Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A dream about losing my fingernails

It starts of when I find myself in an enormous bed and I am laying on my side facing the wall.  Laying behind me is a muscular and very tall man with very long blonde hair, the length is to his waist and it is gathered or tied at the back of his head. He is like a Viking warrior. He is about 40+ and has distinct facial folds and is smiling. (We do not touch or talk to each other)
The man’s mother is walking back and forth at the end of the bed frantically and eventually she goes out the door. Then my fingernails break off, I gather them up in one hand but they fall back onto the bed clothes, I then gather them up again in one hand.
Then the alarm goes, I wake up and my first reaction is to open my hand to find it empty, and my fingernails are all OK.

Broken fingernails have been a part of my dreams a lot lately.

Let’s take a look at the symbolism to start us off and see where that takes us.

Beds relate to our peace and tranquillity, our comfort at the end of the day when our work is done, they also relate to our personal space, and where we spend time with our partner. An enormous bed is a symbol which helps you to understand that you have plenty of room in your life to share this part of yourself with someone else, sharing your personal space and being at peace with who you are. 
Facing the wall is another way of saying that “it’s like talking to a brick wall.” Perhaps someone is trying to help you feel comfortable with yourself but you are not really listening, after all it’s how you feel about yourself that really matters.  

The muscular tall man is a symbol of the male or men in general, his long blond hair and Viking warrior appeal merely stand to help you understand masculine vitality, but he is around 40 you notice, so perhaps the message is that sex appeal is in the eye of the beholder and that you should not confuse age with attraction, you are perhaps feeling as though you are losing your own power of attraction, losing your nails is a perfect way to portray this notion, losing your feminine charms or attractiveness. Actually it is just life and its demands that is draining you of energy nothing much to do with age. Nails and hair symbolise our inner strength, they grow throughout our life and so are a renewable source, meaning that sometimes we don’t feel that we have the strength to deal with something but this isn't a long term thing and your strength will return with some relaxation and rejuvenation, which beds also symbolise remember.
Gathering up your nails is you trying to gather up your strength and durability, you want to be everything to everyone but actually this is leaving you feeling exhausted.

I have struggled to find the symbolism in the Viking warrior’s mother pacing up and down in your bedroom, I can say that the bedroom is no place for mothers to be, sometimes mothers add to our work load and looking after them as well as everyone else drains us emotionally and leaves us with no energy to be who we want to be in our own personal space if you know what I mean. At least she left.

The characters in your dream stand as a representation of the characters in your life, the partner full of energy and vitality regardless of his age, the mother figure impending on your personal space all leaving you feeling a bit drained. You are as hard as nails though and your energy will return as soon as you are a bit more up front about needing ‘me time’. 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

A healing dream, absorbing the healing vibration

I was walking then running up steps and through doors, I was in some big place like a hotel. Then suddenly I was outside with nature, it was dark and there was only one way to walk down the road but there was also a river. I was afraid so I stopped and then I saw a man or a women, I’m not sure. I could only see the lower part of their body because they were covered with a white scarf like a yoga teacher. I noticed that the hair was black and grey. I must have decided it was a woman and next she was sitting near the river and when she looked at me somehow I did compare her with my grandmother who died 22 years ago. As I was looking at her from her chest a light appeared and it was very strong, the vibration was something that I have never felt before shining so strong and radiating through the air, everything was full with light and it came into me through my chest to the whole of my body. I have recently had a problem with one tooth and my gum and in the dream the light penetrated that part of me as well. There was also some sound while this going on and I was completely fulfilled with the light. There was nothing else I could see around me only the wonderful light which I can only describe as a galaxy star light. I've never had an experience like this before. 

What an amazing way to receive healing through your dream, because that’s what this was. In your dream you are running up steps and through doors which is way of explaining that you are always on the go, dealing with uphill struggles and choosing what doors of opportunity to take next, doors are often used in dream imagery to represent changes and new opportunities and the fact that you are running is helping to describe how you rush from one thing to another and end up going in circles rather than making steady progress. You said yourself in your email that you have learned to slow down and that rushing things seems to get you nowhere so I guess you have already picked up on that message already. Being in a hotel is a message about temporary situations and if you want better stronger results or at least more permanent results it would be best if you slowed down and just appreciated the small and quieter moments that life has to offer, for example in a relationship you don’t have to be out doing stuff all the time sometimes it’s just as satisfying to stay in a watch tv. 

