go of it altogether? 

Spitting out teeth and lots of plastic

I have had the losing teeth dream a few times in my life but in last night’s dream I was losing bits of my teeth, I think two came out in the end, but then I starting pulling out shards of plastic as well, the plastic pieces were quite big, I could feel them in my mouth and they just kept coming and coming, it seemed to go on for ages. In one part of the dream I was pulling out what looked like a strip of tickets or god knows what it was, something linked up anyway.

What on earth is this about? 

In your dream you lose two teeth so you are getting rid of or letting go of two different things that have been set in place for a fairly long time, this could be a relationship and a job for example or anything that has served its purpose in your life so far. When the rot has set in you have to let things go. 
The plastic shards will probably be symbolic for all the broken pieces you have carried around inside of you, being plastic can mean being fake or not being real and this will represent how you have had to fake it for so long that it has led to a break up or dismantlement of certain structures around you. This dream is about getting rid of all those feelings and therefore getting rid of the reasons that you feel that way. It might take some time but slowly you will get it all out, remember that the mouth is our source of communication and therefore communication is key. Be truthful and stop pretending that all is ok and then you can begin to heal.   

The string of tickets might be symbolic for a string of events or the one thing leads to another scenario, in other words one problem lead to another one etc. Keeping one problem inside meant you had to keep another one inside as well so on and so forth. Therefore if you pull out one problem you will pull them all out.  Sounds like what counsellors do, reach inside and pull out all the crap one after the other and the crap is all linked up.

