Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dream of steps, apples, money and blood.

Please can you translate my dream? 
I was walking in my dream and then from my right side I saw steps and they went uphill, on the last step there was a church, so I went up to light a candle, outside were people who were also lighting candles.
Again from my right side a man spoke to me (like he was leading me) and then we went a few meters on up a dusty road, then suddenly I stopped and on the ground appeared a 1000 euros banknote and then I saw my brother. Next I saw an apple and a needle, the man who was walking with me told me to put some blood on the apple and then he planted it in the ground. I asked him why he buried it, I wasn't hurt but I put blood on the apple and he planted it, he didn't tell me why. 
The voice later said that if I do that I will have a lot of money.

The steps up the hill symbolize the steps you need to take in order to rise to a higher status or to be a better person, sometimes it is an uphill struggle. The church at the top of the steps symbolizes that by keeping each step that you make in life a positive one you will reach the place that is really meaningful for your life, it is a more spiritual place and time for you, where you can develop yourself as a guide for other people around you. Do you somehow work with young people? you can encourage them to be the best that they can be as well and pass on good knowledge to them to help them on their way, always work in the knowledge that you are needed to help those in need even if it feels like an uphill struggle at times.

The man in your dream who stands by your side is probably your own guide who is trying to guide you in the right direction in life and lead you to take the right steps.

Lighting a candle is usually done as a mark of remembering someone who has been before you, someone that you look up to and who you wish was around you right now. 

The money that you received in your dream is a combination of spiritual currency, in that you have earned your rewards and also telling you that to help you on your own journey the money will be provided for you, you will get the help you need to do the things that you need to do. Not necessarily to buy things that you want but to help pay for things that are needed for you and the people you want to help. 

The blood on the money could be telling you to put hard work in before you can see the rewards of your hard work, it comes from a saying where you have to put blood and sweat 'in' before you can get the rewards 'out'. 

The apple simply shows how if you put the hard work in the result will be fruitful and will grow into something more long lasting. An apple tree shows strength and longevity and sometimes money does grow on trees. 

This is a really nice dream, sent to help you in your endeavors and projects. 
Good luck to you my friend in whatever it is you are going to do.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Dreams About Death

Let me explain about me a little before I tell you my dream.

I am a foster carer and I care for new born babies usually, I met my partner in  2013. He is a single dad of two kids, anyway I get about 2hrs sleep at most in one night with the children I have the moment.
I cant make any sense of the dream detailed below and wondered if you can help me work it out. 
Bear in mind that I have never in the past nor now wanted to get married but I had the weirdest dream. I was looking down from above, watching me and my boyfriend get married, we both looked perfect, the sun was shining and the love we felt for each other was amazing but then suddenly I faded away to nothing and he was sitting there really sobbing. There was a girl with her arm around him, trying to comfort him but he didn't know she was there. He just kept shouting 'No'. Apparently I had died just before we were due to get married and he was sitting there imagining what our day would of been like. I was watching him from above but it was also me with my arm around him. I was telling him it will be ok but he couldn't hear me or even know I was there.

I doubt your dream is a premonition dream if that's what you were thinking, its more likely a dream sent to make you consider your life choices at the present time. You say you rarely get a decent sleep and I would say that you are worn out and keeping on that path is detrimental to yourself because you have no time left for your own personal life. This is not the best way to go for your own health and the health of your relationships is never going to be a sacrifice that you should make. 
Your dream seems to be saying that if you do not slow down and give yourself and your partner some decent time you could regret it later, he would not want to be without you and you would not want to be without him and a quality of life. I am not saying that if you keep on going the way you are you could die please don't think I am, but sometimes we have these dreams to make us count out loud the things that really matter. The dream happens to help you make changes so that events do not get ruined.
Getting married can symbolise unions made with other people and not always an actual marriage. You are obviously a wonderful person who cares for everyone else but you also need care about yourself and should learn to put yourself first as well. Marriages are about finding balance and unless you find some balance things will become unhinged. 
Your dream is a typical take notice dream and you must make some changes when these types of dreams happen.
When we die in a dream it can be because the life we know is ending. The new life will mean you have to give up certain aspects because you just cant do it all, you have to prioritize now to ensure you don't lose what's important to you.

Lately I’ve been dreaming about death. I have had two dreams about death in way or another.
In the first dream there was a friend of mine that was found dead. People said he had committed suicide. He had been for a walk in a forest but he got lost and died of cold and fear apparently. There was a funeral for him but I didn't want to go, eventually I went but then I left, running out crying. I didn't want people to see me there, I felt ashamed.
Later, I went back to his open coffin and I could see his face. I was sad and ashamed at the same time.  
Suddenly I saw him breathing and me and someone else went to help him. We took off a mask that was not letting him breathe and he came back to life.