In the next part of your dream you find yourself outside with nature and that is exactly where you need to be rather than always working, hustling and bustling and being on the go all the time. Being in the dark is a symbol of being kept in the dark or in your case I think it’s more about the fact that you need some light in your life, something that’s isn’t draining all your positive energy, being around people who are not taking from you all the time. You need to be surrounded by positive energy giving people which isn't always possible I know.

The river is an emotional symbol which runs alongside everything you do, you are an emotional person who feels things deeply and you can’t do anything in your life without your emotions being involved. You are not the sort of person who can detach yourself from problems or worries, you take everything to heart. 

The lady who you come across in the yoga scarf might possibly be your grandmother bringing you healing and showing you that yoga or meditation would be a way for you to relax and take time out from the world, you are fundamentally a spiritual person who can connect to the source (God) and the wonderful energy of the healing light will bring you peace, understanding of your true self and a way to escape the negativity of your earthly troubles. Being in the dark is also being explained because you really need to be true to yourself and come into the light and embrace enlightenment. 

You are being shown the amazing love and healing that is available to you but you have to take time-out to learn and experience the spiritual side of your life as well as your earthly life. I hope your grandmother did indeed heal your tooth, now she wants you to heal your mind, body and spirit and look after yourself as well as you look after everyone else. You are a healer I’m afraid, and that doesn’t mean that you sit people down and run your hands through their aura to give them healing, it means that your own amazing energy is transferred to them just by listening to them and being in the same room as them, that is why people always come to you for help. But being a healer it means you will need to de-stress or re-energise and meditation or yoga will help you rebuild your own energy so you don’t get sick. It’s a cleansing for your soul and that is what you have dreamed about.
One last thing, energy is a vibration and vibration is actually sound waves so that is why you heard sound when you received the healing. Everything has a vibration, the finer the sound the more pure the energy, have a look on You Tube about sound waves and watch videos on cymatics, watch as sound vibration creates beautiful shapes in sand and water. 

God bless and I hope this helps you.

Monday, 31 August 2015

A dream about being in a tall building and trying to escape a Tsunami

I was in a tall building somewhere in London, I knew there was going to be a tsunami. I went through the building trying to find a way out but every exit led somewhere else and then when I did find windows they were all double glazed so I still could not get out. I could see the sea getting higher and closer, I eventually found some people but I felt they were after me for being in the building. At last I found my way out, but the sea was coming in great big waves each wave getting bigger and bigger until it just enveloped me. I had to wake myself up.

A tsunami nearly always symbolizes emotions that are overwhelming and are fast in their approach, this might represent a time when you have no way of escaping events that are driven by powerful emotions. These emotional turmoil’s can be destructive and leave a mess to clear up and these types of dream can show you how emotions that are not released regularly will build up and overspill all in one go. Too much water simply equates to too many emotional issues to deal with, this usually causes an over-spill. 

The tall building can help to explain a few different things, maybe you always felt that you are above your emotions and that you are in control of them? You are aware now though that actually you are not and they are fast taking over. Being unable to escape the building is a simple way to explain being unable to escape your own predicament and not being in control of the outcome when your emotions are released. 

The doubled glazed windows are a representation of how you see things, you are steadfast in your beliefs and see things in your own way, but this insight cannot protect you from yourself and stop you from feeling overwhelmed. They say that windows are the eyes of the soul and in dream language they are often used to express how you see things in a spiritual sense, your double glazed windows can represent the protection you have against the world outside, it can be protective as I said but it can also stop other people from getting in and helping you. The people in your dream also back up this idea, you say that you felt they were after you just for being there. The people in your life or in your current set up (buildings can symbolise how your life is structured at the moment) are there for you but they also cannot protect you from yourself and how you feel. Perhaps you feel that they expect you to be strong and in control all of the time because they need you to be that way, but you cant be that person all of the time. In your dream you feel that the people are after you because you are not in the right place, you are not in the right place in your mind or emotionally speaking. 
There are times in our lives when other people cant help us feel better, you have to go through things on your own as it is your own learning. Being enveloped by the sea is symbolic for being overcome by mixed and confusing emotions. All I can do to reassure you is say that you will not drown, you will swim like crazy as you always have until your feet are firmly on solid emotion ground. 