Journey Dreams and Transport

If you make any kind of journey in your dream then the dream is usually showing you the next stage of your own journey through life, any obstacles that you come up against can be translated and help to forewarn you of the pitfalls that may obstruct your way forward. You may or may not know the destination in your dream, sometimes when we are unaware of an actual destination it is because we do not set ourselves goals and just go wherever life takes us. 
Journey dreams are a natural way for you to pre 'know' the next chapter of your life, if the journey in your dream is smooth and faultless you can think positively about your present encounters because it should be a smooth ride forward and in the right direction.
If the journey you make is full of obstacles and obstructions then the next phase will not be quite so straight forward, incidentally it is only when we are challenged that we make any real progress spiritually, this unfortunately is how progress works, all things in moderation brings real balance for the soul and accepting the difficult times are what help us appreciate the good times in our lives. 
When you dream of getting from one place to another easily it is usually because you have experienced that road before and therefore find it easy to negotiate any obstacles that you come across, flying over obstacles is a way to show you that you have previous experience dealing with that type of problem so you will fly through it this time. It is when we come across new types of problems and have no previous experience to draw from that we dream of struggling to make progress on our journey.
The way in which you travel in your dream can give you further information as to your progress in all different sections of your life and not just your spiritual progress, the mode of travel used can give you clues to the energy and power available for you to use, from your own stores and from the people around you that are willing to help.
Transport is used to transport you from one place to another and can be considered as a symbol for an external source of help, engines distribute energy and can represent your own energy or drive or the energy you get from other people. (Negativity drains your energy and positivity propels it.)
Transport meanings can be helpful with your translations as follows:
Air plane
An air plane needs the dreamer to have faith and take-off into the unknown, putting your trust in someone else to help you reach the heights you wish to reach, an airplane lifts us up and exhilarates us while taking us on long exciting journeys and this can symbolize a project taking off or you needing a goal to aim for, even if it seems so far out of reach. Much effort is needed to reach the heights and distance that you want to reach in your life but flight is possible for anyone who has the right attitude and motivation.
Any problems with the flight you take in a dream highlight the fact that there are obstacles that could get in the way of you reaching your overall destination or goal. Plane crashes are an easy way for you to understand how your dreams have come crashing down; you have lost faith in yourself or you have lost sight of your dreams. 
The type of boat will be important in your translation so see individual entries as well but boats help us on our passage through emotional journeys; the ride you take on a boat can give you clues about what you might expect from emotional attachments whilst on that journey.
Boats provide support from drowning in emotional feelings and so symbolize the overall support that is available to you from the people around you, but sometimes the support comes from unknown quarters of yourself.
Travelling with other people reminds you that you are not alone on your current journey and assistance will be there for you if you need it, but when we use transport that requires a fare to be paid it helps us to understand that we always end up paying for the things that we need in some other way. Karma likes to remain balanced and fair paying dreams help to bring this fact to your attention.  Trying to make progress in one area can draw the energy from another and leave it depleted or if you give attention to one area of your life another area suffers neglect.
If you do not have the fare in your dream then you must consider that things are not balanced (It's not fare) or maybe you do not have the means to continue with the plans that you have made. If you have to get off the bus before the stop that you want, then you may need to continue the next part of your journey alone or without assistance because other people have their own journey to make and have chosen a different route.  This type of dream also happens when you do not have everything you need to continue on your chosen course, you are half way there but not quite.
The time isn't quite right for where you wanted to go.
The car can sometimes be used as a substitution for our body in dreams so the condition of the car should be noted because if there is something wrong with it the dream might be referring to how your body is running, sometimes we need an MOT the same way as our cars do. Petrol can symbolize our energy stores and an empty tank literally means you have run out of energy to move forward, the progress you want to make isn't equal to the time and energy you can give. Most people feel like they are running on empty at some time or another and this type of dream wants you to understand that there are times when you need to do nothing and enjoy some rest as it is equally important as making fast progress.