Dreaming that someone has died happens when something has come to end, it could be a friendship that didn't progress and develop perhaps.
He was walking in a forest and got lost which can symbolise that he actually feels lost now, I mean he hasn't found a proper direction in his life and doesn't know how to move forward because he had his heart set on a certain route but things didn't go to plan.
The cold and fear he died from in your dream are typical symbols for loneliness (cold) and the fear is from having to move forward on his own. The fear of the unknown!
The guilt you felt in the dream might come from you feeling as though you have let him down in some way.
In the dream you went to his open coffin and you were sad and ashamed, maybe you feel that you have done something wrong and not supported him. Then you realized that he was breathing and tried to save him again.  
The mask that was not letting him breath is symbolic for what he is hiding, perhaps his true feelings. This is suffocating him so he needs to get it out into the open so that he can breathe easy and start to live again, you and his friends are helping him to move forward.

This is a type of rescue dream where you are trying to save your friend, this just means helping someone and not that he is going to die, you too can learn from this type of dream because learning to move forward when things do not turn out as you want them to is a hard lesson to learn for anyone.

In another dream I was outside my childhood house, not letting my dog get in because he was being aggressive with another one of our dogs. Suddenly he took our other little dog from the neck and carried him far away. I was really upset, thinking he had killed him (the little dog was a dog I had when I was a child and I loved him) so after a few hours I went to look them.
I took a lonely path where there were people working with machines, then I got to a house where nobody was home and I went inside the inner yard and between some shrubbery there was a little grave. I dug it up and found a little coffin and inside was my little dog, dead.
I took him with me and suddenly he started to breathe so I took my dog home and thought he smelled badly (Like soil and death) and he needed a bath.

This dream uses the dog scenario to help you understand the meaning, animals help us understand personalities, the bigger dog is dominant and he is taking power over the smaller vulnerable dog, this might be trying to relay the message that a dominant person is trying to take control of a vulnerable person, you will have to decide who this is appropriate for,  this may well link with your past, being as the dream was set in the past, maybe you didn't  learn what you needed from your childhood about how one person can rule over another one, you don’t want to be in that situation yourself and you did learn that it wasn't right, but you need to learn it again for some reason.

Last night I dreamt of a relative (whose husband recently passed away) I was looking at picture of her in colour. (It was like a post mortem picture) She had also passed away and that picture was a token reminder of her. I remember the eyes in that picture were quite rounded and big.
This dream explains how a part of your friend died when she lost her partner; the photograph captures a moment in time that cannot be recaptured. Your friend cannot turn the clock back; you have to remember how she was before she lost her husband. The eyes are a portal to the soul and because you noticed how big her eyes were in the photograph you are noticing how big and strong her soul is, much stronger than you realise. You are stronger than you realise as well. 

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Dreams of Demons and Being Helped By Angels

Dream of Demons Being Cast Out and Being Helped By Angels.

I saw myself in a place like a school boarding house dormitory but it turned out to actually be a place where demons where been cast out of people. I was with two men who I had never met before in my life and one of these men helped me carry my 2 year old son and the other man just walked with me. They took me around the area showing me all that was going on in the place. (In different rooms people were been prayed for and there was a lot of screaming) Then we got to a room where they introduced me to a beautiful slender lady. 

After that we went outside again then they stopped walking and the man who wasn't carrying my baby laid his hands on me and started praying in a language I could not understand. I then started vomiting, I vomited thick dark curly hair that was tied with a cloth. The man touched me again and something came out of my stomach, it was a sort of frog and as it was hopping away from us, it grew bigger looking human with one eye in the middle of it's face with long legs like a frog. It hoped to a pond and stopped, turned and was looking at us with fear. The man raised his hand and commanded it to leave and never come back, then it hopped away into darkness. The man then touched me one more time and I vomited something that looked like feces.

After that they took me back to the first lady I was introduced to who told me that Angels always appear to me in my dreams but I never know. She told me I had a dream once, and in this dream I was trying to put on a power supply generator but couldn't but another man came by and helped me. She said this man who helped me was angel and whatever was stopping me from moving forward had been removed.