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Dreaming about travelling to a country that you have never been to

I was travelling to a small island in Greece (I’ve never been to Greece). I was going there because my grandfather or great grandfather had been killed trying to protect that island and had been honoured with a post mortem royalty title (I’m not aware of any Greek relative in my family). I wanted to find out if I could get any kind of benefit for being his relative, but apparently not. I visited his house. The rest of the dream was about rivalry between 2 gangs in the island and I feared for my life. I felt safe once I left it. Do you think it could be a past life dream?

My first thoughts about this dream is to remind you that quite often our dreams relay messages of duo meaning, overlapping information which comes from the past but is also appropriate for the now or the future. Family members who have passed to the spirit world can convey experiences they have had in their own lives through our dreams, grandparents are legendary at telling their grandchildren stories of moral dilemma and they can still do this from their current vantage point in spirit. Your dream could of course be a past life dream and its purpose is to remind you that you have to earn your own entitlement, family ties and wishing things were different are not enough for you to succeed, you have to build up your own allies and strong links for a project to be a success.

The symbolism in the dream might help you to unravel this mystery. Travelling to a country where you have never been before or have no links with represents starting out on a journey that is new and unchartered, you haven’t been through this before and you haven’t got the contacts and support you need in order to feel secure, therefore you have to be more prepared and gather more information. Your reason for going down this road not travelled before is one of virtue, you wish to protect someone or something, maybe keep a family together or keep the family values alive.
You visited your grandfather’s house in your dream and that is the same as him saying “take a look at my life and use the knowledge to be wiser and worldlier.”

The rivalry might represent family rivalry and opposition which you understandably would rather not deal with or be a part of. Two sides battling with each other is an easy enough symbol to translate.

If this dream is based on your relative’s life or if it is a reflection of your own past life it doesn't really matter, the reason for reviewing it now is to help you understand your own journey at this time and to help you build up your own resources to deal with whatever new venture you have going on in your life.
Sometimes dreams are taken from a life experience bank or in other words spirit use the experience bank and show you somebody else's life experiences, if the information is important for you. 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A dream about going through a door and an old school friend

In my dream I am with a school friend (A girl) who I have not seen since we were 6 to 10 years of age at school,  in the dream she has on a pink dress and blonde hair and she is a mature woman. Someone told us that we need to go through a door, but the door leads only to a great chasm, I said to my friend that we will not go through that door, but we should go in the other direction, but another person, (unrecognised) is gesturing us both to go through the door, as if the person wants us dead. We do not go through the door.
I wake up in a sweat and I have been nervous for the last two days.

Doors often represent different opportunities or choices that are available to you and a chasm represents a great divide or void, it helps us recognize when a choice we make can lead us nowhere, and feeling as though that choice or opportunity will lead to certain death is just another way of acknowledging that this direction will lead to a dead-end. Dream symbols often use puns to get a message over. So this dream is translating the message of a dead-end opportunity, the dream is not relaying the message that you will die if you make the wrong choice so calm those nerves.  
Dreams are often misinterpreted and taken literally and people do get nervous when dream imagery is clear, easily remembered and uses death imagery, but often this is done so that you don't make the wrong choice and also when you are not listening to your own instincts. 
The first part of the dream where yo
u have met up with an old friend from school wants you to recognize how you have matured and grown up, you need to look back and see how far you have come, the chasm or abyss can also link with the great divide between who you were then and who you are now. You were a small child at school and now you are a mature woman, your own life learning (because you have mentioned school) has developed and grown from all the life experiences you have had so far. In your dream your instincts tell you not to go through that door, you know it will be a dead end. Even if someone else tells you to go through it, you are not that silly now you are longer in the tooth (wiser). 
The act of going through something in a dream, like going through a door represents the experiences you yourself go through, in a way you are saying I am not going through all that again. 'I'v been there and done that and my wisdom tells me I'm not going to do it all again'. 

What section of your life this dream is referring I cannot say, quite possibly it will link with work, career, friendships or relationships with colleagues, because it has used the symbol of a school friend. I do not feel it links with intimate  relationships as other imagery could have represented those situations better. School is often used to symbolise working relationships, people who you would share the academic or career type journey. School is a place where we work alongside people who we share our learning with so it could also represent people who you share a spiritual learning journey with. Maybe an avenue of spiritual learning is a dead end for you, you have progressed passed what it can offer you. 