Tyres can also depict how tired or deflated we feel, and a vehicle’s brakes will symbolize our stopping ability, being able to stop something, especially if it isn't good for us, addictions are sometimes brought up in a dream this way but so too is any situation that is out of control. The steering wheel dictates how we steer ourselves past obstacles or control the direction our lives are taking and it also links with our ability to control situations, people or events. 
Not having the correct paperwork to drive a car in a dream or driving a car without a license or insurance etc.  helps you to acknowledge that the progress you are making is  detrimental and will lead to complications, perhaps you are relying on someone else to ferry you around and the time has come for you to be self-sufficient.
Trains have a similar translation to a bus, but they are more connected to a fixed route or destination. Trains are mostly used to express the idea that some journeys and events are predestined or pre-ordained or that there is nothing you can do to change events that have been set in motion. Train tracks symbolize the tracks that were laid down to ensure that you meet important people, reach important milestones or fulfil certain tasks to benefit your own spiritual progression. They can also help you understand when you have come off track or deviated from your plans. It can also explain how your life has de-railed or you have gone off the rails.
Trains do stop at stations and this creates a chance for you to get off and change direction but these chances only arrive at certain times in your life, sometimes these ‘chances’ do not come along often and this is when trains are more appropriate as a symbol in your personal journey dream. Going past the station that you wanted to get off helps you understand missed opportunities.
Stations are also important in their own right because it is here that we meet people who will be important to us in the next stage of our journey. Stations act as signposts to the future, they remind us that we are merely passing through a stage and that change is always just around the corner. Train stations also provide a symbol to explain the people who turn up in our lives sporadically, they are not in it the whole time but are not less important than those who are, we often have a deep connection and recognize the person immediately, spiritual guides or people that we have loved in the past are  perceived this way. The station represents a meeting point or a cross-line which can be accessed by people from different places in the universe or different levels of existence.
The carriages of a train represent the different sections of your life and how they all fit together to create the overall experience. They also help you to understand the people who you share a particular experience with, or who you share a part of your journey with, these people are important to you for different reasons, they might share a common goal or they are central to your own overall plan, it is not uncommon to share a carriage with people who you don’t know, but this explains how your own life is affected and designed by the influence of people who are in the back ground or who you haven’t actually met, and yes this can also mean people who are in the spirit world.
Electric trains provide the motivation and energy needed to for you to move forward and excel very quickly, especially if you are trying to fulfill a life plan or do something that is important to your destiny, whereas an old steam train will help you to understand that to make real progress you must change your perception or your own way of thinking about things, being positive and open to change will speed up your progress.
Trucks provide a similar translation to cars but the emphases is on the access baggage and responsibilities that you carry along with you.  The precious cargo can symbolize your loved ones and how you feel as though you need twice the strength to transport everyone through a difficult phase or a particular patch of life. Sometimes we use a truck when a car would suffice meaning that you use heavy force when a gentler form of getting what or where you want might be more appropriate, perhaps you are carrying along everyone else’s baggage.
The Destination of Your Journey 
The Destination of your journey holds important symbolic information which you should always consider when you have a journey type dream because reaching a destination helps you to understand when you have fulfilled part of your own destiny, or you have experienced what you needed to in order to become an enlightened, experienced individual. You have reached a milestone if you like, a time when you are able to leave the past behind and make new choices and choose new routes to take.
When you are unaware of the destination in your journey dream it is because you are not quite there yet and have a way to go to get through the cycle you are in, this is an unknown equation because everyone takes as long as they need to get through the different phases of learning and experience, one person can learn something very quickly and another will keep making the same choices that lead them down the same road over and over again. Trains and buses especially help relay this message, they run on a route which is cyclical; life moves in cycles and it is difficult to notice the progress that you have made when you keep going over old ground, but rest assured that the cycle you perceive is in fact a spiral.