It seems that this dream is actually a spiritual dream, it must have been quite scary at the time, but it is about getting the negative out of you, I do not mean any negative force or demon but more likely the negativity that holds you back from progress, you are a spiritual god loving person and the only thing that stands in your way is not believing that angels are around you to guide you, if you pray and are a good person then other people's negativity will not hurt you, so you must a faith that you are protected by the angels that work with you.
The frog symbolises changing from one person into another, this change must happen for you to progress and to do this you must release all the pent up negativity you have inside. The other people in your dream are people to guide you on the right path, the power supply symbolises trying to link into or connect with the healing powers around you and use them to help people on their own life's journey.

When you were sick in the dream it was getting rid of all the rubbish in your own mind or in your life that has no use to you anymore, or getting rid of the negativity that is holding you back. The feces is a typical symbol of the negative energy you do not need anymore. When you realize this you can start to really live and do the things you are meant to do, you said it yourself the angel removed whatever it was stopping you moving forward in your life.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Dream Of A Bird In The Hand

In my dream I was swinging gently on a rope- type swing, on porch. Everything was quiet, and I was comfortably moving back and forth (almost like I was at peace). Then a bird flew towards me, under me, then back up to land on the back of my right hand. It was black coloured, with bright yellow wings. It didn't really look at me, made no noise, but just sat there. I was shocked at first, to see the bird coming, but I wasn't afraid. And when it landed on my hand I didn't really feel anything bad, just waited to see what it was trying to tell me. Then I woke up. 

There is no major event happening in my life right now, nothing different than the usual, so I'm not sure if this is a message, just a dream, or what. I think it may be about something I've been going through the last few years, but I don't know for sure. 

My thought is that:
The bird represents something I've been hoping for and because it was flying, the hope is ongoing. The swing is about my uncertainty of what I believe, swinging back and forth, as I can't really decide what is best (to pursue the hope, or let it go). The bird was black with yellow wings. I think this means that even though I have doubts (black) about my hopes, they are good and positive ones to have (yellow wings). The goodness carries the hope? And since the bird landed on my right hand, I think that implies that those hopes are the "right" ones to believe in. And because I felt no fear, just comfortable and curious to see what the bird (my desires/hopes) was going to lead to, I don't feel that the dream was in any way a warning away from pursuing my hopes. Instead, I feel that I should stop swinging back and forth with uncertainty and doubt, and follow those hopes wherever they may lead. 

Thank you for your email it really makes a change to receive an inquiry coupled with your own interpretation that in truth is as beautifully translated as any that I could give you.
I have always maintained that we are our own best interpreter because only we know our own circumstance, past and present and I try hard to teach people to trust their own instincts in understanding what a dream is trying to convey. With this said I will of course interpret the symbols and you will see that you are amazingly accurate in with your own ideas.

The rope swing comes up a lot in dreams and as you have mentioned represents the way in which we swing back and forth in our thoughts and feelings, as if deciding that we are not quite ready to move on or forward with some section of our life. This might even be a relationship that we have not moved on from. Swings highlight indecision or the inability to let go and choose a direction. 

Birds quite often bring us a message of some kind, sometimes from the spirit world if you are open to such a notion, they often bring a message of peace and of new beginnings, like the Noah's ark story where a bird brings a message that the storm is over and there is new safe ground to be had, sometimes the message is exactly that, the storm is over and you must begin again on fresh new ground. 

The color is equally symbolic and black symbolizes the negative aspects from the past that you may have encountered, black although seen as a negative color does hold within in all the colors combined so can symbolize mixed energies which sometimes creates depression. The bright yellow wings are a way to show you that you must overshadow or overcome the negative with the vibrancy and rejuvenation of the sunny yellow. 

This dream is about you healing on the inside so that you can progress in your relationships or spiritually or both. Your desires, dreams and hopes are all reliant upon you being able to move on and forward from past hurts. 

I must also remind you of the saying "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" in other words what is real is worth so much more than what is imaginary.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Dreams of the moon, elevators and moving on.

I dreamed of a full moon dream and that I was with my daughter in a glass elevator and it did lift us up but then put us down in a different country, Australia.

Another dream I had in the same week is that my ex husband wants me back even though in reality there is no indication from his or mine side for this wish. 

The next dream was around my last home were in reality are very beautiful trees, but in my dream they were completely cut down. And I remember myself thinking in the dream, that I will never go back as even those trees are down and the place is ugly.

Then last night and again on the Saturday morning I dreamed several times again and again number 16 and It was very clearly said in dream, that this number is significant and I have to find what it means.

Please can you help me as it feels like there is a link between the dreams and all dreams have been very clear but not so clear that I can translate them?