Another symbol you have mentioned is that your friend was dressed in pink, this is a nice symbol, when someone is 'in the pink' it means they are happy and doing well. Pink is a friendship color. Being tickled pink means that you are really happy about something. 
Friendships can be more far reaching than we ever realize, we can know someone for a relatively short time but they have a great impact on us. Sometimes friends we haven't seen for a very long time pop into our dreams to say hello or offer support just like they would have when you were friends years ago. 

I once had a dream about someone I hadn't seen for years and years and in the dream I was really pleased to see them and we just said hi and she told me how she was doing. We had no chance of meeting in real life as she had moved to the other side of the world, but in dreams distance is no obstacle. 

Therefore I conclude that your dream was a reminder to remember how far you have come, don't waste your time on dead end opportunities that will lead you no where particularly useful. Use your own instincts to guide you in another direction which will bring positive opportunities your way. And it doesn't matter if you haven't seen someone for years and years, on a spiritual level you can still support them and help them on their journey. You and your friend have probably shared a similar life journey. 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Dreams about the Body

The way in which our bodies function in our dreams can help us to acknowledge how we feel about ourselves in relation to how our life is turning out. Our physical body can be overwhelmed by the daily grind of life and this often manifests in our dreams as obstacles that we need to overcome. Body parts can be used as symbols because they help to get a message across. For example a dream where one’s legs are stuck in hard cement will happen because there is a feeling of not being able to move forward, the dreamer can identify the cement as providing a symbol for the obstacle that you are dealing with but you must also interpret legs for a complete translation. When the inner feeling has been acknowledged the dreamer can start to identify ways in which to free themselves of the cement and work towards freedom. Indecently legs are obviously symbolic for your ability to move forward or to make progress. 
The abdomen is seen as the source of your energy store, the solar plexus is where energy is filtered and delivered to where it is needed. If there is something wrong with your abdomen then the dream is reacting to changes in your own energy availability.
Something in the tummy would suggest there is an issue that you are keeping to yourself and it will cause an imbalance or upset if you don’t deal with it.
If there is a baby growing in your tummy then you are nurturing something that has the potential for growth but only if it is nurtured and cared for.
Prospects will start off small and then grow and mature if given attention!
Pregnancy can be shown in this way!
Our arms can show our personal strength and abilities, arms are also used to show passion or welcoming.
Being armed is to be prepared for any such eventuality!
A backbone represents your strength or your vulnerabilities, it keeps you upright and provides the help you are able to give to other people or the support you need for yourself.  
Support and structure!
Blood is our internal life force therefore if you lose blood in a dream it can symbolise losing vital energy when there is a need to preserve it. It can symbolise the hurt and afflictions we feel and how they drain us and make us feel below par.
Blood can be used in dreams to help you understand the need to put blood and guts into a project to ensure it can survive.
Bones provide a symbol for our support system, our skeleton keeps us upright and moving as we should be and therefore may symbolise your ability to stay upright when times are difficult.
Any problems with your bones in a dream will highlight your own weaknesses and ability to keep on going under great pressure.
Broken bones remind you that wounds will heal given time, perhaps you feel broken by an issue you have or a relationship has broken you down!
Bones of contention!
The past and how it sculpts the present day!
Breasts symbolise nurture or the need to care for others in order to help their progression.
The expelling of things that we do not need anymore.
If it is someone else’s excrement you have to deal with in a dream then it is their negative behavior that affects you.
Getting rid of negativity!
Getting rid of waste!
Sometimes in dreams windows are used as a substitute for your eyes and for your seeing abilities, not in the physical sense but more in the way that you see things logically. Windows are used because it is easier to translate sublime messages this way; broken windows for example explain how you are not seeing the reality of a situation or that your way of thinking is broken or obscured by other problems.
These types of dreams are more about your outlook and the way you feel about the world around you.
There are many sayings that link with eyes and you should consider if any are appropriate for the type of dream you have had.
An eye for an eye!
To catch someone’s eye!
See eye to eye!
Have a keen eye for!
In the public eye!
This image is used to demonstrate the face that we show to other people or the face they show to us. When we look at someone’s face we do not always see what is going on behind the mask. Dream images connected to the face can give you an insight as to what is really going on.  
If a face is distorted in some way in the dream then you have a distorted view of yourself. Disfigurements in dreams symbolise a disfigured idea of what we look like, our insecurities etc.
Face your problems head on!
Face your fears!
Face reality!
Our feet link with our stability and ability to get along by our own merit. The feet are also used in journey dreams to represent progress, the type of shoes you wear in a dream highlight the comfort and ease in which you move forward at your own pace.
Put your best foot forward!