The other problem with destinations is that they can change because a person’s freewill always dictate the route that they choose. The final destination will always be the same for everyone and all that really matters is that you ‘took part’ in the experience; learning is learning no matter what route you chose. 

Clothes A-Z

In dream Language clothes are used to symbolize the fa├žade that we create for other people to see. If our clothes are old or tatty in a dream then our ideas and attitudes have become outdated, sometimes poverty can present this way but usually this will link with the fact that we have let some things become uncared for, or we have neglected some aspect of our life. We can of course be spiritually poor meaning that we pay no attention to our spiritual well being.
Wearing worn or torn clothes also links with the way in which life and its trials and tribulations can wear you down, it can therefore symbolize feeling worn out and tired of a current situation.
New clothes symbolize a new fresh approach and presenting ourselves in a positive way to the outside world, new clothes can also symbolize a new set of circumstances the dreamer is experiencing, and wearing nice clothes can also show improvements in your finances.
If we smarten our appearance we are putting on a nice front for people to see and therefore create a new approach and reinvent ourselves for the new role we have to play. Beautiful clothes can also reflect the attention and care that is put into one’s own spiritual progression.
In spiritual movements the physical body is referred to as an overcoat that we wear while living a physical life, when we pass into the spirit world we are said to shed the overcoat (the physical body) and swap it for a spiritual one that vibrates at a different energy level. Consider if the clothes you are wearing in a dream could be referring to your physical body or your spiritual one, as well as representing how you feel you are viewed by other people. The real you is the soul beneath the overcoat that you present to the world, the spiritual ‘you’ cannot be worn out.
Clothes offer protection from being seen or understood and being naked in a dream brings forth your personal vulnerabilities for all to see.
·          You are not prepared for what you are taking on.
A coat offers protection and warmth from the elements, maybe other people and their coldness or circumstances that bring about loneliness. Cold in dreams usually symbolizes a time of inactivity or a phase in life that is lacking in love, so to be warmed by a coat could show that you are held in warm affection by someone around you.
If you are not happy with the coat then maybe you do not feel satisfied with the affection you get or unsure if the person offering the warmth is right for you.
Basically a coat is used to show how you feel about the protection and warmth you get from the people who are providing these things. Spiritually this could represent the protection you receive from the spirit world.
Very similar in meaning to a coat but the dress is used to reflect how you feel about yourself. If your attention is being drawn to the dress you are wearing in a dream then the message being given is to take note of how you feel you are seen by the people around you as it might not match the way you feel about yourself. The condition and style of the dress will help to get the message across.
If you are wearing an unusual dress it could mean that you are being shown different aspects of your own personality that you do not make good use of.
Wearing a dress that is shabby or worn out can be simply translated as it shows how you feel physically worn out and undervalued, you just can’t dress it up any more.
Hats can protect the mind from negativity and help you to understand your own thoughts and feelings better by blocking negativity from other people, this will stop you being influenced by their opinions. Respect your own resourcefulness and have faith in your own abilities to work things out for yourself. A hat can also cover or hide the thoughts from other people. The type of hat you wear in a dream might give further explanations.
A cap will link with your social life and friends.
·          Don’t cap your own potential.
Party Hat
A party hat refers to enjoying the present and ignoring people who wish to spoil your fun.
·          Party time.
·          Stop the negative thoughts and just have fun.
Woolly Hat
A wool hat helps to provide warmth and protection from negative influences or thoughts. Maybe you feel woolly headed and are not thinking clearly.
·          Wanting or needing rest and comfort.
Shirt and Tie
A shirt and tie can symbolize that you need to make more of an effort and put yourself over in a professional way; it can also show you that you need to be smart or clever, roll up those sleeves and get on with it, smarten up your act for success but formal occasions could also be highlighted this way.
Shoes often symbolize the way we are getting along on our current chosen path. If the shoes we are wearing are inappropriate for the activity we are doing it can show we do not have the correct ideas or attributes to succeed in a venture and must change some aspects to continue. It could be your attitude that needs adjusting.
In dream language wearing unusual shoes describes walking in a new role or treading a new path that hasn’t been experienced before and how you will feel having to do this.   
If the shoes are too tight then the role you are playing is not particularly comfortable for you to be in, this can relate to home, work, money or relationships and also to your current spiritual journey. Shoes that are not a good fit can also represent a couple that don’t fit well together making for an uncomfortable journey together.
Shoes are mostly used as a symbol in dreams to make you think about how grounded you are as a person and how you use your own circumstances to move forward on your present journey.
The type of shoes you are wearing and their comfort give you clues to the attributes you have to move forwards regardless of the situations that you find yourself in.
The sole of the shoe can occasionally be used to symbolize the 'soul' and how you are spiritual, grounded and earthly all at the same time.
Wearing someone else's shoes in a dream simply reminds you to walk a mile in someone else's shoes before making judgements, it can literally be making you aware to consider other people and their chosen road in life in comparison to your own, they may also have attributes that you need to try and adopt. 
Trainers or sports shoes relate to training that you need to do, this can link with the spiritual journey and developing that side of you. If you are comfortable in the trainers then you are comfortable with who you are and where you are going.
·          Training.