The full moon  sheds a distorting glow over your affairs at the present time, so all is not as it seems, when there is a full moon emotions usually run high and are not especially easy to understand, so emotionally yours or someone else s feelings are clouded or not clear. 
The glass elevator is trying to give you an all round view of a situation that is going on around you, when it is going up it means that you are being lifted up out of your problems so that you can also understand what is going on better. It also highlights going up in the world. 
The elevator landing in another country simply shows that you are heading towards unknown territory or your life is going in a direction that it hasn't been before, you are starting a new journey and experiencing new things.  
Coming down in an elevator shows that you come back down to earth and realize you must start again fresh and new and follow the new direction that your life is taking. Your daughter is on this journey with you.
All this might be to do with moving on from your ex husband, you look back just to check that there is no chance of you getting back together and in your dream you see that the trees are not growing anymore, this means that the growth from your relationship has ended and you cannot go back, there is no more to be gained from keep going backwards. 
Your dreams are definitely telling you its time to move forward now, there is nothing left but dead wood. You must not let a new relationship be hindered by your old one. The ugliness of the old home is symbolic for the bad times that you had in the past, Australia being new ground means you are moving into a new phase of life and should be excited for the future and what you can make of it. You need to conquer new territories and it may feel like your world has turned upside down.  
The number 16 must be important for you personally and maybe you just need to wait and see what the future brings to you regards this. It is an even number which brings balance to you. 8 is a number of balance and this is doubled for you, 2's usually symbolise a pair or two people so can mean a new partner is evenly balanced this time round.  

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Baby Dreams, feeding a baby

Babies in Dreams

Babies being born in a dream will usually represent something that is born from your own hard work and perseverance. This could be anything really from an idea that you have which starts as a spark and then grows to something of more maturity and worth.
Babies represent something that needs to be nurtured and looked after, they require input and energy from you and this represents the effort that you must put into an idea or project in order for it to grow and develop. 
Feeding a baby in a dream simply helps you to acknowledge that you have to feed something for it to grow, feeding your idea and project so to speak.

Giving birth in a dream links your idea or project with the real world and symbolises the act of delivering your ideas and making them happen.
All this comes from the saying “It’s my baby” in that I will protect, look after and nurture this until such a time that it can survive on its own. There is also love, blood and sweat involved in the process of taking care of what you have created. If this does turn out to be symbolic for a baby in real life the symbolism will still hold up and be equally valid. 

It is rare in dreams that a baby represents an actual baby in real life, although of course never say never about anything, I have met people who have dreamed of having a baby or being pregnant and then found this to be true, but to be honest the translation is the same because the real baby will demand the same amount of input from you and the same amount of love, nurture and care as any idea or project that you wish to develop.
Therefore dreaming of baby could be a premonition dream of a real baby as well but the same translation can be applied.

I had a dream that I was bottle feeding my baby and I saw things floating in his bottle, so I decided to have a look at the powder used to make the milk and I saw that there were beetles, giant flies, bear feet and claws in it. I was sifting through it looking at all the things at the bottom.

This type of dream is typical for a new mum, babies come to us so pure and new, they are innocent and so so lovable all of them. Have you ever looked at a baby and thought I wish you could stay this adorable and pure of heart all your life, and wish that they never have to experience anything bad or hurtful. Well I think your dream is helping you to acknowledge that this world is a harsh and nasty one sometimes. We cant protect our children from all the things that life dishes up to them. 
To be honest it wouldn't be right to protect them from everything anyway, wrap them in cotton wool and lock them away from harm. They have come here to experience, the same as we did and experience they will. They will have their heart broken and clawed at, they will experience the negative and the positive of being in love. The bear claws symbolise what can cause hurt, the flies eat up the negativity and yet we don't like them do we, no one likes to experience negative things, but it is these things that make us human, these experiences that help us grow and become an all rounded loving individual. The beetles symbolise protection from negativity, you wish to protect your beautiful baby from all the negative things that life will dish up. This dream is helping you understand that protecting a young one from life itself is impossible, any mother or father will tell you this. 

Coincidently all the symbols you have mentioned have duo meanings because each one stands to represent the positive and negative bringing balance, Bears are seen as a protective force, like the mother and father, they also symbolise strength and protection from someone stronger, bigger and wiser, like the parent being stronger bigger and wiser than the small baby. Bears are also a force to be reckoned with and can represent the ability to be hurt. (which we all have) Flies are disliked and seen as a negative symbol but they actually consume negativity and leave positivity. They can represent minor aggravations and we all know life is full of these. But flies eat the bad and leave the good. Beetles are also disliked and are viewed as pests but they were worshipped by the ancient Egyptians, they recycle decay and were used to protect ancient tombs and the residents within. 
Even the bear feet offer a symbol of the road a parent walks with their child. 