The symbol of hair can be interpreted in a few different ways in dream translation and it is for you to decide on the appropriate meaning. Feelings about your looks are often portrayed by your hair and losing your hair in a dream can highlight your insecurities and fears about your own attractiveness.
Hair is viewed as a symbol of vitality and strength and is also used as a symbol of intelligence.
Combing the hair can symbolise untangling a mental dilemma or getting your thoughts in order, but you could also be straightening out your affairs or anything that needs bringing back to order.
Cutting your hair can symbolise making cut-backs which will help to bring order and reestablish a refined approach to finances or financial stresses.
Cutting or shaving all your hair off in a dream is a way to show your disapproval or anger at a situation or person who has wronged you or treated you unfairly, it is seen as a protest.
If there are insects in your hair in a dream then most likely they will represent minor aggravations that are small but annoying and difficult to eradicate.
Washing your hair is a way to get rid of negativity that builds up and mentally de-stress
Hands represent your ability to create and what you can achieve using the attributes you already possess.
Washing your hands symbolises the washing away of negativity that prevents you from using your talents.You could also be washing your hands of somebody or of a situation that you can do nothing more to help.
The right hand is the giver and the left hand is the receiver!
To shake hands is to forgive!
Lend a hand!
The thinking part of us!
Use your head!
Intelligence and problem solving!
The heart has obvious connotations of compassion understanding and love and to dream of the heart in any way will often link with these things. Any problems with the heart in your dream brings your attention to problems relating to the heart and its capabilities to love and be loved, wounds and afflictions that have caused hurt and damage either past or present which need to be acknowledged and dealt with. 
The heart of a problem!
The kidneys are used occasionally in dreams to show a filtering system, for example filtering the negative from the positive and therefore cleansing.
Cleanse yourself either spiritually or mentally!
The means at your disposal of getting along or making progress!
In dreams your lips will link with personal fulfillment and expressing the sensual side of yourself towards others. Wearing lipstick is a way of having your sensual side noticed.
Communication and expressing what you need in order to get it. 
The lungs are another symbol used in dream language to help you understand the process of cleansing and of getting rid of negativity.Therefore any problems with breathing in a dream simply implies that there are difficulties with taking in positive energy and letting the negative things go. The lungs can also be used to express the feeling of suffocation by your circumstance or being trapped by responsibility and that you do not have freedom or your own breathing space. 
Take in the good and release the bad!
If you have problems with talking in your dream it helps you to acknowledge that you are not communicating what it is that you want to say in the right way, other people do not really understand you.
We also use our mouth for eating and this links with how fulfilled we feel.
Any dream symbol that involves the mouth will be linked to communication and self fulfillment.
Being strangled is to have your voice suppressed or your energy cut off, being overcome by someone else's personality.
Keep your head on your shoulders and be savvy!
Stick your neck out to get noticed. 
Poking your nose in or using your intuition to sniff out what is going on around you, you might need to find the cause of a problem or discover new ideas to help you make progress.
A nose can also be used as a symbol for the things that you ‘know’.
A nose for business!
The scalp connects with the mind and any problems with the scalp can show how you are being affected mentally by outside circumstances.
In Native American culture to take a scalp means quite simply to overcome your opposition.
Sexual dreams often highlight our needs, wants and desires. If you are having sex with someone you know, who you wouldn't in the waking state it is because in dreams we can try out different partners to see if they have some qualities that we desire. If you do not know the person at all it is because you do not understand what you require from a relationship or from the type of person that you think you need to be with.
Sex dreams are more prominent when there are things that you need to learn about relationships, love and their connections to sex, they are also experienced more often when there is a lacking of sex and of sharing yourself with another person in your waking life.
Our own perception of sex can be challenged through our dreams and any hang-ups or unreasonable ideas can be worked through safely while in the dream environment. 
Sometimes sex and love dreams persist and recur because an expression of love is unable to be made in the waking life. 
The skin provides a shield and defense against the outside world but it is also our receptor for being touched;
Allowing others to touch us signifies that we allow them into our personal space. 
Hard skin symbolises the way we have been hardened by circumstances. Rough skin can symbolise feeling rough. 
Making life changes and transitions!
Loss and Fear!
Lack of Communication!
Lack of Nourishment and Fulfillment! 
Decay and Growth!
If something gets stuck in your throat in a dream then perhaps you have information that you cannot give out; you feel gagged or suppressed.
Choking symbolises a blockage in communication, you cannot live with something that is bothering you.
If your tongue is too big for your mouth then you can be tactless with words or you are not speaking up when you should.
Use it or curb it, whichever is more appropriate!
The womb usually represents a woman’s ability to give and sustain life, looking after and nurturing the best in others as well as herself.
New beginnings and exciting ventures!
Responsibility that requires care and attention from the dreamer