For a woman it can show that you need to wear the trousers and be a bit more forceful to get the things you need in life. For a man it can show the type of personality you need to adopt, e.g. cargo trousers would translate how you need to soldier on with hard work and training. Smart trousers show that you need to smarten up your act and act more responsibly or maybe you need to be more informative and 'upfront'. 

Buildings in dreams

There is a lot of different symbolism available from buildings in dream language; they can help you to understand the strength of the things that you are trying to building around you, they can help to explain how your life is structured and the support network that you have in place.  Buildings have also been used in dreams to explain the past and your connections to specific times of importance or how your life was structured then, in comparison to now. Buildings require care and attention to stay upright and protected from the elements and this will symbolize your own defence system or ability to be unaffected by outside   interference.  
Overall, buildings will symbolize the structure of your life and help you to incorporate new ideas so that you can upkeep and support your own future.
Your home is your castle and it needs to be at the forefront of your motivation for success. It represents your defences and how well you protect yourself and your loved ones from negativity or attack. You should take note of the condition of the castle in your dream and its ability to withstand battle should it commence. The walls of a castle are built to defend from intruders, to protect the inhabitants from the outside world or from real life and what it throws at you.
Places of worship symbolize the spiritual journey that you are on. There is a need to start recognizing that you should develop your spiritual self which is equally important as concentrating on the materialistic side of your life. 
To seek the divine or the higher power you would visit a place of worship and also to gain help when all else has failed.
·          A sanctuary for solace and prayer and a place to begin a spiritual journey.
·          Your body and mind are a temple.
When you dream of your own house the dream is referring to your own personal environment and the way it is structured at any given moment in time. Dreams can bring information to your mind that you haven’t considered.
The state of the house is important and helps you to process and recognize your current situation. A messy house for example is a simple way for you to understand that you need to clear up chaotic situations that become a burden to the set up and layout of your life.
Houses are often used in dreams to show us obstacles that can affect our home life, the doors are too narrow or the windows won't open for example and this is so that you realize there are certain restrictions for you to negotiate before you can become contented with your lot. 
People often have a dream where they are exploring different rooms in a house, in this case the symbolism might be about your own different experiences, ones which you have been through before and are revisiting for some reason. Houses can present as some sort of obstacle course whereby you have to go through something specifically just for the experience itself. The ups and downs, the easy bits and he difficult bits all connect with your life experiences. 
Sometimes rooms contain scary manifestations of negative experiences that you have had in the past and you might do an about turn and not enter that room again, In a way you are saying I've been through that before and I'm not about to do it again. You are actually acknowledging the fact that you do not plan on making the same mistakes again. 
Visiting a property from the past happens because you feel as though you have left something of yourself there, it might be happy or sad memories which changed your life and forced you to grow up. You will also visit a childhood home in a dream because you need to find the child within you once again; it was a time when you were not bogged down in responsibility. Perhaps you wish to recapture a sense of freedom which your childhood contained. 
An empty house can represent the emptiness you feel inside, the loneliness or a lack of physical comfort. 
The rooms in the house can symbolize the different sections of your life and how they all fit together. You might notice that there are obstacles between one section of your life and another, perhaps your work life does not merge very well with your home life.
An old house will be used to represent the past or past situations. Whereas a new house will be referring to the the future and new situations. 
Living room
How you live now and where you are supposed to relax. Problems with this room in your dream relate to your everyday life.
The relationship room, rest, sleep and your personal space and who you choose to share it with.
The kitchen is viewed as the work room and can be used to symbolize the work that you do for others and what you create in the way of fulfilment, and if or not you can keep up with the demands of family life. It is here that you clean away the negativity that builds up and where you cater for the family as a whole.
The kitchen symbolizes the way families work together and the energy you all contribute to create order.
This room links with the emotions and getting rid of negativity. Flushing the toilet symbolizes getting rid of waste and negativity. This type of symbol could also highlight problems with your physical plumbing, your kidneys etc..
The walls in your house are built to protect you from the outside world and the condition of them in your dream can help to explain how well you are protected from the environment created by other people, and how secure you feel within that environment.
Other types of walls simply represent barriers or obstacles to overcome, the condition of the wall might give you some clues as to how easily you will break down or overcome the barriers that you face. A wall that is crumbling or broken reminds you that defences can be broken down; time itself wears down stubborn barriers. It may of course be your own defences that are wearing thin.
Windows and Doors
Windows also create a barrier to the outside world and are sometimes used in dream language as a symbol for what you can see from your own perspective. You do not have a complete and clear view of what is going on in the outside world, perhaps you fear leaving the safety of your private and protected cocoon.
Dirty or broken windows help to explain how your view is obscured by the passing of time; you are not seeing things clearly because the distance of time has become a barrier to your clear thinking.
Doors also create a barrier and can be viewed as an obstacle, particularly so if there is something preventing you from opening or closing a door in your dream. If the door is open then you are being shown a way out of a current situation, you are being reminded that the door is always open for change to begin. If however you cannot close a door it will represent the fact that you find it impossible to close the door on someone who you feel ‘needs you’. Or perhaps you find it difficult to close the door on the past and move forward.
Doors help you to understand how the different sections of your life integrate, how you manage to combine your work life, love life and family life.  Interactions between all of these things can be described using the door scenario. 
Locking windows or doors is done to keep intruders at bay; you are protecting yourself from negative people and their actions or perhaps you wish to be alone and are locking life itself outside.
The condition of the house
Problems with the house in your dream can help you to acknowledge problems that you are currently experiencing; mending, redecorating or cleaning brings your attention to the fact that you need to spring clean your life, get rid of old and outdated ideas or anything that has a negative impact on you and your home life.