Therefore the nurture you give your child will always come under attack from outside influences but you will have to be stronger, bigger and wiser and it will be your positive care, love and influence that will nourish your child. Welcome to parenthood! 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Plane Crash Dream

I keep having the same dream all the time that I am on an airplane and it is going to crash?

This dream is recurring because you haven't worked out what it is referring to in your waking life, when you have worked out the reason behind your plane crash dream and made changes in your way of thinking then it should stop. I understand that sometimes we cannot change some aspects of our life but you are responsible for the way that you think, this is why I say change the way you think and not change some aspect of your life. 
Anyway, airplane dreams are all about things 'taking off' in your life, our dreams taking off for example or a business or personal project taking off.
Journey dreams symbolise the journey you are on through life or your actual current journey, the journey is to do with how you move through a phase in your life. Taking flight represents how you as a person take flight and move upwards and forward with your dreams and wishes. The transport you use in a dream simply shows how you transport yourself forwards. 
Your dream tells me that you have had ideas and dreams that you wanted to fulfill or carry through to fruition, but you seem to have lost sight of them or let go of them because plane crashes represent how your dreams have come crashing down to reality. 
Flying requires a certain amount of faith and your crashes show how your faith in yourself and others has crashed. You have come back down to reality and realized that for dreams to come true it takes a certain amount of hard work and in the cold light of day there is only one person who can do that hard work. 
Understand that you are in control of your dreams and that to stay airborne you must put in effort and hard work, do not lose faith in yourself and never let go of your dreams, sometimes we reach our goals when we realize that it is us that has to make them happen, there is no magic pilot in the sky in control of your destiny, if you want to sit on your backside and do nothing that is your choice of course. 
But my advice is to never let go of your dreams!

I had a dream last night and I remembered this dream when I woke up. I was in a plane and it was going to crash. There was a group of people on the plane. At first we had a chance to get off the plane but for some reason we decided to stay and soon we realised it was going to crash. I could hear the countdown for the crash and I tried to jump to avoid the impact. Then I woke up. I didn't get to see the accident.

This particular dream reminds me of a work scenario, one where a group of people are offered redundancy or a change  of role, having decided to stay where they are the workers soon realize that the security, structure or set up they have at the work place isn't as secure as it should be. The countdown is a simple representation of time moving towards the inevitable. You didnt get to see the crash because it hasn't happened yet and it might not of course.
This dream could also be used to represent another situation where the original plans get changed quickly and forcefully. A change of plan that happens suddenly and with a tiny bit of warning. 

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Black Snake Dream

I dreamed that I was at our caravan and out the back where the stream runs through I saw a crisp packet, as I was watching the crisp packet it moved and I went to look at it and a horrible black snake slithered out, I got the kids out of the way and took them into the caravan but the snake somehow managed to get in the van, it was a horrible looking snake and I started trying to hit it with a broom but it just kept managing to get away from me. I managed to kill it in the end but when I went back round to the stream the water was all muddy and murky and I thought that there were more snakes in the water, so even though I managed to kill one I still thought there are more out there. 

Snakes quite often symbolize a sneaky person or a snake in the grass, someone who you shouldn't really trust. You were trying to kill the snake in your dream and this shows how you are having to work hard at getting this character out of your life. Although you do manage to eradicate the negativity in the end, but you then think about the fact that there are other snakes out there.

The water being murky and full of other snakes tells me that you will have trouble trusting again emotionally speaking because your views have been clouded by your previous experience, perhaps the snake you have had to deal with has changed the way you view partners or friends and you think that they will all be the same as the one who has ruined your trust. 
The stream being murky shows your muddy and clouded emotions, normally there are fish in the stream like in the saying "There are plenty of more fish in the sea" in your case you see snakes instead so this will link with your relationships and how you have developed the view that any new partner will be another snake.
The black color of the snake symbolizes depression or negativity probably symbolizing the negative experience you have had with this person or their behavior. 
The crisp packet literally shows how you didn't get what you expected. ie you didn't expect a snake to come out of a packet of crisps.
Incidentally food symbolizes fulfillment and you didn't get exactly what you expected from a relationship that was supposed to bring fulfillment.