Monday, 1 June 2015

Water in dreams

Water is viewed as the life giver in its many forms, it has the power to cleanse, change and instigate growth in its positive form. In its negative form it can create struggles and require you to use your energy and power to overcome its force. In dream language it is used widely as a conduit for our emotional energy, it can flow and ebb, get over, under, in and around any obstacle and the way in which water is shown to you in a dream can help you to understand your own or other people’s emotional transitions.

Fresh clear water links with fresh clean ideas and feelings; it gives us an idea of transparency and of being able to feel and see with an emotionally clear mind.
Water symbolises the cleansing away of negativity and the emotionally damaging energy!

Salty water symbolises mixed feelings and the sea is a useful symbol to translate the vastness of emotions and how they can be muddled or confused at times.
The waves and tides help to replicate the way emotions can wash in and out and affect the delicate layout of your life.

Murky or muddy water highlights confused or cloudy feelings and emotions which need time to settle.

Too much water simply equates to too many emotional issues to deal with, this usually causes an over-spill. Not enough water and you know that there is an emotional detachment which leads to a lack of growth or viability. Without water nothing can grow or move, places become barren and unlivable, water is an essential part of life and therefore to dream of a lack of water informs you that an essential part of your emotional processing has changed. Perhaps you are all cried out and your emotions have all but dried up through overuse.

A waterfall represents the power and flow of emotional energy over obstacles. Waterfalls provide moving energy and move your emotions to the place they are really needed, fresh waters!

Waves help to express the power of emotions and how they can wash over you; they are useful to represent the natural rise and fall of feelings in their intensity or waning.
Giant waves symbolises how you can be overcome by your emotions and this may affect everyone else around you

Waves can help to explain how emotions change the present set up that you have, they move the sand around and create a new different lay out. In cases like tsunamis the wave causes destruction and devastation which can have a profound effect on everyone it touches. 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Dreams about teeth and spitting out plastic

I had a dream last night where my tooth at the bottom was really uncomfortable, it was sticking up from the rest of my teeth and annoying me. I kept trying to push it back down so it was more comfortable but it ended up coming out in my hand.

I was really upset by this and I knew I couldn't go to the dentist with it as I didn't have any money to pay them. So I got a mirror and tried and tried to push the tooth back into the gaping hole. No matter what I tried I could not get the tooth back into my gum.
Then a woman called me from over the back fence and she asked me how I was. I told her I liked the school that she worked in and wished that I worked there too. I then went back to trying to reinsert my tooth to no avail.

In your dream your current situation is uncomfortable for you and the only way to bring an end to this situation is to remove the tooth or takeaway the very thing that is causing you discomfort. This will leave a hole in your life and no matter how hard you try to put things back the way they were you will not be able to.

It seems like you are caught between a rock and a hard place and both scenarios cause a certain amount of stress.

Not having the money to pay the dentist is another way of defining your restrictions.
I have a feeling that all this links with your work as in your dream you were interrupted by someone whose job and school you admired, you expressed the wish that you would like to work there. Which tells me it is in this area that you require change and fulfilment  You want change as you are not happy where you are, but are concerned that an alternative might not be any better. 

Is it better to put up with the discomfort you are feeling at the present time or let go of it altogether? 

Spitting out teeth and lots of plastic

I have had the losing teeth dream a few times in my life but in last night’s dream I was losing bits of my teeth, I think two came out in the end, but then I starting pulling out shards of plastic as well, the plastic pieces were quite big, I could feel them in my mouth and they just kept coming and coming, it seemed to go on for ages. In one part of the dream I was pulling out what looked like a strip of tickets or god knows what it was, something linked up anyway.

What on earth is this about? 