A house that looks beautiful and is full of nice things reassures you that times will change and you are heading for a more comfortable and secure time at home. 

Animals in dreams A-Z

Animals are usually used to symbolize nature, or a person's nature to be more precise. When we dream of a certain animal our dream is trying to make us more aware of the type of person that we are dealing with. Often the symbols are self explanatory, animals provide a great source of inside information about someone, they help us understand how wild and unpredictable someone is, or how soft natured and tame a personality can be. Using the actual person in the dream scenario doesn't help you to understand the smaller details about them that are important, the only problem is you do have to work out who the animal is symbolic for. Most people will be able to work this out using their own instinct, and it is instinct that is important when working out animal dreams. You are being reminded to use own animal instinct about people. You are being shown that not all is as it seems. 
Another reason for using animals as symbols in our dreams is because they can help us develop our own character and the snake could therefore be symbolic the forbidden aspects of your own character that you need to either tame or suppress. Only time will tell which type of translation is appropriate, but most people are already aware of the personality that is being put under the spotlight by an animal dream scenario.
Animals can symbolize a positive energy in your life and they can also translate feelings of vulnerability and the need to care for somebody. Animals are viewed as protective, loving and helpful and they can also be used as a representation for your inner fears. Animals also provide an ideal symbol to explain the conditions or environment in which you live. If you are overcrowded within your living conditions for example or penned-in and lacking in freedom. 
If you are afraid of the animal in your dream then this tells you that you should be wary of a personality that has the capabilities of causing you anguish, but the fear could also be symbolic for your own fears so it is important to recognise the person or situation that is being explored. 
Being trapped by a wild animal is a common dream theme which is helping you to acknowledge the fact that you feel trapped by circumstance or that you are frightened to move forward, perhaps you are mentally trapped in the past. Being trapped in a negative relationship is symbolised using types of animals that can hurt you or keep you cornered, further important symbolism can be gained by noticing how the animal is acting towards you in your dream.
Birds symbolise freedom for the soul with the ability to fly above your problems in a natural way. Birds can bring us news of new beginnings or of changes to come because they are able to gain a wider view of what is going on, they transcend the earthly realms and provide a bird’s eye view of the bigger picture. It has been said that birds can bring us a message from loved ones in the spirit world that a soul has been released into the kingdom of God.
Birds of Prey
These types of birds could be used to symbolize someone who is preying on you or a situation that is preying on your mind. What the bird is doing in your dream can help with your translation and the exact type of bird of prey will help you determine its meaning.  Eagles are viewed as spiritual birds who carry prayers to God, whereas a Buzzard is recognised as a hunter who picks at the remains of something that has died.
Caged Birds 
Caged birds symbolize the fight for freedom from restraint, maybe your own personality is being suppressed or held back. 
·          Your Spiritual side needs to be released.
Water Birds
Water birds will symbolize personalities that cope well with emotional ups and downs and deal with their emotions and feelings in a positive way. Water birds are often used to symbolize the family or brood and the emotional ties we have with them. Water birds take emotions in their stride, they keep a family emotionally balanced and afloat. 
Wild Birds
Wild birds can be used to symbolize total freedom coupled with a need to understand that you belong to the whole as well.  This will link with the cosmic consciousness where you are free to think for yourself or to tap into the shared consciousness if need be.
·          Spread your wings and learn to rise above the commotion that is life.
Flocks of Birds 
Flocks of birds symbolize the family unit working together and reaching heights because of each other. 
·          Like attracts like, birds of a feather flock together.
A chicken can symbolize someone not having the courage to take matters into their own hands or to deal with problems if and when they arise.
  • Cowardliness or a careless attitude
  • Taking chances!
Cuckoos lay their eggs in another bird’s nest, leaving the chick to be hatched and looked after by a different species of bird. This might correspond with a situation of responsibility being passed on to someone else for them to deal with.
·          Someone who is crazy?
·          Unwanted mothering.
·          An interfering or calculating woman.
Ducks cope well with water (emotional states of being) and they teach you to stay afloat emotionally but in order for you to learn this technique you have to understand the need to let the minor aggravations pass you by. Ducks can also symbolize the family unit sticking together throughout emotional ups and downs.
·          Water off a ducks back?
Eagles are often used as a symbol to remind you to keep an eye out for opportunities or for obstacles that could get in the way of those opportunities. They also explain how you need to rise above the mayhem to see a situation for what it really is, thus enabling you to see how to instigate positive change. 
Eagles are an important Native American symbols, the Bawd Eagle and the Golden Eagle are thought of as sacred and this can give a spiritual translation to the eagle symbol. They are viewed as a messenger from the creator and as a carrier of prayers upwards too the creator, they signify courage and strength and the ability to fly over your problems and negotiate any obstacles.
These water birds might symbolize your children and the emotion attachments that you have to them. Children grow up and leave home but they always return when they want or need something.
As with an Eagle the translation is similar, keep an eye out for opportunities and do not let them pass you by.
A quick thinker.
Watching you like a Hawk? 
There is a rhyme that portrays the symbolic meanings of Magpies and I would consider if any were appropriate to you, but a Magpie could also represent a person that takes what isn’t theirs because they are often thought of as thieves, but in contrast to this magpies are usually seen in pairs because they choose a partner for life.