Snakes are often used to represent: 

Negative representations
Cold bloodedness 
Forbidden aspects of the personality

Positive representations 
The cycle of life and continued existence
Overcoming opposition
Resisting negativity

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Tsunami and Water Dreams

I dreamed that I was sitting on a beach on holiday and I saw this giant wave coming in to shore, I grabbed the kids and ran into the hotel and we went up as far as we could, we got to the top of the hotel and stayed there, I looked out of the windows and the water was up to the windows outside even though we were up on the top floor. 

When I looked out the window again I saw that the water had receded and almost gone.  

This type of dream is quite common and not usually a premonition dream, it can be translated quite easily:
Being on holiday shows how you wish to take a break from everyday life and it's pressures, hotels represent temporary structures, in this case to shelter you from the powerful emotional onslaught that seems to be heading your way.  You are therefore protected temporarily from overpowering situations that are emotionally charged and all around you at the present time. (or the situation is only temporary)
In dreams windows are seen as a view into the past, future or into current situations. They are also used to symbolise your eyes and seeing things as they really are.
Because water symbolises emotions and the way in which they flow and manage to spill over into every section of our life,  the Tsunami   literally shows how we can be overcome or taken over by powerful emotions. These may or may not be our own emotions. Waves simply represents the way emotions can wash in and out, take over and change the current set up.
Salt water can also symbolise tears in dreams and this is also why it provides a good symbol for emotions.
Water is also a cleanser and being such is able to clean and clear the negative (dirt) away.
In your dream the water did recede and this highlights that the circumstances and emotions that wash in will wash out just as quickly.
It is impossible to say what causes these powerful emotions to appear so suddenly or in what section of your life they will correspond, but you are forewarned and therefore forearmed with the knowledge that they will pass and that you will find solace by climbing upwards and being above it all.
The emotional situation seems to be going on around you but because in your dream you and the kids manage to climb above the level of the water  I would say that you are adept and able to cope well with what happens and rise above any emotionally charged circumstances that might be building up.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dreams about Healing

Please can you help me understand my dream?Many people have said I should write a book because my life is unlike a lot of others, I experience psychic stuff all the time. I've dreamed of my two oldest children coming to heal me. Sometimes my son is there in spirit form although he's very much alive but it's like it was the fastest way to be there and give me healing, anyway as he and some others start to cleanse me or heal me it reveals the powers that I have like levitating perhaps. I feel this energy, dark energy rippling through and out of me, then the dream just went on with my being drained and thankfully I woke up before I was empty . I have also dreamed of being hooked up to a machine that lights up and indicates how much energy is coming out and again I am exhausted then I ll laugh and the gages go up.

Your dreams tell me that you are so spiritual and remind me of when I first started on this path, you haven't said but do you have an illness that drains you of energy or is the constant psychic happenings that drain you?
You are obviously receiving energy to revitalise you, and yes healing has to be connected to you by the living because spirit need a connector the way a washing machine needs a plug. The machine you were hitched up to in your dream is showing you that you can receive healing but unless you are positive (laughing in the dream) the healing or energy will just drain away again.
You are not possessed by demons, the demon is 'your own demons' I am afraid, we all have them and they are the hardest to fight, they are our own fears, illness, sadness or depression etc. You have to accept that you experience weird stuff because that is how you are designed the same as me and many others, then you have to decide not be bothered by any of it any more and just not be affected by what you see or dream or hear, that sounds hard but there is only one way and that is to acclimatise to your own life, when you reach the stage of not being bothered by any of it any more you can then help others with their own 'demons' or give them healing and help with things they do not understand. That is what being psychic is mostly about, it isn't all readings and giving messages it is also about helping other people come to terms with there own gift.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Clothes- The tatty dress

I dreamed that I went into my garden and there were rails and rails of dresses along the boarders where the flowers should be, I went to look through them and I found one that looked my size and it was beautiful but an old style dress so I took it indoors to try it on. I put it on and loved it, it was so elegant and silky, then when I looked in the mirror at myself I saw that the dress had lots of security tags on it and that it was actually ripped, tatty and worn, I was upset because I really thought I had found a levelly dress.

Clothes can represent how we feel about ourselves, they reflect the us we wish to share with the world, this can change on a daily basis and to suit the other people around us. 
It never fails to amaze me how perfect dreams are in their creation, anyway the tatty worn out dress symbolizes how you feel at the moment, sometimes our bodies and minds get worn out.

The garden is a way to tell you that nature has taken its course and time has worn you out.
The mirror is reflecting how you actually feel about yourself and even though you are 'beautiful' when you look in the mirror you just see worn out.

The security tags symbolize that something is locked to you now, this is probably your youth and the fact that you cannot reverse the affects that time and life in general has had upon you.