In your dream you lose two teeth so you are getting rid of or letting go of two different things that have been set in place for a fairly long time, this could be a relationship and a job for example or anything that has served its purpose in your life so far. When the rot has set in you have to let things go. 
The plastic shards will probably be symbolic for all the broken pieces you have carried around inside of you, being plastic can mean being fake or not being real and this will represent how you have had to fake it for so long that it has led to a break up or dismantlement of certain structures around you. This dream is about getting rid of all those feelings and therefore getting rid of the reasons that you feel that way. It might take some time but slowly you will get it all out, remember that the mouth is our source of communication and therefore communication is key. Be truthful and stop pretending that all is ok and then you can begin to heal.   

The string of tickets might be symbolic for a string of events or the one thing leads to another scenario, in other words one problem lead to another one etc. Keeping one problem inside meant you had to keep another one inside as well so on and so forth. Therefore if you pull out one problem you will pull them all out.  Sounds like what counsellors do, reach inside and pull out all the crap one after the other and the crap is all linked up.

Journey Dreams and Transport

If you make any kind of journey in your dream then the dream is usually showing you the next stage of your own journey through life, any obstacles that you come up against can be translated and help to forewarn you of the pitfalls that may obstruct your way forward. You may or may not know the destination in your dream, sometimes when we are unaware of an actual destination it is because we do not set ourselves goals and just go wherever life takes us. 
Journey dreams are a natural way for you to pre 'know' the next chapter of your life, if the journey in your dream is smooth and faultless you can think positively about your present encounters because it should be a smooth ride forward and in the right direction.
If the journey you make is full of obstacles and obstructions then the next phase will not be quite so straight forward, incidentally it is only when we are challenged that we make any real progress spiritually, this unfortunately is how progress works, all things in moderation brings real balance for the soul and accepting the difficult times are what help us appreciate the good times in our lives. 
When you dream of getting from one place to another easily it is usually because you have experienced that road before and therefore find it easy to negotiate any obstacles that you come across, flying over obstacles is a way to show you that you have previous experience dealing with that type of problem so you will fly through it this time. It is when we come across new types of problems and have no previous experience to draw from that we dream of struggling to make progress on our journey.
The way in which you travel in your dream can give you further information as to your progress in all different sections of your life and not just your spiritual progress, the mode of travel used can give you clues to the energy and power available for you to use, from your own stores and from the people around you that are willing to help.
Transport is used to transport you from one place to another and can be considered as a symbol for an external source of help, engines distribute energy and can represent your own energy or drive or the energy you get from other people. (Negativity drains your energy and positivity propels it.)
Transport meanings can be helpful with your translations as follows:
Air plane
An air plane needs the dreamer to have faith and take-off into the unknown, putting your trust in someone else to help you reach the heights you wish to reach, an airplane lifts us up and exhilarates us while taking us on long exciting journeys and this can symbolize a project taking off or you needing a goal to aim for, even if it seems so far out of reach. Much effort is needed to reach the heights and distance that you want to reach in your life but flight is possible for anyone who has the right attitude and motivation.
Any problems with the flight you take in a dream highlight the fact that there are obstacles that could get in the way of you reaching your overall destination or goal. Plane crashes are an easy way for you to understand how your dreams have come crashing down; you have lost faith in yourself or you have lost sight of your dreams. 
The type of boat will be important in your translation so see individual entries as well but boats help us on our passage through emotional journeys; the ride you take on a boat can give you clues about what you might expect from emotional attachments whilst on that journey.
Boats provide support from drowning in emotional feelings and so symbolize the overall support that is available to you from the people around you, but sometimes the support comes from unknown quarters of yourself.
Travelling with other people reminds you that you are not alone on your current journey and assistance will be there for you if you need it, but when we use transport that requires a fare to be paid it helps us to understand that we always end up paying for the things that we need in some other way. Karma likes to remain balanced and fair paying dreams help to bring this fact to your attention.  Trying to make progress in one area can draw the energy from another and leave it depleted or if you give attention to one area of your life another area suffers neglect.
If you do not have the fare in your dream then you must consider that things are not balanced (It's not fare) or maybe you do not have the means to continue with the plans that you have made. If you have to get off the bus before the stop that you want, then you may need to continue the next part of your journey alone or without assistance because other people have their own journey to make and have chosen a different route.  This type of dream also happens when you do not have everything you need to continue on your chosen course, you are half way there but not quite.
The time isn't quite right for where you wanted to go.