Owls are often used to portray wisdom through contemplation.
A Peacock could symbolize a show off, or someone trying to get your attention.
Be proud of yourself because you have come a long way.
A Sparrow often symbolizes innocence and raw beauty.
Swans represent grace and devotion and they are also used as a symbol to explain how you have progressed on a spiritual path. Swans help to convey the transition from innocence too experience and explain transformation in its many forms.
A Robin is a bringer of love because of the red breast that he has. (The colour red is often used to symbolize love.) If the Robin is singing then a declaration of love is being made. Robins have also been used to symbolize the pain that you must first experience to truly understand love.
Bees remind us about the importance of working together for the overall betterment of society or for the family unit as a whole.
To be stung by a Bee isn’t necessarily an omen of doom but backs up the idea that for you to reap the rewards that are available to you, there is a certain amount of pain or hard work to be experienced first. When bees sting it is done to protect themselves from harm and for no other reason. You might have to protect yourself from outside influences so that you can concentrate your efforts towards progression in some work area.
There is work to do and money to gather, reap the rewards of your hard work after a certain amount of time.
Information will have a sting in its tail. 
Beetles symbolize protection from evil or negative influences, your own method of protection is being highlighted, you must decide what needs protecting and from who.
A butterfly can represent the fleeting beauty that we sometimes take for granted, they remind us to appreciate the good things when they come our way.
The fight of the butterfly as it emerges from its cocoon is what enables it to take flight.
Freedom, peace and a message from the spirit world that the soul is released.
These insects symbolize passing aggravations if they are noticed singly in your dream, but if there are a lot of flies then they are there to help you understand that there is decay in some area of your life, this needs to be dealt with in order to for you to find peace and harmony again.
·          The breaking down of negativity.
People don't usually like spiders in life let alone having them turn up in their dreams but the outcome has always been good when people have dreamt about them. Spiders symbolize good luck and prosperity because they are actually creators and have the substance within them to produce something that we want, the web helps us to catch the things that we require.
In some circumstances a spider dream can be viewed as a fear dream and require you to face your fears so that you can move forward and receive the energy they bring. They chase you to move you forward and help you to take action where it is needed.
Wasps could symbolize somebody with a sting in their tail.
Passing aggravations that won’t stay around for too long.
Baby Animals
Young or baby animals usually refer to young personalities or to an immature character.
Domestic Animals
Your own pets are often used to symbolize the fact that you are relied upon for everything and in return you receive unconditional love. Domestic animals bring us love and adoration; perhaps you need a selfless companion to bring you comfort and support and are being shown a symbol for an appropriate person who can do this. Tame animals represent people who are laid back, but if in the dream their nature changes it helps to remind you that even docile personalities can turn nasty.
Pets who have passed away often return to their owner in their dreams to say thank you for the love and care that you gave them.
Wild Animals
Wild animals help you to understand the wild side of your own or of other people’s nature or temperament. The side of a personality that acts of its own accord without consideration for everyone else. Wild animals can also help you to understand your own fears in the face of hostility or opposition and to help you prepare a way forward when you are faced with these things in your life.
Animals display characteristics that help you to understand the type of person you have to deal with; they also help you to develop aspects of your own personality.
These reptiles can represent someone’s snappy and unpredictable nature, you should be wary of the dangerous temperament of emotional people that are around you.
Reptiles are often used to represent the reptilian part of the brain which is connected strongly with power and an abuse of power. 
An Ape could symbolize copied behaviour, or a mischievous character getting up to no good.
These animals symbolize majestic grace or someone with these characteristics. The antlers are held high and are used to win battles from opposition.
Donkeys are symbolic for personalities that carry a lot of baggage around with them but they are also hard workers.
Cows can sometimes symbolize a spiteful woman but they can also represent the source of your own contentment and how likely it is that you will get what you need, especially so if it is a milking cow.
Opposition comes from a Bull, it symbolizes a personality that requires stamina from the dreamer. 
·          A stubborn character.
·          A Taurus (Horoscope)  
·          Bull in a china shop.
·          A bully.
·          The mother type.
·          Destructive and loving.
·          A bear with a sore head.
·          Over protectiveness. 
·          Something you have to bare.
In dream language the cat is often used to represent the feminine charm, they are viewed as independent and industrious. Wild cats symbolize the wild unpredictable side of a woman’s nature.
·          The cat that got the cream.
Crabs remind you not to walk sideways in life and the shell symbolizes your own hard shell, you will not listen to advice and feel the need to protect yourself from other people. Consider if this applies to someone else that you know. 
·          A Cancerian person. (Horoscope)    
Crabs remind you not to walk sideways in life and the shell symbolizes your own hard shell, you will not listen to advice and feel the need to protect yourself from other people. Consider if this applies to someone else that you know. 
·          A Cancerian person. (Horoscope
Dolphins are spiritual creatures that highlight a carefree nature, they express freedom for the soul. They spend their lives in small protective groups, therefore they help you to understand the importance of belonging to the whole but of developing your own individuality as well. Dolphins communicate using vibration and this will link with spiritual communication.