When we think about flowers we think of beauty, you have replaced your flower beds with dresses and this is what you think makes you beautiful, (beauty is actually on the inside and gained through what you do for others spiritually speaking) you worry about how you look or on how others see you.

I know this translation will not offend you because we have spoken about this dream and you told me that this is exactly how you feel right now.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and age is but a number.

The rope bridge dream

I always dream that I am trying to walk across a rope bridge that has lots of planks missing, I have had this dream for years and I could never get across it. It was always so scary as it would be breaking apart as I try to cross to the other side. Then out of the blue I dreamed that I actually got across to the other side. 

This is a typical obstacle dream which is shared by many, the bridge simply symbolizes an obstacle to get over or through, they represent a bridge between people which needs careful handling or negotiation.  Because it is a recurring dream the obstacle might stand for something that you personally need to 'get over' it is not always an obstacle that stands between you and another person, it could be your own personal obstacle which might take years to overcome.

The rope bridge dream and its fragility can relate to a fear that you have, the fear could be anything from a fear of being alone, a fear of illness or a fear of not being able to get over the bad stuff that happens in our lives, you will have to work out what your real fears are and see if you have managed to come to terms with them, my guess is that you have, hence the dream of managing to cross the bridge at last. 

I cant help thinking of the saying "You will cross that bridge when you come to it!"

Trying to cross an abyss in a dream will help you to understand the void or the emptiness that you can experience, it is a recognisable feeling of vulnerability. I have also know this type of dream to happen when a situation arises where by you are left hanging or waiting for an important response or change to occur.

The wooden planks symbolize dead wood, which usually links with old issues from the past which still have relevance today, the string symbolizes how we are linked or entwined to our past or to people. The string could also symbolize a string of events that become precarious or threaten to spiral out of control. The stings snapping or breaking could explain how you are ready to snap or at breaking point. 

Falling is used to express the feeling of letting go, of dropping the ties that keep you chained to something restricting. You fear that if you do let go you would not cope and possibly die as a consequence. Falling is also used to symbolise the fear of failure, the fear that if you do let go you have failed somehow. 

The weakness of the string in the rope bridge dream represent your own inability (at times) to uphold everything, or keep it altogether. The links and bonds you have with other people could have become threadbare or weak, this has meant that you have felt unsupported and left balancing precariously on the edge of the abyss.  

Our journey through life can be difficult and paved with obstacles and the rope bridge certainly provides a great symbol to show how we can eventually get over the obstacles that it presents us with, even if we feel weak and vulnerable and like we are never going to get through it.  

When a dream type is repeated over and over its because of two things, the first being that you haven't got the message yet or understood what the dream is trying to tell you. The second reason is that you may have understood what the symbolic meaning is of the repeating dream but you haven't got to grips with dealing with the issue. When you eventually do the dream will change and let you know that you have succeeded with the task. 

Dreams where you don't get what you ask for.

I didn't get what I asked for? 

I have had this type of dream before, I go into my old work place and then go into the canteen, I ask the lady for a tea and a coffee, she puts a tea on a tray and then another thing which I can only make out to be a rice pudding type dish in a bowl. I tell her it's not what I asked for but she ignores me. I take the tea and rice pudding dish as she looks like she has no intention of changing it. 

Returning to an old work place in a dream usually means that you left something of yourself there, maybe you were happy at that time or maybe you feel as though you left your youth or best years there.  Work place dreams also tell you that there is further work to be done in some area of your life. You know even retired people have work to do here on earth, your family and friends still need you to play an active role.

Anyway when we do not get what we have asked for in a dream it simply means that things have turned out differently from what we expected them to. In this case you didn't get what you were expecting or asked for but what you did get turned out pretty good.

Food and drink link with how fulfilled you feel in yourself and what is provided for you by the other people around you. Work also provides us with a sense of fulfillment and is important towards our contentment and in your case this dream seems to be referring to your career or job, perhaps you realize that this particular role even though it wasn't exactly what you wanted turned out ok in the end. You can use this memory or information to help you if you are looking for an new job or career role. 

Nourishment is still needed in the way of work and feeling fulfilled can come from providing nourishment (knowledge and experience) for people around you as well.
The rice pudding symbolizes what you have been dished up by life, not what you asked for but not a bad deal overall. Coincidentally rice symbolizes the many different grains of knowledge and attributes that you have. It is also a symbol of good luck and plenty which is why it was thrown and the bride and groom in marriages gone by, replaced by confetti nowadays.