The car can sometimes be used as a substitution for our body in dreams so the condition of the car should be noted because if there is something wrong with it the dream might be referring to how your body is running, sometimes we need an MOT the same way as our cars do. Petrol can symbolize our energy stores and an empty tank literally means you have run out of energy to move forward, the progress you want to make isn't equal to the time and energy you can give. Most people feel like they are running on empty at some time or another and this type of dream wants you to understand that there are times when you need to do nothing and enjoy some rest as it is equally important as making fast progress.
Tyres can also depict how tired or deflated we feel, and a vehicle’s brakes will symbolize our stopping ability, being able to stop something, especially if it isn't good for us, addictions are sometimes brought up in a dream this way but so too is any situation that is out of control. The steering wheel dictates how we steer ourselves past obstacles or control the direction our lives are taking and it also links with our ability to control situations, people or events. 
Not having the correct paperwork to drive a car in a dream or driving a car without a license or insurance etc.  helps you to acknowledge that the progress you are making is  detrimental and will lead to complications, perhaps you are relying on someone else to ferry you around and the time has come for you to be self-sufficient.
Trains have a similar translation to a bus, but they are more connected to a fixed route or destination. Trains are mostly used to express the idea that some journeys and events are predestined or pre-ordained or that there is nothing you can do to change events that have been set in motion. Train tracks symbolize the tracks that were laid down to ensure that you meet important people, reach important milestones or fulfil certain tasks to benefit your own spiritual progression. They can also help you understand when you have come off track or deviated from your plans. It can also explain how your life has de-railed or you have gone off the rails.
Trains do stop at stations and this creates a chance for you to get off and change direction but these chances only arrive at certain times in your life, sometimes these ‘chances’ do not come along often and this is when trains are more appropriate as a symbol in your personal journey dream. Going past the station that you wanted to get off helps you understand missed opportunities.
Stations are also important in their own right because it is here that we meet people who will be important to us in the next stage of our journey. Stations act as signposts to the future, they remind us that we are merely passing through a stage and that change is always just around the corner. Train stations also provide a symbol to explain the people who turn up in our lives sporadically, they are not in it the whole time but are not less important than those who are, we often have a deep connection and recognize the person immediately, spiritual guides or people that we have loved in the past are  perceived this way. The station represents a meeting point or a cross-line which can be accessed by people from different places in the universe or different levels of existence.
The carriages of a train represent the different sections of your life and how they all fit together to create the overall experience. They also help you to understand the people who you share a particular experience with, or who you share a part of your journey with, these people are important to you for different reasons, they might share a common goal or they are central to your own overall plan, it is not uncommon to share a carriage with people who you don’t know, but this explains how your own life is affected and designed by the influence of people who are in the back ground or who you haven’t actually met, and yes this can also mean people who are in the spirit world.
Electric trains provide the motivation and energy needed to for you to move forward and excel very quickly, especially if you are trying to fulfill a life plan or do something that is important to your destiny, whereas an old steam train will help you to understand that to make real progress you must change your perception or your own way of thinking about things, being positive and open to change will speed up your progress.
Trucks provide a similar translation to cars but the emphases is on the access baggage and responsibilities that you carry along with you.  The precious cargo can symbolize your loved ones and how you feel as though you need twice the strength to transport everyone through a difficult phase or a particular patch of life. Sometimes we use a truck when a car would suffice meaning that you use heavy force when a gentler form of getting what or where you want might be more appropriate, perhaps you are carrying along everyone else’s baggage.
The Destination of Your Journey 
The Destination of your journey holds important symbolic information which you should always consider when you have a journey type dream because reaching a destination helps you to understand when you have fulfilled part of your own destiny, or you have experienced what you needed to in order to become an enlightened, experienced individual. You have reached a milestone if you like, a time when you are able to leave the past behind and make new choices and choose new routes to take.
When you are unaware of the destination in your journey dream it is because you are not quite there yet and have a way to go to get through the cycle you are in, this is an unknown equation because everyone takes as long as they need to get through the different phases of learning and experience, one person can learn something very quickly and another will keep making the same choices that lead them down the same road over and over again. Trains and buses especially help relay this message, they run on a route which is cyclical; life moves in cycles and it is difficult to notice the progress that you have made when you keep going over old ground, but rest assured that the cycle you perceive is in fact a spiral.

The other problem with destinations is that they can change because a person’s freewill always dictate the route that they choose. The final destination will always be the same for everyone and all that really matters is that you ‘took part’ in the experience; learning is learning no matter what route you chose.