·          Protection comes from the group soul.
·          Emotional courage and grace.
·          Spiritual communication.
·          Intelligent learning.
In dream language the elephant represents protection and wisdom, they are ‘all knowing’ and they never forget. They could be used to represent a situation that seems bigger than the dreamer.
·          A situation that needs talking about and recognising for what it is. 
A fox can be used in dream language to represent cunning and slyness; unless she is with cubs then she is being the independent and self-reliant protective mother.
·          A Capricorn person. (Horoscope
·          An ambitious climber.
·          A stubborn person.
(Stubborn old goat)
In the past a horse was used as a symbol for the personal or spiritual journey, it helps you to make progress in your life; nowadays it is more symbolic for someone who helps you to get along, usually a male influence. There are some sexual connotations because this symbol can also hint at the sexual experience with a partner who is able to help you move on from the past. Consider the colour of the horse to help with your translation.
·          Being able to move forward together.
·          Sagittarius.
·          Held in high esteem.
Kangaroo’s portray the protective mother type of personality. The kangaroos pouch is a way to represent someone who needs looking after or who still needs protecting from the outside world. Perhaps someone is overprotective.
A jumping Kangaroo can help you to acknowledge someone who can makes progress in leaps and strides or someone who jumps around aimlessly and cannot find direction.
Strength and courage can be symbolized by a lion but it depends if you feel threatened or hunted by it in your dream. If you are cornered or trapped then you feel trapped by an external source of power that you do not know if you can match in strength.
To overcome a Lion in your dream is to overcome a powerful opponent or perhaps your own fears need to be dealt with.
·          A female personality.
·          A Leo.
Mice could be used in dreams to help explain situations that go on quietly under the surface. You may only get small clues to warn you that something is happening but eventually you will have to deal with it. Mice will often represent small annoyances that if left alone will multiply.
Monkeys can help to characterize people who have not developed their own personality enough and so act in a thoughtless way.
·          Monkeying around.
·          Childishness and trickery.
Pigs are often used in dreams to bring your attention to a person who is pig headed and inconsiderate.  Because pigs like to wallow in mud they are also used to portray somebody who likes to wallow in self-pity.
Rabbits usually represent fertility and growth within the family unit. They can also be used in dream language to represent anything that can multiply rapidly, perhaps this will help you to understand that things can quickly get out of control if left alone for too long.
A Ram can symbolize someone who rams themselves ‘in’ where they are not actually needed. 
·          An Aries.
Rats would be a typical dream symbol to represent someone who acts with little moral judgement.  If there are a lot of rats in your dream then they symbolize a group or association of people who do not have your best interest at heart. 
Reptiles will symbolize the thick skin or cold bloodedness of a personality that you encounter. They might also symbolize people who have not developed spiritually and are old fashioned in their way of thinking.
The idea of a serpent being the deliverer of tests for the human soul, in order to bring enlightenment. Tests of endurance and of mind over matter, the idea that without these tests the soul would not be open to learn and grow. The challenges we face in our life are what help us to become more spiritually aware and enlightened in knowledge.
·          Loan sharks or predators.
·          Nasty people who should be avoided.
Slugs can represent an irritant, perhaps something that is eating away at the progress you have made so far. The size and amount may be important to your translation.
·          Slow movement or slow progress.
·          A slimy character.
·          A protective but fragile shell.
·          Something is moving at a snail’s pace.
·          Moving home.
Beware of people who have sneaky poisonous tendencies, similarly a situation that requires your endurance. Snakes are often used to represent opposition, a lack of control and the need to develop your ability of noticing when temptation is taking over. This may be appropriate for you or for someone around you.
·          Storing away what you need for later.
·          Hiding away your talents.
·          Perseverance and tenacity.
These wild animals can represent anything that evokes fear within you. Tigers are dangerous and appropriate symbolism might come from working out what it is you are actually frightened of, you have to face this fear.
Another possible translation is that there is an untamed personality on the loose, they are changeable and have the ability to cause you hurt. Tigers can also symbolize your own unpredictable nature or perhaps a situation that tests your perseverance and ability to withstand opposition.
·          Hibernation from society.
·          Progress is slow moving.
·          Inertia.
·          Driven by emotions.
·          Snappy.
The type of whale you dream of might have significance, for example the sperm whale could symbolize increased fertility, a killer whale would represent a larger than life personality with the ability to cause harm in your emotional affairs. 
A pilot whale is a symbol of you taking a new and meaningful direction in your life. The blue whale is a symbol of emotional healing, its vast size can symbolize the power that is available to heal emotional pain, whereas a black and white whale can be used to represent the positive and negative aspects of your own emotional personality and how this creates a balanced character, even if you do not feel particularly balanced at the moment. 
Overall a whale would be used as a symbol to represent your own profound emotional feelings which occasionally rise to the surface. The whale symbol may of course be used to represent someone else and their own inner feelings, someone who you find it difficult to understand completely.
·          The whale is often viewed as a solitary mammal and can symbolise such a person.

A zebra's black and white stripes represent the negative and positive nature of someone that you encounter. The symbolism is very similar to a horse but you cannot ride a zebra so although this person is adventurous, the relationship cannot progress because of their wild nature, they are not suited to staying in one place for very long.