Wearing uncomfortable or strange shoes-all about shoes

I have had this dream so many times over the years that I have lost count, the theme is always the same although other things in the dream change. I am always wearing shoes that are either inappropriate for what I need to do or they do not fit, sometimes the shoes are weird or misshaped or ridiculously high so that I wonder how I am going to be able to walk. 
Then out of he blue I dreamed the other night that I was wearing trainers (sports shoes) they were so comfortable, even though they didn't really go with the dress I was wearing, I didn't care though I was just so glad to finally be wearing shoes that fitted and were easy to get along in.  

Recurring dreams can go on for years and even though you have now found some shoes that are comfortable in your dream if your circumstances change again you might find that the shoes once again change in your dream.

The shoes are symbolic for how you move forward and for the comfort in which you do so. It is basically a journey dream and refers to your journey through life. Some parts have been difficult or uncomfortable for you, times when you felt as though you were not making any progress or that circumstances were holding you back from getting where you want to be.

Shoes represent how you respond and feel about the road you are treading and how you utilise your own energy and drive to push forward, they are all about the energy you have and how comfortable you are with the progress you are making.
Shoe dreams often link with money and can portray how much or little you have available. Unfortunately money does dictate how much progress we can make in an earthly sense. Although this dream might be about the spiritual path as well because I have known people in the spiritual movement to dream of being barefoot, in this case its about being humble and connecting with the whole consciousness, the earth and their own spirituality.
You will be the best person to decide which area the shoe dream is referring but remember it might be both at once because wearing two shoes is also useful to present the idea of two things, like your spiritual side in relation to your earthly more grounded side. 
To go without is to be divine!
If you have lost a shoe in your dream then you are trying to find the other half of what you feel is missing in your life, of course this idea could be used to explain how you feel about not being with the right partner or being single, trying to find fulfilment and comfort from a role that leaves you unsatisfied at work. Losing a shoe can symbolise feeling like part of you is lost and unable to move forward. 
When translating a dream about shoes always consider the type of shoes you are wearing, are they your usual sort of foot ware or are you wearing something completely different to your usual style? Sometimes a dream where you are wearing unusual shoes happens when you need to change some aspect of yourself in order to get where you want to be. The same way as we change our personality to carry out a role, being a boss at work and a parent at home for example. If you want to make progress in some area of your life the shoe dream is trying to convey a message to help you do that. 

Matching shoes can provide an ideal symbol to express how two things match up or get along with each other. If you are wearing odd shoes then two aspects of something don't match up or don't get along well together. This will create an imbalance and hinder the progress that can be made. It can be used to explain when half of you feels one way and the other half feels another, being in two minds about something or feeling half hearted about the direction you are moving.

Broken shoes symbolise the fact that you need to make amends or repairs before you will be comfortable with yourself, progress can only happen when you have mended something either within yourself or with another person. 

Wearing training shoes reminds you that life is a training ground where you are learning and growing every day, you seem to be comfortable with this idea and accept that it might not fit with your earthly life completely. The training you are doing is probably 'life training' where you accept life's obstacles as a route to graduation as a human being, all learning is good learning. Previously you have found life all too difficult to wear/bare but for the time being you have found a place in your life where you are quite comfortable with who you are and you are getting along easily.

Badly fitting shoes symbolise a time when you are hindered by restrictions, when you are walking in circumstances that you find uncomfortable. A time when you wish to change what you have and try something else. Perhaps you are being reminded to walk a mile in someone else's shoes before complaining about your own life. Time wears down uncomfortable shoes, time wears down most things, the symbolism being translated to you might be to give it time and if things are still causing you pain in a month its time to bin it. 

Shoes that are too big can symbolise when you are trying to fit into someone else's shoes and feel that you cant live up to the expectations or high standards set by someone else. 

Shoes that are too small convey the idea of having outgrown your circumstances and needing to find something new to keep you occupied, it can relate to any section of your life because shoes are a personal thing and require that you change something about yourself in order to make the progress that you want, you might have to change your attitude in order to change your circumstances. 

Shoes that hurt represent the pain experienced unless you make changes, it might be more painful in the long run to carry on how you are than to instigate changes.

It will depend if you wear boots regularly as to the symbolism you can take from them, work boots are worn to protect you, but at the same time insisting that you just get on and get the job done. The message could be to muck in, stop moaning and do what needs doing. Other types of boots like cowboy boots can symbolise how the wearer is being a cowboy, pretending they can do something that they cant. Wellington boots are linked more with water so will give information about emotional encounters and about wading through emotions.